Sadda Haq 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is in ground in tears, Randhir comes and sits with her. He says I didn’t know they will disclose it like this. sanyu says did you know? randhir says two hours ag oi got to know. Sanyu says how can it shut down? this was dream. how will i take maa’s responsibility. Randhir says control yourself we have to go for best possible solution. Sanyu says FITE was my dream. randhir says this is not your mistake. Transfer yourself to other college. sanyu says maa will shatter with this news. I fought with papa and everyone for FITE. how can it shut down. she hugs him.

Eklavia says i know what you are feeling PKC. PKC says teaching here was my dream. I was lucky that i got a job here. I spent whole life here. Vidushi throws papers at them and says are you out of your minds? this

is very easy for you to say go repeat third year. Parth comes and holds her. Vidushi says i will report this in media. PKC says i understand your feelings but we are all helpless. I request you to calm down and get yourself transferred. Vidushi says you will suggest and leave. Parth takes her to a class and says is this how you talk to your teacher? VIdushi says they have been fooling us all. Parth says you were okay with transfer. vidushi says if we had got the transfer and you didn’t tear the form we would get a good transfer. I will fill the form again and for you too. We will go to CIT which the second best college.

SAnyu comes and hugs anju. Anju says why are you so late? Did you miss me? sanyu is in tears. She says i talked to the neighbored. I told her that my daughter is in FITE. She says wow your daughter must be talented, my son tried twice but didn’t get admission there. She said you must be proud of her. i said yes i am proud and she will get a good job. Anju says you must be hungry go wash hands i will serve the meal.

Sanyu comes to dinning table. Anju says why are you so quite? sanyu says nothing. she says in heart how can i tell her about this?
Randhir fills a form. Vidusi texts Parth where are you? I have got the form. Parth sees Randhir filling the form. He says in heart randhir is filling the form? Is he right?

Scene 2
Eklavia says what have you decided PKC? PKC says i wanted to retire from here but I need to look for a new job now. sanyu comes and says don’t give up on FITE sir. what about the students who have passed out and the one who want to come here. this is a life for us. PKC says we did what was possible. Sanyu says how can you say this? please save FITE. PKC says think practically. go take transfer. sanyu says my mom depends on me, i can’t change my college or city. Peon comes and says sir here are the forms of people who have filled for transfer.
Eklavia says sanyu you have filled transfer form already and you are saying save FITE. sanyu says i haven’t filled this. this is not my handwriting. She goes out with the form.

Parth comes to vidushi. Vidushi says i got form for you. Parth says i was confused but when i saw randhir and everyone filling the form i thought maybe i am wrong. No one cares about FITE or dream team anymore. Vidushi says thank God you have agreed now. I have filled the details go sign it. I know its difficult, I am not as good as you but i have been attached to FITE as well. We don’t have another choice. Parth signs it Vid says Lets go eat something and then we will submit it.

Sanyu goes to randhir and says why did you submit form? He says me? Sanyu says only you poke your nose in my business. Randhir says you have filled it and trying to blame it on me. Sanyu says i can recognize if from the way you wrote that r, you used to write it the same way in SANDIR. randhir says this college is a mess. Go to some other college and get a job. sanyu says FITE is my only option i will not let FITE shut. she tears the form. Randhir says what will you do here? sanyu says it will all start from FITE and i will do this. Parth comes and sees sanyu’s form outside their room. Parth picks it up and says i saw randhir and filled the form myself. I thought maybe he is leaving as well.

Parth says sorry vidushi we wont submit the form. Vidushi is on her way to submit. Parth runs after her. Parth goes to her and says i realized i was wrong. He tears the form. Vidushi says there is no importance of what i say? i am sick of it. Stay here and ruin everything i wont convince you anymore.

Anju says sanyu i forgot to tell you, Mrs suksena was asking for your notes. she said where can her son get better notes than FITE. anju says is there something you are hiding? you are not talking to me. sanyu says i am fine and i just a little tired. anju says why are you being rude? sanyu says sorry. anju says tell me why are you worried? sanyu says i am tensed what if i don’t fulfill your expectations. Anju says i am confident about you. i trust you more than you trust yourself.

Precap-sanyu says we will save FITE we will work for its future. randhir says we have 6 days to save FITE.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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