Sadda Haq 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kaustuki and sanyu are sitting together.
randhir comes and sits alone. Radnhir recalls how hasrsh smiled with him. He recalls when he said to saniyal that you failed in being a good mom. Someone hits his coffee and its falls. Randhir doesn’t even notice. SAnyu says kaustuki lets go somewhere else I can’t sit here.

Maya is in her cabin. She gets a call from her husband says reach home on time. I am for a small time here you should serve me. while vardhan is busy in reading a book. Maya looks serious. A peon comes and gives him some files. He says ma’am its 7:30 should I leave ? Maya recalls Risihi’s words. He calls you are not home on time. Maya looks worried. vardhan says are you okay ? Maya says vardhan stay out of this please. She packs her stuff.

Maya sys you have forgotten your work hours go back to your room. Vardhan says this book is so interesting I will complete it first. Maya says by the time I reach home Rishi would be slept. Maya says I have read this book and I know you so well. this book is not that interesting.

Scene 2
Vidushi is studying alone in library at night. Two guys come and says Vidushi ji why are you alone here at night. Vidushi says mind your own business. They leaves. Vidushi packs her stuff and says I should leave before someone sees me. She goes to a room where parth is exercising. She imagines them dancing together. The song ‘awari’ plays in background. parth says lets do it one more time. Suddenlt she hears parth screaming with pain. She comes out of her dreams? Parth is screaming hard and hits his hand on wall. Vidushi is in tears. Parth can’t bear the pain and cries. She says in heart I won’t be weak. Everything will be fine. She leaves while parth is still sitting helpless with his back against the wall.

The lawyer says I did everything and your father attacked the witness. Randhir sats what abvout bail? Lawyer says do you have money for it ? And what about my fees ? I will see that all later. For now your dad will be in jail for three weeks. you couldn’t handle a girl.

Sanyu is sleeping. Randhir throws a stone in her room. Samyu comes to the window. Randhir shouts come downstairs. you will get my dad arrested. SAnyu throws back the stone at his toe. Kasutuki says you don’t need to go down sanyu. ignore him. Sanyu says I know very well how to handle him. SAnyu goes down.
Sanyu says your dad is in jail because of you. I know now where you have got this attitude from. Randhir says you wanted to get him in trouble. Sanyu says saying one thing million times doesn’t make it truth. Randhir says why you came to court then ? Sanyu says if you were the last person earth even then I wouldn’t have given you justification. Don’t think everyone is like you. Radnhir says my dad got you right you belong to my mom’s category. I was quite first but falling you in love was a blunder. but from now I just hate you. I will seek revenge from you and your dad. I will shatter your dreams. I will throw you out of this college. SAnyu says you can’t love anyone and don’t warn me. I challenge you I will get you kicked out. They both leave.

Vardhan goes throw some papers and says interesting, very interesting.

Scene 3
PKC says come on guys comes for the class only two minutes are left. Everyone follows him. The paper is about to start.
Sanyu comes late it class there is no other place except for randhir’s bench.
PKC says to sanyu don’t disturb the class. SAnyu sits with randhir. PKC says all the best you people have one hour. Everyone starts working on their papers. jiggy is trying to copy from kasutuki and so is yoyo. Some people take out their cheating papers vidushi is among them.Onlt ten minutes are left. SAnyu takes out bottle and throws some water on randhir’s paper. He crumbles her paper and eats it. PKC says what is going on ? Sanyu says sir he ate my paper. PKc says what is happening no one will eat others’ papers. Randhir says she threw water on mine. PKC says is this an engineering college or school ?

Precap-PKC takes the papers from sanyu. Sanyu says sir please give me 15 more minutes I will do it. I wrote everything but he ate my paper.
Parth says to vidusho I shouldn’t have thought who leaked the papers. He takes vidushi’s bag and empties it. she has all the papers.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Rojina

    Frnds vidhushi itni bhi buri nhi he…..
    Wo kisi k liye kuch kre na kre but
    parth k liye wo kuch bhi kr skti he…

  2. Pakhi

    Yeh kya ho rha hai shw mai????i cant beleive its shq…its bcmng pathetic day by day…i fell like cvs were drunk while writing approving directng the script..its nw became a big blunder..

  3. nila

    Hi!!! Rojina
    After long time I watched Sadda haq today that too mom sitting with me and what surprised me was my mom told Randhir a Good Boy whn he swallowed Sanyu’s paper……earlier she used to taunt me if I watch sadda haq and now she…..I mean wow kash mom ka mood hamesha esa ho aur mein har roj sadda haq dekh pati

  4. Pakhi

    Nt only sandhir bt fite ke sabhi stdnts nd also tchrs ko dekhke lgta hai jaise kisine unko bola hai ki cahe kuch ho jaye ko reasn ho bas tumhe fight krna garden stdnts are far mr btr dan dm as ey wont fight like dm

  5. nila

    Did anyone notice Sanyu’s reaction whn Randhir told I was trapped in ur love(or something like that) and she also cried while returning aftr the f8 conversation …..she still loves him just someone is needed to make both of them realise their mistake and feelings which soon happen

  6. riya

    mujhe laga ke mai phir starting se sadda haq dekh rahi se lagta hai duniya gol hai.jahase suru hui thi shq bahi pe ake ruk gayi hai.Oh god!

  7. anamika

    i think sanyu’s hatred towards RD is FAKE…. she wants him to move on… that is the reason she keeps taunting him…..

  8. anamika


  9. anamika

    loved SANDHIR CLASSROOM FIGHT SCENE – Sanyu to PKC : Sir, issne tho mere 2 / 3 papers kaa liyaa.. (abt RD)

    • anamika

      she wanted extra 15 mins to re-write those answers.. wl PKC allow?
      Vidushi – bit maarthi hai exams me…
      PRECAP – Wl Parth come to know the truth abt himself? what actually fell down from Vidu’s handbag????

      • anamika

        his (i think some nervous) disease… which the doctor told vidushi that 1 amongst 1 lakh people get this n it is very rare… and Parths hands wl get paralysed after 3 months… (most probably). he also told vidu it wl cost lakhs of rupees for the treatment. Vidushi on hearing this requests the doctor not to tell Parth or his mom abt his problem n that she is his gf n thy wl b getting married after college. DID U NOT SEE THIS EARLIER EPI????

        My POV is the CVs want Sanyukta the drama queen to become the captain of the DT during the intl. competition at LONDON. Thy want a solid reason to eliminate Parth from the captaincy… bechaaraa. earlier i used 2 b hell angry with him.. now i sympathise wih him. Thy cld hv come up with some other plot if thy wanted SANYU & ONLY SANYU ALL THE WAY….

  10. anamika

    SH’s tag line is (or was??) …
    Haq cheene se milta hai mangne se sirf bheek milti. hai ! …

    seriosuky, when is Sanyu going to standup for herself???? y was she begging with Samir to let her continue her engg…????

  11. AN

    hi guys mein epi nahi dekh payi …. mom ke saath me shopping gayi thi
    bt by reading the WU i guess it was an awsome epi !!! jst waiting for 10:00 …

  12. game changer

    sanyu us chomu ko sirf apni family k bardasht kr rahi hai………warna wo us k sath bhi wahi krti jo rd k sath krti aayi………..well waise aaj ki last wali fight cute thi and hlrs too..

  13. riya

    sanyu ne rd se kaha tum kabhi kisise pyaar nahi kar sakte!ye baat to rd ko kahena chahiye tha sanyu ko ,sanyu hi aisi complement ka asli hakdar hai.nonsence!

  14. Hi!!!!!!
    Aaj ka epi in 1 word- FUNNY!!!!!
    And ha,i saw n was SURPRISED By hr expression
    One more joke: kaustu,after sanyu comes back to rum:
    Kaustu: itne der se bas so jaao hi bola? Mujhe toh dar lag raha tha ke kahi tum dono fir ek dusre ka murder na kar do
    Vidushi: arey yaar poore din ek dusre se chipakti rehti ho,tab baat karte toh yahaan mere sar pe Chadke khuspus kar rahi ho
    Sanyu: ham lectures…………..(something)
    Vidushi: dekhte hai kitna sikhti ho tum. Mujhe jeevan me kuch karna hai,kuch banna hai tumhaare jaise nahi ki haaton me mehendi lagaake baith gai lal chudiya pehenkar madagaskar mauritius me honey moonmanaane chali gayi…
    Kaustu:SHUT UUUUUP!!!!!
    Srry fr looooong cmmnt
    sanyus expression change! So sad he had to confess jusr whn he hates hr!
    Watchin shq now!

  15. riya

    sanyu ne randhir ko MCP kaha.lekin rd bilkul bhi MCP nahi hai,usne kabhi girls ko disrespect nahi kia balki support kia sanyu ko hamesha even villege me jab opposite team ke larke koustuki ko insult karahe the to rd ne support kia tha use.sanyu ke papa se fight kia to apne liye nahi sanyu ke liye.kya snyu ko ye sab dikhai nahi deta?pahele bhi apni mom ki karan larkiyo se nafrat karta tha,lekin kabhi disrespect nahi kia.sanyu kya andhi hai ?rd ko MCP bolti hai ,lekin sabse bara MCP to uske ghar me hi hai,uski bhai and dad.

  16. riya

    parth ko dekhkar dard hua or uski acting dekh kar achanak mujhe laga bo vampire ban ne bala hai.lekin seriously uske sath aisa nahi hona sad! or koustuki ka shouting was very funny.

  17. riya

    sanyu hamesha randhir ko dominate karti hai ,friendship me v or fighting me v ,hamesha sanyu rd ko jyada baate suna deti hai.sanyu rd ka jyada insult karti hai.kal v kia tha or aj v rd ko kya kya bola sanyu ne. I hate you sanyu.or rd kitna v body banale bo hamesha fighting me har hi jata hai ya phir injured hota hai,parth se v fighting me har gaya tha bo or engagement party me v kitna mar khaya.mai use fighting me jit te huye dekhna chahati hu.are hero ko hi to fighting me jitna chahiye barna dil ko achcha nahi lagta.

  18. nila

    Hello everyone!!!!!!! Just now read in FB that a fan of SHQ meat the cast and twittered that soon a girl will be introduced in track …….so Sanyu will soon be jealous 😉

  19. Meera

    PARAM SINGH BHATIA – B’DAY 8TH SEPT. Keep rocking as always…

    May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
    All the smiles a day can bring,
    All the blessings a life can unfold,
    May you have Gods best in everything.
    Wishing u an advanced Happy Birthday.

  20. riya

    new girl ke ane se to sandhir or v dur ho gayenge.hum to sandhir ko sath dekh na chahate hai.hope ki new girl sirf sanyu ko jealous feel karbanehi aye, or jealousy create kar ne ke baad side ho jaye ya out ho jaye shq se jyada kuch na ho.

  21. AN

    new girl !!! i mean socho guys rd uss new girl se kese milenge aur friendship karenge jab ki sanyu se bhi usse pyaar hone mein 2 saal lag gaye … but i’m sure there’ll be sm twist n turns !!!

  22. Wowwowwowwwow!!!!
    This cud REALLY b true! I mean,socho guyz. Hum sabkabse ye chahtr hain ke ek nw girl ki entry ho. Jabse parth sandhir ke bichme kebaab me haddi bana tabse! FINALLY!
    Hey bhagawaan! I luv u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! Thank u for d id! PSB hamaare mails padhe vahi BOHOOOOTH ho gaya! N i m sure his inbox wl b flooded! Bas,mail padh le!
    Thnx once again!!!

    • AN

      simple is my opinion !!! aur agar rd uss ladki ke saath wahi experience ho jese sanyu ke saath toh sanyu aur jealous ho jaye gi !!!

  23. Abt d new girl,
    (reply to @AN,its here coz i dont believe in pressing the reply button. Koi reply dhoondne ke liye kitna piche jaayega!)
    1)Simple: Agar simpke hui,just like sanyu,toh acha hai coz sanyu aur jalegi- ye bilkul uke jaisi jo hai! N vidushi ko hataake use sanyu ke room me laana chahiye,fr extra effect. But on d other hand,agar rd ko ussey really pyaar ho gaya toh!
    2)Hot n s*xy: This is gud ciz den most guyz wl h behind her. But then snyu knows rd enough to know he wont b interested in hr.
    So both ways r gud.

  24. nid

    Well,meri to i mean hmari manokamna puri ho gyi itne din se hum yhi to chahte the..but rd ko usse pyar nhi hoga nhi to hmari sanyu ka kya hoga

  25. nila

    @meera di I also didn’t watch it as it was about Sanyu’s journey so far which we have already seen

    I have a feeling tht the girl is Arpita earlier also someone mentioned about her entry as Randhir’s childhood friend

  26. nila

    @meera before fully typing the reply I pressed the post button sorry 😀
    And I am also feeling bad for VIDS 🙁

    • Meera

      There is no need to feel sorry…. even i hv posted my comments twice by clicking “post comment” b4 w/out refreshing the page….

  27. Pakhi

    Guyzz nw promo: rd sanyu ke hstl rm ke niche akr use blta hai aa niche..tune mere dad ki inslt ki hai ab mai tumhe nhi chodunga.(fb shws ) rd ke dad ko plc le jati hai..mai tumhari or sameer ki engagement pure clg ke samne tod dunga i chlng u..sanyukta says chlng accepted bt agr tum aisa nhi kr paye to tumhe pure clg ke samne chudiya pahan ni padegi.!! 😮

    its pstd on fb ab kiya hga guyzzz..rd or chudiya nooooooo never..kyuki o sameer to sagai todega nhi..hp rd ko bngls na phn ni pade..i ht sanyukta

  28. nid

    sanyu to gyi rd chudiya nhi pehenne wala,agar sach me pehen liya to i mean earring pehen skta h to bangles kyu nhi

  29. Hi all!!!!!
    Arpita………maybe,coz parth ko to KABHI BHI Vids se pyaar nahi hoga. So then,maybe she won’t b able to get d money n arpita wl pay fr his treatment. She is rich,remember?
    And as fr vids,hopefully she will latch onto smone else(sahil…..yoyo???)
    Ek nayi ladki ke saath uska bhai,yaani ek naye ladke ki bhi entry hogi. Arpita for d parth character,n the boy fr vids. Not sanyu…..maybe he will b egoistic or smthing?
    Hows that as an idea? Poll!

  30. AN

    WHAT !!!??? rd and bngles …. noooo way !!!
    rd plz sanyu ko uss chomu se chutkara dedo mein rd ki aur insult hothe nahi dekh sakthi …

  31. AN

    about arpitha cming back …… NID i too remember sm1 had told this ki arpitha rd ke childhood frnd hoga and all that…

    but guys i think ki vidushi is prfect 4 parth bcz woh bhi jaanthi hai ki parth ko woh pasand nahi hai par fir bhi woh parth ki hlp kar rahi hai ….

    • Samairaa

      hey guys only parth can see arpitaa no body else did u notice that or else some one is helping her probably randhir that’s why randhir planted the letters

  32. nila

    I think Randhir is going to break Sanyu’s engagement as he can’t wear bangles even in the worst dream and anyways today or tmrw Sanyu’s engagement will break as when the engagement is broke then only she can marry Randhir( at the end of the show)

    About new girl’s entry its not still confirmed by the officials I wish they confirm it soon sandhir’s luv story will take new turns and twists

    • Meera

      1st of all, thanks a ton!!! 2ndly, PSB wl read e/one’s tweets right??? 3rdly, i am not on twitter or facebook. waise mi toh kal raath hi PSB ko issi page me wish kiyaa. u can see my wishes above. this page 2nd comment. aur ek problem bhi hai… i am hving internet problems.. pathaa nahi aur 2 / 3 din ke liye comments post kar sakti hoon yaa nahi.. i wl try.

  33. game changer

    agar new girl ki entry such me hone wali hai to wo new girl na thodi chipku type ki honi chahiye tabhi to maza aayega jab wo sara time rd k aas paas rahegi

  34. Pradipta

    hello guys,I am new here and I am a bengali,mai ap logo ki comment par rahi thi to mere dimag me ek larki ka images aya jo is new girl ki role ke liye perfect hogi.she is an bengali serial actress, she is so beautiful and acting v achchi karti hai.But she is playing now the role of ‘khushi kumari gupta’ in IPKKND in bengali.Her name is Madhumita sarkar.mujhe ye baat aap logo ke sath share karne ka dil kia to isliye likh rahi hu.mujhe pata hai ke ye possible nahi hai par phir v mai imazine kar rahi thi. agar ap me se koi uski images dekhna chahate hai to’ Madhumita sarkar bengali actress’likhkar google pe ya google images par search kijiye.

      • Pradipta

        @pakhi tumi ki ok dekhecho,she is too young,she is study in college.rd ar or hight equal hote pare kintu moteo ok rd r boro bon lagbe na. .’care kori na ” te or looks ta dekho.

    • Meera

      nope! i am tamilian belonging to FC. v prepare Avial frequently at home n now & then bittergourd theeyal and puli inji or puli milagai… i simply love Avial… simple and easy to prepare yet, with its coconut oil aroma…. mmmmmmmmm my other favs r morkuzhambu, puliyodarai, thengai saadham and sweet mangai veppam poo pachadi which v prepare on Tamil Years day.. sorry guys, got carried away….

  35. Hi @pradipta!!!!!
    Tumi bangali! How nice to know!!!
    Ami o bangali. Of course,ami bangla te bolchi taarmane bangali i hobo!
    Madhumita sarkar bodhaye thakbe naa. O already duto serial e role korche to arakta serial e parallel lead kora ato easy hobe na bodhaye.
    Aar madhumita bhaalo o laagbe naa…..

    • Pradipta

      [email protected], ami jani Madhumita sarkar parbe na karon tar jonya to ok mumbai te aste hobe kintu o to kolkata te thake ,ami emni ok imazine kor chilam shq siriale.ami jani eta impossible.ok amar bhalo lage to tai imazine korchilam.kintu ok to ami akhon aktai serial korte dekhchi,tumi duto bol le je?

  36. riya

    mai to kabhi nahi chahati ki rd or sanyu ke love story ko bigarne beech me koi v aye, na new girl na any boy.

  37. AN

    hai afa chechi missed ya …. my onam was really nice n the best part was the sadya !!! avial is my fav toooo !!!
    jst ♥ it !!!

  38. AN

    hi pradipta,
    wese jiski aap baath kar rahe ho i hv seen her in IPKKND playing the role of kushi kumari gupta singh raizada n she was pretty good 4 that role par mujhe nahi lagtha ki uss par yeh role suit karega…(she’s pretty n all but still…)
    rd ke liye toh sanyu hi best hai !!!

    • Pradipta

      @AN tum kis ki bat kar rahi ho? mai sanaya irani ki baat nahi kar rahi hu.sanaya hi to khushi thi IPKKND me.mai jis ki bat kar rahi thi uski charecter ka naam PAKHI hai,bo IPKKND ki bengali verson serial me khushi ki role kar rahi hai.And now forget it.mai ne to aise hi bol diya tha uska naam.So leave it ok.

    • Pradipta

      @AN mujhe v lagta hai ki rd ke liye sanyu hi best hai.mujhe sanyukta or randhir ki jori best lagti hai.isliye hi to mai unki fan hu.mujhe sanyu bohot achchi lagti girl ki bare me maine to aisehi bol diya tha .forget it.mai v nahi chahati ki rd or sanyu ke love story ko bigarne koi v aye.Love u sandhir.

  39. hi pradipta, i think kushi will suit for arnav the best par rd ke liye toh …. i’m in doubt
    wese r u a paro fan? (paro now myra in rangrasiya)

    • Pradipta

      mai kushi ki fan thi ,khushi ki character mujhe bohot pasand tha.par mai paro ki fan nahi hu because I don’t like paro.mujhe arnav khushi ki jori pasand hai hamesha.

  40. AN

    meera di aap tamilian ho ??? i had avial,saambar etc…
    plus paayasam … my fav paal paayasam yum 😛
    i never ate puli inji but i said to my mom to make it and i’m gonna try it someday !!!

  41. AN

    yes meera di paal payasam takes about atlest 2 hrs to prepare but still i ♥ it !!! that’s y my mom made it 4 me !!! 😀

  42. Pakhi

    @pradipta na yr ok rd r sthe moteo manabe na..ami oke dkhechi she is cute…bt rd r sthe pair krle boro bon e lgbe..

    @saddahaqrox madhumita to akhon sudhu bijhena krche joto dur ami jni…tui abr r ek ta kn serial e oke dkhli???

  43. Pakhi

    @pradipta ami oke dkhechi care kori na te nd bojhena teo tai blchi oke rd r sthe vlo lgbe na
    @saddahaqox o to akhn sudhu bojhena korche joto dur ami oke abr r ekta kn serial e kaj krte dkhli????

    • riya

      @Pakhi you are wrong.she is 23 years old, may be she will not look good with rd but she will not look like his elder sis ok.uski hight jyada hai rd ke hisab se i think.or BNB me uski look ki bajay se sayad tumhe aisa lag raha hai.mujhe to bo vidu ki age ki lagti hai.and please stop this discussion here.I don’t want to talk about her.So leave it.And bye.

  44. Pakhi

    @ gc I jst said dat madhumita about whm pradipta said will nt lk good with rd..she will look like his elder sis..nd shrx said earlier dat he is also a bngli nd did nt lk dat actrs..

    • Pradipta

      @pakhi Shrx is not said that he did nt lk dat actrs.he said only ki rd ke sath bo achchi nahi lagegi.par tumhare tarha ye nahi bola ki bo rd ki bari bahen lagti hai.

  45. game changer

    guyz Onam kya hota hai?tum log ki comments padhi to lagta hai k ye koi fest hai jis me aap log delicious food banate ho….

  46. @pradipta n @pakhi,
    Ami oke KOTHAO toh dekhechi…..dunno kothaye.
    Btw,@pakhi,ami jaantam naa je tumi o bangali!!
    Anyways,cholo khaali shq discuss korbo…ONEEEEK bhaalo laaglo jene je ekhaane amay chada o keu bangali aache! Surprise!
    Aar…..kichu naa. Bye guyz!

    LUV HIM(as an actor,aamake murder koro naa,dont murder me)
    @pradipta n @pakhi, tomaader ages? Plz ignore jodi tomra bolte chaao na to…

  47. riya

    stop it guys.ghagra bandh new girl ki bakwas karna bandh karo.or sandhir ko support karo.q ki ye jagah sirf sandhir ki fans ke liye hai right.

    • riya

      @saddahaqrox mai nahi tum wrong ho q ki mujhe nahi lagta idhar koi v hai jo shq ka fan to hai par sandhir ka nahi.sandhir ke bina shq ka kya matlab.

  48. AN

    May all ur wishes come true !!! 🙂
    ♥ ya loads and loads
    Aparna 😉

  49. nid

    Wishing a very happy birthday to our cute,sweet,hot n lovely Param singh bhatia 🙂 🙂 keep rocking!!
    May u live long 🙂 luv u param

  50. nid

    May ur day be filled wid many happy hours n ur life wid many happy birthdays HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARAM LUV U SO MUCH 🙂 🙂 🙂

  51. Meera

    HAPPY Birthday my dear Param. May all your wishes come true.. Best wishes for all your future projects. Keep ROCKING AS ALWAYS :):):):) Lots of ♡

  52. Meera

    @ nid – hope u saw Pakhis comment. Pakhi has gvn Params twitter handle as @8paramsingh. i had gvn the same as @param8singh. do check..

  53. smriti

    Many many happy returns of the day. May this day be filled with joy and happiness. Keep smiling always. Keep rocking KING of expressions!!! love u loads!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ :):):):)

  54. Meera

    JUST READ IN INDIA FORUMS gud news no new girl coming opposite randhir ..its confirmed

    Posted: 07 September 2014 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
    param ne tanisha se sirf mazak me bola tha ..a new girl is coming opposite rd ..
    param ko mazak karne ki aadat hai… no new lead is coming sayu is only female lead…no new girl
    is coming sandhir all the way

    confirmed news from sonia di is …rd will fell for sayu like never before nboth sandhir will fall madly
    in lov with each other ………..

  55. Pakhi

    Waise mai abhi param ko twitter pe wish krne ja rhi hunnguyzz kya use ek or tweet krke bolu ki agr uske pas tm ho to ek br yha pe akr wishes ko atleast ek br dkh le..!! What say guyzz..jldi rply do

  56. Meera

    actually i was a lil disappointed reading the new news. fir se RD hee sanyu ke peeche baagegaa kyaa??? i wanted her to come after him for a change!

  57. game changer

    DEAR PARAM WISH YOU a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very……
    .***HaPpY BiRtH DaY****

  58. AN

    keep shinning & may your day be filled with lots of joy and surprises !!! 🙂
    ♥ ya loads & loads & loads U R THE BEST !!! 😀

  59. saddahaqrox

    PARAM SINGH BHATIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    May his day b filled with good luck n wishes(which is very possible,seeing the no of fans he has!)

  60. saddahaqrox

    heres what I sent to param:
    Dear Param,
    wish u a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.this,being the most hopelessly inadequate sentence I hv ever written in my life.
    may ur day filled with happiness
    that’s all I will write…don’t want to give u a headache.
    lots f luv from a very huge fan of urs,
    PS-If u can spare the time, sir, plz visit the following link and take a look at the birthday wishes there,frm me(saddahaqrox) as well as ALL ur mega huge fans:

  61. AN

    u r right nupoor aaj humare sweetest n dearest PSB ka b-day hai toh aaj ka epi bhi bohoth sweet aur acha hona chahiye !!!!

  62. Pakhi

    Okk guyzz i hv tweeted him kdat agr use zara sa vi tm mile to yha is wla wu me akr ek br uske bht sara big fans ka wishes padle..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.