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Sadda Haq 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says i wont do the paper work i am co-driver. Sanyu says and i am driver and captain. randhir says that doesn’t mean you can do what you want. Ranawat says sort out and i want the report. Randhir says to sanyu this is too much. Sanyu says one of us had to do it. I have to supervise so you have to do this. I know what you think of me. Randhir says i was just drunk last night. Sanyu says whatever go do your work. sanyu explains parth and rishab their work. Randhir comes, sanyu says i will manage you do your work. Rishab mocks at randhir.

Everyone is busy in the work. sanyu comes to randhir, he says i dont need your help. Sanyu says mail me the reports when they are done. He says okay i will. Sanyu leaves.
Randhir looks at the engine and says not bad. Rishab comes

and says whose permission with are you touching the engine? Did you ask the captain. Randhir says this is why your own dad calls you loser. How does it feel? This is why you are frustrated all the time. Rishab says enough. They start fighting. Ranawat comes in. Rishab says he was touching the engine. I stopped him and he started hitting me. Randhir says i was just checking. Ranawat says forget about everything else work on documentation. And rishab come to my cabin.

Ranawat plays the footage I. Rishab says i am sorry. Ranawat says hatred is one things but killing is something else. what if i tell everyone you will go to jail and what will your dad do to you. Rishab says please dont tell dad. Ranawat says forget your past. this is the first time i am forgiving you. Just leave before i do something. I am keeping eyes on you.
Rishab comes out and says i will ruin their dreams and everything.
Tania says on call please few months are left why are you preponing it. Why are you being so hasty, okay do what you want. Tania sees rishab and says why are you behaving this way with me. My wedding is preponed i will leave college. Dad is persistent. He says are you really getting married? She says i don’t have another option. He says you can take decision for yourself. If you have a problem then stand up and say no. You are not a kid who can’t survive without your parents. We have to make our own identity. tania says what can i do? He says a lot. But for a starts you shouldn’t marry. Rest is upto you.

Parth says to sanyu randhir will do it. I will talk to him. Sanyu says its out of my capacity.
Renuka comes to randhir and says i have brought food for you. What are you doing in lab? randhir says i have a lot of work. she says its late. randhir says some important documentation. Who asked you? Renuka says why did she ask you? Randhir says because she is captain. Renuka says she and all of them are easing in the canteen. randhir says this is my responsibility. This is a tedious task. Renuka says just because she is captain doesn’t mean she will sit and ask others to work. Randhir says go ask her dont annoy me. renuka says i will talk to her.

Sanyu checks her phone and says he hasn’t even mailed. Does he plan on staying in lab all night? I should text him to sleep for now and do rest tomorrow. She says why should i? He deserves it. Sanyu lays down.

Scene 2
Next morning sanyu wakes up and finds the mail. she says he worked all night? I should have texted him. sanyu calls but he doesn’t pick up. Parth picks the call. sanyu says meeting in lab at 10. Remind randhir as well. Parth says he is asleep. Sanyu says yes bring him too. Parth wakes randhir up. Randhir says i dont want to. Randhir asks did you talk to the ladies? parth says yes she asked me to come. Now wake up.
Parth comes to lab and tells sanyu that randhir is still asleep. Ranawat asks where is randhir? Sanyu says he was making report all night. He just slept. We are ready we can start it. ranawat says i want whole team has to be here. Parth says i will explain him. Ranawat says is this some film going on here? Call him and ask him to come. Sanyu calls but he doesn’t pick up. Ranawat says when all celebrities are here then tell me i will come.

Precap-Sanyu throws water on randhir and says if you are not in lab in 15 minutes then you will lose your co-driver seat. The machine is not working. randhir says if you had let me check it, it would have been working. Sanyu says why is that so? He says you know why.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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