Sadda Haq 5th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir enters the room in anger. jiggy says whats wrong i told you such a good website. Randhir says i don’t wanna do tha stupid work. Parth says whats wrong now? randhir says you better forcus on your studies. Parth and jiggy start studying. randhir says these girls are always so stupid. They are not listening to him. Randhir says parth i am talking to you. parth says oh i thought you were talking to your ownself. Randhir says now you will also taunt me. Parth says i was just asking. randhir says whats more important college fees or where it is coming from? he says she is right as well. Admissions should be given to the people who deserve it. You will hack and give admissions to non deserving people. you should talk to vardhan he helped me with my fess as well. randhir says i don’t

want anyone’s help i will do it myslef.

parth goes to library and see vidushi sitting on a corner in despair. he recalls the conversation he overheard. He says in hert no i don’t have to interfere but then he goes and sits with her. Parth says vidushi.. she is not listening. he shakes her and asks her are you okay? He says i know you will feel weird but i heard about your wedding and divorce. i am not here to pass any judgement. i am just here to say that i am always here for you.; you can share anything you want. She stands up and says why should i share with you? i don’t want this sympathy. he says i am just stating the fact. she says you are not alone strong in this college. He says i just wanted to say that you can have my shoulder. she says listen i was just a problem for you. what happened now? i can handle my past and future and you don’t have to worry about it.

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Scene 2
sanyu is doing something and says i hope this idea works. i will get my fees. she looks at her phone and says he just have to fight. sanyu shoves her chair and it hits vidushi. She screams. sanyu says i am sorry. are you okay? is your mood off? you neer told us about your parents. vidushi says why should i? Why you have to interfere,. sanyu says i ws just asking generally. vidushi says why do i ahev to tell you? sanyu says you said you are dead for them. if you don’t wanna tell i respect that. vidushi says you better do and do play this quiz with me.

Sanyu is hungry. She says what can i eat at this point of time. Randhir is talking to chacha and asks him if there is some work in his garage? Sanyu texts him this anger won’t remove your hunger. i am really hungry. he says all restaurants are not open for you at this point of time. He says in heart i am hungry too but i won’t eat with you. Sanyu texts i am hungry if you don’t reply i will come to yourb room. He ignores her text. sanyu comes with a torch under his room. He comes in the window and says you? sanyu says come out. he says no i won’t and closes the window. sanyu sees up and says what can i do now. randhir comes there. sanyu says i am sorry i know you are mad at me but i am really hungry. he says there are no chefs for you here. Sanyu says i know where to go. She takes him to the canteen. he says yeah someone will make you a pizza at this time. a guard comes and sits there. they hide. sanyu says i know what to do she throws a glass outside. He follows the noise. They go in. sanyu says i will cook. i still remember the taste of what you made me last time. sanyu is cooking while randhir roams around her. security guard says who is there inside? They hide under the table. He comes in and says i think i am drunk no one is in there. Sanyu makes burger for both of them and they eat, sanyu says i hope you will never be mad at me. randhir says yeah i want it to be normal. he says tomorrow is the last day for fees have you thought something? she says not yet but i hope something will workout. SAnyu says in heart i can’t tell you what i am yet to do. randhir says in heart i will do something for you sanyu. They go in the corridor holding each other’s hands. Randhir holds her closer. he caresses her face and hugs her. sanyu asks him to go while she walks in her room.

Scene 3
next morning, parth is in canteen. vidushi comes to him and says hi. She says i am sorry for being so rude last night. he says its okay we are all weak sometime. she says i shouldn’t have talked like that. i hope you will understand and no one gets to know about my past. He says i wont tell anyone. parth says you have to talk about it. you take this mental stress alone., vidushi says i can’t let it go. its not that easy. He says i know. maybe this is making you this irritated. she says you never knew about my story and you always hated me, now you know my story and are so concerned about me. she leaves.

Some guys are watching sanyu’s video. randhir watches it too. she says i am offering online courses for mathematics and physics. i will charge only 5k. randhir is about to throw the phone in anger but the guy stops him. He says now the whole world will know that you need money and i can’t help you.

Precap-a man comes to sanyu and says i have been looking for you to tell you that your time is over and you have to leave the room by evening. randhir says no one can throw you out. sanyu says where will you bring the money from?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. smart boy

    @saddahaqrox….what do u think of urself????..these guyz trust u alot and u are doing all this last episodes comments section all comments wre yours but u lied that those comments are samidhas…ur friend sandhir fan said that at 4:41 u both wre together u both wre roaming in socity bt you said that the first comment regarding notice for newbies was urs and that comments timing is 4:38….so if u wre wid ur friend then how could u post commnt at that time???and all those commnts timings r same……so lier stop lying and breaking trust of ur friends…

  2. Samairaa

    @smart boy if u dont then dont believe her but we believe her in 2 min any body can go anywhere may be she went after posting the comment . and when u see the comment in bottom samidhaa was the name and we cant edit the comment so she did the secound comment as saddahaqrox has explained .. if u really think from ur brain i think u will get something … please think something before commenting

  3. smart boy

    and how is it possible when she posted her comments right then samidha read hr comments….and posted her comments so quickly…was samidha waiting for her comments there?actually before posting hr comments saddahaqrox forgot to change her username.i know u all trust her so much u wont accept it…..but she takes you all as fools…….and u all takes her as a good frnd…

  4. AN

    good epi and i’m sure sandhir is gonna find sm way out of this but i want that genius idea to come frm RD and only RD !!! arre usko bhi toh chance milna chahiye na apne aap ko proove karne ka ! the epi was quite good ……..

  5. saddahaqrox

    @smart boy,
    Well, it takes much 2 b a detective n u R doing a gud job but let me tell u sum facts.
    dear, u know, in this world, there is some thing called smartphones. And my friend Sonia, or sandhir fan has one of them. So wn v wr roaming around, we vr discussing shq. then suddenly she suggested ki so many new ppl hv joined so v shud repeat the notice again. n v did that n kept the phone. then v came online again @ 6:30 pm. n saw what samidha cmmntd. So v clarified that. But if u still don’t believe me, I do not blame u…..u r new here n may b u don’t know that samidha hs done that b4.
    so, if now u believe me, then….friends?
    and haan…welcum 2 TU!

  6. AN

    @smart boy agar aapko lagtha bhi haina ki noopur aisa kuch kar sakthi hai toh aap bilkul wrong ho .. noopur had been cmmnting here for long so we knw how our noopur is and she can never ever break our trust …. i’m sure sm1 has misused her username .

    • saddahaqrox

      arrey AN….samidha ka toh pata hi hain na
      but thnx a lot fr always rusting me so much.
      pata nhi kyun who hamesha mujhe hi target karti hain…a/wayz, leave it.
      sachem, tumlogon jaise dost sabko mile!

  7. saddahaqrox

    And ppl, thank u sooooo much for trusting me blindly….im really overwhelmed by your trust. I hv just looked and by the way these comments were posted, it does look doubtfull…..shudnt b saying this but im crying right now.
    khushi ke aansu hai!!!!!!!!!
    especiallllllly samaira, thank u so much for standing up fr me…

  8. Samairaa

    dosto kai liyey stand up nehi karoon gi toh kisey liyey karoongi jab hum musibath mai hoti haina dost humey samj pataa hai aur uskaa hal bhi nikaal they hai from here i got so wonderful friends who trust each other and does everything ….
    and can u give me ur ff links please 1000 times please

  9. Mdh

    Hi Frnds,

    One of the best epi today . Specially the scene” RD caresses Sanys face and hugs her” .

    Then, Sanyu e tune kya Kia yar. Tumko or Jorse Vidusiko hit karna chaiee tha.(jitna na laga usse jada bol dia )

    Ohh no ; Sorry Vidu ;
    Abb CV ne tumko vi Divorcée Bana dia .

    CV pls stop showing this nonsense story , I dont know how others bt me teally hate it. pls show us something more difficult Story where how our Talents r facing , and the ways they r coming out .

    Waiting fr Something good to happen in next episods.

  10. smart boy

    wow what a dramebaz girl u r!!! @saddahaqrox u know what why samidha always targets u coz she got u right…and i dont want to be ur friend not just urs bt i dnt want to be anyones friend coz i just hate these friendships relationships.all these things r fake..i m alone and i will be alone for the rest of my life..

  11. @shradha,
    Samidha has been doin this since long time. But mujhe lagta hain ki jabse aapne join kiya hain, tabse pehli baar hoga. She is just a stupid n cheap person, just ignore her.
    I will give u the liink whn i POST the first part!! Dont worrry, main nahi bhoolungi. And thanx fr d scrap 😉
    Sending u a buddy request frm my other id….accept kar lena lol
    (my standard sign off at IF…hehe)

  12. shraddha

    Hi saddahaqrox, shayad ye tisri bar he mene join krne ke bad. Lekin pehle me aap sab ki comments padhti thi. Kya ye vahi samidha jisne kaha tha ki vo 7 years ki he. me SH jully se sirf TU par hi padh rhi hu aur net pe vidios dekhti hun par vo 10 pm ke bad video upload krte he.main hoste me rahti hun. Ab vaccation ki vajah se ghar pe hun. So i can watch SH till this friday.

  13. smart boy

    yes bt wen you are cheated na it becomes worst thing in the universe..@akshara u seems a gud girl…so just an advise for u”khud se zyada trust kabhi kisi par mat krna”

  14. smart boy

    yes bt wen you are cheated na
    it becomes worst thing in the
    universe..@akshara u seem a
    gud girl…so just an advise for
    u”khud se zyada trust kabhi kisi
    par mat krna”

  15. shraddha

    Anyone here of age 13. I am new here. I only know shraddha di because my sister is her roommate. She told me about TU. So can i join u.

  16. shraddha

    Hey who is this new shraddha. Can u change your username because my username is shraddha and its my real name. Welcome here. And i am 17years old. Dont worry here so many people are of your age. But please change your username.

  17. SHfan/ shraddha

    Oh sorry shrddha but my real name also shraddha and i am from nagpur and u. And i really don’t know that here 1 shraddha is already present. I changed my username. So friends.

  18. SHfan

    So hi everyone, i am new here. My real name is shraddha. I am 13 year old. And shraddha di can i call u senior .

  19. saddahaqrox

    Hey sh fan!!!
    Wow! me and @AN r also 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!
    myself-official welcome
    how r u!!!

  20. saddahaqrox

    te above cmmnt ws part 1 of 3
    this is part 2 of 3



  21. saddahaqrox

    part 3 of 3
    @smart boy,
    c, I don’t know u and nor do u know me. May b that’s why u r so stuck on the point that those mssgs wre posted by me. And sabse pehli baat is this, ki if MY achu trusts me, U r no one 2 doubt that trust. Even I trust my acu more then ANYTHNG, and I trust all forum-waasis(like the name,ppl?) as much as they trust me.
    secondly, frndshp is the most beautiful relationship in the world…..I don’t know why, may b bcoz of the dialogue u used there, I get a feeling or thougt of u being a duplicate randhir…….no offence, please. And there is no such thing as being lonely all ur life, sometime or the other u r bound 2 get a person who can push through ur lonely exterior n b ur frnd, n im not sayin that’s me. c, b4 I came here, I was lonely as hell. I didn’t have a single person 2 call my frnd, nor cud I talk 2 my parents bcoz they weren’t always home. And piyu di wasn’t in a position 2 spend time with me, her boards n extra curriclars ate up all her time.N whn I joined this forum, I got an elder sis AND like, 100s of frndz.
    (please note, I m not advertising TU……hehe)
    ya….so, u cant n don’t have 2 b ‘lonely’…..and comment bhaashan ho gaya ho toh I m sorry……kya hain na, aapka dialogue dekhke BILKUL randhir ki yaad aa gayi…

  22. shraddha

    Hi SHfan i am from pune. You can call me senior. But by which name i can call u. You r like my little sister.

  23. SHfan

    Hi saddahaqrox and AN, So friends. I like to make new friends. And senior u can call me sonu, i like this name.

  24. smart boy

    who is rd??actually i did not come here to read this wu bt i came here to leave a msg for a girl .i know she comes here evryday to read this wu and she posts hr cmnts here bt i dont know her username…i know its an open forum persl msg is not allowd bt i have no other option as she has changed hr mob i m sorry 4 that here my msg
    “its me fawad here….plz call me plz…mai kal dad k pas jaraha hu phir kabhi laot kr nahi aauga….”

  25. raj

    Friends I think vids hate her parents because may be they r behind her marriage. As we know vids belongs to poor family so may be her parents for money married her.

  26. saddahaqrox

    @sh fan, @raj n @jaanu,
    myself-official welcomer n introducer
    and one more thing ppl-
    I have a feeling ke this @smart boy, there is something wrong…..I mean, I m not interfering or anything but his comments…..acha chodo, jaaney do. If he has not come 2 join us then let it b…..
    but I m still getting that feeling abt something being terribly wrong…dunno why

  27. smart boy

    saddahaqrox i dnt know y u r getting those if i m the reason then let me tell u mai koi bura ladka nahi hu aur na to mere intentions galat hai mujhe sirf msg dena tha jo mai ne de diya..and i asure u i wont comeback here…so u dnt need to worry.

  28. saddahaqrox

    @smart boy,
    hey, I neva said anything 2 u! or if I did, I m really sorry I just said what I was feeling… and ur comment kinda creeped me out….I have this habit of sharing every small thing with forum waasis. Sorry if that hurt u, though. And if u r going away bcoz of that, then please don’t….u r VERY welcum here…infact I wud really love it if u joined us…..
    im really sorry, dil se sorry if my comment hurt u…don’t go away bcoz of that, if u were going 2!

  29. saddahaqrox

    @raj, u don’t needa thank me….its my job n sumthing I luv doing coz I was welcomed very nicely here by @DS……
    excited for todays epi!

  30. saddahaqrox

    I read ur comment where u wer asking sh fan what u shud call her….lemme suggest?
    c, she calls u senior so u call her junior!!!!!
    and haan, read the ff ‘you’re mine, forever’ b4 that if u havnt…..u will see frm where I got this idea, then!

  31. saddahaqrox

    sorry, didn’t c ur comment b4….a/wayz,
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!!!
    Myself-official welcomer…..
    how r u!!!!

  32. smart boy

    its ok.but the girl i m searching for she posts hr commnts here regularly bt i read all the commnts i did not find her comment.can u help me??i mean u just check all the comnts and plz tell me if any regular members commnts r not there…plz

  33. raj

    Sorry guys I visited two time but I forgot to mention something that is HAPPY GURUPURAB OF GURU NANAK DEV G .
    I am from PUNJAB.

  34. khalid

    telly updates is my best frnd
    as we dont have tv i read wu…
    in my family tv is not allowed and am also not intrested in any of the serials except sadda haq. its very beautiful soap i just love it!!!!!
    i guess u guys understand……

  35. And @smart boy r u mad ?? I mean u came here n started posting faltu comments about @saddahaqrox n after that u were saying that u wanted to covey ur message to some1 ! Don’t show ur personal stuff here keep it to urself na …..

  36. khalid

    there r both
    +ve n _ve outcomes of having tv
    mein ghar ki choti behen…
    bhayya log thode se strict hai. They dont want me to fall in any trouble,,,,
    but am verry happy b’coz tv is somthing like addiction aur mai usse dur ho…
    aur ha sorry for late lunch karri thi 🙂

  37. raj

    Aisha & all yr we all love sadda haq & also we all love sandhir right na. Then we r so formal & asking everyone will u be my friend!

  38. shraddha

    Hi saddahaqrox, i read u r mine forver ff. It was so nice na. Vardhan as dada and parth as like brother to sanyu, nice.

  39. shraddha

    Just now i read another ff Addicted to you. In this they are in 10 th standard. And sanyu is orphan. Rd, sanyu are like best friends. But it is not competed.

  40. shraddha

    Hi khalid. This ff are the sandhir stories posted on the sadda haq forum. They so nice. I read more than 30 sandhir stories.

  41. saddahaqrox

    @smart boy,
    yes. I will help u.
    There is one regular commentator, @Meera or Meera di as v call her. She had said she wont b commenting here fr a few weeks……
    And whoever was asking me my name, I am noopur.
    n samaira, I m very much here! lets chat come!

  42. smart boy

    @aisha mai kya aapko yaha apni luv story suna raha hu…nahi na.i dnt care k tum log meri commnts padhne k baad me kya soch rahe ho bt mera yaha aana zaroori tha.there was no other option to me..aur rahi bat saddahaq rox k bare me cmmnts ki to kya karu Heropanti auro ko aati nahi aur meri jati nahi ..A/w mai yaha jis kaam se aaya tha wo ho gaya she got my msg..
    thanx to TU….

  43. saddahaqrox

    links 2 some of my favorite fan fics—
    1) you’re mine, forever
    2)sandhir ts-abundance(U HAVE 2 READ THIS ONE)
    3)sandhir ff camp at goa
    c if u like these and tell me if u want more links I will b happy 2 post!
    I have also written one
    sandhir ff-crazy stupid ishq
    this one is mine….do read!

  44. saddahaqrox

    hi Aisha glad u liked it!
    last part is remaining……will post it soon
    r u on IF??? if so, buddy me plz!

  45. saddahaqrox

    ignore that samidha. Im sure she is not 7 yrs old….uska record hain cheap cmmnts post karne ka

  46. smart boy

    @aisha mai kya aapko yaha apni
    luv story suna raha hu…nahi
    na.i dnt care k tum log meri
    commnts padhne k baad me kya
    soch rahe ho bt mera yaha aana
    zaroori tha.there was no other
    option to me..aur rahi bat
    saddahaq rox k bare me
    cmmnts ki to kya karu
    Heropanti auro ko aati nahi aur
    meri jati nahi ..A/w mai yaha jis
    kaam se aaya tha wo ho gaya
    she got my msg..
    thanx to TU….

  47. shraddha

    Yes, samairaa, usne apna username chage kiya he. Now she is SHfan here for everyone and junior for me

  48. saddahaqrox


  49. saddahaqrox

    waise I cant c any of the star commentators here…….koi toh aa jao…ek star commentor hi sahi aa toh jaao!

  50. smart boy

    sorry saddahaqrx actually i didnt use that she for u .that was 4 the girl jise mujhe apna msg dena tha

  51. saddahaqrox

    agar aapko yaad ho toh main TU drm team ki mentor aka vdhan sir hu. Toh har weekeknd I give a comments target. when that target is reached, I announce STAR COMMENTOR, the person who commented d most. And the regular winners r
    game changer
    DS(whn she ws here)
    toh I cant c any of the here. n v need them for our target

  52. shraddha

    Samairaa parth sanyu se mithi,mithi bate karta tha shuru me. So rd fans usse sugar factory kahete he

  53. saddahaqrox

    Gooooood….that’s gooooood
    ab sirf 100 more. come on farzi commentators, v can do it!
    hope u don’t mind me calling that….u c, I m vdhan sir na…karna padta hain

  54. Samairaa

    mai 25 nov par comment nehi kar saktaa as i have to go out of country sorry guys as i wont be a part of it i thought to tell u guys at 21 nov

  55. saddahaqrox

    guyz, plz don’t think of 25th nov as a task, something o compulsion. Think of it as a festival v r gonna get together n celebrate. It wl b fun!

  56. Samairaa

    yeah i am going to miss but as soon as i come i will read the comments and so mujey uss din math bhulnaa comments mai yaadh rakhnaa

  57. saddahaqrox

    smart boy ji,
    sabse pele to aap mujhe apna naam batao, yeh smart boy jyaada bada hain
    and who toh maine padha, lekin aap msg dena kisey chahte the??
    sorry agar aapke prsnl matter me interfere ho gaya ho toh

  58. saddahaqrox


  59. Ab ye mat poochna yaaron ki main 8th mein kaise vo kya hai na mere mom dad ne mera admission thoda jaldi kar diya aur phir maine lkg , kindergarden aur nursery nahi padha hai so thats the reason….

  60. Hahaha are randhir se to sab pyaar karte hain par kahin yahan kisi ko kisi aam ladke like classmate etc. Se pyaar to nahin ho gaya hai ?

  61. Samairaa

    @vanditaa who if dont wont to mention its okay as its open autmosphere any body can read the comments

  62. saddahaqrox

    Samaira, mera naam toh liya lekin bola kya yeh samja nahi
    n this is not the first time…..pehle ek weekend pe toh 20 ppl onlne they…usdin 678 cmmnts hue

  63. smart boy

    aapki friend ko…a/w i have
    mentioned my name in the 1st
    page of this cmmnt section…
    dekh lena.

  64. smart boy

    and @aisha u wat do u think of urself???let me clear one thing k agar tum mere samne bhi ho na tab bhi mai tumhe dekhuga bhi to dur ki baat hai..

  65. saddahaqrox


  66. saddahaqrox

    oye smart boy ji ab aapko ka ho gaya?????????????
    and Aisha se q gussa ho?
    kk guyz, break time. lets take a break….les c…me wl back in 10 mins, any1 wanting 2 chat plz cum online that time

  67. saddahaqrox

    ok Aisha if u angry coz aapse koi baat nehi kar raha, cum back at 10 mins lets chat then, ok?
    u r like my small sis…don’t go like that!

  68. saddahaqrox

    m going 2 read ff ‘memphis’ now fr 10 mins…..any1 wants 2 join me? chalo, saathme padhte hain!

  69. And smart boy ! U know u r not a smart boy u r a ullu ka dhakkan ! Kitna dimag kharab karte ho tum donkey boy problem kya hai tumhari ?? Tumne kabhi mujhe dekha bhi hai jo saamne aakar mujhe ignore karoge ! Hatt bevakoff

  70. smart boy

    u know wat Einstn ka IQ 160 tha but phir bhi wo apna brain ko puri tarha use nahi krta tha…tum ladkiyo ka IQ 0 hota hai phir bhi use 100% use krne k koshish krti ho…

  71. saddahaqrox

    Fawad(hope I got it right),
    No one really liked ur s*xist comment ok….c, kal se u have been continuously insulting me n I have been tolerating that. No more now. And do u even know, ke jis show ke w/u par aap ye post kar rahemho who ek woman centered show vain. Main bhi aapko booth much bol Sakai hu, I cn force u to get outa here. But I m not doin that so u better shut up

  72. And 1 more thing donkey boy agar zada knowledge hai to jaake usse utilise kyun nahin karte ?? Yahan ladkiyo ke peeche kyun waste kar rahe hai apni faltu knowledge !

  73. smart boy

    a/w chalo bahot hogaya…mai aap sab se dil maafi maangta hu…mai bura lagta hu actual me hu nahi.aap log gussa horahe the mujhe achcha lag raha tha bus isiliye aap logo ko aur zyada gussa dila raha tha q k hetopanti auro ko aati nahi aur meri jaati nahi.waise mai ladkiyo ki dil se izzat krta hu..@aisha i m sorry ..waise mai ullu nahi hu aur. enstn ka spelling shorcut me likha tha mai donkey bhi nahi hu dpnkey aise commnt thodi na type krta hai..

    • saddahaqrox

      anwww….itsh okay, smart boy!
      a/wayz, agar apne decide hi kar liya hain ke u don’t wanna join us, then ok
      bye n all the best with whatever work u came 2 do here hope u get wht u want

  74. saddahaqrox

    Ab chalo gyz, I got bharatanatyam classes, talk 2 u pp, later say….7:30 pm on todays w/u…ths stupid bharatanatyam clss wont lemme watch. hate our teacher but kya karu 6 yrs se jhelti aa rahi hu ek aur saal baaki hain who bhi sahi
    chalo bye

  75. Samairaa

    mainey iss saal shuro kiyaa as i got to know about this forum in february ( valentines day ) as i was reading d3 in that i saw radhir and sayu’s fight so i started reading updates of saddahaq

  76. saddahaqrox

    anwww….itsh okay, smart boy!
    a/wayz, agar apne decide hi kar liya hain ke u don’t wanna join us, then ok
    bye n all the best with whatever work u came 2 do here hope u get wht u want

  77. smart boy

    a/w chalo bahot hogaya…mai
    aap sab se dil maafi maangta
    hu…mai bura lagta hu actual
    me hu nahi.aap log gussa
    horahe the mujhe achcha lag
    raha tha bus isiliye aap logo ko
    aur zyada gussa dila raha tha q
    k heropanti auro ko aati nahi
    aur meri jaati nahi.waise mai
    ladkiyo ki dil se izzat krta hu..@
    aisha i m sorry ..waise mai ullu
    nahi hu aur. enstn ka spelling
    shorcut me likha tha mai
    donkey bhi nahi hu donkey aise
    commnt thodi na type krta hai..

  78. Samairaa

    yup join in @aradhyaa
    guys i got only 8 minutes to chat with u then i have to go to my guide meeting

  79. Abhijeet

    u know wht .,….. kk its [email protected]

  80. Mdh

    If I not wrong 2day is 6th Nov, not 25th ,

    Sorry I couldn’t come across all the comnt but shocked to c its crossd 380.


    Expctd all comnt regardnh SH.
    Pls rqst all to do the same on 25th also . As I promsd to my dear .


  81. Abhijeet

    he Aisha plz yarr ye sir mat kaho…u can call Abhijeet…….. and about some1 special….. its my friend

  82. [email protected] changer

    can i join u guyz???????a/w mai waha mr.india aur parsh se baat krne gayi thi bt got to know k ab unka adress change ho chuka hai…..

  83. U knw shraddha as much I observe u
    Tm un logo me s ho jo sbko khus rkhne ki Koshish krte h bt vo khud kahin na kahin apne aap me pareshan hote h
    Don’t take it so serious

  84. [email protected] changer

    wo sadela IF…bahot boring hai…aur mujhe waha safe to kuch lag hi nahi raha…sent se le recieved sare msg koi bhi padh sakta hai

  85. [email protected] changer

    hope i did nt disturb u guyzz…

  86. [email protected] changer

    @parsh wo na mujhe thoda flirt ltype agta hai…tumhara frnd to nahi hai na

  87. [email protected] changer

    same here shraddha…mujhe bhi kisi ko hrt krna bilkul achcha nahi lagta…

  88. @ shraddha
    Hw do I knw yr glti s hi shi bt thoda to samjdar m b hu.
    @ gc
    Maine shraddha s bola tha k IF pe hmare scrap shayd hr koi pd skta h bt usne kaha k bs frnds hi dekh skte h

  89. parsh

    Friend he but not as u all (our group) . Us din aap me se koi nahi tha aur daksh bhi megha se bat kar raha tha to usse bate kar rahi thi. Us din accha tha.

  90. [email protected] changer

    ha @daksh bt us ka koi option hai…qk mai ne nupoor k scrap dekhne ki koshish ki bt us time mai uski frnd nahi thi usliye nahi dekh payi

  91. [email protected] changer

    bt agr aisa hota to jab daksh mera frnd nahi tha tab bhi mujhe uski scrap dikhi…..

  92. I think us din megha ne novel k topic pe bich me join kiya tha tbi m usse bat kr rha tha.
    B/w u both cn tell me whtevr u feel abt me
    Egoistic or flirty ??

  93. [email protected] changer

    jo bhi ho IF boring hai waha pr bahot time waste hota hai aur grp chat bhi nahi ho pati

  94. [email protected] changer

    daksh tum flirty to nahi ho…bt ha thode se egoistic ho….jo k hona bhi chahiye

  95. Tx shradda. I wish I’ll nt hurt both of u n other of my frnd here .
    Vaise wo scrap padne ka optn shayd profile settin me h bt fir b vo IF mujhe bhot borin.lga

  96. [email protected] changer

    daksh agar tum flirty hote na mai tum se kabhi frndship krti hi nahi..mujhe aise ladke bilkul pasand nahi…..

  97. [email protected] changer

    waise ab kuch parsh k liye….tum bhi bahot achchi ho…

  98. [email protected] changer

    parsh tumhe meri aashiqui tumse hi ka ranvir pasand hai na….pata hai mujhe na us ka dressing style bahot achcha lagta aur uska attitude…the way he walk the way he talk…perfect lagta hai..

  99. parsh

    Yes i like he as param his name is shakti arora. Main sirf uske liyr pavitra rishta jesi faltu serial dekhti thi

  100. [email protected] changer

    mujhe actress me shraddha kapoor bahot achchi lagti

  101. [email protected] changer

    i think mr.india gaya

  102. [email protected] changer

    daksh aaj k wu pr wo log insta pr ek dusre ko add krne ki baat kr rahe the

  103. [email protected] changer

    actors me siddharth malhotra achcha lagta hai…aur villan me jo angry young man wala role usne kiya us k baad to mai uski fan se AC ban gayi..haha

  104. [email protected] changer

    serials me mujhe..harshita gaur,param,shaheer sheikh achche lagte hai

  105. [email protected] changer

    mr.india yada suit krta hai..wo aise gayab jo hojata hai

  106. [email protected] changer

    waise mujhe na fat actors achche nahi lagte

  107. [email protected] changer

    jaise ishani…sonakshi sinha

  108. [email protected] changer

    u know parsh mujhe ishani rv ka couple bilkul achcha nahi lagta…tumhe pasand hai kya

  109. [email protected] changer

    no wayysss…mujhe real life me bhi jo log apni fitness pr dhyan nahi dete bilkul pasand nahi…even boys

  110. [email protected] changer

    RV aur hritika ka couple perfect tha..

  111. [email protected] changer

    a daksh tera phone 1920 ka hai kya…hahaha…kitna slow hai ye micky mouse

  112. [email protected] changer

    yes parsh mujhe bhi iliyana pasand hai…barfi me kitni achchi lagti hai na wo….did u watch barfi…its just superb movie

  113. [email protected] changer

    no but barfi achchi movie hai..soft.romantic movie hai

  114. [email protected] changer

    imran khan or hashmi????

  115. [email protected] changer

    imran is just disgusting..i dnt like him…

  116. [email protected] changer

    guyzz hum log kuch galat to nahi kr rage yaha chat kr k..i mean agar koi cmmnt padhega to…

  117. Emraan hasmi @ gc cz other is imraan
    N y v boys like him @ shraddha.
    I think grls shud like him cz he do many things which grls wants frm a boy

  118. [email protected] changer

    mujhe kat bhi pasand nahi…she is nt that gud lukin aur acting bhi achchi nahi krti usse achchi actor to kangna ranot hai

  119. [email protected] changer


  120. [email protected] changer

    ughhhh!!!daksh plz better nt to talk about all this plz…ofcourse we r frnds bt there r some limitations…

  121. [email protected] changer

    ughhhh!!!daksh plz better nt to
    talk about all this plz…ofcourse
    we r frnds bt there r some

  122. [email protected] changer

    pr agar baat ek achche insaan ki ho to mujhe lagta hai salman is much better then shahrukh..

  123. [email protected] changer

    and u know wat mujhe wo sare log pasand hai jo zyada se zyada charity krte hai

  124. [email protected] changer

    u know wat larsh uske ghar se hr din more than 20lakh rupees ki charity hoti hai…jis me wo helpless logo ki mada krta hai

  125. [email protected] changer

    bahot rat hogayi…dnt u think ab hame jana chahiye…mr.india to gaya

  126. [email protected] changer

    thursday hai

  127. [email protected] changer

    ok…kal IF pr milte hai

  128. [email protected] changer

    guyz sona nahichai kya aap log ko

  129. [email protected] changer

    to yaha konsa tiger aagaya ..haha

  130. [email protected] changer

    kal if pr mail krdena time

  131. [email protected] changer

    c mujhe to pehle se hi pata tha tum buddhe ho…khud ko lion bool kr proof kr diya…haha

  132. [email protected] changer

    ok…to ab ye comedy night wid daksh gc aurcparsh khatm krte hai…gn sd..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.