Sadda Haq 5th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Trainer says Sanyu take his measurements, I will check Joy till then. Randhir gives him the inch tape. Sanyu measures. Aryan watches them in anger.
Trainer says we will start with basic military exercise. He says will will start jogging and gradually increase the speed. They all jog.
Randhir and Aryan do hang ups in pairs. Next pair is sanaya and sanyu. They do the same.
Next is arjun. Sanyu says arjun do it again I wanna see if we have to come full and half. He does. Sanyu says once more please. He does and his muscle pulls. Sanyu says got it. My limit and yours too. Sanyu and sanaya do the tire jumping exercise. Sanaya says I can’t do it anymore.
Next is randhir and aryan. Arjun comes next. Trainer says we are done for today. If someone is late tomorrow he will

have to do extra exercise.

Joy comes to his room and says sumit give me the pillow. Sumit says I can’t even move my hand. This pillow is heavy. They both fall on beds.
Sanaya offers drink to Kritika.
Joy comes to Becky and hugs her. He kisses her neck. There is an announcement. Becky says I think I should go now.
Aryan comes to sanyu and says Aryan reporting ma’am. Sanyu says I hope they all had energy like you. I announced and no one came. Everyone was hating me after training session? Aryan says with time they will accept the change and you as leader. Sanyu announces all team members are required in super computer room. Sanaya says I am not going. Kritika says same here I can’t even move.
Sanyu comes in the room and says you people are still not ready.Sanaya says I am so tired. Sanyu says we have to. Sanaya says nirman is enough to torture us.
Randhir says I told you sanyu no one will listen to you. I wont even hear you. Sanyu says same here. He says how can I forget the great aryan. He doesn’t have opinion of his own. You can brainwash and use him. Rest of the team is upset with you. sanyu says you reminded me something thanks.

Sanyu comes in room. Sanaya says why are you so stressed? Sanyu says because of you people. Nirman was mad at me? What should I say?That you people are tired? And kritka you said we three should have good bonding. What now? Please lets go. Sanaya and kritika are pretty much convinced.

Sanyu comes joy and aryan’s room and says guys you people are asleep? okay I will say that you people need a day off. I thought you two would come because your fitness level is low and you would cover in other areas. I thought you would get a chance yourself in front of nirman. And arjun I will tell nirman too. You don’t need to prove in other areas. Nirman wont give you major responsibility but okay.
Randhir says what will you say to nirman? When he asks why is team not listening to you. All the team comes. Joy says lets go sanyu tell us what to do. Sanyu says to randhir I won’t need to tell Nirman anything I guess. You can come in too if you are free. Or stay alone.
Everyone is working. Sanyu says guys come here. We have to code this super computer. Lets begin. Sanaya says I am botanist not software engineer. sanyu says we will study. Arjun says we are here for our skill set.sanaya says we will need to be each other’s back up. So we can help each other in crisis. Its though but we are the best aren’t we? Its about learning. We will study and solve. Arjun says okay okay. Tell us what to do. sanyu explains them. They all hear and take their tasks.

Everyone is working in coordination. Nirmanh comes and sees randhir outside. He sees the team. Nirman says I thought you would be inside there team leader is inside with her team and aryan is giving full support to sanyu have a look. And you here. You are predictable.

Precap-Randhir says my coding is almost complete. I will do it tomorrow. Everyone is leaving after him. Sanyu says we have to complete this. Sanaya says will do tomorrow so tired. Nirman says to sanyu what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be working atm with your team? SAnyu says they were all tired after training. Nirman says for you this can be a joke for me this mission is my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ohh gosh..oh sory karina..revati is my lil sis..she is small.she talks too much..sory..she will not come back..

    1. hey dhruv no need of sorry my crazy friend…ur little sis is very sweet…let her come here from time to time…she is a sweet girl…i enjoy reading her comments…it reminds me of my little cousine 😉

  2. Hi revati dear !!! U r so cute☺
    Dhruv used to tell us about u sometimes … Dhruv is like our bro..n u r his lil sis right? So from now, u r our lil sis too !!?

    1. Dhruv bhaiya talked abt me??????
      Wowwwweww….thts so nice bhaiya.u miss me somuchhh naaaa…lvuuu.
      Sheena diii thnx for telling dii u made my day diii..
      Yep dii I m ur lil sister dii..
      I dnt hv real sis bt now so many dii

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        U dnt hve prblm na all:-)
        Cz I dntuse My acc…if it gets hacked then!!!!!
        So bhaiya acc. .I will rit my name..
        Sory abov comment I Mised.:-):-)

      2. Ofcourse revati u can surely use his acc. If u want, u can just specify ur name..that will do..
        I must say, dhruv is very lucky to have a sister like u..u r really very cute!!

  3. ya mujhe bhi aaj ka update nhi dikha cant find it any where…

  4. U all dnt hv prblm bhaiya dnt allow to use my account on this I will use THIS..
    N maybe bhaiya will use another or this..I will ask him n tell..
    N hacking iget frightened of tht name also..:-):-)
    Dii wht u like aryukta or sandhir. ???
    I m sandhirrian:-)

    1. I like sandhir.

    2. Me tooo…a true sandhirian✌

  5. Randhir again got triggered by Nirman’s words and came to work with the team. He snatched the document from Sanaya’s hand and started coding on his own. Sanaya being irritated, went and sat in her place. He continued with his work along with glancing at her time and again.
    Looking at everything going smooth and fine, Randhir tried to mess it up again. He said that he was very tired and will continue the rest of the work tomorrow. The entire team followed his actions and left the lab without completing their jobs.
    Sanyukta was highly disappointed & frustrated with the team’s led back behaviour. She vent out her anger in the restrobar while talking with Aryan. He tried to calm her down but that did not work at all for her. She received a text from Nirman and rushed to meet him.
    She came to meet him alone that fuelled Nirman’s anger more. He scolded her for not being able to lead her team efficiently. She stood there with a low face and disappointed eyes, getting scolded for her team’s failure. Nirman shouted on her and warned to screw everybody if his mission was unsuccessful because of them.
    Nirman picked up a prototype and threw it on the floor in anger. Mrs Subramaniam asked him to replace the team if he is so disappointed with them. Nirman sat down, picked up the broken prototype and began to fix it. While placing each part, he began to list down the pros and cons of his team. He started with Randhir.
    “His mind is like a teenager. Impulsive. But he knows what he wants. When everybody is busy fighting with a problem, he comes with a solution always. He is a GENIUS”
    I agree with him completely. Yes! He is impulsive. But absolutely no one can match his genius mind. Also, I would like to add that he is blessed with an innocent heart too. Though torn and ruined, it still beats for someone. Someday, I wish that his heart overtakes his mind, his love overpowers his hatred completely. I will wait for that day forever!
    Moving on with Joy, Kritika, Aryan, Sanaya and Sumit, He came to Sanyukta.
    “Sanyukta is a race horse. I am her rider. The more I’ll scold her, the more she’ll run fast. She knows how to manipulate too. Like she manipulated my ego of defeating her.”
    I know she’ll fall back several times but will stand up the very next time. Giving up is not her thing at all. Also, her heart is as pure as love. She never misses a chance to help others even though it might lead her into trouble!
    Sanyukta invited the team to gather in the seminar room. She played the slides and began her presentation. She showed them the history of a lady who was from a very small place but her dreams were big. She had the power to fulfil them and was successful in doing so. None other than Kalpana Chawla. She deliberately quoted wrong lines only to trigger Kritika to correct her. Hence making her realise the importance.
    “The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it. Wishing you a great journey.”
    Next she showed them the journey of Sunita Williams and many more to trigger the zeal and enthusiasm. The perfection with which Sanyukta made her team realise that inspiration comes from within. You don’t need anyone to inspire you, just find it within yourself and get on with it. Harshita Gaur nailed the entire sequence brilliantly.
    If you have the determination to work, If you have the guts to dream, if you have the strength to make a name, if you wish to be independent, Go ahead with no barriers and limits. Push yourself beyond and achieve it.
    In the end, She said that everybody can inspire and work accordingly.
    “Joy, Aryan, Kritika, Arjun, Sumit, Sanaya and OF COURSE RANDHIR.”
    Hearing his name from her mouth, a not so interested Randhir skipped a beat. He was busy doing his own work during the presentation but looked up to her on being called.
    Watching her leading the team efficiently, Nirman could not stop himself from appreciating her.
    “Well Done Sanyukta!”
    Nirman announced that there is a bomb in ISRC and commanded everybody to leave except the team members. They were supposed to find the bomb and diffuse it only in 60 seconds. Everybody rushed and started searching for it. Finally Sumit found it in the lab.
    With the wings in her heart
    And hold on her mind
    Sanyukta proving it yet again,
    How to blossom and shine ?
    By -Asra Zubair
    I Posted it from Facebook

  6. tysm for the update princess vry well writtn dear..!!!

    1. Not written by me mehak dear I copy it from Facebook. It is written by asra

  7. i love sandhir…!!!<3

  8. Hii I am dhruv..thnx rosey for update..
    Guys reva will cmnt frm my dnt misunderstand:-)

  9. Sorry to hear about ur frnd dhruv..i know its really difficult to face the situation when u loose ur best frnd…i know coz i’ve been through it once..but i had to stay strong coz no one expects me to be weak, in any situation..i say whatever is in my heart only here, in this site..
    I’m really very sry about what happened …

  10. oh sry i dint read it till d end…

  11. sry sry sry princess…!!!

  12. um i dont no whether i shud speak on dis ya nhi firstly i was’nt getting ur trouble Dhruv lekin sheena ka commnt padne ke baad i realized wat xactly u r goin thru lekin i dont no aap dono mei se whos fault it is ….. whom so evr it may be agar vo apni mistake ko realize karta hai and comes bck thn that is the mark of a bst friend lekin agar esa nhi hota hai toh may b u deserve some one mre bettr (dis is not to make u feel depressed) kyunki bst frnd is lyk a soul mate who nos wat xactly the othr is facing or u can say goin thru….. jo bhi hai dont get disspointd take it sportively watevr happns happns for a reason ,,,here dere are so mny who care abt u and love u….!!!! dere is a saying ” Qadar karna seekhein na zindagi baar baar ati hai na log” ye personally aapke liye nhi hai for anybody it can be….
    arey yaar dont no whethr to speak bolke itna sara boldiya i m really sory agar bura laga ho toh finally be +ve, happy and stay blessed….!!!!!! arey i dont no wats ur age lekin mei 17 ki hun toh aap badme bol dena if u r elder to me i m sry i cant bless u 😛 thnyu for reading wid patience hopefully… lotzz of luvvv!!!!!!

    1. Mehek dear, thats not what i meant…dhruv told that he lost his frnd in an i was just sharing that i also went through the same situation..

      Ok dhruv, now lets not talk about it..jitna vo topic samne aata hai, utni memories aati h n utna hi pain hota hai..but i wld like to say just one last thing, that apne uss frnd ka hamesha hasta hua face hi yaad rkhna..

      bye gud night everyne

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