Sadda Haq 5th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 5th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Sanyukta Compeling Vardhan for backing her up for the interview as she is equally eligible as the men and convincing him to atleast be there to make sure that deserving students get selected, and not rejected on the basis of being a girl or, finally she cries her heart out how she always dreamt of always working with Aggarwal automobiles.

~Next scene~
Sanyukta finally informs Vardhan to be atleast there for motivating us(Dream team). She storms out of his office, encountered by parth who consoles her.

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Kaustuki and jiggy are sitting in class when jiggy flaunts, while sanyukta tells parth that she doesn’t think Vardhan sir will not come. He is adamant, meanwhile Vardhan is shown bandaging his hand and moving towards class. As Sanyukta

finally gives up her wait for Vardhan sir, and gets up to leave the lecture hall, Vardhan sir enters and shouts at everyone to sit down as this is not a fish market.
Sanyukta whispers to parth that Vardhan sir has only come for class and as it is not back to dream team. While this Vardhan draws an engine on the board and calls up sanyukta to draw an engine for it. She draws it incorrect and he scolds her if that is what He had taught them, while Sanyukta answers back that how does it even matter when you don’t care for us anymore.

~Next scene~
Parth and Sanyukta head towards Dean’s office and overhear dean’s conversation with Renuka sanyal, wherein she tells that she cannot trust PKC with her money, she only assuredly wants vardhan to be the mentor.
Dean tries to convince, but all in vain as renuka informs him that there will be no dream team in absence of vardhan
Sanyukta figures out its renuka sanyal who is on the phone and sponsrer for the dream team, she thinks this could be the only way out that they could bring vardhan sir back. She calls renuka sanyal for convincing her to maintain pressure on dean to bring back vardhan sir but she asks her to send their captain for this. Sanyukta is dishearted as she informs parth about the same, parth says she should request randhir. While randhir overhears them and parth tells him to talk to sponsers and sanyukta says that he wont talk to them as he has big ego, where as randhir says that he can do anything for dream team. Sanyukta tells him that go and talk to renuka sanyal then

~Next scene~
Randhir is recalling what sanyukta said and is tensed but parth comes and consoles him that he should share it. But randhir warns him that its said once and next time he should not bring this topic again.

~Next scene~
Sanyukta informs the class that they should get randhir to talk to sponsers as they could bring back Vardhan sir. Finally Sanyukta tells jiggy to call and ask randhir to come over to canteen. While she informs all that she would trick randhir with the voice changer app and trick him to talk to sponsers.
Randhir answers the phone…*end*

Sandhir fight…sanyukta scolds randhir that this is the same way he talks to his mother, while randhir says go and talk to my mother renuka…*shoutss*
Randhir approaches renuka in her office and renuka asks him to call her mum as she would never let the funding to his college dicrease.
Randhir taunts her that now even the word mother will be sold.

Update Credit to: Gunseerat

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  1. Plz… update in detail fast

  2. Plz put up d detailed update fast… so randheer ..may it in any mood… u hv started confining n sharing wid sanyu?luv u guys… n d precap too

  3. D show iz goin quite interestin

  4. Aysha ashura

    Plz guyz v want the update in details! Evn yestrday v din get it in details. its a reqst frm the fans of SHQ to the updaters! Plzzzz! Nishi wer r u?wat hapnd ? V like ur updat’s dea ! Plz update ASAP:-(

  5. Aysha ashura

    Yup the shw z get’ng vry intrstng ! Randir teling sanyu dat renuka z his mom! Waaaw dono hw sanyu z go’ng to react to dis 🙂 jst luv’ng it!

    1. Ya aysha dats wht z makin d trk so intrstin. First jealosy, den teamin up wid each other, and den sharin thoughts

  6. itss going interestinggggg… u sandhir and parth so muchhhhhh…..

  7. Super show… Gng realy wel…<3 u randir n sanyu .

  8. Tnx 4 updatng

  9. waah………. very intrstng………… i’m

  10. ah….nice.I’m waitning for Randhir And Parth’s fight over Sayunkta!!!

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