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Scene 1
Yoyo says i dont know what will he make us do. Vid says sanyu why did you do this? sanyu says we have survived his torture before we will do it now as well. Sahil says what if he makes us lose? sanyu says he wont ever do that. peon comes in and asks them to go out.
Randhir tells sanyu about sunil ranawat, he says he was a genius. SAnyu says they must be brothers. Sanyu says there was a student sunil ranawat in FITE some years ago. randhir says we have to solve this puzzle. Two guys come and say because of them we have to face the torture of ranawat.
Randhir says get lost from here, they run. Randhir says better they ran away. ranawat comes and says you consider yourself a thug? they were feared of you so they ran away. He was saying truth because of you they are all stuck. sanyu

says but.. ranawat says i am not done. You cut me off everytime. The guy who ran is scared from me, i gave them an equation and they had to solve it in 5 minutes. If they dont they will fail. sanyu says dont do this sir. He says i could reduce it to 2 minutes. Because of you they are stuck. randhir says whi is this sunil ranawt sir? He says mind your own business. sanyu says why did you ask him that? randhir says he should know he is not the only one we know his weakness too.

Parth comes to vidushi and says you can’t take care of yourself this is why i do. He fixes the machine and says it would blast. he leaves.

Raghini stops randhir, she shows him the passport. randhir says you will get your tickets soon, she says then you will send me and i will never know what you have been concealing me. how can you hide something? you have to tell me. randhir says in heart i think i should tell her. He says yes i want to tell you something, she says tell me whats it? she says is it about karan? is he okay? randhir says yes he is okay and he keeps asking doctor to discahrge. now go and pack your stuff.

Sanyu asks anju why have’t you sllept? she says i couldn’t sleep without you. sanyu says sleep now. anju says were you working with randhir? is he coming home? is he ready to take your responsibility? Sanyu says yes sleep now please. they all get calls on their phones. Ranawat calls and says you waste time sleeping, get up and come to college i am wating in lab.

Randhir says why have you called us here at this hour? Ranawat says at least know what you have to do? Sahil says is it about car? Ranawat says there was a blast in this lab because of you all. Vidusi says it was sanyu’s fault. Ranawat says keep quite. He says i am being asked if i will help in making this car or not? before being optimistic you should realize what you are. there is a lot of mess in this room, you have to clean it. you have time till morning, sanyu says i thought.. He throws the bottle and the glass cuts sanyu’s hand. randhir says what is it? we get mad too. ranawat says keep your anger to yourself, if you lose the task my words will make you more angry. he leaves sanyu dresses her cut. he says this is the reward he gave you? We shall show him. sanyu says where are you all going? yoyo says we have to answeer him. sanyu says nothing happend. Randhir says he has hit you today.

sanyu sasy lets start cleaning it. yoyo says no girls should do it. sanyu and vidushi start cleaning. Vidushi says we have to do this because of her. sanyu mops. Sanyu says sahil should i help you? He says no you have done much a lot. randhir is asleep. sanyu says randhir i asked you for a favor? you had to meet maa. he says yea but why she wanna meet me? She wants to beat me? sanyu says its important. He says tell me what is it? he says i will think about it. sanyu says please. She says please sometime let the ego sit aside.

Precap- sanyu is in tears and she tells radhir about her mom.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oh yeah I got it. n wow LJ!ur memory power s vry sharp!

  2. OK now I think u both must b remembering each other n ha meet u all aft 7:00 now going to watch sh tc guys luv u ummah

  3. Sometimes it works dr very fast by Allah’s grace

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  9. It was awesome last mai misunderstanding happened between sandhir just bcoz she saw ragini with rd but parth handled sanyu lyk a true friend when she was madly searching for rd in whole clg to say about her moms health but ye misunderstanding ahhhhh matlab parth ke sare kiye karaye par pani fir gaya now rd will face her anger

  10. Par ye rd he is a big wala idiot kabhi bhi sanyu ko understand nahi kar sakta kya always behind ragini n aaj tho Dr thruv ko bhi sanyu ki carelessness about her mom ke upar gussa aagya bcoz sanyu was not home when her mom fainted n ha she could have died if thruv didn’t reach at d perfect time

  11. Par precap mast hai I mean 1st time ranawat is concerned for sanyu really lovely precap

  12. U went jaan ahhh no no no u r facing net problem haina swthrt

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