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Scene 1
Harsh says why should i help you. Randhir says because i want to seek revenge from her. Harsh says i am not going to help you. Randhir says please ask them to bring your food plate. Harsh says go do what you want. Randhir asks the policeman to bring the plate. Behind that plate its written renuka’s old godown.

Randhir goes there. He reummages everywhere. Rehan comes there and says no clue to be found? Randhir says where is the next clue. Rehan says here is it. The car key, bypass road. She is there is the car. Randhir takes the key and rushes, but some thugs stop him on the door way. Randhir says let me go only half hour is left. rehan says it should be my way, you just have to fight with these thugs for three minutes. Even after that you will have 27 minutes left. Randhir

starts fighting with the thugs.

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A teacher comes to ishika and says what are you doing? Vidushi laughs at her. The teacher says look at your back. Parth says this is wrong vidushi. vidushi says this is girls’s war. ishika looks at her back its written i am boyfriend stealer.

PKC says sir give me one chance. Kabir says we got one chance to catch that dealer and you lost that pistol. PKC says i can rectify it. Kabir says how will you. He shows him a video of cctv when he was showing actions with the gun. Rana comes in and says give me one chance as well. i would have solved it if your had given it to me. Kabir says the footage is missing as well. take responsibility and find it. Rana says this is my work and if someone interferes i wont like it. kabir says that wont happen again but i need that gun before something wrong happens.

Rana goes and points the gun at yoyo. yoyo says what are you doing? rana says double checking you. rana says there is some problem with it, the barrels are damaged. i should throw it away before someone gets it. yoyo says give to me, i will rectify it. Rana says you work hard thats what i like. take is and start working on it.

The thugs are hitting randhir. His mouth bleeds. sanyu is faint as well. Randhir tries to get up after three minutes but he can’t. He recalls his moments with sanyu and gets up. Randhir finds the car and looks is, sanyu is fainted. He hits the widow with his bleeding. SAnyu gets up, and sees him in tears. Randir’s blood is all over the window.
They try to hold each others hand. randhir sits there and faints partially. sanyu says go away from here randhir. He takes a rod and hits the window, he takes sanyu out. Randhir hides with sanyu behind some stuff. rehan calls randhir and says you are too innocent, i said there is bomb and your agreed, i turned off that bomb, but i know your weakness now, btw say my thanks to sanyyu. randhir throws the phone away. sanyu opens her eyes and sees randhir dressing his wounds. He says don’t worry i am alive. sanyu comes and sits with him. she dresses his wounds. randhir stares at her in anger. its pains him. sanyu says thank you, i thought you hate me so much that you wont come. He says i still hate you, i saved you because i want to seek revenge from you, i am not done with you yet. you failed my plan now i will make sure you fail in everything and until you do that i will make sure nothing happens to you.

sanyu comes back to office. ankit says i told you she must be with him. agarwal asks where were you? why was your phone off? We were so worried and looks at yourself. sanyu says i went for movie with some friends, ankit says when did you find him? sanyu says some thugs were teasing me outside theater. randhir saved me. agarwal says do you think life is a joke? at least think about your mom, you could have texted her. agarwal asks ankit to call gupta and apologize. Agarwal says go to floor now.

SAnyu calls maa at night, she says i am fine maa, i went to watch movie, vidushi says movie? SAnyu says i am fine and randhir is fine as well. vidushi says what are you saying? Sanyu says i wana sleep. its sunday tomorrow.

Scene 2
Next morning, the chief calls vardhan and says will you keep leaking files one by one in situations like these? Vardhan says don’t worry that wont happen. he hangs up. Vardhan says i should take help from my students, they will learn and my mission will be safe as well.

yoyo gives money to rana. yoyo says three more colleges are under us now. He tells abou free samples. Rana says the main focus is our college. come with me, yoyo says i have to go to lab. Rana says come with me. rana gives yoyo a bike and says its a small gift for you enjoy. yoyo says thank you so much sir jee. he hugs rana. rana leaves.

Sanyu is still sleeping and so i randhir. vardhan announces i thought to make your sunday more interesting, come to open area in three minutes. parth says is he calling us for yoga. vidushi says i am going. Sanyu says i am coming as well. someone calls vidushi and says i have part time job for you. i will give you parts and you will assmeble them for 20k. vidushi says who are you? He says yes tell me if you want to do this. vidushi says yes. parth comes, parth says you wanna tell me something> she says lets go to vardhan first. then i will tell you.

vardhan says your final year will be completed. the best students will have to complete 4 tasks and the best one will win the trophy. Vardhan says i am surprised none of you asked what are the tasks. Vardhan says you have to take blocks from one point another. Vidushi says why is he asking us to move like labors. vardhan says this is called mystery not labor. kabir says in heart no matter how hard you try i will get those files. Vardhan says are you guys ready? they say yes. Vardhan says take your positions then.

Ishika comes to sanyu’s room and leaves a pipe of water there. Water is all over in the room. she tursn on the hairs dryer and leaves in in the water.

Sanyu falls while pulling the cement slab. randhir says you fall under it. none of them can move it. randhir tries ball bearing. sanyu recalls when her mom used to use oil to lubricate her hands. she brings oil and places in on the ground. randhir says you can’t move yourself how will you move it. randhir and sanyu complete the task almost together. vardhan says its sanyu who crossed it first so she is the winnder sanyu says yes yes.

Precapp-vidushi says tasks in the day and fire grill at night. Parth says lets play truth and dare. ishika asks sanyu whom do you love the most? sanyu says the one i loved gave me strength. I helped me every time, its engineering. Randhir chooses dare, ishika says kiss the person you love. He is about to kiss ishika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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