Sadda Haq 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
PKC comes and says what party? Sanyu says no party sir Randhir says you must have misunderstood we were talking about syllabus. PKC says oh I heard wrong yeah carry on. SAnyu says we should gather in store room.

Scene 2
SAnyu comes to store room. All of the guys are there. sanyu says where we have to go? Sahil says disco. parth says go somewhere where we can sit and talk. Yoyo says lets party in our hostel. SAhil syas what if the warden sees us. He says we will place a message on his dinner table that will be from the girls hostel warden. He will faint to know that he is liked by female warden. jiggy says what about warden? vidushi says if we order in bulk guard will know. Randhir says we can order one pizze each. That will be delivered in each of us room. sanyu says music?

Jiggy says yes obviously. parth says I will arrange. Yoyo says I will arrange the main factor. PKC walks in the store room they all hide. PKC syas they were talking about the party here. SAnyu stares in randhir’s eyes. yoyo says randhir he is gone lets start the party.

Parth and everyone gets ready. Yoyo has arranged the drinks. Randhir says where is sanyy? She should get ready on time I her own -party at least. Sanyu comes in wearing a green dress. Randhir smiles at her. He says you look beautiful. sanyu says sorry I am late I wanted to look best. He says mission accomplished. parth goes to close the door when vidushi comes in. She says I thought I should join the party. She is wearing a black dress. sanyu says I thought my effort to get you here was in vain. Thank God you are here. Sanyu says this party is to everyone all my friends who has helped me and supported me. I need you and love you all. She says randhir I love you. He says I love you too. yoyo says you made me emotional I miss my kaustiki. He is wearing a shirth that says miss you kaustuki. Sanyu pops the bottle and they all enjoy their drinks. SAnyu says to randhir drink it. He says will you? She says I wanna be in my senses so I can remember these moments forever. Randhir syas I wont drink either. Yoyo comes and says party host and her bf without drinks. this is wrong. You both have to drink. He makes them drink. Sanyu says yoyo is mad. They all enjoy the music. Parth and vidushi ae sitting on a side. rest of all are dancing on the beats.

They all are dancing. Randhir is teaching a girl. She say what are you saying? He says ou girls cant do engineering. sanyu says what were you doing? he says I was just talking to her. He says I don’t know her. sanyu says am I invisible? He says you are jealous. Randhir says she is junior but she is fun. SAnyu says just wat and watch. yoyo turns on the music. sanyu starts dancing. Randhir joins her. They both do salsa dance. The are dancing on ‘ishaqzaade’.

Vidushi goes out and talks on call to varun. parth comes and grasps her. He says vidushi. Vidushi says leave me parth what are you doing? he falls down and faints. Everyone comes out. Randhir holds parth. PKC comes there. Vidsuhi says I told you its a bad idea. sanyu says really sorry sir. Yoyo goes to pkc and says I am sory. PKC syas dean. yoyo says she will kill us please. pkc says I wanna be dean. yoyo says he is walking In sleep. They all go near him but he doesn’t move. Y^oyo takes him back to his room. randhir and jiggy take parth to his room.

All the guys have slept in the room. sanyu asys what are you roommates? They have all slept. sanyu says come I will clean this room. come vidushi and randhir help me. randhir is half asleep as well. randhir says it was your plan. Randhir, sanyu and vidushi clean the room. Sanyu says now you will clean this all. Vidushi goes near parth. He holds her hand and says vidushi please don’t leave me. Vidushi says my choice is nothing right? I am not a puppet. he pukes on vidushi. Randhir holds sanyu and says I had fun. we should have parties on and on. sanyu says I have to go now. Randhir says why did you drink? Sanyu says you gave me drinking challenge 4 years ago? He says you puked on my shoes. sanyu says I miss kaustuki. He says she is intelligent she left engineering. Randhir is about to trip sahnyu holds her. he syas I am fine. sanyu says yeah you are not drunk. walk on this bench straight? He walks on the bench and falls down. Sanyu laughs. She says I am absolutely fine. he says your turn now. SAnyu falls but randhir holds her in his arm. sanyu says I lose he says then I lose too.

PRecap-maya says companies will come to rcruit you for internships for that you need your certificates of 10th and 12th grade. sanyu says we need to go our home. randhir says I don’t wanna see renuka’s face. sanyu says we will break in our house.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shweta

    Hey guyz ab kyy ke w/u par itne comments hote hain aur humare shq par mushkil se 100 bhi nahi cross hota
    kuch logon ke kaaran hum ab apne fav show ko bhool rahe hai

  2. steffie

    Haa Shweta mene bhi notice kiya. Bt kya kare. Hum agar comments krte h toh fir kuch log aa jate h 2 spoil r fun

  3. Alina

    Wow!! A completely new track now…….
    Ab maza aayega dekhne me.
    Epi was lovely <3 <3
    Precap bhi bht interesting!!!!!!! Waiting 4 monday

  4. roshinicool

    PKC ws so interesting today…
    Finally Maya bck..
    Hoping to get some Varya scenes soon now….

  5. Clg n vardhan ke tasks ko dikha kar bahot din hogaye the isiliye. Dream team ko ek saath dekhna hamari wish thi jo ab puri hogayi except vardhan n maya 🙁 .

  6. kuhu

    guys I m kaisi yeh yariya’s commenter. jst see our comments (tellyupdates 5 december) we r beating u guys. we r usually now doing more than 100.

  7. Alina

    Oh god dis is disgusting @kuhu
    Means u people don’t come here 2 read d updates bt 2 spy on us ( abt d no. of comm v hve made)
    Abhi yeh kya koi competition h – who will hve more no. of comm????

  8. Daksh

    Hey guys hw many of u agree wid me in commntin n chtin here to make more n more commnts evry day …..tell me

  9. SHfan i am there on SH WU not on SH TU. Sorry just came to give message to my friend. Now Mr @ happy honge. Just read kuhu’s message.

  10. steffie

    Shraddha if u r reading dis comm den plz b back
    By doing such things u r giving imp 2 @ wich he doesn’t deserve.
    So plzzzzzz b back 🙂

  11. Daksh

    Shraddha promised Mr.@ dat c won’t come here to cht agian ..
    I don’t knw who is he …..n y shraddha takin him serious

  12. Pooja


    sorry for wateva im gonna say to this amishs,
    hey mr/mrs/transgender shut the f**k up assholw. b*t*h go die in hellhole

  13. RS

    Guys hm yha comments toh kr hi skte hai na…. Lakin han comments ko chat m convert kiya Bina… hmari Shraddha bahut achi hai vo kisi ko diya hua promise nhi thodti… aur na hi use j jhagde psand means abusive language ka use hona..

  14. RS

    Isi liye vo j chat krna avoid kr rhi hai..
    Well done Shraddha.. I m very happy k meri itni loyal frnd hai.

  15. SHfan

    i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq i love sadda haq

  16. steffie

    Alina muje laga ques bht hard honge bt easy the fir bhi mene bhi ek wrong ans Diya ( no. Of epi wala). Silly mistake krna toh meri speciality h 😉
    @ sandhirholic – wat happened recently????

  17. Alina

    @ steffie tumhare liye hi easy questions diye the 😉
    @ Daksh u r right hum bhi comm krnge. N mene abhi just unke (KYY) comm padhe ( I know its wrong) jisme unhone Hume open challenge Diya h – who will complt 100 comm?

  18. steffie

    Guys I noticed something yesterday dat Rd told sanyu dat kaustoki made d right decision of leaving engg. Does dis mean dat she wont b back 4evr????

  19. Alina

    M der
    Woh actually me busy thi harshita ko vote krne k liye (lol mere ek haath me mere bhai ka mobile h jise me vote kr rhi hu aur dusare haath me mera phone h jis se me comm kr rhi hu )

  20. Alina

    2 ur ques steffie cvs ne puri story batayi hi nhi. Ki kab kausto ne colg n engg chod di. Bas itna pta h ki uski mom terminall

  21. Yeah but she WILL b back……
    Arrey Krip aur Homring dono ki shaadi hain re….woh hote hi dono back with a bang!
    Guyz i have one important thing 2 tell u ppl-
    Guyz, if u remember, past few mnths i hv been mentioning in my cmmnts tht i m in hospital. At first i thought i wont tell u ppl but i hv this habit of sharing every small thing with u ppl……
    Guyz, For the past months, i have been having leukamia….i have not been commenting so regularly just coz of tht….n i just wanted 2 share this with u ppl…..
    N i m hibernating(inactive) for a few weeks frm now
    Remember me

  22. RS

    Arry maine b quiz khela tha… sbi question k Shi answer diya maine.
    Aur m 7 crore jit gyi…
    So m Apni thanku speech m thanks khna cahti hon Alina ko, Shq show ko, aur V channel ko b sath hi us site ko b jinho ne j quiz ko shuru kiya.
    At last Apni intelligence ko bi.. itne difficult question ka answer diya maine. 😀

  23. Alina

    Noopur muje lga ki tum 25 Nov k results ko leke busy hogi
    Bt yeh nhi pata tha
    Plz take care n get well soon

  24. Aisha

    What was parth doing with vidushi did u understood rs di ?? I think he was trying to kiss her but suddenly gir gaya …

  25. RS

    Arry han j toh m bhul gyi thi…
    Shq vale kisi k emotion show krne ko drink ka Sahara lete hai… spreading wrong msg.

  26. [email protected] changer

    114 cmnts!!!!….

  27. steffie

    Shraddha sirf ek hi vote de sakte h
    Maine abhi try kiya toh messg aaya ki – for fair results we accept only one vote per user

  28. steffie

    Initially multiple voting allow kr rhe the toh mene bhi bht saare votes kiye. Bt abhi sirf single vote hi count kr rhe h shayad

  29. @

    Hey! glad that you still kept your promise you people worth it..i was just to trouble you guys many ditched me back and used slangs i dont care for that..but yes now you talk about the show and also chat which is more guys are so good keep the bond strong.guys remember dont care to cross the targets of commenting.its of no use sharing each others feeling is v.good hope you guys stop hating me 🙂

  30. I.m nt interestd in ur commnts bt I really do care of my frnds ..
    I luv thm so much & I m nt gonna stop commntin here rather Admin of site himself come to make me do so …

  31. @

    Mr/miss daksh
    Target:the one who challenged to commenters of SH
    I never did stop you from commenting
    I tried to stop the chats which not only me many dint like it.and i think i was not wrong in see people are talking about the show more and kept the convos going aswell which is much better

  32. Yes….i cn see dat hw many commnts SH TU get per day as comparison to the past of here…..4 ur kind info I m Mr.
    N if u want ppl shud b formal here thn go to KYY TU & make understand its fan who commnts der widout any kind of care n limit .

  33. kuhu

    oooo so sad . so less comments. ur day will not b gud. jst see kyy comments. well i have increased ur 2 comments. u must be thankful. poor saddahaq…..

  34. Yes i will keep my promise Mr @. Bus kal us kuhu ki comment padhke gusse me kah diya ki promise tod dungi sandhir ke liye. Koi baat nahi main SH WU pe serial padhungi, agar TU pe aayi to comment karne pe control karna muje mushkil hota he.

  35. My last comment for miss kuhu, aapka parth har gaya he fir bhi itana confidence. Iss bar bhi harshita jitegi, jese hamara param jita tha. So don’t mess with them.

  36. Kuhu (assam grl bengali tongue, dont evn knw whr to cast vote as c told her frnds to go @ 5th dec TU of SH commnts to knw abt it . ……..N 1 more thing she is arijit’s X..:-P)…y don’t u increase ur 6th dec commnts first …thn If i hv time we’ll talk ..
    Got it ..

  37. Kajal

    Dear friends i must tell you that your poor saada haq is very behind in the hottest chemistry, then what if they won single but there is nothing in between two of them. So sad….

  38. Tx for telling us ur POV ….bt is any1 asked ??
    We r happy here bt it seems u n ur frnds r nt so happy der @ KYY TU dat’s y u come here n keep peeping @ our commnts & Sumtimes do commnts too like nw …
    And i.mst say whn it comes to women rights n some moral info ur KYY legs behind …
    What shud I call it KYY or a try to make BOF 🙂

  39. Oh..really ??
    So here u go AN
    Many many happy returns of d day .
    Hv a grt b’day evr ..i wish u a pleasant n successful future.
    Keep smiling 😉

  40. Kajal

    So daksh then according to you saada haq is of women’s right then i must tell you girls should not make bf instead of studing

  41. For your information sandhir is not hot couple, they are not shameless like your manik and nandini. They know there limits. They are rank 1 and rank 2 of college.

  42. Kajal

    Sandhir i think you have done some mistakes in typing, actually hell is this one and heaven is kyy. And that’s why we have to come to your hell sometimes to clean it up .

  43. I think ur English is soo bad dat it’s vry hard to understand to any1 😛
    Plz go …get lost frm hell ..
    U r an angel who deserves heaven so go der honey ..:-)

  44. Mr. @
    As u cn c an argument is also going on here beside shw talk go @ KYY n try to make thm understand in ur well manners .
    & ppl(including u), u were talking abt who don’t like our chat here 4 thm question is —
    Did you come here to read our chat or to WU of show???

  45. RS

    Hii AN
    Wish u very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR. 🙂
    Me RS new hon… but I know u tbhi wish kiya.
    Hv a nice day.

  46. M kyu aau waha ??
    w8 kro koi on9 ayega ..i find it much better thn IF ..:-)
    I knw I can’t snd testimonial here bt I couldn’t snd evn a single 1 to any ..

  47. Hey Mr parsh as u r going from here, can i take this parsh name. Because muje sandhir se jyada parsh pasand he. Main sirf unkeliye show dekhata hun.

  48. RS

    What do u mean by “koi online ayega”?
    Next time same answer expect krna mujse…. ok
    Aur han jha jhagda krne ka time hai.. tumare pas?

  49. Ussne kaha he vo nahi aayega and usne kaha tha vo SH WU par jayega. maine uski SH WU par bhi comment dekhi he. So main SH TU par ye name le sakta hun 🙂

  50. [email protected] changer

    @an just go to diz link

  51. [email protected] changer

    an kaha thi itne din se…i missed u so much dear…lagta hai tum to mujhe bhool gayi..:-(

  52. Hi frnds!!
    Ye weekend aate hi sab ko kya hojaata hai?? Sab hyper kyun hojaate?? N u KYY fans plz aap sab se rqst hai ke aap yeh atmsphr spoil mat kijiye.. Sry show se hat kar baat ki hai 🙁

  53. Hey friends hum apna vote swayam aur sharon ko dete he atlest KYY to harega, we know that sandhir hot couple nahi he. So plzz give your vote to sharon and swayam as they are leading in votes.

  54. Hi AN simple n sweent HAPPY B’DAY dear. Mujhe lamba chouda wish karne nahi aata :(. Wise toh aaj ka epi bahut funny rahega, i guess

  55. Guys kastuki kiske saath achhi lagti hai jiggy yaa yoyo? I guess yoyo 🙂 Maine toh unhe nahi dekha but yoyo name se hi funny hai aur wahi use bahut miss karra

  56. RS

    guys a grt news!!!!! no need 2 vote 4 harshita because she already won d competition. n now d vote dt u have seen is not valid.

  57. RS

    Arry muje copy krne vale muje itni English nhi aati….. kisi aur ka naam use kre leta…
    Ab Kitna aur niche giroge apne favourite ko jitane k liye… kyy

  58. Alina

    Lol yeh KYY k fans kitne darpok nikle 😀 😀
    Apna time waste mat karo KYY fans v all know dat harshi is d best

  59. RS

    Sandhir there is a good news for u..
    Shraddha n kha hai k u can use her username means Parsh.
    Now I will call u Parsh.

  60. Hmmm
    Yeah im back…..bore ho ri hoon hospital mein pade pade…..
    Plz dont use parsh username na….u cn use parshita if u want….waapas aa gyi toh confusion!
    I wont eva b able 2 celebrate my bay again as i got time only till jan 2015. ……
    So thts why the’last bday’thing
    Achu, whr r u?
    KYY fans plz stay away…m quite possesive abt MY dream team!

  61. shweta

    hey Noopur wht do you mean by
    I wont b able 2 celebrate my bay again as i got time only till jan 2015

  62. Guyz i told u ppl na i hv leukaemia,
    So i also get an expiry date free with it. In my case, i have got time till jan 2015-to live.
    And wht comments i am doing, i am dictating to piyu di and she is typing these….coz i get tired in smallest things……
    N my bday comes in april.
    Jan comes b4 april.

  63. [email protected] changer

    nupoor i didnt get…wat r u saying dear…last birthday…will u plz explain wat du u want to say..
    m waiting for ur rply..rply asap…

  64. [email protected] changer

    nupoor i didnt get…wat r u saying dear…last birthday and all..will u plz explain wat du u want to say..
    m waiting for ur rply..rply asap…

  65. [email protected] changer

    nupoor what r u saying yar…:'(
    i know u must be kidding na…
    if so yar aisa mat kaho plz…
    it hurts…..

  66. [email protected] changer

    nupoor kaho na yar u r just kidding…..plz nupoor it nt true na..:-(:-(

  67. [email protected] changer

    nupoor isse pehle k tumhara ye joke mujhe rula de…aa kr keh do ye joke hi tha….

  68. What the hell @ ! Ek to ham sab yahaan itne tensed hain aur tumko hate or love ki padi hai …. Can’t u see whats happening here !!!

  69. [email protected] changer

    are yar nupoor tera joke meri jaan le kr rahega….ab aa na yar..aur bol ye joke hai

  70. [email protected] changer

    .nupoooooooor…..ab aayegi ya nahi yar…i cant wait for a second…

  71. [email protected] changer

    yar seriously how can play such a prank????…..:-(:-(:-(:-(

  72. [email protected] changer

    nupoor ans me

  73. RS

    Kya NOOPUR…
    Agr toh j prank hai… pehle toh m khush hongi k tu theek hai… but jo bad m Teri band bje gi sb s… Dekh le Abi b time hai…

  74. [email protected] changer

    oh god it seems this girl has decided to make me cry…nupoor plz aa na yar..:'(:'(

  75. [email protected] changer

    nupooor.(shouting)…ab mai tujh se kabhi baat nahi krne wali….tu aise mazak q krti hai…

  76. [email protected] changer

    oh so Piyu u were typing nupoors cmnt…piyu if nupoor is nt there alteast u ans me….watevr she said it was just a prank na….

  77. [email protected] changer

    @piyali plz yar batao na….

  78. RS

    Arry muje lgta hai 500 comments hone p ayegi…. mtlb Kal evening m
    Jaise VARDHAN Apni team s task complete kr vane k liye kuch b krta hai… NOOPUR b same vaise hi kr rhi hai… hai na
    I wish k aisa hi ho…

  79. [email protected] changer

    stilll no rply..:-(

  80. saddahaqrox

    toh sun lo ko bhi sunna chahte they- im joking….but yeh fake tassalli se kuch ni hoga…my family n frndz hv accepted it n now its ur turn guyz….
    jinko bhi hurt hua-im sorry. lekin it was better to tel u the truth na…..
    ps- im really sorry but yehi sach hain guyz. i m sorry

  81. saddahaqrox

    BHAI im so sowwie lekin yeh main hi hoon….apko pata hain i cant stay away frm TU fr long.
    sowwie 2 hurt u
    guyz ab aap log rulaaogey kya??!!

  82. [email protected] changer

    ok ye nupoor ka cmnt hai to nupoor ans my one question only then i will accept its ur comment…
    jab bhi sanyu girti thi aur rd usko catch krta tha us time tumhari didi aur tum ek sentence use krte the wat was that sentence?????

  83. [email protected] changer

    got it ye to nupoor ka hi cmnt hai…
    nupoor kya bol rahi ho yar..
    ye sab tumhe in doctors ne kaha hoga na are wo koi god thodi na aise kisi ko bhi kuch bhi kehte rehte hai….

  84. [email protected] changer

    no wo nupoor username wala cmnt nupoor ka nahi hai..and the one who has used hr usrname…i m gonna kill u………

  85. [email protected] changer

    hey nupoor u did nt rply my question…

  86. Haan gc di. Main n piyu di bolte hain-
    Happy now?
    Ps-main kabhi apana naam usrname me ni use karti. Jisne bhi use kiya hain, i know u wanna stop these ppl frm freakin out, but its better 2 face d truth…

  87. fanofSH

    i love Sadda Haq………………….. i love Sadda Haq…………………..i love Sadda Haq…………………..i love Sadda Haq…………………..i love Sadda Haq…………………..i love Sadda Haq…………………..

  88. Noopur????????????????????? Is this true????????????????????? Aaj maine tumhare liye promise toda. Ye prank nahi he na dear, but i wish ye prank hi ho 🙁

  89. Kajal

    Sorry guys but these r not my comments. Someone is using my name and i used to see both of them- kyy and saada haq. Ya but that’s true that i like kyy more than saada haq but believe me i have not given those bad comments

  90. [email protected] changer

    yes guyz..its nupoors comment .:'(
    bt nupoor i m never gonna accept it..

  91. Sorry…..shayad mujhe aap logon ko batana nehi chahiye tha…..
    Im so sorry
    But Enough.
    Ye kya ho raha hain???? Mere piche piche ghum re hain sab….chalo pull up ur socks every1!!!
    500 comments yaad hain na?
    I cant type doesnt mean u get away…piyu di hain yahaan….chalo chalo

  92. WW

    Sorry to say but sandhir is to vote harshita is more important than noopur ? I don’t think that anyone there thinking about competition…
    Noopur dear I m not much closer to u but I m feeling very sad or I can say I m crying… u r very sweet girl dear….
    I don’t know why god do such a bkwas things with ppl like u..?
    Please god don’t do this…..
    🙁 :'(

  93. Parsh aka shweta,
    Koi galat ni hain….
    Thnx fr ur concern, lekin i ws abt 2 say this-

  94. WW

    Really I came here to get happiness but again my bad luck works… I m very hurt.. I don’t know why..m not close to noopur but I m crying continuously…
    Noopur is there any hope ?
    Take care dear

  95. [email protected] changer

    bt nupoor for me u r more imp than harshita….she is nt my frnd….bt u r…:-(

  96. I hoped 2 get sum strength frm u ppl but u all r tooo gud…..
    Yeah its not as its looking. It’s tough for me too..
    Accepting this wasnt (isnt) easy….
    Shraddha sowwie i frgot…..
    Plz stop saying this is a prank
    It isnt
    Ww, i donot really know u so u must b new.
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!!
    Myself-official welcomer.
    Plz dont make me cry now guyz
    Shraddha, harshi NEEDS us now! N she IS more imp thn me

  97. Just read those cmnts cant digest it ;( guy evrythng is in Gods hand so just pray… I know u r strng and u will fight noops my pryrs r with u 🙂

  98. WW

    Noopur before few days…. u was saying that u get up early in the morning becoz u school bus comes at 6:30.. If u r hospitalised then what was all that ???

  99. [email protected] changer

    nupoor ye docs pagal hote hai kuch b bolte hai …
    tu na tension mat le evrythimg will b fine soon….

  100. Aur aap doctors ki baat mat maano ! Doctors to saare pagal hote hai !! Agar vo doctor mere saamne hota to main to usko maar hi daalti …. Pagal ko doctor kisne banaya !!

  101. WW

    Ok dear…. leave this.
    As much as life u have.. Hv fun
    Take care.
    Who knows…. We ppl who r talking there wishing 4 u… vo Kal ho na ho.
    Anyway dear u should take proper rest…..
    Love u Noopur.
    May God bless u. 🙂

  102. AN

    yaar ye kya hai ??? live till jan 2015 !!! plz yaar …
    i’m never going to accept it … 🙁

  103. Alina

    Hey Noopur !!!
    Muje abhi bhi believe nhi ho rha h ki tum ………
    Plz don’t loose hope dear. Tumhe kuch nhi hoga I m sure

  104. AN

    tum esi baathe bilkul math karo yaar …. tumhare bina toh yeh sadda haq WU comments section adhoora reh jaayega …. mein bhi tumhe kahin bhi jaane nahi dungi !!!!!

  105. AN

    arre noopur, tum aise bologe toh mein kya karu yaar pehle hi tum mujhe half heart attack dechuki ho … tum bas jaldi teek ho jau ..

  106. AN

    tum rest karo ache se aur zyada tension math lo ok …. u’ll be fine very soon … hum sab tumhare teek hone ka pray karenge teek hai … now take some zzzzzz…. get well soon my dear friend

  107. [email protected] changer

    i support u dear…..

  108. [email protected] changer

    nupoor u know docs r nt god…so dear just take it easy and have fun….hum sab hai na tumhare sath…

  109. WW

    Dear Noopur take rest…
    Good night dear 🙂
    Still I hv hope that’s why I m asking what doctor told u.. so please don’t mind.

  110. AN

    actually meine ‘anonymous’ meri user name rakhne jaa rahi thi par ek aur naam wahi user name pe thi toh meine AN rakha !
    aur meri naam bhi toh Aparna hai aur meri dad ka initial N !

  111. Hey friends abse KYY par koi bhi negative comments nahi karega. Muje ye zagda pasand nahi he. Param aur parth real life me acche friends he. And parthne hamare harshita ko support bhi kiya he jabki uske kuch friends ne uspe doubt kiya tha 🙂

  112. AN

    good night dear sandhirians and especially noopur take care of yourself and take some good rest… and thats an order !!! 🙂

  113. [email protected] changer

    ha yar parsh..faltu me argumnt kr rahe sab…i mean theres no comparison between kYY and SH….dono ka story alag hai….phir b ye log is baat ko le kr jhagadte k konsa serial zyada achcha hai……

  114. steffie

    Muje yeh baat sacchi digest nhi ho rhi h bt don’t loose hope dear tumhne ek villain dekhi hogi usme Aisha k bachne k chances bht kam the fir bhi woh bach gyi all bcz of guru . Aise bht eg. h reel n real lyf me. So don’t worry dear believe in miracles aur hum sab h na we’ll all pray 4 u dear
    And I reaaaaaallllly loooooovvvveeed ur os

  115. Ek second……
    ankit supporting….frndz doubting.
    Plz clr this doubts….

  116. RS

    Tum jo chahti thi kiya na Parsh… don’t expect any in return u will hurt.
    Sbi smjdar hai… faltu ka jgdha krte hai. They know that……

  117. [email protected] changer

    rs…plz if pr aao

  118. [email protected] changer

    gn sd.guyz….nupoor take care dear….

  119. Pooja

    oi noopur,
    i am new here

    i hope, no i know u r and will be alright. anime has taught me to nevr betray your nakama(comrade, friend), .
    u r my friend now and u r not allowed to leave me alone. Main tumhe kahin nhi jaane doongi, samjhi.kis kutte doc ne aisa bola. i am a medical student. tum meri dost ho. to tumhe mera sath dena doc banne tak. phir dekhna i promise main tumhe theek kr doongi:’-((cries))its my promise of lifetime dattebayo.

  120. Miss parsh tum yahase chali kyu nahi jati. Sorry bolana he to apni tarfse bol. Sabke tarfse kyu bol rahi ho. Main kisiko sorry nahi bolnewala. Meri marzi muje to KYY par negative comments karni hi he 🙂

  121. f#cking people you all are
    ek ne faltu ka drama shuru kiya toh sab shuru huye
    i think you people have stupid mentality and cheapooos

  122. [email protected] changer

    sanyu bahot bakwas ho gayi tumhari….seedhe seedhe bolo na tumhe faltu ka attention chahiye…jana parsh ko nahi tujhe yaha se chahiye…aur tum hoti kon ho nupoor k bare me ye sab kehne wali..drama wo nahi tum kr rahi ho…aur cheapo bhi tum hi ho……

  123. kuhu

    saddahaqrox n parsh I accept ur apology n sorry fr me also. thats all misunderstanding happened for sandhir. he said dt dont mess with param . He is d king n parth is looser ,he said like dt.

  124. RS

    Kuhu thanks on behalf of Parsh & Saddahaqrox. 🙂
    Aur kisi k khne s na Param king hoga aur na Parth looser… right ? Don’t react on stupid comments.. Please.
    Mr. Sandhir Tume kya problem hai Parsh s Tume jo krna kro Parsh kyu jaye jha s ?

  125. kuhu

    This news is jst for Mr. Sandhir. Niti won d most promising actress 2014 n kyy is very new show even then Niti won. So we can also say dt “dont mess with niti. Queen is always queen”.

  126. saddahaqrox


  127. Phirse sab gaayab 🙁 parsh, noops, AN, daksh bhai, shwetha,aisha n gc kahaan ho aap sab? Dekho yaar yahaan koi new afra aayi hai

  128. saddahaqrox

    @afra(plz chnge ur username dear….confusion hi confusion hain!)
    WELCUM 2 TELLYUPDATES!!!!!!!!!!!
    And username if i can suggest keep it afra#2
    tht way v wll know!

  129. Pradipta

    I am shocked noopur!!!!!! tumi ja bolcho ami believe korte parchi na.aage ekbar tumi bolechile kintu ami tokhon bujhte pari ni.tumi prank korcho na to.tomar sathe eta hote pare na noopur(cries). tomar sombondhe jene amar khub kosto hochche.tumi khub bhalo meye,tomar mon khub sundor ,tomar sathe eta hote pare na(cries).tumi jate bhalo hoye jao tar jonyo ami pray korchi,dekhbe tumi bhalo hoye jabe,tomar kichchu hobe na,tumi himmat rakho,tumi dekho 2015 te tumi tomar birthday o shq er anniversary dutoi celebrate korbe amader sathe.

  130. [email protected] changer

  131. [email protected] changer

    yar @nupoor mujhe a bhi ek ummeed hai…k tum kahogi..u were just kidding..

    • saddahaqrox

      isse pehle ki main gussa ho jaao, DAFA HO JAAO YAHAAN SE!
      ni ni, aapko nehi,gc di….maine toh iss ‘feeling ssorry’wala aapka mind ko bola!

  132. afra#2

    hey maine hi apna name change kar diya. But guys kabhi kabhi kyy bhi dekh lo. maja ayega. kyy bhi interesting hai.

  133. saddahaqrox

    GC dii,,,,,,,
    yeah my fmly n d docs r hoping 2 try the drug on me…..hame docs se pta chala tha iske baare me…..
    and guyz PUH-LEASE!!!!!!
    pradipta di aise behave kar ri hain jaise main mar chuki hoon
    afra di rote rote haal bana li hain

    atleast samaira mere piche padi hui hain collab likhne ke liye…thank god atleast sum1 believes in me n that im STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!
    ok, stop dis now
    who is interessted in a collab???
    no, not with samaira…i want 2 write on sandhir

  134. Pradipta

    @ samiraa maine bo cmnt noopur ke liye bengali me likha,issliye tum nahi samjhi.aur maine bengali me cmnt issliye kiya taki usse yakin ho ki ye mai hi hu. noopur ke bare me jaan ke mujhe bohot dukh hua.issliye me khudko cmnt kar ne se rok nahi pai.par agar noopur ko achcha nahi lagta hai to mai or kuch nahi kahungi.sorry noopur.

  135. saddahaqrox

    pradipta di, tumi kano sorry bolcho????its ok….kalke theke shobai erokom i royeche…….
    aar ami boktey boktey thoke gelaam….uff!

  136. Samiraa

    bulbul mai tumsey naraaz hoon tumney itni badi baath mujey nehi bataayi hum itni der sai baath kar rahi thi and be strong we are all with u we will not let anything happen u

  137. saddahaqrox

    exactly….aisha is right. not tht tumlog tension de re ho lekin kya bakwas laga rakha hain tabse? titu maine tume bola the read my comment on tu…….

  138. Pradipta

    hey noopur if u want 2 write on sandhir then ek compitition karte hai.”kyon banega sandhir’s/shq’s fan no. 1″ok. is cmptson me jo kare ga ya jisne kiya hai shq dekhne ke liye haad par bohi banega shq ka real batao kis ne kya kiya hai shq dekhne ke liye? jo bhi intrested hai cmnt karo ispe .come on lets start jitega usse sabse jyada likes milega sabki taraf se.

  139. saddahaqrox

    ok dii the game is on!!!!!!!
    pehle aap!
    i will come after sum time….lunch
    b back in half an hour max

  140. Pradipta

    ek baar pura 1 week tak 6.30p.m or 10 p.m. ko shq nahi dekh pai thi issliye mai raat ko 2 baje ka wait karti thi shq dekhne ke liye aur dekhti thi.isliye mujhe bohot daat bhi khana para tha .toh mai hu shq ka big fan.aap logo kya kya story hai batao.

  141. [email protected] changer

    are yar @nupoor dekh mera mind tujh se dar gaya…aur wo “feeling sorry” wale khayal ka murder kr diya…

  142. saddahaqrox

    Ek baar maine scul bunk kiya…..mujhe 6:30 ya 10 pm ko ni mila dekhne n 3 pm ko light jaane waali thi toh maine scul bunk karke 11 am ko deka
    2) SHQ KE LIYE-
    Me n meri frnd had just finished discussing a very romantic part of an epi n tab teacher aa gyi clss me…..notes likhte likte i was lost in thoughts…toh maam ne mujhe khada karke poocha whats going on n my reply???
    Whew….suspend hote hote bacchi uss din toh main!

  143. parsh lover

    I think its just a misunderstanding bcoz every one is asking q what happen btw harshi and param but no one ans

  144. Alina

    Param n harshi k bich kuch hua h kya ???
    N woh bcl photo k wajah se bechari harshi ko kitna kuch sehena pada tha 🙁

  145. parsh lover

    Pls tell me properly abt that photo i am a biggggg lover of harshi . I wish her to be happy always

  146. saddahaqrox


  147. Pradipta

    SHQ DEKHNEKE LIYE-maine ek bar epi dekhna miss kiya bcoz of load shedding toh maine agle din 4.45 a.m. ko uthi thi 5 a.m. ko shq dekhne ke liye.

  148. Alina

    Party dey clicked a photo jisme harshi n mtv fanah ka director vikas Gupta tha ( baaki sab bhi tha). Wohi photo vikas ne insta pe dala n it got viral among d fans of harshi. Evryone started bashing her

  149. Aisha

    Mujhe jab sadda haq dekhne ko nahi milta hai to main to rone lagti hoon aur phir mom mujhe dekhne deti hain ….

  150. saddahaqrox


  151. Alina

    Noopur param n harshi k bich sab thikk hi toh h. Dey very good frnds. N this is not related 2 bcl photo

  152. saddahaqrox

    TUM TOH BATAO?????

  153. [email protected] changer

  154. WW

    There is nothing controversial in this pic… Some ppl just need a topic to make big issues. Please don’t discuss it..

  155. WW

    Oh I got it.. harshita looking close to vikas or whatever he is but crazy fans want to see Parsh together..

    • saddahaqrox

      agreed fans just need a topic to make a mountain outta a molehill!
      koi in fans ko THODI SI akkal do!

  156. Alina

    Some fans got so pissed off ki unhone twitter pe harshita haters page banaya tha jo baad me block kr diya gya

  157. parsh lover

    I love u harshi . Me too want to see parsh together all the time. But they should be friendly with every one . I didn’t think its a big deal. But just imagine if parsh were in this pose what will happen to us crazy parsh lovers

  158. parsh lover

    I think after this party only ‘masti on shq’ segment shooted. So every thing is very normal btw parsh . Still they r very good frnds

  159. steffie

    Evn I read abt his father’s death. It was such a bad omen 4 him. Aur usi din uski shaadi thi I guess. RIP 2 his soul
    Harshita k baate me main kya bolu she is a diva 4 all of us. That’s y I wanted her 2 win this poll. Koi nhi atleast v proved that v all support her

  160. steffie

    Aur ha parsh lover agar aise pose parsh dete toh fir …………….. Jeevan safal ho jata. I so want dem 2 be a real life couple. Luv u parsh <3 <3 <3

  161. Pradipta

    maine dekha bo photo n usme she was so close 2 him.mujhe bhi achcha nahi laga jis tarha se harshi pose de rahi thi us vikas Gupta or whatever jo bhi hai uske sath.aisa pose to kabhi param ke sath nahi diya off screen harshi ne.mai fans ki dill ki baat samjhti hu,hum fans hamesha parsh ko saath dekhna chahte hai,issliye uss photo ko dekh kar thora bura to lagta hai.par phir bhi ye uski life hai,to hum kuch nahi kar sakte or hume kuch bolnabhi nahi chahiye.after all ye harshi ki personal life hai.

  162. RS

    Guys kuch b serious nhi hua… bs harshita n Bcl party ki group pic m bahut close pose diya hai with vikas… Isi liye j sb Chal rha hai. Kisi ko psand nhi hai Parsh alg ho..

  163. RS

    Gc kya hum koi game play kr rhe hai… kbi aap aa jate hai online aur kbhi m.. Lakin ek sath nhi hote.. not fair.?
    Agr ab ayo toh jha p comment kr dena…Pleaseee

  164. Mera welcm krne k.liye ….
    N samairaa wht is d prblm if I wanna knw whole thing abt her disease …
    It shud b better for all of us

  165. Samiraa

    bhai mai bhi poori baath janaa chaati hoon lekin hum pooch tey hai toh shaaid usey dookh hotaa ho gaaa isi liyey

  166. [email protected] changer

    hiii…beta @rs mai tera wait hi kr rahi thi kab se…pr tu ne address kahi aur ka diya aur tu thi kahi aur hi…..;-)
    byee c u later

  167. saddahaqrox

    mera username saddahaqrox hi hain
    bhai, plz not again…..
    plz guyzzzz yeh tpoic ko close karo……

  168. saddahaqrox

    kyun bhai??????
    alele, aap toh bura maan gye
    mere cute bhai!
    *pulls cheeks*
    thike chalo yeh lo no.-

  169. Aisha

    Kya yaar agar ab koyi noopur di ko kuch bhi disease ke baare mein pochega to main usse chodungi nahi !!! *including rs di n mr. India* if it hurts noopur di then let it be na guys …!!!

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.