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Scene 1
Randhir and sanyu are watching a movie. Randhir says what is this? This is so stupid. Sanyu says with so much effort i arranged this date. sanyu says its bollywood romance day in college tomorrow. Randhir says i am not doing anything stupid like that you better dance with my doppelganger.

Cops in street run after a guy, he looks like randhir dresses so weird. He enters the college. He says how will i get out of this college? I never went to school now I am in a college. He sneaks in FITE. Someone comes he hides behind the staircase. He comes downstairs and sees randhir. He is shocked. He says this is the only option I have I can stay here as him. He hits randhir with a rod. Randhir faints. He says God made you and me. but he gave you so much and i roamed on roads all my life but

its my turn to live your life. He locks randhir in store. He ropes randhir. He takes out randhir’s phone and card.

The fakes randhir comes to room and sleeps. Next morning parth wakes him up and says randhir wake up. fake randhir shows him a knife. He says what are you doing? Parth says what is this? fake randhir says i am chotay not randhir. Parth says you too much in character today. Parth becomes chulbul pandy. Parth says lets go. Fake randhir says i will come late. Parth says come soon or sanyu will starts investigating. He says who is this sanyu? He checks the phone there are 20 missed calls. He sees sanyu’s photo. he says woah its his girl.
parth says to fake randhir you look like amir khan. you are too much in the character. you are too serious in real. He says i am real. Fake randhir stares at vid. PArth says she is vid. she is my gf. Sanyu comes in a blue saari. Parth says there sanyu is coming. Fake randhir looks at sanyu and smiles. he goes and sprinkles flowers on her.
Vid is dancing in front of parth. She turns off the music and says why are you not practising? Parth says can’t we do something traditional? She says i can’t. you better do it. Sh says please dont give me these boring ideas. He says okay then i will perform with someone else. she laughs and says you cant dance either. He says then dance alone.

sanyu is dancing alone. Fake randhir comes and dances in weird way. he says your love is here. sanyu says what is wrong with you? He says i have become amir khan for you. She says i haven’t forgotten yesterdays’s fight. He says i am your real servant. He holds sanyu’s hand. Sanyu says leave me. She says i dont want to practise with you.He says why are you sad? I am here don’t worry. I will dance with you baby doll. Sanyu says you will dance? He says yes you will have to win the competition with me. He comes closer. Sanyu shoves him. She leaves.

Sanyu says he taunted me last night and look what is he doing today? Sanyu comes towards the store where real randhir is roped. She is about to open to it. Fake randhir comes and says hey baby doll. Sanyu stop. He starts dancing on the song ‘tu mere agal bagal’. Sanyu feels shy. He teases her. He follows her to the class as well. He sits on his knees and proposes her. Sanyu says yes.

Sanyu does dance practice with him. sanyu watches his steps and laughs. he holds sanyu and dances with her. Sanyu hugs him. She turns off the music and says i have agift for you if we win this. Randhir wakes up in the store.

Dance performances start. Second one i vidushi she dances on ‘lat la gai’. Parth joins her. Everyone cheers up for them.
host says put your hands together for sanyu and randhir. Real randhir tries to release himself. sanyu says to fake randhir dont do anything wrong. He says baby doll see the sample. his hands hits sanyu and she falls. He says dj play the song. He dances on ‘gandi baat’. sanyu joins him. Cops come and say come with us. Randhir says have i done? I am student here. sanyu says sir this is randhir. He studies with us. Inspector says he has car snatching case. yoyo rishap and everyone say yes sir he is randhir. Real randhir comes and says i am here sanyu. Everyone is dazed. Randhir says i am randhir he is a thief. Rishap says two randhirs? Both of them fight who is the real randhir. They both say to sanyu i am randhir. sanyu says okay one minute. I will ask an engineering question. She asks both of them answer it. Sanyu says when is my birthday? Both say 5th july. Cop says ask something that only randhir knows. sanyu says where was our first date? Both say canteen. Sanyu says what is my favorite color? randhir says he has my phone that is why he knows everything. sanyu says randhir will dance on gandi baat. chotay starts dancing on and gandi baat while randhir doesn’t. Sanyu says he is my randhir he doesn’t dance. Choty says to randhir take care of her you are lucky to have her.

sanyu gives food to randhir. He says i wont eat. She says why are you behivng this way? He says you were dancing with chotay. sanyu says at least he danced. He is not boring like you. He says go make him eat in jail. Cops are taking chotay with him. A woman comes on bike and asks him to sit on bike. She looks exactly like sanyu. Chotay says i knew you would come.

Sanyu comes and sees randhir dancing on ‘ishq wala love’. Everyone is shocked to see him dancing. Sanyu joins him. They both dance together.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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