Sadda Haq 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sceen 1
Randhir is in the library. He says stay here I will turn on the light. Sanyu says we will study in candle light. He says where will you get them from? Sanyu arranges the candles. Randhir burns the candles. SAnyu says save some for tomorrow. he says you mean we will study daily in these candles? She says yes. We will date in the day and study at night. They start studying. Randhir holds her arm. They are having quality time with both love and anger. SAnyu falls asleep on his shoulder. Randhir sleeps as well.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu wakes randhir up. SHe says someone will come please get up. She drags randhir outside. SAnyu is hiding from the peon who has come there for cleaning. He sees her and asks when did you come? She says just now. To find a book. He says I am not

talking about that? Sanyu says what else? He says go to admin department and ask there? Sanyu goes to admin block leaving Randhir there.

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SAnyu asks whats wrong. He says sanyu why didn’t you pay the fess of hostel? SHe says it can be deducted from security deposit? He says you have withdrawn the deposit? SAnyu is dazed. she says I never withdrawn it. He says your brother ankit withdrew it. You have one week to pay the fees. SAnyu sits on the bench in shock. She says why ankit did this?

Sanyu calls ankit and says why didn;t you pick my phone? He says I have no concern with you. Sanyu says why you withdrew my fees then? He says you ruined my family name and we will pay your fees? We have to hide our faces. SAnyu says just to seek revenge you did this? He says this is nothing. This is just to break your pride. Now come back home. sanyu says why should i come bakc to the family that never respects me. Ankit says why should we respect you? For ruining our name? You jad tp be punished that is why I withdrawn the money. Sanyu says you can’t even respect your ownself. And what you did couldn’t do anything. You should have been proud on me for exposing real face of Samir. Sanyu syas I will do I all alone. I have been manageing everything alone.

Sanyu sees a man and woman looking for someone. SAnyu asks who are they? They say we are Vidushi’s parents. can you please call her? She says yes I am her roommate I will call her. She says go and wait in the guest lounge I will send her there.

SAnyu is goin to hostel. Randhir says where were you? Sanyu says I was looking for you. He says is there any problem? Sanyu says no. He says I can read your face. She hugs him in tears and tells him what ankit has done. He says we will do something. No one will kick you out. He says I will arrange the fees. sanyu says I wanna do it alone on my own. He says I can’t leave you alone in anything like this.

Randhir is looking on internet for some work. Jiggy wakes up seeing a dream. Parth sees randhir is tension. He says is there any problem? SAnyu is worried for money. she says where will I arrange money. Viduhsi says whats wrong with you ? Your college life is going well. Your love life is going well. SAnyu tells her the problem. Jiggy and Parth are telling solutions to randhir. He says I will do it myself. Parth says we can ask classmates to contribute. randhir says I don’t neeed anyone’s help for this. Randhir says I can’t find a job online. Jiggy tells him a website and says you will find a job there.

Sanyu says to vidushi your parents are here to meet you. GO they are waiting for you. Vidushi is dazed. Vidushi says why are they here now? Sanyu says you never told me about your parents. she says they are dead for me and I am dead for them

Vidushi goes to her parents and says why are you here now? Why are you lying that you are my parents. the woman says our daughter is getting married to varun. We want to ask you about him. Vidushi says don’t even talk about varun to me. what do you think? The man says we need your help that is why we lied. The woman syas why you divorced varun? Vidushi says you are lying. What the hell are you talking about? the woman says why got separated? Please tells us. Did he do anything wrong? Vidushi leaves saying stop annoying me. The come out of the lounge as well. parth has over heard their conversation. he says vidushi is divorced?

Sanyu is studying in library. He says you will look for job in classifies? It will take a year to pay your fees. SAnyu says what are you doing? He says I have to take proficiency exams. He says I will give exams of two students and hack the website I will place the results there. sanyu says what if something happens to you? He says there are no risks. sanyu says you can’t do this unethical thing. He says don’t you trust me? sanyu says we will find another solution. he says now you will do it alone. He leaves.

Precap-sanyu says to randhir I am sorry. come on I am really hungry. he says where can I bring food from? SAnyu says I will tell you. They are eating. sanyu says I hope you never get angry with me. She says in heart I can’t tell you what I am about to do. Anju calls sanyu and says I can’t see your ruining our family image like this.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. [email protected] changer

    Mai ne kaha tha hindi serials k twists ko samjh pana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai…. πŸ™‚
    Ab vids ka divorce ka twist….. . to kya vids ka ‘BAAL VIVAH’ hua tha… o_O
    Rd ko hacker bana diya kya cvs chahte kya hai lagta hai rd ko criminal bana kr chhodege ye log…

  2. Samairaa

    what seriously vids is divorced i mean she a student and from where this varun came so this varun will become their next twist for a big thing or for starting parth and vids love story

  3. [email protected] changer

    vids k is divorce twist k baad to hamare SH k cvs ka “JODI BREAKERS” hona chahiye… πŸ˜‰

  4. [email protected] changer

    vids k is divorce twist k baad to
    hamare SH k cvs ka. name β€œJODI
    BREAKERS” hona chahiye…

  5. ruhi

    Can anyone tell me what is CAPTCHA, i want to be member of SH forum but every time they tell CAPTCHA is wrong.

  6. [email protected] changer

    captcha its a kind of test to distingsh between human and machine……in logo ko hum machine lagte hai shayad..

  7. [email protected] changer

    @ruhi aap ne us box me diye hue words ko correctly insert nahi kiye hoge…thats y its showing u incorrect….

  8. Samairaa

    @ruhi if there is capital letter and u have write simple letter
    that also might be a problem check once again

  9. [email protected] changer

    R u sure???u r a human??….machine to nahi ho na???… πŸ˜‰

  10. Samairaa

    @ruhi agar capital letters hai toh apnai capital letter’s hi use kiyaa na … simple toh nehi i think mai nai bhi aisaa hi kiyaa thaa peheley dho paar

  11. [email protected] changer

    haha…mazak kr rahi thi…bt seriously mujhe to samajh nahi aata hai. i mean ab koi robots to in SNS pr aayege nahi…phir bhi ye captcha….

  12. Samairaa

    @GC mujey lagtaa hai wo apnai liye ek dulhan yaa dulhaa doond rahi hai . u remember sayu said she wants to merry a machine something like that πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  13. choti i hav read
    alone came she
    camp at goa
    dancing with the star
    always together
    right or wrong etc etc etc…………………….

  14. Ashlee0602

    In pre cap : what sayu is hidding from rids ihope that dosent effects their relation…..finger crossed

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    R: Restless
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    I: Irresistible

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    Maine ni dekha cz 1st to mujhe batting pasnd h n 2nd koi hitting krne wala ho tbi dekhta hu like my Yuvi

  30. Aisha

    Are gc di maine kaha ki mere aur daksh mein 5 saal ka differece hai par koi baat nahi mai daksh ke saath couple ban jaaongi mr. And miss india !

  31. Daksh

    @ gc m thoda cnfuse hu phle tm bol rhi thi couple bn jao ab bol rhi ho sach me bn gye ???
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    I knw its nt
    Bt it match better for us πŸ™‚

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    Just like I m fan of iron man actor in Hollywood same I like irfan khan in bollywood .
    I also like Di caprio

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    Pta ni kya timin h inki
    Tum sb india me hi rhte ho ya America wagerah. Me ??? :-/

  34. shweta

    Monday spoiler…

    Sanyukta applies for a job at a coaching institute to arrange the college fees. the owner of the institute doesn’t believe her tht she is capable nd the students give her a tough time..

  35. shweta

    spoilers dekha?
    what you think guyzz will sanyu will be able to solve this prob or rd will come again for her rescue;)

  36. Daksh

    Waha 3 parts me hota h widout brk
    N yr ye apne yaha mostly aisa kyu hota h k ladkiyon ko.ghrwale km opportunity dete h

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    and @gc kya mai aayi aapke drmz me????

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    i’m soooooooooooooo srry samairaa mere connection mein koi prblm aagaye the aur upar se mom upar aagye bol rahe the ki koi aunty aagaye aur mein phas gayi mein escape karke aagyi yeh bolke ki mujhe assingment karni hai !

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    yeah nice line
    ek aur line bholoon jo hum merey ek friend ko parishaan karney kai liyey bholthey hai
    chup raho kuch raho jab wo serious matter mai nonsense bhol thi hai

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    yes kon mujey hindi sikhaa e gaa aur bohot jald mera modem ki balance bhi katam ho jaa e ga
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    main kahi sai copy kar thi hoon mainey naksh aur riyaa par ek ff likhaa hai main post kar th hoon agr tum chaathi ho
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  48. AN

    paper quilling is the art of making decorative designs with strips of paper rolled its kind of like origami … i knw to make earings,lockets and greeting cards its kind of fun !

  49. Samairaa

    Miley Jab Hum Tum Chapter 1
    A beautiful day has started in akasharaa and natik’s life today is their son naksh’s 10 birthday like every day aksharaa and the whole family ( bhaabhi maa , dhadhaa ji , devyaain , Raj banaa ) goes to naksh’s room and finds naksh sleeping in deep sleep ……
    Aksharaa : yai hameyshaa aisaa karthaa hain jab bhi iskaa birthday athaa hain yai sojaa taa hain
    Natik : jagaa dey
    Baabhi maa : nehi munna isey soney dey
    Then naksh opens his eyes
    Naksh : manma
    Everyone : happy birthday naksh
    Naksh : thank you . aaj kiyaa plan hai
    Aksharaa : duggu aap nai bholaa taa naa aap ko bahar jaanaa hain toh hum bahar jaa e gi Naksh : yeeeeeeeaaaaah , I love you mamma papaa
    Aksharaa : jaldi tayaar ho jaaa o hum tori dher main nikal rahi hain
    Naksh runs toward the barthroom
    Aksharaa : bhaabhi maa choti maa hum kal subhaa honey sai peheley aajaa e gi
    Deviyaani : aksharaa raat main safar karney ki zaroorath nehi hain tum kal subaa araam sai aajaana
    Natik : choti maa aap fikar mat kariye hum raat main safar nehi karey gey
    Aksharaa : haan aap baaki log bhi itnaa chintaa mat karnaa
    After having breakfast they leave
    in the car they have fun watching the beautiful places . after little while they reach their destination after resting little while they leave for site watching they have the dinner
    Naksh : manmaa this was my best birthday ever
    Aksharaa : haan beta
    They come to the room and sleep . in the morning they leave to reach Udaipur .
    In the road .
    Natik is driving the car .
    Naksh : paapaa hum itnaa jaldi kiyu jaa rahi hain
    Aksharaa : aaj aap ka school hai dupher mai .;
    Suddenly they see a truck comming infront of them and natick moves the car toward the right and their car hits the tree …. And a major accident happens .
    The truck driver comes out of the truck and checks and calls the police . the police comes and sent them all to hospital .
    Police : kuch milaa ki yeh log kaun hai
    Constable : sir ek id milaa hai jisey yai pataa chaltaa hain ki who aadmi natik singhania hai singhania diamonds ki maalik jo Udaipur mai hain
    Police officer : family ko inform karo
    Constable calls the sighania mansin and informs them about the accident …
    In the mansion bhabhi maa breaks down and every one comes and asked what happened .
    Bhabhi maa : natik …… akshara ……. Unlogi …. Kaa …. Accident hhhoo ggayaaa haai …. ( while crying )
    They all reach the hospital with every one ( mohit’s family and aksharaa’s family ) ..
    Mohit : doctor ab wo log kaisey hain
    Doc : natik aur aksharaa key haalat critical hai aur naksh k haalat bhi critical hai lekin itnaa nehi jitnaa natik aur aksharaa ka hai
    Mohit : wo log teek toh hojaa e gi naa
    Doc : wo toh waqth hi bataa e gi
    The doctor goes and starts the operation . after 3 hours doctor coms out of the treater
    Shaurya : doc natik aur aksharaa kaisey hai
    Doc : I am sorry uhum unlogo ko nehi bachaa pai aur naksh teek hai who bohot hi jald I.C.U mai shift kar dhoon gi
    The whole family breaks after hearing the news but some how geather courage and to control naksh . they all go to near naksh .
    Naksh : bhabhi maa kiyaa hua
    Bhabhima : naksh bahu aur munna hamey chod kar chaley gayi
    Naksh starts to crying
    Naksh : aap choot bhol rahi haina
    Ananyaa : cheeku
    And hugs him yash also joins them .
    The news goes in flash in very television .
    In Mumbai
    A lil girl is watching tv serial when the serial gets disconet and breaking news comes
    Reporter : aaj subhaa sighaania diamond ki malik aur uskaa parivaar kaa accident ho gayaa hai
    The girl was abut to change the news when she heards natik singhania’s name she stops and listens the news
    Repoter : humey abhi bhi pataa chalaa ki natik aur uskaa patni aksharaa singhania ka mout ho gayi hai un dhonow ka beta naksh singhania ka halt bohot critical hai
    After hearing that the girl starts crying
    The girls mother soniyaa comes
    Soniyaa : kiyaa hua riyaa
    Riyaa : maa naksh
    Soniyaa : kiya hua naksh ko
    Riyaa : wo critical hai aur uskaa papaa aur manmaa margayi hai
    Soniyaa : kiyaa
    Riyaa : kiyaa hum nehi jaa sak tey hain
    Soniyaa : papaa ki ek bohot badaa meeting hain um nehi jaasaktey hai
    Riyaa : mom please
    Soniyaa : no dear
    Riyaa : aap usey phone to karsaktey hai
    Soniyaa dials but no one picks the phone .
    The next day
    Naksh does the last rights of akshaa and natik
    After 7 years
    Naksh is 17 years he is a happy and helps every one after the death of his parent he has never come infront of the world s naksh sighania he lives his life as a normal boys and in his facebook also his profile picture is his parents photo …
    One day
    Raj : lalla tumharaa agey ka plan kiyaa hai
    Naksh : mai office join karoong mera 21 st birthday se 6 mahiney sai peheley teek hai aur sabke samney mera birthday mai aaungi ..
    Raj : jaisey teri mazi lalla riyaa sai baat ki
    Naksh : mjey abhi koi bahar ki log sai nehi milna hai .
    Naksh opens his email account he finds his email account is full of riyaa’s massage ….. This time naksh cannot tolerate and he emails her that he is very sorry I know u want to meet me but I don’t want to meet any one till the day I decide to come infront of the world
    Riyaa gets the massage and after reading the massage she gets sad but she is happy that after so many years he has atleast replaied to her mails .
    riyaa sends a email saying mujsey kab tak chubey rehney kaa iraadhaa hai main tumhey doodloogi shaid tumharey samney aney sai pehley yai baad mai yaa usi din I will be waiting for u and this is last email I am sending u then I will directly massage u . I love you Naksh ….
    Naksh gets the email and gets hapy after receiving I love u from her