Sadda Haq 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to clinic with anju. Thruv asks how you feel now? sanyu says you didn’t tell me yesterday what happened to her? why are you conducting her tests? he calls his peon to take her out. sanyu says i wont go anywhere. i am not an unwanted person. he says you came here by force and not letting me attend my patient. anju says but.. he says ma’am this is not a college we want only wantd people here.

Randhir gets a call from karan, he tells her that he has reached the dhabba. He says her brothers are here as well. randhir couldn’t hear him completely. he rushes to the dhabba, he collides with sanyu. sanyu says can’t you see? get me uo now. randhir runs. he forgets his phone there, sanyu picks it up. randhir goes out and takes a cab. Randhir says i should call

karan? He looks for his phone but its not in his pockets. sanyu comes out and says this what you are looking for? Randhir sits in the cab. sanyu says he couldn’t even say thanks. randhir tries to call karan but he is not picking up.

Vidushi is in library, she tries to take a book from her injured hand. Parth comes and takes book. She says i am so injured that i can’t pick a book. He ignores her, she throws a book at him. he says are you mad? She says couldn’t you help me? he says if you don’t stop teasing me i will break your other hand as well. They start fighting with each other. Librarian says get out both of you.

Sanyu is in lab, she is working on PKC’s drone, it flies, she is glad but it falls after a while. ranawat comes, he picks the drone. he says the dream you see with close eyes never fulfill. if you want to do something in life, open your eys and see the truth.
She flies in again, its in ranawat hands, its starts flying and doesn’t fall. sanyu says sir how you did this? he leaves.

randhir calls karan and says i am reaching you in a while karan. randir’s cab collides with a bike, randhir comes out of the can and looks at the girl, he asks are you okay? the driver runs. she points at the guy. randhir goes to to the guy, he takes the helmet off, its karan. Randhir is completely shocked. randhir says karan please open your eyes.

Sanyu calls randhir. randhir doesn’t say anything. sanyu says where are you? karan breathes heavily. randhir says are you okay karan? look here nothing will happen to you i am taking you hospital. he puts karan in the car.

sanyu gets a call from anju, anju says when are you coming? we had to go to hospital. sanyu says i am coming.
Randhir syas we are going to hospital nothing will happen to you both, please keep youe eyes open. sanyu comes home, she calls randhir but his number is off. sanyu says i hope he is fine. anju says lets go sanyu we should not get late.

Randhir is in hospital. doctor asks how you know him? randhir says he is my pal. randhir says it was an accident. Where is the girl? how is she? Doctor says she will be okay, she is in the other ward. come in with me. Doctor shows him reports and says it has routine medical history, but i want his full medical history, just in case something happens, randhir says nothing should happen to him, its your duty to save him. he says please save him. He is really important to me. doctor says don’t worry and wait outside. randhir sits on the bench outside, randhir recalls his times with karan. randhir recalls the accident, sanyu comes to the hospital randhir walks past her but she is looking at anju. Anju says we have to take reports tomorrow. sanyu says in heart i am really worried for randhir. she looks back but randhir is not there. anju says everything will be fine in reports don’t worry. sanyu says in heart i hope you are fine.

Randhir is in hospital, he says its all my mistake, i shouldn’t have asked driver to drive fast. doctor asks randhir to call family of karan. randhir says you can tell me, his family is in Mumbai. doctor says come with me. sanyu is worried for randhir.

Precap-PKC says this is mansa, a village of punjab. a comapny came there a offered them tractors, it helped them grow.sanyu says what was the name of that engineer? pkc says i don’t know. whoever mentions the name of engineer in his report will get bonus. sanyu asks librarian for tractor tech books, she says ranawat issued them all. sanyu sees ranawat burning those books.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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