Sadda Haq 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says you can’t manipulate anyone this time sanyu.
Joy practices saying I love you kritika. He says I have to be her romantic lover not psychopath. How to impress her? She doesn’t like going out. He sees newspaper and reads about DDLJ in a theater. He says yes!

Randhir reaches university. He says my colleague really appreciates you. The man says who? Randhir says sanyu. The man says I have never met her before. Randhir says really? The admin says I remember every single person who has been my student. Randhir says we have an opportunity at ISRC. Nirman wanted to be check all the records. He says we can only show you list of toppers. Randhir says no we want reports of all students. He says okay. They give randhir reports. He says they can’t manipulate

and hack computer records. He checks the physical records. He checks everything. sanyu’s name is nowhere. He says when I tell nirman, he will make sure sanyu doesn’t get a job anywhere. Her career everything will be ruined. He recalls sanaya’s face. He says she can even sacrifice anyone’s life for her dream. She can hurt sanaya too I will never let you ruin my relationship with her.
Randhir calls becky and asks is nirman there? she says yes. randhir says i wanna meet him. he says in heart you deserve this sanyu. He recalls their competition and parth’s accident. He sees her sitting and laughing with aryan. Sanyu sees him too.
Randhir sees sanaya sad. He recalls when she made him smile.
Randhir comes to nirman’s cabin. He says good bye sanyu, this is it.

Kritika sees arjun punching the bag. There are scars on his back. she wonders what is that. Joy comes and says hi. She says hi and leaves. Sumit says you like her? He says I guess so. He says my dad says what you want might take sometime but it gets you. Aryan says yes.
nirman comes to lab and says I was just thinking who is more stubborn you or I? I don’t want to see you in the lab. I love your determination. I have decided to give you a task. It is that, i want you to go to your room, pack your bags and leaves ISRC. She says I haven’t broken any rule. He says you are not here by fluke you are a fraud. Himili aeronautical university. You thought I would never know? There is someone behind who exposed you, randhir shekhawat.

Aryan goes out in anger. sanyu says its over. aryan says its not. you are not going anywhere. I will destroy his life. sanyu says don’t do this. Nirman has used him against me and now I have no chance here. He will not take me back. Aryan says we should sit here? sanyu says no matter what I do no one will give me a chance. My dream, career everything is over. Aryan says no its not. She leaves.
Sanyu is crying in her room. She recalls coming to ISRC. She recalls what agarwal said when she was coming there. sanyu sees anju’s picture and says I am so sorry.

Precap-sanyu checks her mails. She says randhir’s mail. Aryan says you should meet him once. He is handling the situation maturely. Meet him once.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. how could randhir even do that?? its not about sanyukta..anybody in her place..he shouldnt have done that..spoiling somebody’s lyf just for his friend to smile is not the sign of pure friendship..according to me atleast!!

  2. New iv of Parsh coming soon on Telly bytes…here is the promo…they both look so cute 🙂

  3. Tired of misunderstanding drama … I think it should end with dream team competition with happy ending … if cvs have no story for vidushi nd parth then no need of sh2 … if they can write stupid story on sanaya,arjun,menka, etc …i find it difficult to catch new characters… I have already stopped watching on tv …nd now not interested in wu also

    Byee karina dear…

    1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Hey deepika, I m a vidarth fan and used to watch the show fr thm nw thy r not seen in S2 instead of quitting plz send ur views to cvs…more complains thy wl gt, more early bttrmnt cn happn..
      Vidarth cn.only cm bck with the support of thr fans

  4. Sanyukta has still faith in Randhir..She thinks that Nirman used Randhir against her. But when she get 2 knw that Randhir himself did this….Then it will brk her heart totally. And it will b a fce 2 fce war btwn RD nd Sanyukta.

  5. I dnt lke the way randhir charctr is shaping…
    N I dnt like sanaya..I cnt see him doing ds 4 her..n u said rit ash ds iz nt good..
    Rd chrctr ws nt like ds in season 1..
    N for sanyukta also he hd nt dne such thngs.then y for shanaya..???
    Nd ds nt good..rd. Was nt like ds..I dnt like rd inseason 2..
    I wnt to see old,sandhir….
    N now its good aryan iz dr 4 sanyu..
    Now aryan will do smthng
    Also sanyukta is strng n never loose hope..dnt kno wht hapned to her..
    Season 2 is realy bore. Rd n shanya I hate…
    Sanyu n Aryan r good..atleast aryan iz nt like that imature shnya…n sanyu n aryan didn’t spoil.anyone’s carrer…

  6. Hey dear…i know ur dissapointed with the story so far…im also dissapointed 🙁 but pls try to come at least here coz i ll miss u 🙁

    1. Pls Deepika dear dont leave…

      1. Even I think that stop watching the show wont do any good because if the trp goes down then they might get it off air, which obviously we dont want…… so just support the show and send your views to cv….only then they may change the track a bit (hopefully).
        Even I hated Rd today, yes in season 1 he was rude to Sanyu but still he has some charm that attracted us towards his character but aftr seeing the last episode I felt as if he is someone i dont knw…..Old Rd was rude but not bad, he was arrogant but not evil……..hope the CV manages to bring back our old pals.

  7. what the hell is going in the show???
    I can’t believe, randhir did this to sanyu just for that mad sanaya !!!! the person who loved his love the most, now hates her so much…. this was not the thing SH fans wanted to see …. already the show is loosing its charm day by day n now this kind of act of randhir…. what is going on…. why they want to create hatred b/w sandhir????
    If this happens for long then I’m sure SH will loose all its fame….
    what do u say guys???

    1. Yeah i agree…the Cvs are just mad..

  8. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Oof…th episode…nothing to say …misunderstandings at its peak
    Randhir still thinks Sanyukta z responsible fr Parth’s accident
    Parth still thinks Vidushi married ankit only fr money n left without evn correcting the misconceptions .he dnt evn knw whats the reason behind sandhir separation..
    Vidushi hates sanyukta cz she still blames her fr her breakup with parth
    Sanyukta doesn’t evn knw abt all this…
    And ths Aryan Sanaya wl b biggest roadblock fr randhir sanyukta

  9. It’s just a twist track …..but d sandhir fans r disappointing …
    Strange ….
    come’s a story..can’t be based on our wish …..
    its need to be proceed accept it..
    m loving d track….good going

  10. Aryan just support Samyu like this.she is a legend.she needs to complete her dream

    1. Ya u r rit nw aryan,should suprt her

  11. Sanyukta rathor

    Yes aryan always support sanyu ,they will perfect for each other, what are you doing rd that’s not fair, aryan do something

  12. Guys Randhir is not doing this to prove sanaya anything he is doing this just to prove himself that he does not feel for sanyukta. His character is like that from the beginning remember in season 1 when he started liking sanyukta he tried his best to deny and hide his feelings. He almost ruined her career in season 1 too by doing everything possible to fix sanyukts’s engagement. And then regretted it. I agree this time he crossed the limits but guys he is like that and he lived from 2 years thinking that he moved on so now he won’t accept that he still has feelings for her so easily it will take some time but eventually they will be together please guys don’t quit watching this show I don’t want this show to end trust the writers they are the one who created Saddam haq season 1 give them a chance to create Sadda haq season 2 they deserve our patience please keep watching this show I am sure it will be worth it because we all know that at the end our sandhir will be together . Everything that is happening will bring them back in some way . don’t skip this show cause as we all know ” sabar ka phal mitha hota hai” 🙂

    1. You are absolutely right Shahi. ..

  13. I’m also disappoint, Randhir and Vidushi are my favourite character and Sanyukta&Parth were my inspiration but now Vidushi is shown once a week and Randhir my most favourite is acting all crazy because he accept the fact that he loves Sanyukta and nobody else. Sanyukta is weak and ready to give up nothing like the old Sanyu and Parth is nowhere to be seen. I’m really hating this track but Shasu we should stop watching the show. Sandhir needs us to keep fate in them I too believe Randhir didn’t do this for Sanaya he just can’t accept the fact that he is still crazy in love with her and her presence affects her. I believe season 2 its a love triangle so for this love triangle between Randhir, Aryan and Sanyukta to start Randhir has to realise his feelings for Sanyukta. Aryan and Randhir will definitely be fighting for her, its gonna be fun and I’m sure Sandhir’s chemistry is gonna be so intense

    Please keep watching it, this show its the only Indian show I watch.

    1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Yeah Sanakhi u r right..S2 is a web of emotions….we hv to wait fr the things falling in thr place… I m disappointed wd parth n vidushi’s role in season 2

  14. I just love Aryan in this show. . He uses his skills for Sanyukta. Randhir always been rude to Sayunkta for small issues ,whether they were in relationship or not but I liked how Aryan supports Sanyukta and protect her. Aryan deserves Sayunkta. Sanyan is the best. ..

  15. Hmm mm gud 1 but still it will take a lot of time to ran and San to come back together ?

  16. Shivangi upadhyay

    No they are not mad..they are just trying to show us wat one can do wen there is a lot of misunderstanding between them.. N they are trying to show the reality..Randhir is a short temper personality in season one as well so guys don’t bash the CV’s
    Just keep calm n enjoy each n every phase which they are trying to present in front of us..yeah it’s hell boring sometimes even I feel sanyu n Aryan are good together but deep in our hearts we always wish for sandhir to be together..I don’t like shabnam’s yeah I wish to see the jealous Randhir..bcz he deserves it(season1 ishikha n now shanaya..I mean this is not fair why would she always forget everything n accept him..he shud also go through the same phase to feel the pain ryt..) ( P.S.- its only for Randhir character otherwise I love param :* )..n yes pls bring vidarth back 🙂
    P.S.- no hard feelings for ne1 just giving my point of view
    I hope u guys don’t take it in a wrong way..:)
    Hey Karina
    Dear I love ur observation n summarization abt the episode n ur comments are worth reading for
    Bcz it gives us a little bit hope that may b something gud is going to happen that’s why they are showing this n that 🙂

    1. Hey dear thank u for ur compliment 🙂 im glad u like my comments 🙂

  17. Dear suranjana & karina

    I didn’t watch any serial … I was watching only CID … but mom insisted me not to watch crime serial evry time …

    So I started watching aphg and also left when misunderstanding drama started … in sadda haq same repeat

    I m watching salaam – e – ishq ,and also I’ll left when again that drama started …

    So I think episodic shows are best … we get happy ending in one hour

    I m not vidarth fan as I don’t know about previous episodes … but they both r effective when we see them ☺ … and new characters are also effective but the effect is that I have to stop watching show ?


    1. Byeeere noone, in sh family wnt u.. anyways cz we r sanyus fans we nvr loose hope.. .we r sada haq loyal fans..hnc like our heroine n hero sandhir..we kno evrthyng falls iin place.

  18. oh o..mis understanding…i think once sandhir n parth hv to discuss abt past dat realy wt happened…n nw hv to focus on d mars mission…

  19. Next week spoilers are out

    Monday= Aryan confronts randhir for behaving badly with sanyukta

    Tuesaday=Randhir sends a personal mail to sanyukta that shocks her.

    Wednesday=Aryan learns about vidushi blackmailing to sanyukta

    Thursday=Randhir gets angry at sanyukta

    Friday=Aryan and Randhir compete in a task

    1. ohh randhir looks like aryan is smart in oother things 😛 lol ultimately Sandhir 🙂
      buttt i think aryan will win task LOL no offens and sh rock

  20. U know friends like you all hate yesterday episode some like some unlike it .

    Me too doesn’t like the episode yesterday but just till 6:55 pm because when in last 5 minutes I see the precap I get the hint that somehow sanyukta get saved to not going anywhere from ISRC may be its all radhir thinking or may be he do something to stop her by not telling her.

    anyways but the upcoming week spoilers are fadoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    We all wish to see this Aryan and Randhir face off abhi toh bahut kuch baaki hai

    and vids too coming next week karu and suru what say guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    be happy and exciting and make the trps go on and on . because we want ultimately to watch sadda haq for sandhir and vidushi , and parth and aryan and many others twistssssssssssssss

    love u friends

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend.

    1. hey Nishu thanks for the spoiler dear love u…

    2. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Hey nisha..I m u too

    3. thank u nisha..for d spoilers

  21. I m a randhir fan but he is forcing me to like aaryan.aaryan is a personality which will do anything for his love without any favour and have lots of respect for sanyukta.unlike randhir who have no respect for her wether in a relationship or not.

  22. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    From the spoilers..face off between aryan n randhir..
    secondly encounter of vidushi n aryan n I m nt getting good vibes abt it

    1. Dear surnjna next weak will be ausom..just watch it…its what we hve wanted…

      1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

        I thouhjt thr wl b a faceoff btwn aryan and aryan n vidushi encounter too.thts unxpctd

  23. I hate u Randhir :-q .Aaryan should make randhir life hell……… Aaryan & sanyu r the best couple :-):-):-)

  24. If randhir and sanyukta both will fall in love again,then i will stop watching this soap . Because this time randhir cross a limit of immaturity. How can he did this to sanyukta who always help him to shape his career by going against her parents. This time randhir proved that he is not deserving sanyukta. Just for the shake of own relationship with Sanaya he never think for a second and forget the 4 years which he spend with sanyukta. So selfish I don’t entertain and abide that type of boy.

    1. U r rit rd was nt like dat..they r nt showing it proprly…bt I thnk their is some mystery here. They will show it in next week maybe. cz thy r not fools to mke randhir like ds.. they r only creating suspense…nd I dnt thnk he iz doing. It 4 shanya. He alwz wnted to kno evrthyg of sanyu….
      Hencr now also he wnts tokno how sanyu was in last 2 years bt he wikl nt admit it

    2. Hiiii frnds I m also a fan of sandhir..can I join u al??:-):-)

      1. Welcome 🙂

  25. Welcome sandhirian..

  26. Its a request to everyone pls do watch sadda haq at 6:30 chahe apko track acha lage ya na lage we hv to do it for our beloved parsh . i really dnt want to see d trp of sadda haq going low infrnt of utkarsh gupta show d4 hamare parsh ki naak hamesha unchi rehna chahiye and as a fans we hv to do it for thm pls do watch all d repeats too and we hv to get bck trp of sadda haq in highest position as alwys aur hame dikhana hai ki sadda haq fans chahenge toh kuch bhi kar sakthe hai

  27. Hey i m also a sadda haq fan…can i join?

    1. Hey welcome…of course u can join us 🙂







    1. But is pic mein wo sanaya bhi to randhir k saath hai

  29. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Sure..why not??more people more discussions..
    Hi I m Suranjana…






  31. I can’t wait for Friday Aryan and Randhir but if Randhir I really kill CVs I mean Randhir has always been our genius..

    Welcome @Sandhirian and ofcuz don’t judge Randhir this early why are people always looking at the Flaws, Randhir has always been there for Sanyukta too so many but it seems viewers have forgotten that. Many are infatuated by Aryan just like Sanyukta because she’s helping her for now

    1. Yup ur ryt…and the same goes with Vids…

  32. Thnks guys……i loved sadda haq s1 nd even i m liking d plot of s2 but our rd is being too rude to sanyu……but i will never want d serial to go off air its my favourite…i dont miss a single epi….hope soon we will get to see our old sandhir chemistry……

    1. Yup im also waiting for sandhir’s chemistry to explode once again and entertain as always 🙂

  33. Happy mahashivratri to all my swt frnds…n hv nyc day..

  34. In sadda haq s1 when rd wanted to make sanyu out of fite, he ended up falling 4 her…and I think this time also rd will end up in falling 4 sanyu in making her out of isrc…he will realize his ture feelings.When rd was with sanyu he never done such things as he used to feel secured with her and with sanaya he don’t feel that….bt he is not reallizing the truth…so he is doing all these…the track is getting interesting again.

    1. I hope ur ryt coz im missing sandhir badly.

  35. I jst hate dis weekends wid out sadda haq……though i like d aryukta moments but deep inside my heart i want those moments wid rd…..

    1. Yup im filling the same way…i want sandhir back.

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