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Sadda Haq 4th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes downstairs. Her dad is watching TV. She stops for a while. He shouts ankit why is remote not working. I work whole day and come home and even Tv doesn’t work here. Is anybody here or am I shouting uselessly. He goes somewhere. Sanyu comes downstairs and looks at the remote. She opens it with help of a knife. She starts working a the circuit. Its starts working. Her dad comes and says I thought you must be working. Did you take the food ? he says forget all this. You don’t have to do all this. You will have to take care of yourself and your husband. Listen I know that you must be thinking why am I getting married by abandoning my dream. When you will marry you will have kids your family and then you will understand what real happiness is like. Ask your mom, I want you to be

like her. Kepp smiling I have planned a surprise for you. Door bell rings, ankit opens in. Vidushi comes in. Sanyu is shocked. She wonders what is she doing here ? Dad says look I told you you will be surprised. Come in girl Ankit she is sanyu’s friend. Dad says I guess sanyu is surprised and shocked. Vidushi says I heart wow her house is so nice. They say hi to each other.

Scene 2
Randhir is working on the transmitter. Its not working the young guy comes to him and says I will play the radio for you. Randhir throws the transmitter away and says I thought I can’t see you so will just listen your voice. Why this transmitter has to be like this.

Vidushi is in sanyu’s room. She says you can live here. Vidushi asks where is the wash room ? Sanyu tell her.
Rahim chacha comes to Randhir and says this concealing will hurt you. Tell me what are you thinking. Randhir says I am fine just wanted to be alone. Chacha says why are you sitting with your pain then? He says no I am fine. Chacha says then come and eat with me. He says I will eat later. Chacha says okay.

Sanyu tries to call kaustuki, she says whats going on. Sanyu asks viduhsi why isn’t kaustuki here. Dad says he invited you both. Vidushi recalls when she got a call from her dad. He invited kaustuki and vidushi for the wedding. He said I will call kaustuki. Vidushi said uncle kaustuki has left. She must be in train. I will call and tell her that she has to come to Sanyu’s home.
Viduhsi says I told you that she left before. it would have been fun is she was here. We three friends could enjoy. Sanyu says in heart friends ?
The little boy comes to Randhir and says that radio is making some noise. Its like a TV serial two girls are talking to each other.

Maa comes in room and says come on eat something I have two daughters here now. Sanyu says I heart mom I will disown you if you call her your daughter. Vidushi takes the plate and starts eating. maa says keep calm. Didn’t know that you were hungry. Be comfortable. Vidushi says I won’t its like my house too.
The little boy gives the transmitter to randhir and says it working.

Vidushi says why you left this house and went to FITE. People work for all this why you left when you already have ? If I could get a house like this I won’t ever go out. Sanyu says I am going to bathroom. Sleep if you want. Vidushi says why would I sleep I need to eat. I am going to kitchen. This house is like mine too. Sanyu says if God asks me to marry Samir right now in return to kick her out I would even do that.

Randhir is trying to listen but he can’t as no one is talking. He goes out in anger. The young guy asks him your radio gets feared with you that its not working with you. he asks who is sanyu ? Randhir says she is my college friend. he says does she work in radio ? Randhir says why you ask so many question ? The young guy says whats the real story ? Randhir says nothing she is my friend only. Boy says just call her. He says she isn’t missing me. I am not important for her. boy says why don’t you go and take her. I have been hearing that you do the impossible. You can just go to her and bring her here. Randhir says this is not a movie.

Vidushi says to sanyu give some more space to sleep. Sanyu says I am on edge already. Vidushi says can’t you give me another room. Sanyu says some work is going on in all of the room. This is all, you have to adjust.

Scene 3
Sanyu wakes up and says she didn’t annoy me after that. How is that possible ? She looks at her side and says she isn’t here. Where can she go ? I hope she has not created any mess again.
Randhir is working on a bike at the garage. He says fuel tank has some water and there must be some water in engine. It will take 2 days. He gives his number to Randhir so he call when its fine. he young boy says I did this to his bike. Randhir says why ? He says he is my friend sonal’s father. I don’t like him he wanted to take her to her granny’s place. She gets bored there and I like her whom would I play with? Wouldn’t you do anything to stop sanyu di.

Precap-Sanyu has cucumbers on her eyes. Randhir jumps in from the window. Sanyu asks who is it ?He holds her hand. Sanyu opens her eyes and is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks….

  2. Thanx Atiba

  3. Wow wow wow awsme precap,o god! ab monday tk wait krna padega,well done randhir

  4. PRECAP- Sanyu with facepack n cucumber pieces on her eyes… She seems to be ready to marry that chomu….. Our hero Randhir jumps in thro the window…. he is so used to it ha ha!!! hone waali patni ka ghar jo hai!!!. Sanyu is shocked.

  5. To hell with this vidushi,bechari sanyu ko pareshan krke rakha h,it would be better if kaustu ws there instead of vidushi

  6. Omg! Randheer in sanyu’s room…i think he wil only help her cum out of her engagement..we shud wait til monday guys…

  7. SAMIR MITTAL aka Varun Sharma’s latest tweet :
    A villian is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told…

  8. Hai guys! i’m new here…..! Is there no spoiler alerts.

  9. Precap : Is R going to confess his ♥ to S???
    what if Sanyu yells at R.. uska dill phir se toot jayegaa….

  10. cant wait for monday

  11. What if vidhushi gets engaged with sameer!
    Hard to imagine! 😛
    donoh champu sath sath! 😛

  12. Nalla epi ayirunnu.,transilated 2 hindi- acha epi tha.,transilated 2 english – nice epi.

      UNDER Sadda Haq Forum Topics —- SADDA HAQ – Spoiler Corner New Pg 38 – POST
      2 3 4 5 6 7 … 40 41…

      Last week’s SA’s were posted in page # 39…. nxt weeks shld be after that no. (the same need not necessarily be in the imm next number….)

  13. Kya hoga monday….excited!!!!!! Bas ab randhir sanyukta ki engmnt cancel karde!!… n sanyukta ko randhir ki value samjhe..varna no use of nythng..!!

  14. thanx atiba fr the pics 🙂 woow precap is awesome… Randhir is in sanyu’s room he jump up from the window like he used to it 😀 ha ha….. can’t wait fr Monday epi 😉

  15. Really want vidushi and samir to get married . I think vidushi has come to rich boys and Ankit will be the target. He is rich. please vidushi & leave the college

  16. superb precap….

  17. I HOPE that randhir will confess his love to sanyu.eagerly waiting for monday becoz precap is v.interesting.and guys plz can anyone tell me d spoiler alerts of sadda haq.

    1. for spoilers – same as replied to @akshara above…..

  18. Yeah it would be better if he confess his love to her

  19. our hero rd look like thoda thoda hath me transmitter ki jagah glass hoti…bt prcap me dhansuu reantry.well done .i thing rd bi vidushi ke jese sanyu ke ghr me hi ruk jayega…driver bankr….

  20. dyno thunder

    I think sameer will fall for vidushi….

  21. I’m so happy, I can’t wait till monday, sandhir I love u, thanx atiba please monday thoda jalti update karo na?

  22. I loved that CHOTU in garage….. aajkal ke bacche bhi naa….

  23. A song for randheer yahi hote hai sawere yahi dube din mere . Yahi jeena aur marna yahi mandir aur…. Teri galiya galiya teri galiya mujh ko bhaye hai galiya teri galiya…

  24. Smirti aaj kal k bachche bachche hote hi kaha hai…

    1. agreed!!!

  25. I do not want Rd to confess his love now… Sanyu wl react
    differently n Rd is sure to get hurt….. I def want a cutie to befriend
    our Rd after the shortbreak, thereby making sanyu jealous…..

    Just my guess, may be he wl write FITE on sanyus hand using the mehendi cone….

  26. For sandhirian fans-
    tum sabke dil ko samjthe ho,
    tum sabke dil ko samajte ho lekin,
    mere toote dil ka dard kyun nahi samaj raha.(randhir ke taraf se sanyukta ko).

  27. hi
    can any1 tell me how to send gifts and letters to sadda haq cast?
    their anniversary(1) is coming up in nov
    hope there is sum speial epi!


      6, silver croft,
      opp. mini punjab,
      junction of 16th and 33rd road,
      off link road,
      mumbai 400050


      505 DLH Park,
      S. V. Road, Goregaon (West),
      Mumbai – 400 062
      Maharashtra – INDIA.
      you can send gifts .Please do not send anything edible, perishable, explosives and delicate (easily breakable) times.

    2. Even my situation is similar 2 u. Me and my friend share the story during intervals.

    3. Meera,
      Thanku sooooo much fr the address……
      BTW now the question is,how do we send the gifts without our parents knowing?hahaha looks impossible.but i have gone to extremes to get this ADD, so im sure that between the 2of us(my friend and i )we can surely find an option!

    we(my friend and me) r not allowed to watch SHQ,b’coz ,if u remember there was a recent epi in which they all get slightly drunk.And our parents chose that very scene to have their first glimpse of the serial. so this ban.
    I watch the repeat @ 3 in the aft,when I am alone
    Myfriend watches it at 6.
    At school,we spend the free time in d\between 2 periods discussing nothing but SHQ,thus boring the people around us.
    We have forced some people to watch atleast one epi of SHQ.most of the people that we fored,became staunch watchers of the same………..

    1. YOU ROCK!!!! Just like SHQ..

    2. well my friends are nt intrested in SD HQ but i made them to watch it and after watching just 1 epi they could’nt stop talking abt it /
      they had become an addict!!!

  29. there should be epi of shq on saturday

  30. umm can some1 give next weeks episodes spoiler alerts?? want to read it so bad 🙂

  31. nice epi n precap

  32. Harshita Gaur aka Sanyukta is 25 yrs old…. isn’t she looking young for this age??

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