Sadda Haq 4th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says you? Rehan says yes you must be thinking i should be in jail all because of my dear brother randhir. sanyu says i saved you, have you forgotten? you must have been in jail. He says how can i forget that you saved us. I will always be grateful to you but i have to seek revenge from randhir. sanyu says do what you want but let me go. SAnyu says what you want from me. Rehan says randhir harmed my company and now i will harm him through you. Sanyu says help. He says i will go and you will be here in carbon-mono-oxide. its upto you whether you die or help me in destroying him. sanyu says i can never hurt randhir. She hit the window. He says so you wont listen? Rehan places a handkerchief on her mouth and she faints. He says this gas will kill you in three hours, 90% of your death

will be done by this gas and 10% by the time bomb in the car and after that what will happen to me will cause so much fun to me. Bye sanyu, he leaves the car and starts the bomb. sanyu hears agarwal’s voice in her head.
Anju drops sanyu’s picture. she is scared. She calls sanyu, rehan has sanyu’s phone.

Rana says to yoyo where is the gun? Yoyo handsover. rana says now listen how to handle it, stand there and put that bootle on your head. yoyo is scared. Rana shoots the bottle. Yoyo says oh i am safe. rana says now your turn. Yoyo says you will place it on your head now? Rana slaps him and says am I mad? He places a bottle on wall. Yoyo shoots it in second shot. Yoyo says see i told you i will learn if you teach me.

Anju calls agarwal. Anju says where is sanyu? agarwal says she must be on floor, why don’t you call her. anju says please let me talk to her. I am so worried for her. Agarwal says all she cares about is engineering, everything is fine here. She is doing internship here. Call her after break she will pick her phone, anju says but what if.. Agarwal hangs up.

Vardhan recalls what kabir said. Vardhan sees some students working. One says i wont go near the machine what if it blasts? Vardhan says if they get to know about niharika’s death they will be scared of machines. He goes to kabir. kabir says make sure you have a good news. Vardhan gives him a drive and says this has boot print of those files. kabir hugs him and says you are my old friend. He puts it in his laptop. He says tell me the password. vardhan is quite. Kabir says let me guess, its niharika. it opens, kabir burns all reports of niharika. He says here you go. He says vardhan you gave files so easily? Vardhan says why don’t you look. kabir says there is only one file in it where are the rest? vardhan says i like you faith on me. Kabir says you will pay for it vardhan.

yoyo is scolding at different boys. The girl jiggy attacked comes, yoyo says hello how are you. She leaves.

Agarwal recalls what anju said. He says she worried me as well. agarwal asks peon to call sanyu. Randhir is working on the machine, he gets a call from sanyu. He says think of the devil and the devil calls. Rehan laughs and says yes i am devil. Randhir says rehan you? what is sanyu’s phone doing with you? He says sanyu is with me. randhir says where is sanyyu? rehan says don’t waste time. ask the one who has three hours alive. Now listen where you have to come. he tells randhir address and hangs up. Randhir rushes out.

Rana is doing his calculations, 5k are missing. He calls yoyo. ranaa asks where are 5k? Yoyo says i told you about arjun. Rana says what have i given you gun for? Go and take money.
Randhir comes to the site, rehan shoves him randhir says where is sanyu? what have you done to her? He hits her. rehan says this was all? well i expected more. i give you one more chance to save her. There is a poisonous gas in the car and a bomb. your most important thing is enclosed in a car with gas and a bomb. Here is the remote. rehan says she has only three hours. randhir says where is she? Rehan says i will give you three clues to find her. one clue will take you to second and second to third. so the first is the drawer in our mom’s room. Randhir says do what you want to do with me. rehen says so worried for her? randhir says she was my gf , i hate her now don’t drag her. rehan says oh its all in vain then. I wont have wasted time like you, randhir says i wont leave you if anything happens to sanyu. randhir runs.

Yoyo asks arjun to give the money, he says give me one chance. He asks arjun to place bottle on his head. yoyo says if i shoot it you will give me 5k and if i shoot somewhere else your money will be forgiven, some guard comes, yoyo and arjun both run. Yoyo leaves gun there as well. Guard gives the gun to kabir, pkc says what is happening in this college, rana says give me this authority i will find if it is registered. pkc says my relative is in license dept they will tell us whose gun is this. kabir says okay then take it.

sanyu opens her eyes and coughs. SHe screams for help. randhir goes to roshan’s house. the guard says no one is home, sir said you wont come in. radhir ropes him and says renuka saniyal where are you? He looks here and there. Randhir goes to the room. Randhir sees his photos with renuka and harsh in the drawer. he gets a call from rehan. randhir says there is no clue, rehan says you must be emotional. But if you keep staying nostalgic you wont be able to save your gf. randhir says if something happens to her i will kill you. rehan says i know you are in pain but this pain has your solution. randhir says tell me, rehan says its simple. he hands up. randhir finds something written on the pictures. It says how was the plate harsh eats his food in? Randhir calls rehan and says how can you involve my dad. Rehan says i wont harm him we are all part of big family.

Rana goes and hits yoyo. He says pkc has that gun and will idenitify the number, yoyo says please give me one chance, rana says i will save myself but you will go to jail. if you trace arjun and that gun before it gets traced only then you will be safe. PKC gives keys of his cabin to guard and leaves, yoyo watches them. some girls are coming. The girl jggy attacks come as well. yoyo says hello. She says i can’t pardon juggy but dont feel guilty. he says i am sorry. she syas yo dont need to be its okay.

sanyu is trying to start the car. The guard is walking outside pkc’s cabin. he says i will mix dose in hi tea. the watchman drinks the tea. yoyo takes out the keys from his pocket. agarwal calls hostel they say she left from college. ankit says randhir is not here as well. they must be together. maa is calling me as well. agarwal says tell her that she is on the floor and then call comissioner and tell him sanyu is missing.

yoyo looks for the gun in pkc’s cabin. He finds it and leaves. parth stops yoyo and asks what are you doing here? why are you wearing gloves? yoyo says i bought them for lab? Parth says is everything okay? yoyo says yes. parth says why were you walking in corridor? yoyo says i has pkc’s pen i came to return it, i have to go now. he leaves.

Randhir goes to jail harsh says why you came here? to see if i am alive. don’t ever show me your face, randhir says why you saying that. harsh says is it hurting you? do you understand how i feel? that woman is enjoying and my son can’t do anything for. I asked one thing from you. that woman ruined my life again. you might pardon her but i can’t. why you did all this drama? randhir says i planned everything but sanyu ruined her life. harsh says that girl is ruining your life, randhir says her life is in danger i need to save her.

Precap-ramdhir sees sanyu from the window. There is blood on it. sanyu asks him to go.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    Myself-official welcomer
    Aishu, itte jaldi so gayi???
    And shraddha di, itna sad kyun? Itta amazing twist aaya hain….fingers crossed!

  2. murthi

    Shaz ik no. Ka fool ha uske karn bechara queen kitna problem me hai aaj usne to first time bhi queen se thik se bt naai kya tha laikain queen kitna acha udse hmsha acha sa baat karta haai

  3. Gm!
    Haan di….woh toh hain dekho na sab k sab pata nhi kahaan chale gye
    Meera di ka toh pooncho hi mat
    Gc di bhi….boli 27th dec tak nhi aaengi….abtak nhi aayi…aur tabse mujhse toh baat hi nhi ki…
    Daksh bhai toh permanent mr.india ban gye
    Sanu di bhi unke saath vanvaad le li shayad
    Aur kaun reh gaya??
    Naina di toh newbie hi thi, lekin meri acchi frnd thi…ab woh bhi god knows kahaan gyi
    Priyali di toh main nhi thi tabhi ayi thi…aur aake chali bhi gayi…kab waapas aayegi ussey hi pata
    Nutty di aka steffie di aur rebu di aka rebecca di toh saathme gaye…wapas aane ka naam nhi le rahe
    Bache ham teen
    Pehle toh bas main aur aishu the
    Aur ussey pehle bas main
    Tab toh main itti depressed ho gyi thi ki i nearly left TU
    Phir aishu ka comment aaya
    Toh i ws happy
    Yeh kya ho gaya di, ape TU ko?? Aapko yaad hain, usdin gc di raised d q ki jab SHQ khattam ho jaaega, kya apni dosti bhi toot jaaegi, toh tab decide hua tha k chahe jo bhi ho, ham roz aivayi milte rahenge
    Aur ab???
    Khattam bhi nhi hua & sab chale gaye
    Chodo di, ham hain na, bas

  4. Shqlover19

    I hope the story finally takes a good turn. The break-up phase has been so long!

    Hello everyone here!

  5. Max

    My dear queen murti is tryin 2 say tat shazu is fool nd ur vry gud u knw hw 2 talk wit othes.
    is tat right murti?
    aur tum bilkul sahi ho.
    queen sabke dil ki rani
    aur mere dil ki dhadkan.
    vry warm GM 4U. MY SWEETHRT

  6. afra

    hi guys!!!!!!
    bade dino baad?????
    n noops kaisi ho yaar
    cant stop myself fr coming here πŸ™‚
    enjoyn SH soooo much πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

  7. firse yahaan par love story start hogayi πŸ˜‰
    n ex of queen is also back coz i saw him at 3rd feb epi
    dekhte hai is story me kya hoga πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ;P

  8. saloni

    No murthinnt shazu bt queen is mad hamesha she tris to show that how good she is from very first day she is irritating everyone by all her stupid talks abt love n all so msx is punishment for her

  9. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    guys say wtevr u want?? who tld im gud?? dont decide my character witout knwin abt me?? nw i cum hre jst say abt serial r wishin gm tats al. den y ru guys speakin bad abt me. so pls stp speakin abt me. nd i dont want show off k. In EHT update i sclded hm in al bad wrds. hre i dont do becauz kids cum hre tats al.

  10. saloni

    Nd dis chinky she is so shameless creature She is A PSYCHO usko khud ko hi nhi pta hta ke kya bolti he kabhi kya to kabhi kya
    or wo loser wo bhi kam nhi hw kitna drma karta h acha bannne ka queen tera bf he kya wo n max tu sabse bada pagal he ek ladki k liyw itna cheap ban gaya wo bhi queen jausi ldki

    Saare despo n cheapster nt only queen n shazu

  11. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    my god i tld i wil leav TU. bt my frnds didnt lev me to go k. u dono anythin k, bt nw im nt cumin becaus of hm k.

  12. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    @afra i knw hw ur frnds r k. so just shut ur mouth. wen ur frnd daksh startd his luv story did i cum nd questin u???? no na?? Ex of me?? wt do u mean by tat?? u r in sch a persn who wil c nd enjoy othrs pain??? so stp givin stupid commnts

  13. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Arey chodo na queen!! tat afra dono evn she did such things sum days befor in dis wu itself!!
    nw she has becum good. evn i hve seen al their stupidy onc.

  14. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @saloni u dono abt me nd queen. u wil cum 2 knw abt a person wen becum frnd wit them. jst 4m far dont giv commnts . remembr 1 thin nobdy is perfct in dis wrld includin u.

  15. saloni

    God knows abt dem bt queen u think abt ur future n self respect like me other will also come n abuse u so just leave dis TU page
    i guess tere pas iss shazu ki fb id pata h n tu us se fb pe bat bhi krti h n wo loser bhi h fb pe to or kon bacha yaha aana jyada imp h ya teri self respect???

  16. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    wt u tld at 10.25 saloni?? queen jaisi ladki?? yani mere jaisi ladki?? wt do u mean by tat mr or ms.
    speakin abt a persn whom u dont knw at al? wt ur doin is decent nd wt im doin is cheap?
    speakin abt a grl lyk dis is corrct!!! mere jaisi ladki ka matlad kya h u fool??

  17. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    pls u dont speak abt self respct??? u disrespctd sayin me tat mere jaisi ladki?? nobody tld dis to me

  18. saloni

    I knw i insulted u n i accepted tht queen
    or wo bhi tere ache k liye bola ab tujhe samjh nhi aya to wo teri prblm h

  19. saloni

    M boli ki queen k khudke dimag me akkl mhi h usk piche kya pagal ho rha h n queen is nt of ur type i mean by tht ki tu achi h n he is already gone my way was lil diff bt i mean tht only

  20. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    saloni i jst wishd gud mrng to al k . max replid bt i didnt reply hm bck. so wt ur prblm ??? let him bark i dont care nd u also dont care. nd remembr 1 thin who insults a person witout reasn DEY R CHEAPSTR NT ME K. u tld me max is behin a grl lyk me?? wt do u mean by tat

  21. saloni

    Nf shazana i guarantee u tht i m better thn u mujhe pata he sb tere bare me samjhi mujhe to ye nhi samjha ki queen teei frmd kaise ban gayi yaha or bhi achi ladkiya sanyu noopor(ab badla gayi he) naina (wo sb uski frnd ne kiyatha ) aisha
    bt tujhe to ye shazana mili
    or queen dwkh jb chinky shazana ko abuse kr rhi thi tu pura time shazana kar rhi thi or ab dekh wen u need someome in ur favour none is here
    tht is wht i m trying to say

  22. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    aap log bina samje bina jaane beech main aa jate ho aur sab pe commnts paas karte ho. u calld me dramebaaz, despo cheapstr mad, nd finaaly a grl lyk me. u abusd shazu also. wt al u did right nd im wrong na??

  23. saloni

    I said ki queen me akkal nhi h agr akkal hoti to ana band kr deti ya kuch to krti to esi pagal k piche kya jana
    n tujhe ek bat batsti hu ye shazana khud dashing pronce bni thi khudko propose bhikiya isliye ye chinky fespo despo bolti h isr

  24. lovya

    queen is so cheap..its so obvious this is how u brought up by ur parents,,,doesn’t hv self respect ..grow up gal

  25. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    saloni i tld shazu to nt cum hre. pls she is lyk my sis nt i cannt bare sumone sayin bad abt hr.

  26. saloni

    Queen really i said ki tu yha se chali jaye nt to hurt u nd most importantly ye site se ye max wala drama khtm ho jaye ab tu yakin nhi kregi pta h to ab me kuch nhi kr skti
    n shazana to koi angle se sahi nhi h
    she is so mean n selfish

  27. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    once again koi na koi beech main aakar commnt dete h.@ lovya did i evr cam nd askd abt me to u no na?? so pls dnt giv commnts

  28. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    lovya tere maa baap yahi sikaya ki koi bi ladki ke charactr par ungli utao?? first c urself

  29. lovya

    queen u act like a dog thats y ppl treat u like a dog…u r so full of ur self…u r so self centered wuss!!

  30. saloni

    Queen tumhe kaise pta hoga ki shazu ne hi dashing prince ban ke khgudko propose kiya tha tum to luci n naina ko milane me lagi thi or ye shazu jelous ho rhi thi nd she did all dis
    nd lovya dont bring parents in all dis k

  31. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    pls saloni dont say tat again abt my shazu. may b u dont lyk hr. evn first u tld bad abt me nd nw ur talkin wit me gud.

  32. lovya

    yea queen i c my self as a mirror,,so wat eva u r spitting at me.. truthfully u r spitting at ur self haha

  33. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    no saloni it ws nt hr. tat mad fellow did to jst tease hr.
    nd lovy i knw u jst came hre 2 abuse me so go on

  34. saloni

    I tld bad abt u bt nt to hurt u wo sirf esliye ki tu yha se ghusse se jaye bt dis shazana is good for nothing

  35. lovya

    u know queen what you r missing right now is a poisonous apple n the sure u know what am talking bout…n i’m sure u r not illiterate !!

  36. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    i dont knw d real reason y u did tat?? bt dont speak abt anybds charactr k nt i didnt want b hre. i just came 2 say gm tats al. u tld bad abt me so i gt angry. @saloni

  37. saloni

    Sorry queen i ws nt knwng ye itna bad jayega
    bt still i will give u advice tht atleast change ur name
    now i m goung
    sorry extremely sorry

  38. saloni

    Mene tere character ko kya bola me to sbko hi bol rhi thi
    u din get wht i mean to say
    from now i wont advice anything to anyne chahe kitna bhi wrng hojaye
    byee’ve to go now

  39. lovya

    and queen i know u so ugly by nature that’s why you find the way to clear your depression here..or you attained menopause??i have doubt on that too…or you should be psychotic because clearly what you are doing here is called ‘projection’..girl you should ashamed of yourself..also don’t act live naive..doesn’t suit u!

  40. lovya

    folks don’t enable that sure all you have self dignity and self respect…so just ask her to behave!!

  41. Max

    lovya jaisi cheez yaha kya kar rahi h. tu to yaha hona nahi chahiye baby??? ur gtin menopause na den go & do som business wit it.

  42. lovya

    queen i’m different it doesn’t mean i’m senseless…respect all!! next time change your user name according to your color of your soul !!

  43. lovya

    here comes max..the man behind all those nonsense ..don’t you have better things to do dude..guys like you girls like her every where…getta life man!!

  44. Max

    kya cheez h tu lovya. ladki hokar ladki ki persnal baate khul kar baat kar rahi ho. manna badega tu to junglee billi h

  45. lovya

    see are just a mirror image of her…dude don’t repeat what ever i said…try something new!! or u out of vocabulary s??

  46. Max

    lovya jaisi ladkiyan mere bistar par aakar ja chuke h dear. unfortunalety queen jaisi ladki bistar ke liye nahi puri zindagi ke liye samji

  47. lovya

    max talk in english dude..let the world see how you defending your queen!! or are you poor in english my baby!!

  48. lovya

    you are her lover max???humm what should i say my heart felt condolences or congratz.. i can’t imagine why you fall for her…or because you fall for her you got hit your head! sad dear

  49. Max

    k want eng?? c baby girls lyk u gave warmth of bed 2 me nd went away. bt queen is 4 lyf long undrstnd? if nt c dictionary

  50. lovya

    haha..max your brain really corrupted ..what else i can expect…but thank god u r taken..otherwise i can’t imagine you with any other really suit her!!

  51. lovya

    you know love at first sight remain mystery dude!! i perfr to b blind..because i don’t want to see the your romance:)

  52. Max

    luv is nt sum giv & tak policy. if i show sum% of luv it doesnt mean tat evn queen shld show me back.
    bcauz queen didnt forc me2 fall in luv so hw can i expct tat 4m hr

  53. Max

    luv at frist sight? i dint evn c hr to say dis wrd? der is a sayin wtevr u c may b wrong, wtevr u listen may b also wrng. bt if 1 investigat d maatr den only it wil b true.
    Seein r spekin wit nt imprtat undrstndin is imp k

  54. lovya

    i agree its not give and take..but love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own…that s what i meant by my previous comment.

  55. Max

    c lovya i dont knw y u hate queen. if u hate u cn scld hr. bt u tld abt menopause whch ws wrong.
    evn ur grl so u knw i dnt need 2 say.

  56. lovya

    humm agree certain extent i was way out my line…but she is no good…i hate the way she welcoming people here..if she wanted to be respected ofr her hot seat she need to be a little worm!!

  57. lovya

    a foolish man tells a women to stop talking but a wise man tells her that she extremely beautiful when her lips are closed…i hope u wud say that to your queen πŸ™‚

  58. lovya

    is that really matter max..more importantly you are talking with me.. you are responding to me. but you are not that bad …haha

  59. lovya

    okie i don’t want ot suppress your believes ..we all look at stuffs thru different lenses .because what wee seee with our eyes is coloured by the conditions of our hearts…..i may talk like a granny but im just 16:)

  60. Max

    c tat persn lyks queen. its al abt our thinkin. lovya im nt sayin hr 2 lyk hr. bt u tld wrd tat type of wrd were a grl shld nvr say it 2 a grl.

  61. lovya

    max a gril can say anything to girl because it’s between them,,, but a guy shouldn’t say or ask certain stuffs to girl..v called gentleman!!

  62. Max

    i ws thinkin chinky hates queen badly. bt evn she didnt scld hr so badly. tat menopause wt u tld ws very bad

  63. :)

    Bt @least i m nt like u lovya
    n girl shld understand other girls prroblem unlike u
    n abt gentlemen d one who cares for women is called gentlemen

  64. Max

    U tld queen wld hve nvr gt menopause whch means she is nt a grl. if u wld hve tld she is a b*t*h wld hav been fyn compar to dis

  65. lovya

    smiley ..the way jodging a person doesn’t define who they are it defines who u r…haha if the hat fits wear it πŸ™‚

  66. lovya

    max u r just beating around the same bush…okie i shouldn’t use that term..sorry from my bottom of my heart…

  67. lovya

    max wise ma once told me we don’t fall for someone whom meant for us…that’s reli sad rite??what we want .what we deserves always contradict!!

  68. Max

    if u dnt lyk queen its k. nd im happy 2 knw tat der is sum persn to hate hr. bt dont say sch things whch is beyond limit k

  69. lovya

    max…yea i know iv gone beyond the limits..but i hate her..wot to do..act i said stuff infront of her…i dun like to talk behind peoples back..she is not here,,,so drop it!!

  70. lovya

    smiley u dun hv to use that term to scold enemy…u may use arun ur friends some time..ok ok…sorry!!

  71. lovya

    max u r a man…you don’t need anyone to back you up…if you feel its wrong u hv the rights to say back…

  72. lovya

    yea betrayers r worst than enemies is a good things..that means u stood up for some thing!!

  73. lovya

    but max i can’t promise even in the future if i felt queen acting weirdly ill just appear infront of her with a blink of eyes:) haha

  74. lovya

    max if im not mistaken u said something to me that u shouldn’t say to any girl..but am very cool..ill forgive u for that πŸ™‚

  75. lovya

    max.. i don’t hv problem with anyone who talk anything right to my face…i dun care he/she good or bad…i can stand that kinda person!

  76. lovya

    o max again u defending her….but its okie its ur life….but if im not mistaken seh clearly said that she doesn’t need anyone to defend her….i don’t know which part of her english you didn’t understand

  77. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    itni ghatiya ladki maine kabi nahi deka? u c hw stupid ur?? ur sayin who gts menopause she is a grl!!
    nd ur sayin ur smart? 4 ur refernc der was lady in india who never gave birth to a child bt still calld Mother k. She is our Mother Teresa. im nt sayin queen is so good k. bt many girls r der in world who gav birth to kids bt only der kids call them mom. Bt whole wrld call hr mother. first indrstnd d meanin of feminity u idiot

  78. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Guys evn dis lovya lyks max. der r only 3 persn hre who lyk max. chinky, riya nd dis lovya.

  79. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    queen ko cheap bolkar yeh khud cheap ho gayi. aur max ko gud bolkar sab se bade cheapster ho gayi.

  80. lovya

    shazana..thanks for the wonderful speech dear..see u were telling about mother Teresa…next minute you are so harsh on strange rite!!!haha kids!! never argue with the stupid…

  81. lovya

    shazana,,,thanks for the statics of who loves max…but if u act like a mother TERESA b like her..other wise no point talking about it!! think before you talk!!

  82. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    i ws harsh bt ur cheap. u can scld queen bt nt say abt menopause nd al. menopause is jst a medium to giv birth 2 kids. Feminity is sumthin beyond al dis.

  83. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Nobody cn becum lyk Mother teresa k. u tld getin menopause is proof 4 bein grl. so i tld abt a lady who ws virgin bt stil calld mother by whole world

  84. lovya

    shazana u call ur self cute..joke,,.humm i wonder what monkeys used to think about themselves..unfortunately i don’t understand thr sure you plz say it dear

  85. lovya

    yea but she was a am sure she has to go through everything like us…r u so dump ??don’t act like you are smart…because your scale is way lower than you think….any way u shall utter anything you want ..i got to that stage is yours!! enjoy

  86. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    yes im sayin cute bt im nt so cheap lyk u 2 say abt a grl lyk dis.
    evn max ws abusin queen bt nt lyk u. For d first tym evn max felt sumbdy speakin cheap ,
    Ur cheap than max. actualy max far bettr than u

  87. Aisha

    Shazana and queen just shut up ur mouth u damn fools ! Don’t u dare say anything to afra di ! Just mind ur both blo*dy damn business! I will slap u both very hard if u will say anything to any oldie !

  88. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    U only ws barkin ur smart nd ur sayin sam dialog 4 me??? u cheapster . if ur gettin menopause store it in fridge nd keep it. who cares??

  89. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    u aisha u jst shut up. it was afra mistak y she has 2 speak abt queen. nd i wil kick u hard.
    it was afra who tld bad abt queen.

  90. lovya

    she shazana,,even u mentioned that word at me…well delivered !!hahaha i can’t control my laugh..haha gonna burst:)

  91. lovya

    shazana is a wussy princess..haha…u r in your own world….princess n cute princess i can’t wait to see you both digging your own grave:) c ya!!

  92. well wisher

    Kabhi toh jhagar na choro……be calm nd frnds….see the other serials they never f8 among themselves

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.