Sadda Haq 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says this can’t happen. He says I know you are shocked. I decided that we will get married in Ankit’s engagement. Sanyu says are you mad. This is not gonna happen. Do you even know what you are saying. randhir says we wil get married with your dad’s permission. He says I am not in this with you. He says I know how to convert your no into yes.

Vid is in kitchen, he hugs her form back. She says what are you doing I have a lot of work. Parth comes in. Vid hugs ankit and says you take so much care of me. I can give you time. Ankit says parth is seeing. Parth says don’t worry I just came to take water. Agarwal comes in and says vid..

Yoyo says to parth I have never seen such boring engagement. Randhir says I have decided that I will marry sanyu

in ankit’s engagement. Parth says are you sure this is right? Yoyo says at least we will enjoy. He says sanyu is not agreeing. She is saying i wont do this and that. Parth says convince her. Yoyo says this is the right timing. Parth says we will talk to her. Randhir says I know how to convince her.

Aagrwal says to servant where is my newspaper. Randhir comes and says your newspaper, it was outside. Randhir says i wanted to talk to about me and sanyu uncle. Never got a chance. Sanyu says papa should i make tea for you? Agarwal says what were you saying? Ranhdir says sanyu wants the same as.. sanyu breaks the glass. she says sorry. Her hand cuts. Aagrwal and randhir both run to her. Agarwal says lets go apply an antiseptic on it.

Ankit gets ready. Vid says you look so good. You are shining. Ankit smiles. Randhir says you look so good lets take a selfie. Ankit says I dont want to take it. Randhr says I am taking it. He says takes the selfie.
Sanyuu comes to room and says to rnadhir what are you saying? Randhir says yes. sanyu says i am not supporting your stupid idea. Randhir comes close. Sanyu says we are not alone. he says I will do it. I will marry you today. sanyu says don’t be mad.

Vid serves everyone food. Yoyo says come sit with us and eat. Yoyo says vid, did you tell uncle how famous you are in college? Dont tell me you haven’t. Whole college is fan of her talents. If i tell you her stories. Vid kicks parth’s leg. Yoyo says about her food. That she makes such good food. Parth says shut up. I am being hit because of you. Yoyo says my friends want to help me in preparations. ankit says very good. I thought you must get bored here. Lets do this guys. Sanyu says to Randhir we are not getting married so better work.

Everyone is busy in preparations. Randhir says I don’t want to do this but I have to. Sanyu serves everyone sweet.
Randhir writes say yes with flowers. Vid says what are you doing? sanyu points at ankit. Vid smiles.
Parth says to ankit tell us if we can help. Agarwal says you are our guest you have done so much already. randir comes in with panditji. Agarwal says why have you brought him? Randhir says we will need him.
Sanyu says please don’t do this. Randhir says ankit was busy, I thought we’d need Panditji here. Agarwal says we don’t need your help. You can’t become part of our family by doing this. We have our own pandit. But how would you know when you dont have good manners.
Randhir says I am sorry uncle. I didn’t want to hurt you. sanyu writes yes on her hands and show it to Randhir. He smiles. parth hugs yoyo.
They both hug Randhir.

Pandit ji is going out in anger. Rnadhir says where are you going. You have to get me and sanyu married now.

Precap-Randhir dances with a little girl. He dances with sanyu later.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Luv u sandhir….

  2. Randhir, Parth and Yoyo are hilarious…just love them….cant wait for sandhir marriage…still missing vidarth but today i got a little hope that CVs will bring vidarth together again coz they still love each other u can see it clearlly in the kitchen scene coz Vids was trying to make parth jelouse and he was trying to play the ”im indifferent role” but u can see itin their eyes that they still love eahother….hoping for the best…pls pls dont let Vids marry that ankit…

  3. No i think she will not marry ankit…as sandhir is going to marry n after that i dnt think sanyu’s dad n brother will be quiet…they will be furious in anger n this will cancell d wedding of dat dumb ankit n vidushi….lets hope for d best…i m happy for sandhir.

    1. I also hope for the same Moni…i sure hope u are right…lets see…hoping for the best…

  4. Congrats to all Sadda haq fans for winning ITA best youth show award again. Here is a video of tellybytes about SH’s win and other video of an interview of Harshi…enjoy guys πŸ™‚

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