Sadda Haq 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyyu gets a call from randhir. He says i just met adda. We cant control her mind they take some medicine. Sanyu says tania was injured with the same machine. It might have mixed with adda’s blood. That is why it was affecting her. Randhir says we can’t give up we have to find another solution to enter that meeting.
Sanyu and randhir ponder together. Randhir says there must be a way. Sanyu says we dont have time. Randhir says you wont get involved in this. Promise me? sanyu says we will be together. Randhir says you will save yourself. She says we wont give up. You are more genius than me. You can beat them too I know. You just have to believe in yourself. She hugs him.

Randhir keeps an eye on Adda.He notices her position and says i knew it. He takes parth’s

phone and calls on vid’s phone. Vid doesn’t pick up. Sanyu tells vid your phone is ringing. She ignores. Sanyu picks the call.
She goes out to talk. Randhir says Adda’s movement is weird. She goes to a particular spot and comes back to her cabin. Sanyu says lets find out.
Sanyu and randhir follow adda. Adda turns back and they hide. Adda goes out. Sanyu and randhir see a painter there, Its ranawat. Sanyu says this is not the right time. They go from there.
Sanyu and randhir sit on the bench. Randhir says what mystery is this? Sanyu says i never saw ranawat sir painting. Maybe there is something with these paintings. Randhir says this is so weird. Ranawat and paintings. Sanyu says why would he meet adda. Randhir says there is some connection between them. SAnyu says is ranawat part of secret group too? Randhir says no otherwise she would never have controlled his mind. Sanyu says now that painting will solve the mystery.

Sanyu comes to ranawat and says you haven’t seen our report since days. We did all the experiments you asked us to. We are really looking forward to the international competition. He says say what you want to. She says i saw you painting last night. He says what you want to know? She says do you make them daily? He says i express themselves. I do too. I dont know what i make and why. She says i just liked them this is why i asked. He says this is just paint. She says what paint? He says i feel something i can’t see. Its like dark. Go out what are you doing here? sanyu leaves.

Randhir comes to adda. he says you called? She says yes. She gives him a box and says this is a surprise for you. he says what is this? He opens its a bomb. She says this is your first mission so i helped it. Randhir says i like it. she says i am glad. Do this mission asap.
Randhir is with sanyu. Sanyu says why are you upset? He shows her the bomb. He says i failed. Sanyu says dont give up. She says ranawat says he paints to express. That is what he said. He said its some feeling he doesn’t remember. Randhir says that paint’s after affect is that he forgets everythin. Randhir says so they want to remove some part of his memory. Some incident. Sanyu says lets ask ranawat. Randhir says no its delicate. We have to figure out what adda does every night. Sanyu says she shouldn’t kno. Sanyu says i should go. He hugs her.

Sanyu comes to class and asks Vid did you make the test report? Vid says i saw parth proposing you. She says he doesn’t love me i am just an option for him. Sanyu says no there is nothing like that. Sanyu brings parth and says propose her. Vid says i dont want all this. I know what he did. He says what i did? sanyu says she is more important than what you did. Come on patch up. Parth says vid i love you. She says why did you propose sanyyu? Parth says what are you saying? Sanyu says it was bet. SShe says parth patch up with her. Parth hugs her and says i love you. She says i love you. Sanyu says in heart i am happy to see you both together.

Precap-Randhir has become a thug and says i will come to FITE tomorrow. He dances with sanyu. PKC says what is this? randhir says my style.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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