Sadda Haq 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi says why would I upload this video. why is parth not believing me. Attendant comes and says vidushi maya has called you. Sanyu calls randhir and asks who did this? She says vidushi can’t handle this. Find out. He says okay I will do something. Now rest I will tell you if I fimd something out.

Maya says how dare you to leak that video. It has gone viral because of you. you won’t be seen in any college. I can call your parents and authorities. Get out of this college. Vidushi says I didn’t do it. THis will ruin my life. Please Vardhan says listen to me. Maya says she has ruined my reputation. I have overlooked her too much already. I won’t let her stay here. Vidushi begs ma’am please don’t do this. I didn’t do anything. Maya asks the

hostel attendant to take her out. Maya says how can you be so relaxed regarding all this maya. Vardhan says I have deleted it not much people have seen it. Maya says the one who shouldn’t have seen it. Damage is done already.

vidushi comes out and wonders how video got recorded on her phone. She sees the video and says I never recorded it what is it doing in my phone. She sits on the floor crying and sobbing. SHe stands up and goes to hostel. People are taunting on her. She sees Vikaas and says you dog. Why are you laughing you will kick me out. She is slapping him. she says I have leave because of people like you. his friend says you deserve it. Parth takes her from there. she says leave me parth I won’t let them do this. Parth takes her to hostel. He says are you done with all this? You want more drama. she says parth maya has rusticated me. Everything is over. Parth you deserve this result. she says I never recorded that video. At least you should trust me. I never did this. She says I will seek revenge. I won’t leave the one who has done this to me.

Vardhan says everything will be normal. Rishi comes in and says this what I wanted to see. what happens behind me in this college. He says to maya you said how could I doubt you. This is what you do behind my back. He slaps her. Vardhan says how dare you to slap her. He has grasped maya’s hair. Rishi says you are protecting my wife from me and saying there is nothing between you two. Vardhan says just shut up.

Vidushi says at least parth should believe me. Just because I wear red lipstick and mod clothes doesn’t mean I am characterless. I have no dignity or respect. SHe is recording that video. Parth comes to vidushi and says stop crying I trust you. I know you can’t do that. We will sort this matter out don’t worry.

Maya says to vardhan why did you hit rishi. you confirmed his doubts. There is nothing like that between us. He will kill me. Vardhan says he was hitting you. She says I know what I have to do. I can make my decision. He says as far as I understand you are spending life with a leech and he is drinking your blood. You can solve your life. You have to decided whether you just pretend to be strong or you actually want to become one.

parth says me and randhir have started searching. We will find out who did this. Randhir says someone was using her phone. It was transferred to another phone. Parth says who could this be? Vidushi says vikaas. Parth says come with me. he takes her to vikaas and says apologize to her. Vikaas says what for? Parth says you know very well. Don’t let me tell you. He says oh she has brought her body guard. parth says confess or I will show you your worth. Parth throttles vikaas while randhir handles his friends. Parth says you have 30 seconds after that you won’t even be able to confess. Vikaas says you can’t force me. Parth pushes his neck and says speak up. He says yes I did all this. Maya comes there too. Vikaas says I transferred that video on my own phone and posted it on net. Parth leaves him. someone is recording this as well.

Precap- Parth says you all should be ashmed to see that video. Randhir you have to take a stand for your fellow student. Parth says to girls at least you should have handled this with maturity. Vidushi says to parth why you never told me that you love me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Meera

    I β™‘ed it… I loved every scene of tdys epi.. VIDUSHI – U NAILED IT.. u simply did.
    Pathaa nahi kyuun, i felt bad for her when she fell at Mayas feet…

    arre, hamaara RD toh sanyu ke liye kuch bhi karegaa…sanyu tells him over phone to find out who actually uploaded the video on vidu’s phone n he does it.. all for sanyu!

    Parth aur RD saath milkar Vikas aur uske gang ko sabak sikhaaya…

    Vardhan calls Maya’s husband a leech!

    PRECAP – VIDU asks Parth – tumne bataayaa kyuu nahi that u β™‘ me!!! wow..

  2. Meera

    5th oct spcl epi – not confirmed.. but still all of u can tune in at 8 pm to confirm the same….

  3. AN

    i felt bad for vidushi…… parth and rd were grt 2day! poor vids na usne kuch bhi nahi kiya par acha hua ki parth and rd set it right…

  4. AN

    samairaa i guess ki usne jaan puch kar wo record nahi kiya tha kyunki uske mob. mein koi prblm hai …..
    crrct me if i’m wrong kyunki meine kuch dino se SH dekha nahi na isliye…….

  5. Ranyukta

    rd kuchh jyada hi khas lag raha tha.. Voilet shirt… Hairstyle b alag… Mai to total fida… And ha, every second of episode was so nice…

    • nid

      Well,i don’t think itni jaldi cnfession hone wala h,abhi to vidushi n maya ka matter jabardasti dikha rhe h,hope that they don’t stretch this matter more >:)
      do din se sandhir ko nhi dikha rhe h πŸ™ πŸ™

  6. AN

    i’m absolutely fine achu chechi thnks for asking !!!
    in fact mujhe yaha par phirse cmmnt karke BOHOOTH hi acha lag raha hai !!!

  7. MDH

    Interesting; Very interesting episd today. & really vidusi desrv it.

    Good to see a new lovstory gettng strtd.
    Think Vardhns focus is converting to .

  8. Samairaa

    @AN i thought no body is here so i left for a while sorry didnt reload the page after my comment

  9. Khushi didi,
    Mera cmmnt on yest.epi,the last cmmnt posted by my user,was NOT me. Sorry if it hurt u,but it wasnt me and i can prove it:
    1)Mai kabhi kisi ke naam ke aage at(@) symbol nahi lagaati coz maine sabko didi bana liya hai. Especially u,pradipta di,achu n meera di.
    2) If u guyz notice,mai hamesha usrname n comma ke baad enter karti hu as, fr eg:
    Khushi didi,
    …..bla blah…….
    3)I did not undrstnd ur comment- what exactly u meant
    4) Me was out d whole day today- u all knew,maine bola bhi tha kal ke w/u pe ki me is out fr durgo pujo..check it….so no chance of having access to lappy. And i hv said so many times ki lappy pe mera user comes as black n phone pe blue.
    5)I never type comment shortcut as ‘cmmt’. I always do ‘cmmnt’ with an e.
    6) i never reply when a cmmnt is addressed to smone else
    Hope u know me well enough to believe me,atleast now warna meri haalat ( apparently ‘mera’ cmmnt dekhke) toh vidz jaisi ho rahi thi…hehe
    Aaajka epi- AWESOMEE

  10. Samairaa

    @sadda haq rox i thought something like that but sometime ur ID flash black so i thought u were joking and u are not serious about what u said

  11. [email protected] changer

    what!!Parth loves vidu????how is it possible cuz Parth is already in luv wid Arpita na…

    • nila

      Yeh kab hua??? Anyways accha hai bas Vidhusi sudherjae iske baad…I will most happiest person agar Vidhusi sudergai tho n wll surely support Vidhart

  12. nila

    Vidhusi darling u were too tttooo goooood luved her today …..I couldn’t watch her crying and changed the channel for few seconds
    All the people who are like vikas should be punished as similarly in the show or more severe than that :@
    PARAM aka Randhir bhai love u sooo much feeling very proud that I consider him as my bro
    Ankit was really awesome
    VarMaya was nice

  13. priti

    mujhe to lagraha tha mai koi dusri serial dekh rahi hu.lag raha hai shq me rd sanyu main lead nahi balki parth vidushi main lead hai and this serial is not about sanyu’s haq,it’s about vidushi’s sadda haq.vidushi’s haq matlab
    ( justice pana ) .

  14. AN

    my dear achu chechi mujhe nahi lagtha ki aapke exams bure hue honge agar hue bhi toh agli baar try kar lena i’m 100% sure ki aap first aayegi !!!
    gd night dear achu chechi !!!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

  15. [email protected] changer

    @AN u r sooooo sweet as well as innocent …………….and i wish k next time exam me tum first aao…gn

  16. MDH

    Friends one things pls let me clear that -as every week we discuss about spoiler and somehow same we gettng day wise spoiker either from fb or “Tata sky tv guide” which is not exactly matching daily .
    (Like this week supposd to happn “Samir come to college to dance with sanyu” “Sanyu got angry for her father decision” )
    Nothing such happen . Or it may not be or may be later one.
    Then why it publishing this fake information .
    By nxt week I just see what exactly happen on CVs portal & follow precap for next day.

  17. priyanka

    Iss Dashera ko ek baat merI dimag me aya baat yahi hai ki rd or sanyu ki jori ekdam ram shita ki jori hai.aur mai ye baat proove bhi kar sakti hu.rd yani PA(RAM) and sanyu yani HAR(SHITA).hai na Ram n Shita ki jori.

  18. priyanka

    Iss Dashera ko ek baat mere dimag me aya baat yahi hai ki rd or sanyu ki jori ekdam ram shita ki jori hai.aur mai ye baat proove bhi kar sakti hu.rd yani PA(RAM) and sanyu yani HAR(SHITA).hai na Ram n Shita ki jori.

  19. [email protected] changer

    priyanka,correct hai

  20. Infact…dis episode shld be named as spcl episode…cz dis truly justifies the title sadda choice my lyf! N not tht enagemnt spcl…hats off to vidhushi…..i still dont lyk dis episode..she ws brillnt…tysm cvs..ek senseable episode diya…wid senseable issue..!!

  21. [email protected] changer

    gud aftrnoon sandhirians…….and Randhirian @meera…

  22. Yes ppl….luved the vidz track
    Khushi didi, mera cmmnt padha kya nahi??!!
    Achu, aapki basanti yahaan hai. Vo actually meri mom thoda gussa thi mujhse( broke 2 glasses-galati se- hehe) so mujhe laga ki asking fr d fone was not d smartest move right den…and it contd till now.
    Btw,special epi ke baare mein koi news? Tv se toh nai mil rahi- both sided news aa rahe hain

  23. [email protected] changer

    guyz i liked thiz short story so much so i posted it here for u all………….

    Little girl and her father were
    crossing a flimsy bridge.
    The father was kind of scared so
    he asked his little daughter,
    “Sweetheart, please hold my
    hand so that you don’t fall into
    the river.”
    The little girl said, “No, Dad. You
    hold my hand.”
    “What’s the difference?” asked
    the puzzled father.
    “There’s a big difference,”
    replied the little girl.
    “If I hold your hand and
    something happens to me,
    Chances are that I may let your
    hand go.
    But if you hold my hand, I know
    for sure that no matter what
    You will never let my hand go
    ” Better give your hand to
    someone who will never let go of
    “Rather than you holding a hand
    which is not open for you.”

  24. [email protected] changer

    intrsting very intrsting……@kajal,avantika,astha,atiba,ranii jaha tak mujhe dikh raha hai sare cmnts ek hi bande ne kiye hai …….bt dear whoevr u r i m nt getting one thing…….y did u use so many usrnames?????

  25. AN

    hey guys aap logone 100 complete kar diya congrats !
    mein bahar gayi thi toh mein nahi aapayi …. a/ways good job guys !!! aur nov 25 ke liye toh aur bhi karni hai right ???

  26. [email protected] changer

    thank you so much dear @afa….

  27. 111…gooood,thats goood. Well done,guys. I m impressed.
    (Incase any1 didnt get why i m using vardhan language, i m the mentor of OUR dream team,remember?)
    And yes gc di, kajal,avantika,astha,atiba,ranii are obviously d same person (look at d time dey wre posted,guyz. 6:29,6:29,6:30,6:30,6:30,6:31,6:31
    Can really so many ppl b online @ d same time AND post so many cmmnts in quick succession?)
    Well,whoever u r and whyever(ya,my word) u did it,thanx fr helping out with,like,6cmmnts!
    Ok, gn guyz!

  28. Oh haan,jo bolne aai thi woh toh bhool hi gayi-
    (why shud it b limited to muslims only?)
    And atiba, (i guessing u r muslim) eid mubaarak applies to u too,ok?

  29. Samairaa

    guys the real title and the episode many episode doesnt match like the title is sadda haq – my life my choice and the lead sanyu ‘s marrige is decided by her father and she being helpless has done engagement …. i am not leaving the point that sanyu went against her father and went FITE that part goes with the title the serial wil go really bad if sanyu marry samir really hopes that sanyu marries rd . parth is the parellel lead right and rd is main lead na

  30. AN

    koi baath nahi jithna ho sake cmmnt karthe hai aur jab cmmnts post karthe rahenge toh kya patha 200 bhi cross ho jaye ?!

  31. AN

    yeah right !!! mein bas ese hi hu kisi ko milthi huna phir usi se baath karthi rehthi hu aur use bore kar dethi hu !!!

  32. Samairaa

    no u are not boreing me actully na i have a freind who talks non stop so usse milkey mai bhi non stop batt kar ley thi hoon

  33. punjab da puttar

    vehli janta!!ithe aa jandi!! bukhe nange!! hatt!!
    apne ma peo le kadi kch karlio kro kanjaro!!!!

  34. MDH

    Ok gyz, come to the point.

    Now All of you try to guess what supposed to happen tomorrow episd. &
    Lets see whose guessing power is strong ?

    Also a point marking is there upto 10.

  35. Samairaa

    i think something related to vidushi ( vedio ) has been released so parth will say something that vidu will say that parth why did he didnt say that he loves her

  36. [email protected] changer

    @samaira,dear aapko ek baat kahu…yaha pr commnts post krte time thode careful raho baby its nt that safe place its a public website so jaha tak hosake to apni prsnal life k bare me kuch share mat karo….jaise aap jis jagah rehte ho aur bhi aisi sari cheeze…….i hope u will undrstnd what i m saying……

  37. [email protected] changer


  38. [email protected] changer

    baby there is no point of to be sorry its just for ur own safety

  39. [email protected] changer

    q k tum mujh se chhoti ho…isi liye pyar se keh di

  40. [email protected] changer

    ha…..ok ab mujhe kaam hai….byee

  41. Ranyukta

    @ saddahaqrox, Sorry for delay. n/w problem. It was just a summary of all episodes from first to last till now.

  42. Ranyukta

    Eid Mubarak To GameChanger… According to all the wishes all sandhirians gave u earlier, I came to know that u r muslim….
    And ha Samairaa, ur Ifa name also indicates that u mayb also muslim.. isliye tumhe b Eid mubarak.. Waise to sabhiko iss festival ki shubh kamanayein..

  43. Ranyukta

    Is Shq Special epi going to air @ 8 pm?? pls somebody tell me.. M unable to watch today??? If it is, Will manage to watch RT.

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