Sadda Haq 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is asleep in the party. PKC comes in and says everyone up.Yoyo says parth stop pretending like PKC. PKC says your farewell party is cancelled. You should behave responsible. You drank alcohol in here. Now back to your rooms. Yoyo says we will get a farewell pkc can’t stop that. Parth says I hope so. Vid gets a text, she says oh shit. My granny is not well I have to go, I will come back before farewell. Yoyo says cheers to us.

Sanyu and Randhir are working in lav. Tania starts screaming. they all rush to her. she shows the notice that instead of farewell FITE has organized havan and cleanliness drive for the final year students.
Sanyu says i dont wanna do this. Yoyo says everyone will make fun of us. Randhir says we wont let party turn into a havan. PKC comes

in and say don’t even think. Randhir says we cant do anything. Rishab comes and says why are you worried? You enjoyed last night. Sanyu says ignore him. He says because of you everyone’s party is cancelled. You have no respect for anything. Parth says you better not talk about respect. Tania says stop it guys and think about the party. Sanyu says we should apologize PKC sir. She says I have a plan, she shares it with everyone. Sanyu says phase 1. They all go.
Randhir says where are you going? stay here. Sanyu comes close to him, he says we are in canteen what are you doing? Sanyu says you asked me to stay here.

All the students say in front of PKC we will do party in boys’ hostel. They can’t stop us. PKC is hearing. Sanyu says what is authorities got to know. randhir says no no they wont know.
Sanyu says phase 2 now.

PKC stops guys and says what is in those boxes. I know what it is. He sees randhir and sanyu taking party banners.
PKC comes to hostel at night. He sees all room decorated and food in center. They all come and says sir this all is for you. You have done so much for us. They make him eat. Pkc says what nonsense is this. He says it was my fast today. Everyone is dazed. Sanyu says sorry but we didn’t know. He says shut up. You wanted to bribe me. He leaves.
sanyu says to randhir whenever i try something it goes wrong. He says chill. We tried it didn’t work out, its not our fault.

Scene 2
Next morning, in class PKC writes farewell party on board. He says you will have a party. They all hug him and say thank you sir. Parth says this wont happen again. parth says what made you change your decision? he says i did it for sanyyu. Pkc says why? He says she came to me and apologize and told me how important this is for you. She was ready to accept all punishment alone. Yoyo says thank you so much sir. Pkc says sanyu and I have made another promise. We have decided that I will sing for you in party.

Randhir is working in lab. Renuka calls him. He says I am a bit. She says I want to spend time with you. Harsh takes the phone and says come tonight we will have dinner. Renuka says I really want to see you. Randhir says in heart i dont want to go.

Precap-sanyu asks randhir to go home. She says you should spend time with family. Renuka says you got sanyu kidnapped. harsh says i wasn’t alone. You were with me. Randhir hears it. Randhir says you are my only family sanyu. Tania says to sanyu how you want randhir to propose you for wedding? She says he will do it his way i know.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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