Sadda Haq 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya says vardhan your plan is not working. students are not cleaning it. I have to sepnd my own money it authorities are not willing but I have get rid of this. Vardahn says wait a minute maya. For my plan you have to wait a little. She is about to leave. vardhan holds her hand. he says maya I am not only talking about college. A teacher comes in and says there is some problem. there is no student in the class. They have planned a mass bunk. vardhan says their mass bunk is not going to do anything. they will know the difference between right and wrong. Its their mistake and they will find the solutions. Maya says if they can’t solve I then I will handle it myself.

There are no students in the classes. Vishu says what you think management will solve this problem? We have

to force them. lets see who can ask us to take the classes. Parth says no one is interested in your words. Parth smiles. SHe syas wow you smiled. your angry young man look is all fake.

Parth wonders whats wrong with me. Why am I thinking about vidushi so much. He hits the wall. Randhir says is everything okay? He says yes. Parth asks where were you? Randhir says have you seen sanyu? He says no. she is not even in mass bunk. They sees smoke coming from lab. When they go in. Parth see sanyu. Randhir holds her and says what are you doing here?

Randhir picks sanyu up and takes her out. Jiggy asks Sahil how are you now? wher were you? He says I was ill. Parth comes there and tells everyone that sanyu has fainted in the lab.

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Randhir has taken sanyu to clinic. He asks is she fine? He says he has inhaled some toxic gasses because of which she has fainted. Radhir says I asked you not to do anything. sanyu says I am fine I told you I won’t support wron. randhir says so you started doing experiments. Sanyu says I was just making a chemical that will eradicate the smell. Randhir says why you had to do this today. we had to go on a date at 12. sanyu says when was this decided? Randhir says I told you on call. sanyu says you disconnected the call in mid. Randhir says why would I? Everyone comes in. sanyu says go and do your protest. SAnyu says I was making a checmical that will help in reducing the smell. sanyu says college is like a home to us. WHy we have to leave it dirty? Vidushi says we don’t pay fees to live in the house. SAnyu says you can’t become engineer in house as well. We can’t leave this dirty. I have said what I had to. She goes to the lab. Parth says she is right. Yoyo says yes we can clean this mess. parth says we are your we should be responsible and mature.

Randhir takes out the movie tickets and says in heart forget the date randhir. I will have to hold the broom in hands in which I planned popcorns. Forget it all. He tears the tickets apart.

Everyone joins sanyu in the lab. They all have started working.

Yoyo says are you sure we can d this? sanyu says the broom in your hand will be used to remove the metallic waster. They all have started cleaning the crap. Vardhan Is watching them. maya says I thought your plan won’t work. He says I told you we just have to provoke them not to bind them. Everyone celebrates. Vardhan announces, very good everyone. You have shown that protest is of no suse. you should use your brains and hands to solve the problems. The problem might be your personal or collective but still you have to do something about it. Sanyu wonders where is randhir. SHe goes to his room. and says you are here boxing I thought you mist be getting ready. SAnyu says please lets go. He says I don’t wanna go anywhere. Its will be late if we go now. And I can’t break the rules. SAnyu hugs him and makes him agree.

Scene 2
Late at night, randhir and sanyu come back. Maya sees catches them. Maya asks them to come in the cabin.

Maya says is this time to come back to college? I will like to talk to the person who signed your form. Randhir says ma’am please you know her story. She can’t contact her house. maya says I can’t break my rules for anyone. you both will be punished for breaching the rules. Randhir says I am responsible for all this so punish me not sanyu. maya syas are your parents irresponsible like you as well. randhir you are already suspended for one week and sanyu you are suspended for two weeks.
Randhir says these weeks will be so much fun. DAtes, movies and so much fun. Sanyu says whats wrong with you. I came here to study by leaving my family. He says we will study together all the lectures we will miss. sanyu says I should never has listened to you. SAnyu says how can we miss all these assignments. Please try to understand. Now please buck up and teach me. He says I don’t wanna teach you anything.

Precap-Receptionist says to sanyu your hostel fees is not paid. Sanyu says the hostel fees can be deducted from the security deposit. He says yes it could be if you had not withdrawn your security deposit. sanyu is worried.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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