Sadda Haq 3rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 3rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is smiling Sanaya comes and sees randhir looking at her. Randhir says where is sanaya? He goes out to look for her. Randhir comes and says you are here. Sanaya says when did you come? he says I called you. She says I was listening to music. Randhir says you okay? She says yeah I am fine. Randhir pulls her and says what happened? She says nothing. he says you would have been dancing and irritating me. Tell me what happened? Look at me. I know something is bothering and you are not normal. Sanaya says okay fine. She stands up and says this is not done. Situation is not normal. The person who is so special to me has still feelings for his ex. Randhir says what the hell are you saying. We have already discussed it. she says yes you told me that you don’t care and she is your past.

But you care. It matters. When you both are face to face, the way you see her. There is something deep down inside. You can’t realize but I can see it. Randhir says are you out of your mind? How can you even think that. I dont feel her. tell me what should I do? She says you are lying. Randhir says there why would I lie to you? Sanaya says you are lying to your own self. Randhir says pleas stop. Tell me what should I do to prove that you are the most important person.She says you dont need to. Everything was going fine. Everything is messed up. I don’t feel good. I wish she never came here. She leaves. He says you mean a lot to me. I will prove it to you that I don’t feel anything for her. Never will I.

Kiritka and sanyu see minka. She says thats the one right. Minka gets call and says I am in field. I will call you in evening. The person says editor is firing you. Read our rival’s newspaper. She checks the paper, Minka is a stain on journalism. Ex director of ISRC resigned because of her and all the proof Minka gave were fake. Kritika says after all this she is still here. Sanyu says maybe there could be another story. Kritika says why are you defending her? sanyu saysb just giving her benefit of doubt. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Minka walks past them.
She throws paper on Nirman’s desk. He says how can I help you? She says how can you be so disgusting. You asked me to write that story and now you are using them against me. Nirman says how can you say I did this? She says I will expose you. He syas they would trust me or a defamed journalist? They trust me, like this story. She says i have never seen someone more disgusting than you. I will fight you your way. He says who are you? what you have? She says nothing to lose. But you do. He says you still care for me? You know me inside. He burns the paper. He says this has just ruined your career. She says I will ruin your life. Nirman says all the best.

Kiritka is working. Joy stares at her. He gives her juice. He says i never saw you seeing something else? She says I don’t waste time. She asks have you seen DDLJ? He says have you? She says yes on college times. We studied thrice then I watched it. I loved it. It was really amazing movie.

Randhir says I will never talk to her. I have to find out. He says Vidushi?
Randhir meets vid. She says you never met me in FITE without purpose? You okay? He says yea. Just wanted to catch up. She says anyway pastry. He says how is married life? She says super boring. Sanyu can do whatever she wants and I am stuck there. she was doing a job in some IT firm. Randhir says I thought she would complete her post graduate? She says no sanyu was doing a job.
Vid says what did you do all these two years? Are you in touch with someone? Randhir says I want to go somewhere. He leaves. Vid says why is he so weird?

Randhir comes back to his room. he says post grad is necessary for ISRC. He sees sanyu’s records. he checks her university. He says all pictures are from FITE.
Randhir calls that university. He says this is randhir from ISRC can I talk to your administrator head. The operator says can you come down in an hour? He says yes. Randhir says sorry sanyu i will throw you out of my life.

Precap-Randir says to admin, we havea n opportunity for which we need a student. But nirman ordered me to check records of students myself. They allow him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I cant belive Rd just said tha Shanaya means more to him then Sanyu…i cant wait to see the day when Rd will burn with jelousy by seeing Sanyu with Aryan or with some other guy…it will be so fun to watch…
    Oficially im really dissapointed with CVs for not bringing VidArth back…i hope they will change the story in such a way so that VidArth will be in ISRC..
    Suranjana dear im really sorry but i couldnt find the link i told u about…really sorry dear 🙁

    1. It was nice to see VidHir scene….but Rd i dont like that Rd is trying to get Sanyu out of ISRC…although this step of Rd only proves how much effect has Sanyu on him 🙂

    2. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Karina, its u jst say me what he said abt vidarth in the IV??
      And I m completely hopels abt vidarth..dnt knw what wl happn

    3. Hey dear if i remember well…the person who wrote the msd which i read said something that Param said Ankit aka Parth will soon come in the show (it was in that time when there were rumors that Parth will leave SH coz of that new show on Zee tv) and that we shouldnt lose hope coz Parth and Vids will be a part of S2…the thing is that i donno if that post was completly true coz i didnt find any iv related to that msg posted by a fan in which he or she give the so calld WU…so im sorry dear but i donno if its completly true…and also i cant find that msg either 🙁

  2. Sanyukta rathor

    Not a nice episode because no more seens of aryukta anyways looking for next episode.

  3. How can randhir do that?? Completely shocking. .

  4. How can rd do this…..y cv’s r making rd’s role negative???????? Now there will be another war between rd and Aryan…..

  5. that’s so mean randhir. how can u do this to sanyu????
    with this kind of act of randhir I don’t think that sandhir will unite. day by day this show is loosing its fame. what do u think guys??? by the way I’m new here. so can I come in this sadda haq family???

    1. Hey Jenny 🙂 welcome dear…of cours u can join our SH family 🙂
      Yup dear i didnt like Rd attitude thouards Sanyu either…im felling the show is gettint to boring and now they dont even show VidArth either…at least when i was seein Parth and Vids i felt a little realived…about SanDhir reunion im afraid we have to wait some more time for it to happen…

  6. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Nothing to say abt the episode except Vidhir scene..I dnt knw why randhir n vidushi consider each othr as strangers bt cn vry well intrpret each othr minds thoughts or emotions…
    Randhir is once agn on the wy to fall in love with sanyukta.
    Vidushi said once agn tht she is girl try to be out of tht mess

  7. Like b4 like nw..1 name s enough 2 make Randhir go mad nd restless 2… that s Sanyukta

  8. In seasn1 Randhr tried to get her out frm F I T E . Nw he s gng to do the same!! Kuch nahi hoga randhir baba. He wl fnd out d whole secrt behnd dat acndt nd sanyu,s past.. Finally Sadda haq s on thr track..

  9. Suranjana..sorry 4 dis late rply..i was lil bsy. in fb thre s pge abt sandhr nd vidharth..thy post dat vidhushy wl unite sandhr. nd our sandhr wil mke vidharth. once agn sorry 4 lte reply.

    1. Hey dear thanks for the info…i hope it will come true and Vids will reunite Sandhir and then Sandhir will reunite our Vidarth…

    2. Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Its ok shreya….is tht page World of Sandhir and Vidarth??
      I m.jst wondering tht thy shwn parth going fr a job..n the scene shown z giving people hints tht he will nt cm bck..ths z said by mny on twitter

      1. hai suranjana..yes.. world of sndhr nd vdharth

  10. hai nisha.. hope u fine… lve u dr…

  11. Sadda haq trp this week 0.2 I’m so afraid of it!! They need to bring Vidarth and Sandhir soonish before its too late!

    1. How do you know about trp?

  12. I really hate Nirman and Sanaya. What if nirman comes to know about Sanyu fake certificate . And I have doubt that did randhir do his masters

  13. hey guys union of sandhir is nt abt vidharth ha..vidushi is NT gud for parth…

  14. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hey yogi..dnt mind bt clearly watch all the vidarth scenes frm beginning.
    Vidushi is a flawd charctr….bt she did many thngs fr parth
    killed a goon
    sacrificed her scholarship n evn steal money fr hs treatment if u remember which ws nt noticed by evn sandhir..
    Accepted his criminal past..
    Parth often treated her like trash bt hr love was n is him only

  15. Rude Rd
    has gone mad

  16. Nice episode…

  17. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Oh 0.2
    These newentries r day by day givng a slow death to.the show
    n the phrase old is gold is evident agn

  18. I hope the Cv do changes in the story soon and bring back our sandhir and vidarth or else the show will loose all their fans. I hated the way Randhir said that stupid Sanaya is the only person that means to him…I dont want him to get negetive in the show….Please please bring back our old Sandhir…miss them a lot.

    1. Yes….totally agree…we want sandhir and vidarth back…the old cast was so much better.

  19. Sanyukta rathor

    Hi nisha how are you dear

  20. I saw it in some post that SH has 0.2 trip this week and D4 has 0.5. All the shows on ChV are above SH..

    Edge I also hated when RD said to Sanaya she’s the most important in his life. I don’t understand this relationships they are acting like a couple and so does Sanyukta and Aryan. SH is all messed up!!!

    The writers are using RDs hate game for Sanyukta to increase trip cause they know fans loved RD and Sanyuktas fights a lot. If they make him a villain I’ll hate SH forever,why would I watch it I’m not even a fan of the heroine of the show, I loved her and accepted her because of RD and Sandhir.

  21. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    shreyu you too think the same when I saw the episode the first thing came in my mind

    yes our old randhir is back.

    see randhir never a supporter of sanyukta always an obstacle in her way but somehow this is what always inspire her to strech her boundaries. to go forward.

    See she lie to nirman which is wrong , and rd always inspire her to go on right way.

    she always take right decision, and now at least randhir tried to enquiry about sanyukta or unless if sanaya is happy then he himself never try to ask about sanyukta

    janam lag jaate.

    but now he is in full swing and also like old college days

    before going to nirman office he mailed her a warning mail.

    I don’t care what happened to sanyukta now. if nirman knows because the thing is

    sanyukta now fight with randhir and aryan also came in between.

    what happened when nirman get to know about this

    see nirman already do so bad with sanyukta what else he will do nikal hi dega naa

    may be nikal de or may be randhir doesn;t tell nirman.

    but in both the situations we get to see another sandhir scene fighting scene the old fighting

    what we all want . who cares about nirman.

    we all want sandhir scene. and see karu and suru

    vids is also coming in between yes it takes time to give her a continuity role because there is a solid motive of her existence she is always the tadka of sadda haq

    hope for the better

    guyz and do watch sd or else trp less and show get off.

    love u suru karu shreyu richu sanyu sanahki

    hey shreyu I am fine dear love u

    love u suru karu hope for the best sweethearrts everything came on track slowly slowly

    1. Hey my cutie love u too…hoping for the best…

    2. hey nishu..m also wrried abt ds lw trp…sandhr wl if ths trp bcm cntnsly lw thn wht hpnd to ds shw!!! plz… guys keep wtchng

  22. Hey guys,I am new to this, but loving this serial.can anyone tell me how is Aryan ,sanyu,randeer related? Why sanyu n randeer got separated?

    1. Hey dear 🙂 welcome…Aryan and Sanyu are good friends but Aryan has feelings for Sanyu…he loves her…
      Sanyu and Rd got separated 2 years ago after the dream team race where Parth and Sanyu had an accident and Parth went in coma….so Rd thought Sanyu is responsible for Parth’s condition and they both separated…

  23. Hi sayukta where are you from tell me truth

    1. Sayukta tell me who very handsome guy Rd & an

  24. Sayukta bye u dnt reply me ok

  25. Sanyukta rathor

    Love you to dear nishu

  26. Sanyukta rathor

    Hii ankita , rd and aryan they both are handsome dear anku

  27. Awesome episode???? gud one but didn’t like that ran . gives more importance to sanaya .. I think ki Aryan aur sanaya saath main hain

  28. Me too Anjali, its like they are dating or something…

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