Sadda Haq 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu cries for randhir. Randhr moves a little. Vadhan says he is alive sanyu. Sanyu says please randhir stay up. are you listening to me. Vardhan says make him sit. sanyu makes him sit and says please open your eyes. Randhir opens his eyes and says wont you let me die with peace? sanyu says randhir you can’t leave me. Vardhan says start looking for the first aid box. sanyu comes with cotton and places it on bullet. she says i wont let anything happen to you. randhir says i wont survive. Just save yourself. sanyu says i am not going anywhere. we will go together. Both recall their time together.

Journalist says a student randhir has been shot. anju and agarwal are shocked. Agarwal says i wanna meet my daughter. all the parents are there. inspector we are trying to save your kids.

Agarwal says please do something. anju is crying, she says please calls sanyu. agarwal calls. Agarwal says there are no phone on in college but sanyu’s phone is on. I think she is fine.

A man comes to yoyo and says you friend randhir has been shot by rana. He was trying to be hero. everyone is shocked. He says rana will send you there as well. He goes to aister and says come enjoy before you leave. i will be having fun with you/ yoyo hits him, his gun falls down. yoyo says i will cut your hands if you touch her. The guard starts hitting yoyo, yoyo faints. He goes to asiter and says the more you say no, the more pain i will cause you. Do as i say or i will kill you. aister says please me go. yoyo stabs him with a rod, all the students hide his body. Aister hugs yoyo.

Vardhan says sanyu he will die we have to stop his bleeding. Get some thinner and battery liquid. We have to put it on his bruise and burn it. Its called cottorice. sanyu says i can’t do it. vardha says we have no other option he will die. sanyu burns it, randhir screams due to pain and burn. SAnyu says he can’t breathe. vardhan says his heart is shrinking. We have to give him shocks. sanyu says i can’t do this, please ask someone else. You have to make it, i will tell you how. sanyu says i can’t do this. Vardhan says sanyu he will die. vardhan asks all the students to get the stuff for it. They find it in the lab and start making it. vardhan says sanyu you have to make it. We don’t have an option. sanyu says i can’t do this, randhir will die because of me. They all are working on it. sanyu says randhir nothing will happen to you.

Rana asks all the men to take their positions. He turns off all the lights sanyu says my phone is in store, you can use its torch. The students connect the wire as vardhan says. Vardhan says his men must be coming anytime. A man comes, they attack him and hide his body. Yoyo comes and says i i killed his man too. vardhan says take all the students out yoyo. yoyo says i can’t leave you alone we will stay here with you. vardhan says sayu every student is helping but you. sanyu says try to understand what i am saying. i risked my dad’s life. randhir says you didn’t do anything sanyu. I was responsible for your dad’s accident. I corrupted your software. sanyu says you killed my dad for your ego? randhir says i am sorrt sanyu. i just wanted to hurt you but ended up hurting myself. sanyu says just because of ego you did this to my papa. sanyu says and you are confessing it here and you want me to save you. randhir says i am asking you to save your friends. you can make this emp generator, you are a genius engineer. randhir closes his eyes. sanyu says open your eyes. Yoyo says pleas open your eyes. vardhan says sanyu make emp generator and save yourself. sanyu says i will defimiliator and save randhir first, she says nothing will happen to you randhir. she goes and starts working. vardhan says to yoyo go and start leaving, take this gun. his men take a round in 5 minutes near the gate. you have to be there in those 5 minutes. yoyo and all the students go sneaking to the ground. yoyo starts taking students out. sanyu is working on her machine to save ranhdir. she gets done and comes back to randhir.

ALl the students come out. media asks how you came out? Yoyo says please be calm, we sneaked out and the terrorist should not know. reporter says you saved so many lives, anju asks where is sanyu? yoyo says she is fine and she is serving to save other students.

Sanyu connects the machine on randhir’s hand. Vardhan says why are you nervous. sayu says i am trying sir. vardhan says you have 3 minutes only. He asks her to bring new wires. sanyu gives randhir shocks.

yoyy comes to vardhan’s room and tries to tell parth. parth says i want water. the guard says i am bringing it. parth hits him from the back and he faints. Another one comes and says no one will move. yoyo attacks him from back, hisb gun slips. Vidush takes the gun and shoots him. she cries i killed him. parth says relax you did right, she gives the gun to parth. Parth asks yoyo to take them out while he frees rest of the students.

sanyu says who fired? Vardhan says i am sure rana must have heard it. sanyu says that means? vardhan says run from here. save your life. randhir can’t be rescued now. sanyu says i wont leave randhir. Rana comes to parth’s room and sees no one is there. He says you played games with me parth? Rana calls inspector and says i said you don’t send anyone it. I will kill all of them. Inspector says i didn’t send anyone in. rana says you have only 30 minutes do all i said. Rana says to his men to shoot anyone who comes near gate or ground.

sanyu is trying to get randhir up. Rana is coming in his direction. rana comes and sees sanyu and randhir are not there. rana says vardhan where are students? Vardhan is quite. Vardhan recalls when he asked sanyu to leaves, randhir started breathing. vardhan asked them to leave. sanyu says what about you sir? He said if i move the whole building will blast. randhir says we can’t leavae you, vardhan said you have to. you will save lives of others. we will meet if we stay alive. they took their machine and run from there. vardhan says you thought my students will be scared of you? they are the best engineers they dont’ fear anyone. you can and they can fight with you. kill me f you can. Rana says to his men to look for students. rana says they will come back to save you they will have to come back.

yoyo and parth take out all the students. they start working on diffusing. yoyo says are you sure it wont blast? Parth says i am sure. Parth tries to cut the wires, the bomb triggers faster and after some time it stops. Yoyo says lets go and save vardhan. sanyu and randhir are sneaking out. Rana says to his men if one more student goes out i will kill you all.

Precap-rana says they are professors of FITE they thought they can save students but they failed.randhir and sanyu come back in of you want your professors to be alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    vo max tere maa ke bistar main hoga ya phir tumhara behen ki baho main hoga

  2. Saurabh

    us jaise kutte mere ghar k bahar bhi nahi bhatak te tu hai na uske liye vo dusri q dhundega

  3. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    parsh evn i dnt want 2 speak tat language. he tld bad abt me its k. bt shazu and sanyukta r my dearest i cn bare such wrd against them!!

  4. Parsh

    Ok bye πŸ™‚ steffie maine tumhe aur alina ko IF pe buddy request bheji he plz accept kar lena πŸ™‚

  5. vaishu

    plz respect girls and get respect,this is just a small step my friends plz start from here.we deserve it!

  6. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    stop it max. dis is really 2 mch. agar mere saat yeh sab ho raha h iski vaja sirf tu ho. before u came dis site was vry nice and friendly. u came nd spolid evrythin k.

  7. vaishu

    we were blaming each other back and forth for what the other person had or hadn’t done..plz

  8. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    vaishu dese boys dnt knw d meanin of respct. its waste dear.
    max ur cheapest thin tat hv evr happnd hre. ur a disease in dis site

  9. lavanya

    guys guys guys.. what’s with all of you? why do you keep fighting and abusing all the time..
    I’ve got nothing to do with this.. but aren’t you ppl suppose to be talking about the update.. n saurabh cmon stop inciting them.
    no offense to anybody.. just saying. πŸ™‚

  10. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    dis fellw is bettr max. he hates so scld me. bt u say u like me bt insult me 2 d core. atleast vo natak to nahi kar raha h

  11. vaishu

    but queen this conversation getting us no where but more anger and frustrations.plz max plz be friendly with every one,they will love you max……..

  12. Saurabh

    No one will love max miss can anyone love a dirty shitty diseased pig?? No na max is d same

  13. Saurabh

    Le vaishu tera hero bhi aa gaya n ye kya max gaya !! Oh ya can’t b two ppl at a moment

  14. Max

    Tu kya alag hogaya re? saurabh evn u spok bad abt queen so ur also bad. k 1st c ur dirt u ass

  15. Max

    dis ass is just an attentin seekr. bloddy useless fellw. i dnt undrstnd y alwayz evrybdy target queen.

  16. Saurabh

    Me tere jaisa chu toh nahi hu n teri queen ko kuch bola to bura hogaya wah kya logic hai

  17. Aisha

    Hi all …. M coming after many day … So i guess u all r new … Saurabh ,sharon , lavanya deepa and naz … Aaww all the oldies !! Shraddha di , noopur di , samairaa di , mr. India , queen , steffie ,gc di n all … I have fever na so couldn’t come …bye ll try to come later bye luv u all ..!

  18. Aisha

    Hi all …. M coming after many day … So i guess u all r new … Saurabh ,sharon , lavanya deepa and naz … Aaww all the oldies !! Shraddha di , noopur di , samairaa di , mr. India , queen , steffie ,gc di n all … I have fever na so couldn’

  19. shree

    epi was enthralling
    i am speechless after watching the epi
    the way sanyu saved rd at the last moment was the best scene
    the way parth diffused the bomb was very much exciting
    rd’s confession sanyu’s reaction
    vd’s motivation everything was awesome
    sanyu was hell nervous by the scolding’s of vd
    the way yoyo and parth took stand to save themselves was just amazing
    hats off to the team oh sh for this amazing track
    tomorrows epi would be awesome
    it will be interesting to see how rd, sanyu and parth yoyo save their prof
    epi was worth watching

    p.s. rana ne goli kise mari hai i hope vd sir ko na mari ho

  20. {β˜Ύβ™›β˜½}

    max pls end dis nonsense. tu kya ho aur aisa kyu ho! tumhe samaj main nahi aaraha h kya? usse jagda karke koi faida nahi. kyuki in sab ke peeche tu ho!! pl leav dis site. becaus of u shazu nd sanyukta r also gttin affctd.

  21. Max

    1 fyn day u wil luv me dear. nd im waiting 4 tat day. muah luv u nd gud 2 cu aftr long tym. hw ru

  22. Hiiiiii guyz

    gud mrng 2 alll
    Jhagada khatam ya vanvaas jaali rakhu??????

    N whoeva ws asking
    If the fight is going on still yep its d wrong time

  23. afra

    in this have shown
    ki engineers bhi life save kar sakte hai πŸ™‚
    n har terrorist muslim nahi hota,
    even girls can do engineering,
    agar parents hamare against hai to thats not enmity but love,
    dowry ke liye insaan kisi bhi had tak kir sakta(vids ka ex-husband)
    and above ”daughter is equal to son”

  24. Bobby

    hey bro πŸ™‚ is tat queen? username havin crown in it. nice meeting u queen πŸ˜€
    bt y ru so rude 2 max dear.

  25. Hey mr fake i last came yester night so dat comments done today aren’t mine
    looks like someone having grudge on queen is misusing my name
    for me it doesn’t matter bt just wanted to tell it wasn’t me
    coz if it was me i would have included everyone’s name not only queen

  26. saurabh

    Kal kya bol raha tha m attention seeker tu to TU ka bhikhari hai jo tujhse bhi badi bhikaran se lust ki bhik mangta hai pyaar k naam pe

  27. saurabh

    N u know what you think ppl here will some day think tu bichara hai bt aisa kabhi nahi hoga haha haha

  28. saurabh

    Ab kidhar gaya kutte
    dumn dabaa k bhaag gaya haha ( stomach aching due to continuous laughing )

  29. saurabh

    Bata ek bhi aisa hai yaha tere fake puppets ko chod k jisko tu pssand hai
    everyone hates u “)

  30. Max

    u r no way diff pig. sayin b*t*hes 4 girls. teri ghar ki ladkiyaan bi vaisa hi hoga. bt my queen she is precious.

  31. Max

    I ws littl bit away cauz ur fartin vry badly nd coudnt bare smell. so wnt out 2 gt oxygen. O yaa farts lyk wil nvr knw d wrd oxygen na??
    dnt evr think i will gt scard of u. no way. vaise suvar ko deke kaun darta u ass

  32. Max

    Ab tu kaha ghayab ho gaya? gobar kha rahe ho. kao kao aaram se kao. plz dnt cum nd fart hre.

  33. Max

    arey suvar pehle tere ghandagi deko. Tu yaha naya nahi ho. iss baat sabko pata h.
    mere koi fake puppets nahi hu par tu khud hi ek puppet ke jaisa natak kar rahe ho suvar

  34. Max

    vaise s*xy naam ka tag tuj pe chipake tujko nanga karke raaste pe nachana chahiye. aur saari ladkiyaan tujpe chillar faikna chahiye. tere ghar ki ladkiyaan uss chillar ko collect karna chahiye. suvar

  35. Max

    @? S truth stinks nd d truth is inner beauty is more imp than physical beauty.
    wch u wil nvr undrstnd until u expriance.

  36. Max

    Darkness is evrywhr @? in our eyes, in our hairs, If ur hindu evn our god statues r also dark. Our lord krishna is also dark. finally many white beauties hv darkness in heart too. evn d most beautiful bird peacock is also dark.

  37. Max

    Im bad nd want queen 2 accept me d way im. nd she knws hw i am so no acting lyk good. Gud nd bad is in ur eyes. Der is goodness in me also nd badness in queen also. doesnt mattr. many lyk me nd many hate hr 2.

  38. Max

    Bt saying goes lu dis” Dont jugde book by its cover” A human is lyk sea. jst by seeing them u wil nt cum 2 knw der beauty, as u say outer beauty is best, den blind persons cannot c tat. Den d most beautiful persn wil bcum ugly infront of blind.

  39. ?

    max ,you are really trying to win queen’s heart ,but before that you must aware of what she likes and dislikes,you know she hates this side of you,and you are exaggerating all the small events,why can’t you be a nice /friendly to every one@ max

  40. Max

    hey ur so immposible. u say bad abt queen nd nw ur supprtin hr. who ru? i think ur an oldie?

  41. Max

    Hw ridicilous u sound @? im nt exaggerating anything. im saying d reality. u dont speak abt bittr truth. Bitter truth is all beauties wil becum wrinkle oldies at sum point of tym.

  42. saurabh

    Max ab tu real max fske max khel rshs hsi lol
    ye jo upar tune baka vo queen ne tere saath kiya na chillar bhikariyo ko hi milta hai
    n sabko pata hsi who stinks mujhe mat bata
    gobar tera diet food hai na vo tuhi khata hai tabhi yo bol raha tha k me khata hu bt u know wat man n not like u
    n pls dont potray ur daily habits here by telling i do it sidha sidha bolna na tu suvar ks bacha hai
    har bar jo khud kiya hai experience hai isiliye idhar bol deta hai yuck
    n queen might b any colour bt she is not meant for u cox tu usse bhi gaya gujra hai

  43. saurabh

    Not only dat whore baki ki do bhi uske jaisi hi hai
    max teri real life fantasy hai na gobar me nahana coz u stink boy a lot itne din nahi aya coz teri badbu bardash nahi ho rahi thi n ab tu tera gobar har jagsh faila raha hai to limit cross ho gayi sehne ki

  44. Max

    @? If u lyk outer beauty dont speak abt bittr truth. nd peopl lyk u wil nvr liv wit same persn full lyf.

  45. saurabh

    Haha look whose talking swine flu affected monkey
    tere paas aisi konsi technology hai jise sab ulta sunai dikhai ya smell karta hai? I smell like musk not like u gobar sala
    n bo ulti technology discard ksr de coz isiliye tujhe vo b*t*h itni achi lagti hai sach pata chalega na to fat jayegi teri

  46. Max

    Hey pimp lyk u wil b having knwledge of whores. bt pimps r der who evn do tat wrk 4 mom nd sis 2. ur 1 of them i think. so pimps lyk u wil c all girls as whores cauz girls r ur bread nd butter k.

  47. saurabh

    Not all girl i respect is to b earned
    n tu mujhe kya bol raha hai tu tere bache ka mama n dad dono hai na
    u r saying dis from ur personal experience na hahaha

  48. saurabh

    Tno technology oh den i guess ur f**king blind
    coz m not n i c speak n follow thruth unlike u

  49. ?

    max face the reality,we all gonna die one day,don’t we enjoy each and every moment of life?if dying is real then why we have bother about living peacefully,,,as age progress wrinkle and gray hair we have to face it, and at that age those things are natural /and pretty too.but we don’t have to worry now..most important thing is this moment@ max

  50. saurabh

    Queen k samne sant banne k liye tu kuch bhi kar sakts hai isiliye itna bhashan de raha hai deep inside even u know dat ur not wort her bt khudki kamjori chupane k liye kitne natak karta hai

  51. ?

    Hey ? phobia. ur double standard k. Ur dont speak abt natural. den being dusky is also natural. wen u cn admire wrinkles y others cant admire duskiness.?

  52. saurabh

    Jhut mat bol bhul gaya ek hasina thi ka last epi wala comments max
    stop lying some day or other ull b caught red handed like now ha ha

  53. ?

    we’d love to change ourselves for the love ones,but it seems so much challenge for you y @ max?

  54. ?

    you know saurabah barking at you,why do you have to do the same?more over you’re a senior member of this family@ max

  55. saurabh

    Queen ADVICED REQUESTED PLEADED SCOFFED WARNED ABUSED u to leave cant u get it dat u r a parasite to het sucking out her joy

  56. Max

    hey phobia just gt lost. evn animals dont c outer beauty. V being broad minded human shld hav propr thinkin. U hve crooked thinkin. So u jst enjoy wit MISS india nd miss wrdls foolish fellw

  57. saurabh

    Y max pol khuli toh mu band hahaha
    m n mot behind her u r so dis thing doesn’t apply to me i dont give a shit to wat she thinks or abt her happiness

  58. Max

    Hey saurabh who ru man?? u say abuse hr nd nw ur caring 4 hr. 1st change ur self. den u advice me.

  59. saurabh

    Had u been broad minded u would have left already for ur so called queen bt u didn’t so not say v say ppl who r not like u

  60. ?

    this is you max,why are you resisting yourself,why do you have to behave this way,okok i respect your views ,i have no objections @ max

  61. Max

    Hey fool wen i tld ur behind hr?? i tld u abused hr at 1st nd nw ur speaking 4 hr?? hw stupid ur? ur say u dont bother abt hr? bt i feel mw ur doing same thing

  62. saurabh

    M not advicing u coz tujhe uska value nahi pats n read properly m pointing out ur mistake ad i said i don’t give a shit abt dat ***

  63. ?

    max why are you comparing animals with humans,this is how you differ from others, we don’t think like animals /only we behave like an animal@ max

  64. ?

    max i really want to meet your friends..if you want to know about some one look at their friends@ max

  65. Max

    Im talking abt being Broadminded @? wch u wil nvr undrstnd! Nd in sum ways animals 4 away bettr than us.

  66. saurabh

    Had it been so i would hv cum here as a gentleman not like dis n u like her not me dats wat i said so u should be thinking about hr not me
    u say u love her bt dats sll fake dats wat i said

  67. Max

    hey saurabh ur weird man? tu muje bi ghali deti ho aur queen ko bi insult karti ho k!! 1st b clear wt ur doing? huh

  68. saurabh

    Coz i hate u both n correct ur grammar boy har ladke me ladki dhundna achi baat nahi ur lusty mind tricks u u mind end up doing some wrong to a guy n get beaten up to pulp hahaha

  69. Max

    Cum on saurabh? dont be so jugdemental k. It was by mistake. Wen u cn c all girls as whores evn i cn c girls in al boys. C ur self ha ha ha

  70. ?

    no no i believe u…and i can see that [email protected]

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