Sadda Haq 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 3rd March 2014 Written Update

Parth informs Sanyu and Randhir that Kabir was a student of FITE, but he hates FITE now for some reasons. He always provoked his students against FITE and was very upset when FITE won the competition. He found out from his ex-teammate that Kabir didn’t return to CITE and possibly came to FITE to meet Vardhan. Randhir talks arrogantly about Kabir which doesn’t go well with Parth. Randhir and Parth argue. They hear someone coming in the room and they all leave. They decide to find whether Kabir came to FITE to meet Vardhan, and if he did come, then why? Randhir leaves from there. Sanyu tells Parth not to take Randhir seriously, he’s very arrogant. Sanyu and Parth decide to ask peons if they saw Kabir.

Randhir comes to the peons to ask them if they saw Kabir. The peons inform

him that Sanyu and Parth just left from there and they also asked the same thing. They tell Randhir no one like Kabir came to the college, but someone delivered a bouquet to Vardhan.

Students are divided in teams of two to work on a project. Sanyu and Parth are together. Vidushi gets jealous and angry. Randhir also keeps looking at Sanyu and Parth while working on his project. Parth notices a spark coming from Randhir’s project. He runs to him and pushes him. Randhir falls down. He gets up and gets mad at Parth before he sees a spark himself. Sanyu notices blood on Parth’s hand and takes him with her. Randhir looks on.

Sanyu does the aid and says how arrogant Randhir is. Instead saying thank you, he got mad at Parth. Parth says he didn’t know. Sanyu says but he knows now, but still didn’t say sorry. He should get the most arrogant person award. Parth takes Randhir’s side and says he’s a good guy. Sanyu tells Parth that he’s extra good so he sees everyone as good people.

Randhir cannot believe that he got distracted. He says to himself that this is not him.

Sanyu’s bro, Ankit, lists down the colleges with his associate from where they will get their interns. Ankit intends to reject Sanyu when he takes her interview.

Other hand, Kastuki comes to Sanyu and Parth and tells them about internship. Sanyu receives a call from Ankit. He doesn’t like Sanyu’s tone and doesn’t tell Sanyu what he called for. He decides to see her straight in the interviews. Vidushi plans to work for the company that pays the most, Jiggy plans to work in the same company as Kastuki, while Sanyu decides to work in a company from where she can learn a lot. She gets surprised seeing her father’s company in the list. She goes to the Dean and enquires about her father’s company. The Dean tells her about the new CEO planning to hire interns. Sanyu is very excited and decides to work for her own company and help her dad. Parth comes to her and they talk about internship. Parth tells her, it will be her who will decide where to work as she will get lots of offers. Sanyu tells him to stop praising her every time and she then asks him where he plans to work. Parth says he will help his mum. Sanyu asks him what’s the company’s name. Parth says it’s a small business. Sanyu says that’s good that he will help his mother and she will help her dad. Randhir comes there and tells Sanyu it won’t be easy to get in the company as she will face a good competition. Sanyu gets irritated from him.

Sanyu is going to hostel when she sees Randhir getting in to Vardhan’s room. She too goes in and asks Randhir why he came alone when they decided to work together. A peon is passing by and he hears some noise. Randhir covers Sanyu’s mouth. The peon thinks it must be Vardhan and leaves from there. Sanyu asks Randhir to leave her. Randhir reminds her she also went to the peons without him and with her new best friend, Parth. Sanyu gets quiet. He then tells her what he found out from the peons – someone sent a bouquet and letter for Vardhan. They start finding the letter. Dean comes in and they hide under the table. Both get very close. The Dean leaves. They get back to finding the letter. They find some pieces and figure it’s written by Kabir. They continue their search.

Dean meets Vardhan and tells him about meeting to the companies. The peon informs Vardhan about noise coming from his room. Randhir leaves the room hearing Vardhan coming there, while Sanyu is still in the room. Vardhan and Dean enter. Sanyu hides behind the table. Vardhan fails to see her. Dean tries to convince Vardhan to meet the companies. Sanyu quietly leaves the room.

She tells Randhir that she was clealing the mess he did. He thanks her and shesays not welcome. He asks her to give the envelope to her, but she doesn’t. She gets lost into thoughts when Dean mentions about her dad’s company to Vardhan. Randhir snatches the envelope, but it’s empty. Sanyu says to herself that she wants to work for her dad’s company, but…

Epi ends.

Precap: Sanyu is waiting for her interview and hopes to impress her dad. It’s announced that the interviews are done. Sanyu gets shocked as she was never called. She sees Ankit and asks what he’s doing there. Ankit suggests her to head back to home. There’s no point staying in the college where her mentor doesn’t even care about her. Randhir comes there and advices Sanyu to start learning cooking.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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