Sadda Haq 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan says to Nirman fair enough. I have all the proofs. The footage, the accident and the scientist. It was not an accident. Your game is over. None of your dreams will be accomplished you are failed. Nirman says I know you know everything. He starts crying and says this mars mission is my dream. Suddenly he laughs and says wow. Nirman says I am good actor. I need to call a bollywood producer to cast me. You think you can use this information against me, time for drums to roll. The high point is I know who you are Mr.Dark shadow. Aryan is dazed. Niramn says how was it? One shot your game is over. Why so shocked? i appreciate one thing you have done so much for the country. why Aryan isn’t smart as dark shadow? I have been trying to find out who dark shadow is. You and he has very much

in common. So I thought lets play a game that aryan fails but dark shadow passes. Aryan says how you mean? Nirman says I troubled sanyu and you helped her and you got trapped in my game. I used your feelings against you. Nirman says if you say anything about me.. Sanyu’s dream will be blown and you will be exposed. You will go out and forget this conversation.

Joy says to Sumit I and Kritika are so perfect for each other. He says what am i saying? I cant do this. He sees kritika says I have to do this courage. He says why is it so difficult.
Joy sits near kritika. Kritka says in heart joy will propose me? oh God. She says you wanna say something? He says I like to talk to you. But I have nothing to say.Kritika says I was just asking.Kritika says why don’t you say it.

Aryan comes to his room and tensed. SAnyu comes in. He says when did you come? He says nothing just didn’t get my coffee. He says can I ask you? How important is this mars mission to you? Sanyu says its my dream. It give me motivation and stregth. Everything. Aryan says lets say if this mission cancels?sanyu says why would you say that? sanyu says it gave me focus back. I dont wanna go back to that life. Aryan says you can start your own company. Sanyu says is there something? Tell me. Aryan says nothing. Sanyu says sure? he says can I lie to you?Sanyu says i trust you. Aryan leaves. he sits again and says is my birthday still on? She says yes. He says don’t you get time for decoration?It doesn’t matter too. There is no purpose now either.

Nirman comes to randhir and says how is it going randhir sir? This is my institute I can come where I wwant. you want sanyu to leave ISRC?Randhir says i will expose her.Nirman says don’t lie. Why was your voice weak? I know what are you gonna do.You will leave yourself. Sacrifice yourself. You won’t let her go out of here because you still love her. and you can’t accept her that she is someone’e else’. My mission suffers in this. Randhir says what about aryan? He loves sanyu. He will always be with sanyyu. Nirman says I thought you won’t start his topic. you remind me of myself.But you know dark shadow?Randhir says that hacker..No one knows about.Nirman says I know him and so do you. Aryan. Randhir says what. nirman says yes Aryan is dark shadow. I have proofs too. Now upto you how to use it.sanyu will be alone here. he leaves.
Sanyu comes out and recalls her moments with Randhir and with Aryan too. She keeps walking. The song ‘janeman’ is playing. Randhir and Aryan are in there rooms and in tears. Sanyu recalls randhir misbehaving with her. Aryan is walking in the corridor in tears as well.
Sanaya comes to randhir and says I know you are depressed. He says nothing. sanaya says I can solve your problem. Sanaya says enough. I know what problem is. Randhir says what is your problem. GO get a job. I don’t need you get lost from here. Sanaya walks out in tears. Randhir stops her. Randhir says I am very sorry. She turns her face up and says you care for me. Then why do you say otherwise? Now tell me what happened? Rnadhir says nothing. She says I will ask you questions and you answer me. I know what Nirman has asked you to do. He wants sanyu to leave ISRC. But I know you will leave yourself.

Precap-Aryan says to randhir you are the manipulator. Rnadhir says I don’t have time for all that. Randhir says to sanyu I know aryan is dark shadow. SAnyu says I only had one support one good friend and you took him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. anjali

    I’m totally confused…actually whom nirman want to throw out of isrc?! Aryan??Randhir?? Sanyu or three of them?? Such a confusing man…

    • Ena

      hey,even Nirman doesn’t know anything about it!he is also confused
      Nirmans facts r
      1.blo*dy murderer
      2.Payar ka dushman
      3.A criminal
      4.a failure
      i guess he also needs a black cofee to calm down??

    • queen

      he wants only sanyu to stay and rd and aryan out as he thinks that relationships wpuld ruin his mission……

  2. Ena

    Aryan is sacrificing..hatssss offf
    TDS secret came nirman rocked Aryan shocked.. he he
    nd i felt a little bad for rd too..funny boy..he is also confused. he needdsss 1 black coffee
    and funniest things was=Aryans crying expressions. i mean Aryan u r a rock star.. don’t feel so helpless.
    randhir actions.he was pushing the punching bag with a single finger.

    all these things r happening bcz of sanyu.she herself doesn’t know about her feelings. she is blo*dy confused. u need to choose one and make us clear.bcz of her both aryan,rd sacrificing their dreams.
    actually no,only aryan is sacrificing. he is leaving and rd is enjoying the tamasha
    Sanaya camchi kahika.Rd insulted her and her blah blah
    both faked.1 for being insulted and other for insulting.fake people.. crap crap crap
    Nirman said the truth.whole thing is messed up.
    yes.Sadda haq season 2 is messed up.specially the whole weak was.
    season 2 has three faults
    1.the love triangle
    2.Ruining characters
    3.Uff,u bored us with characters like rd,shanayas messed up characters

  3. Rd is a crap.jab dekho tab starts barking!i did not likd aryan today either.he was bhvng like sanyu!plz yar,dnt go like ds!that to 4 sanyu.huh.she dsnt dsrve u %-)
    hey Aliya!i m sry.i cme here for only once.that’s why i cnt reply.swthrt,thnk u for ur cnvrsatn.yes,m a bangladeshi.m frm dhaka.m glad u cme here.and i also went to India,b4 my 10th xms.i was for a family trip.i went to kolkata(new market),siliguri,darjeeling.i lvd ur cntry too.and u r invited in bd again :-*
    and if u r on twtr,gve a hint!i can join u.i wld lvd dat πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  4. And 1 more thng!sanyu is the dumbest person!
    Now she is saying aryan is a gd frnd and suprter.idiot.and dat day she was dying to cmmt him.what a girl dude.she is playing with hearts :-/ 😐 :-@

  5. Sia

    True anjali I m also not able to understand ….I don’t know how they are going to unit Rd and sanyu…sandhir…?

  6. NIRMAN is the true genius I wish instead of him if rd had made that aryan helpless .I am totally impressed by nirmans way of playing
    And right thing happened to mr oversmart aryan he deserve to be punished and pained but cv’s why are you making us sas by showing rd in pain .Please unite sandhir fast
    And make sure that aryan at last lands in jail as this would be good example for society that what is the fate of hacker and murderer s who think they can take law In their dirty hands

  7. shivani

    I don’t understand what nirman wants.he is devil.why sanyu is so much confused???
    what rd wants .why dark shadow is leaving
    such a.confusing epi but aryan won the heart

  8. Rd is true hero of the show
    Aryan is like a waste straw
    Rd is the love of sanyu’s life
    She is officially his wife
    Aryan is just like a helper boy
    Who was her puppet or toy
    Aryan is synonymous to word crap
    He really deserves rd’s tight slap
    For the things to earn sanyu he is committing
    Over the top his obsession is getting
    He has now dared to confort a mentor
    Which clearly shows his brain is not at centre
    For all haters who bahsing about your hero
    I want to say aryan is a complete zero
    Soon out of sandhir’s life he’ll be thrown
    After which all the negativity will be gone

  9. nelly

    confusion hi confusion….. I know that s1 was all about sandhir but s2 is of aryukta. I really want aryukta as a couple at the end.. pls pls pls aryan don’t cry. I loved u randhir but this time aaryan took it….. hoping for a great twist at the end(aryukta)

  10. I don’t understand when we will understand we all have different views. i read a poem yesterday and must say that was really bad.and today some words r not acceptable
    anyway,that’s none of my business. I must admit that Randhirs character is messed up.he suddenly became hero.Nirman is disgusting. Sanyu is at fault to.Aryan is a good guy.But maybe something good is awaiting for us.Aryan is looking cute nowadays. But don’t know why,m not liking Randhir anymore.he is making things complicated. Fool…
    over n all,Sadda haq rockz

  11. queen

    i pity joyyyyyyy he’s sooo bechara types…
    and sanaya always knws the thinggg looks like she is nirmaans decendant …. i mean she is like nirmaan spy

  12. mukti

    i told u na guys if u abuse others ur coments will be deleted..see my ena comnts are deleted..dear no one can bash us here…lvuuu

  13. Sam

    Aryan n sanyu looks awesome together but randhir and sanyu together looks very bad .. aryan is real hero. Aryan u rock

  14. mukti

    ok now sadda haq old and new see if u abuse people we will fill petition against u…hehehee…see ena had comented abt show but andr girl bashed her so coment imediatly shena coment is nt deleted she nvr abused y this hungama?????dear i know abt telly updates more than u so chil…

  15. Some people really have strong contracts that’s why they hinsmder others freedom even when they are wrong what I said was write as the word I pointed was indeed not a word of decent vocab but still I blaimed just because she didn’t like me .I sincerely ask the site that word I pointed is wrong or not .I didn’t bashed her I just asked to remove that word
    Mukti never take my name again my name too pure to taken my you and stay away from me and find new target to trouble leave me

      • dhruv

        hey u hold ur tongue ..n pure impure laneka nahi..jaban sambalke bat kr….mannners sikh pure pure laganeka nai..tere comnt dlt ki cz u were wrong.samjina n pure to blneka hi nai…khod kya hai yaha sab jantehai…

      • Mr please first see the accent in which you make commented .is this the language you use to talk with a stranger then please don’t bother me again because I can’t use this language of yours moreover you all stay away from me as our ways didn’t match and if you wanna ever talk to me wish I what u never do but still learn elegance of speaking

      • My name what you people will never understand .so I just wanna say that for some people their names are their everything and I am one of them

      • [sadda haq] ishita

        shame on u to call someone impure..i will report upeople like u hurt others by calling thm reality is ur impure so u call thm like this…u r mannerless…we willreport u for calling bad to others…she nvr called u impure bt u shee i hv seen such a clown 1st time..thts y tu dlt ur cmnts..u deserve it…we will report u n all this cmnts will be deleted…mind it

      • mukti

        i dnt care wht ur name is..i thnk u dnt even undrstand wht i wriite KUSHAGRA the kid so shutup…

      • vrushika

        u callerd sharon dumb u used shena name faker u bashed me u bashed ena u called mukti impure n so many bad thngs..n ur teaching dhruv?????
        u are such a pschco piece u bash others n then when ppl tel u again bash..i thnk ur a faker boy who alwz bash girls…ya ur faker cz u used sheena s dnt u reply n fight with mukti

      • dhruv

        when people like u bash my frnd do u accept people will tlk to u in a mannered way?????hahaha cool thn ur fooling urself..n abt elegance n ….. u learn it urself girl…n dnt call mukti anythng again…

      • Sheena

        Oh hello!! Miss kushagra!! Our language is far more decent than urs…don’t be a hypocrite…u said that mukti is impure n we just asked u to mind ur tongue n SHUT UP.

      • Sheena

        N none of us is interested to talk to u…its u who always comes forward…otherwise we never even reply to ur comments…coz we know that u r so childish that u can create a scene on literally anything!! Look, very few days r left n we don’t wanna waste our precious time on attention seekers like u…so its better that u dont create any scene now…coz hume kiddos ki batamizi thik krna ko chod ke aur bhi bohot kaam hai

    • raghav

      those who call others bad are themselves bad….u dnt even hv manners to tlk to people..she is 6 yrs older thn u..hmmm noone has taught u manners…sshame on u..tu will delete ur cmntss

      • Just because she is elder she will say anything to me wow .I had joined this site as a stress buster after my exams but actually she turned it into mental harassment It should be I to report that she is behind me and pressurizing me or provoking me this the last time I saying to all to stay away from me and stop stalking me you alk r much more dangerous as I thought to be

      • Sheena

        Hey!!! U stay away from us!! Just stop bothering us get it?? U r so shameless, instead of saying sorry, u r arguing? Just stop ur nonsense now… Behave according to ur age….u have abused us so many times but we didn’t abuse u even once…n u r bringing untouchability here???? Shame on u girl!! U live in the biggest democracy of the world…u shld be ashamed of calling mukti as impure!! Really man, itna samjane k baad to even devil will realize his mistake ..but u!!!! Today u really crossed ur limits…do u know about gandhiji??? Ppl like u create differences b/w citizens…u r an orthodox…i mean, u are in 21st century n still thinking about untouchibility n impurity….i think u r from 16th century

      • If don’t know the meaning then don’t call it cheap it didn’t called her impure I just said to not take my name as I don’t like now you all don’t bother me .stay away from me as I know you love to bully others by forming groups but I don’t wanna be your target

    • Sheena

      Yup vrushika is right!!! We did not harass u…it was u who harassed nysha, sharon, vrushika, mukti n all of us…n do u remember ??? Once, u used my name…u r so fake! N u didn’t even have an answer for doing that…do u have an answer for using my name to comment that day?? No na??? Bcoz even u know that U R WRONG…such a young girl, bashing n abusing elders…omg!! N do u know? U live in a democracy…n u r bringing up untouchability here??? Its a social site dear…n eberyone can read ur comment…so mind ur language…n how dare u call her impure?? How can u be so CHEAP?????? really man!! Hahaha…n u said that we harassed u?? Oh really?? U faker!! U used my name n u dont even have an answer for that…u harassed all of us…actually no…u “tried to” harass us, but we r far more sensible n mature than u…n abuses of fakers n attention seekers like u dont bother us much….
      N today i want an answer…WHY DID U USE MY NAME THAT DAY TO COMMENT???????? N if u dont have an answer, we’ll take u as guilty…

      • I have hunderd of times I used a random name which matched with yours and that was impulsive decision and even I don’t know why that came in my mind but for it you all are still bashing come on move on and stop. Bothering me

      • Sheena where did the untouchability came from I just asked her not take my name and untouchability means discriminating people on the bases on their birth,caste etc etc but I just said that I don’t want her to bother me .I know better about constitutional ,our rights,our articles our duties ,our leaders ,our political history our democracy do you why because other students just study history and political science but I live according to principles learn from history and you can’t even think how much more I know about politics as being a power holder is dream in future and thirst for power has always governed by life style .

  16. dhruv

    shena if u leave i will leave n ur best fnd revati also..choice is urs…
    n yesa sadda haq shetal and anjali if our comnts were not acceptable tu had nvr posted it better luck next time.
    shena i will tell u one thing…meri university bahot badi hai so kisiko kuch hua tobhi bata nai chalta..n 2 b 3 boys were abusing a girl like hell.and ham jab goye to wo bichari ro rahi thi….bt hamne unk oetna mara ki wo ab hosptil mai pade hai..n u know when iwas beating tht guy tht girl asked me?she said””’bhai its my fault tht i gave thm the chance to abuse me…if i had retreated in the same way s thy did i would have been safe…””
    now shena tell me us bechari ladki ki koi glti nahi thi rit but still she gave thm a ur case is diff bt dear u need to be world is full of such see ur leaving cz some stupid person abused u n all u thought for ur dear see whenu decide to leave or run aa frm smthng u give thm tht pleasure n satisfcation dear..n yeh to chotasi bat life mai aisa bhot bar hotay..if u ran away for sake of frnds or antyhng ur abusers try to harm u more tit for tat..n as ur a girl dear its very imp,….naito jena mushkil hota hai pprblm ke liye nahi bt dear dnt run away if u hv not done wrng u shd nvr run dear evn if ur doing ds for frnds stilldnt run cz it only gives satisfaction to ds people…dear i kno i m no one to tell u ds bt see frm wht i saw yesrtday with tht girl i thought it will help u n other frnds of mine who decides to leave even mukti n princess

    • dhruv

      dear never give chance to such people to harm u..n never give thm tht satisfactionn…ur very young now dear bt keep it in mind dear..n ur very matured n sensible girl dear…aise logo ko chance mat do dear..they are waiting for a single chnce to harm u soo be cautious n ya shenu mayu karu nishu princess muku aishu alu liyu n al my sisters its for u also cz most of girls get frightened bt u shd be strng…n guys plz be alert n dnt go to deserted places..agar kal ham nahi hote to i dnt know wht must hve happened to tht be cautious.ok lvutc bye

    • anjalibt

      druv.. dont get me wrong.. i dnt have any intention to hurt anyone.. i dnt support sada haq for everyrhing he or she said… i just said a general opinion.. and i’m accepting my mistake..if i hurt anyone of you plz forgive me.. am saying sorry from the bottom of my heart.. dont group me with those people bcoz of a single comment.

  17. Aneesha

    Don’t know y some people r hating Aryan
    He is such a lovely person.He is sacrificing:-( …Even rd accepted that Aryan is true lover that he won’t leave sanyu at any tym like rd did BT rd fans r not accepting!!!!!Really sanyu don’t deserve Aryans love.whatever b the end Aryan is the hero of this season.That character had won many hearts.He is suprb,smart,handsome,n lovable person.BT Aryan plss don’t go plzzZZ.luv u Aryan

  18. Aneesha

    Writers messed up they made rds character worse n all of a sudden made rds character gud!!!! Amazing!!this happens in serls only:-) BT Aryan n sanyu is the ryt pair.As they made rd gud n he realized aryans love fr sanyu writers can make rd supporting aryukta at the end as he knows ego is the quality which he has n Aryan doesnt n ego has no place in love plzzz writers end the show with Aryukta n rd supporting it.I think its the suprb end#Aryukta#

  19. Aneesha

    Some love rd BT they have gud opinion on Aryan as they know that Aryan character is gud BT they r not accepting aryukta as they luvd rd n want sandhir.BT some for no reason hating Aryan n using bad wrds against him.Its like they loved rd as an egoist, obsessed,cheater,manipulator,MCP rather than a lover !!!!!sorry fr such guys

  20. It’s gonna be only Sandhir at end as it is confirmed and best character of this whole season should be titled to sanya .who necer left her friend ecen when he was harsh on him .she just wished his good will was with him without thinking what consequences could be .she and parth were the best examples of what true friendship is no matter how your friend behaves you’ll be just by his side this what true friendship is lile what the great KARNA did which made him best example of true friend born ever and most intelligent person of this season was nirman his diplomacy and his brain games are just commandable .if had been not shown against relations that he would have actually became a inspiring mentor who knows every bit of his team I actually like his character as it actually what needed for thirst for power and even in real lives only people like this only get absolute leadership and authority

  21. Sam

    Ya plz end the show with aryukta.. and rd is supporting tht.. sanyu n aryan is best pair .dont leave aryan ..plz do something rd has so much ego n aryan is so sweet he is true lover so plz dont do this plz unite aryukta they look awesome with each other… aryan always supported sanyukta and i think sanyukta also loves aryan Thts why she thinks about him.she cares about him..

  22. yogiraj

    Nyc epi..aww master mind nirman…feeling bad for Aryan..
    guys plz post d spoilers..
    gm hv sweet day guys…:-)

  23. Sheena

    No no no……no one will leave bcoz of me….ok..i won’t leave…i had already apologized but still sadda haq was blaming me of abusing…so i think he shld buy a dictionary…

    N anjalibt, its ok…i understand thats its ur opinion…but dear, we come here for sh only…but ppl here r so friendly n soo caring n soo lovely that u r bound to make frnds here…n when someone bashes anyone, the whole family stands against him…anyways, welcome to oir family…

    Karu, aaliya n aishu, thank u for clarifying the situation ystrday…n i’m really sorry..bcoz of me, that sadda haq taunted u all…

    Mukti, u r so smart…thnx a lot for supporting me…u r right, i didn’t abuse anyone..infact muje to gaali dena b nai aata…thnk u dear

    Piku, no need to leave dear…n thnk u for being there….luv u..

    Dhruv bro, u really r the best…u r like a saviour, a hero…u saved that girl…wow!! Ur fmly n frnds must be so proud of u..u r a true gentleman..u r an inspiration for all the boys…n bro, thanx a lllloooottttt!!! U made me realize that i shldn’t run away from such situations…tyank u so much…i’ll follow this advice in my life…thanx a ton…i really wish that u get all the happiness in the world..hmm… now i’m back..i won’t leave…love u all !!

    • ishita

      hey dear sory dear…bt now we need to support mukti…kushagra called her plzz report tell me is someone impur????n how dare u call this to anyone????so we need everyones suport guys

      • It hurts when someone you don’t like takes your name and I didn’t called her impure I just said her to not to hinder my freedom of keeping my views but actually mistake of this site which always old members to form groups establish their monopoly and then ragg independent commentators .now even you who hardly know about me is bashing me this is not done it is sheer injustice .keeping my view different to her is my mere fault for which i am slammed then it is actually wrong

    • dhruv

      hey dear i m not a hero i did wht anyone had done dear…bt take care of urself dear…world is very bad..n kisine jada bakwas ki to 2 laga dene ke..darne ka nai shenu…n here direct reportkrne ka..bat bhi nai krneke aise logo ke sath

      • Sheena

        Yup bro, i’ll definitely take care of myself…n i’ll never get afraid of such ppl…thnx bro for being there…i don’t have a brother but i found one in u…thanx a lot! N say hi to my sweeetie revu!! How is she?

    • hi sheena ..welcome back dr.. No need 2 say thanks n sorry…. Its our duty to save u…. my sweety….

  24. This is poem dedicated to friends like sanya the true example of friendship

    Sometimes very harsh towards you may I sound
    But reason behind is always a un healed wound
    But you promlse you’ll never leave me alone
    As after you my only support will also be gone
    Swear me you always be my true friend
    Even I’ll jerk you’ll still not leave my hand
    Say that even when I’ll act all annoying and rude
    To know the reason you’ll against my will intrude
    Whatever the situations you’ll understand
    Promise me on me you’ll never shout
    On my intentions you’ll never doubt
    And for me will always take a right stand
    Whenever I am wrong please correct me
    But by insulting me you’ll never wreck me
    Promise me that you’ll take my side
    And understand turmoil I face inside
    Their will a person who’ll rule heart of mine
    But still in it your presence will always shine
    Their will be a person whom I will love very much
    But he’ll be never be able to vanish your touch
    Their will be someone for whom my eyes will have different spark
    But they will never forget that you were them when it was dark
    Though my heart one day will have different craze
    But youe memories it will not be able to erase
    Though I’ll always be carving for a lovely realationship
    but I swear the true bliss of life was your true friendship

    I would like to dedicate this poem to my school group who r not here but I wanna say you people are real blessing of god to me

  25. Sheena

    Hey miss kushagra….enough of ur childishness now…do u even know? Mukti is 6 yrs elder than u…mind ur tongue miss kushagra….learn to respect ur elders..n mukti is way smarter than u…how dare u call her impure n all??? Don’t u have any manners…..bado se baat krna sikho…u’ve done this before also…2-3 weeks back, u bashed mukti for nothing n tu deleted ur comments..but u r so stubborn that u continued bashing mukti..n then tu gave u a warning…n again, ystrday tu had to dlt ur comments…so girl, pls mind ur tongue..mukti did not say anything wrong…she was just giving ur example n she gave ena’s example also…but ena didn’t bash mukti or disrespect her coz ena is sensible enough…n u dont want us to call u “kushagra”…? So u only tell what shld we call u huh?? N why r u so obssessed with mukti??????Look, this is the last time i’m saying, never ever bash mukti or anyone…i know u r not here to make frnds n no one is asking u to do so..but atleast dont try to make enemies…

    • Sheena

      N let me tell u, this time u have crossed ur limits..i mean dude, tum apne bado se aise hi baat krti ho? Go n take some moral lessons…u must learn to calm down a bit…u r just 16 n still so stubborn n arrogant!! Oh gosh!! N first look at the type of vocab u r using…our vocab is much more decent than urs…urs is nowhere near to decent…n r u trying to make some records or what?? That the award of worst vocab on tu goes to…kushagra!

    • I didn’t took her name she came me to harass me and now even I have learned that you all people love to select a target daily and then torture him so now stop this mentally harassing anyone is actually a crime now stop taking my name .I fed up of this torture and first read my comments and then see my words and compare with yours .from class with I have written my first poem and every time in any competition it’s my speeches that are used my speakers in your school .my every article is termed best by my teachers and it is truth because standard of words I use are far above reach of other .their had been many times when my teacher didn’t knew the meaning but I had known and from childhood my mother has made read novels of archic english so you better not comment about my vocab as I have given years to master it

  26. according 2 me ya show sirf theen chezo sa chalthi ha..
    n that is luv triangle, luv triangle n luv triangle.
    but its high time 2 select 1. Sadu (rd) or kaliya (aryan). Cv n sanyu make it soon as the show is going 2 end.
    hello frnds….

  27. Aneesha

    As far as i remember, Nirman also killed some girl. They have skipped all that on the show.

  28. Aryan u made us emotional u r such a good actor ur acting looks real plz dont leave … plz unite aryukta. Ashwini u r the best?

  29. sam

    Aryan u made us emotional u r such a good actor ur acting looks real plz dont leave … plz unite aryukta. Ashwini u r the best?

  30. nirman aaj sach ma washing powder nirma bangaya.. Sab ki dulayee kar di…
    nirman: ‘boom boom boom…’
    ara yaar isa tho rockstar hona chaheya tha… I wonder vo ISRC ma kya kar raha ha??!!!

  31. who says only women can sacrifice.. Galath… Our aryan is a good eg.
    Look poor aryan.. He is going… πŸ™

    This is a moou thot javab by aryan 2 all who says he is obsess n crazy abt sanyu… πŸ˜‰

  32. This is my last massage to the so called group of telly updaptes stop bullying and stay far away from me and others who are not part of your group .I don’t now why this site is silently witnessing all this why they are not taking action against these groups .isn’t this pointing out one person ,commenting about his values and manners and even badmouthing his knowledge also part of mental torture which for sure a cyber crime

    • Sheena

      Hahah…u r really funny dude…i mean u r such a cranky child…n u can ask anyone here…we always give a warm welcome to newcomers n then eventually, we become really good frnds…everyone except u accepts our frndship…n pls dude, we dont have time for fake ppl…so stay away!!! N ur vocab must b good for competitions n all but here, u proved that ur vocab is not decent….i’m not doubting ur capabiloties but the kind of words u use here, the way in which u talk to elders here is not at all decent…

  33. mukti

    shenu vrushu raghav sharon dhruv vishu ishita babe cchill…
    now kushagra the kid hahahhaha mental harrasment??????hahaha provoking ????????omgggg now ithnk tht i m talking to a person who dosnt even undrstand wht i am tlking…
    u called m impure thn u had said me bfre so many thngs like take language classes and i have work n u dnt hav…then u had said to me tht u r best n ur more smarter thn me.. then u said u will pay for my insult thn u said dnt dare to challenge me..u said u have to apologize me….u said u dnt write my name cz i m not worth it…
    n wht i sad to u is dnt bash my frnds…thn dont reply to people who r not tlking to u…thn i said u dnt undrstand wht i am saying…now wht is decency???????????..

  34. mukti

    now guys for all of us who r pure mature sensible kushagra is guys frgt her/him n enjoy…its june4 guyzzz..hardly a frgt her/him even if she/he replies we will not cz for us she/he is we dnt know him/her…so enjy guyss..lvu tcc n ya i and dhru are going dor 2 day trip so meet u on mondayyyy…tc frndsssss lvuuu shenu mayu aishu richu sanyu karu raj bro dhruva bro vishal bhai sharon ishita babe nishu aluu vrushuu shivu rochele dear comebackk..ok bye guys lvuu…n give us safe n apy journey frnds..hahaha just kiding tc lvu

    • Sheena

      Ya muku!! I was just gonna ask about ur mom’s state! I’m glad to know that she is fine…n now ur bro n dad r there with her na so no tension….
      N u n bro r going on a trip???? Wow!!!!! Enjoy ur trip! Have fun! Make some memories…. Wish u a happy n safe journey πŸ™‚ take care both of u

  35. Mishti

    Hey Guys i am a big fan of Sadda Haq. i’m following it since season 1. actually i came here to share my personal experience… meri life av sadda haq k current track jaisi chl rhi h.. after 5 year long distance relationship my bf broke up with me and same behaving as like as Rd and that time i have a friend same like as Aryan and some time ago he proposed me and my problem is jb m sadda haq dekhti hu m chahti hu Aryan and Sanyukta couple bn jaye but apni personal life me m ye nhi kr pa rhi hu. for an example yest he treated me very badly and told me don’t dare to call me again but just now i called him but he didn’t pick… so main thing is life me better option bs profession me choose krte h dil k mamle me 1st love hi better hota fir wo sath ho ya na ho.. sorry agr mne bore kiya to.. take care guys

  36. Meaningo the word KUSHAGRA itself is intelligence
    My vocab have different class and elegance
    I know my speech is filled with arrogance
    But it never contain any kind of nonsense
    And those who think that I have bad vocabulary
    Are the persons who need to truely worry
    As with literature on my side I am born
    Playing with words is the valour with which I have grown
    I value the thing most in my life is words
    As their power is equal to that of swords
    Problem is that I talk bit rude and use words which are sarcastic
    And to answer me in my language they are not that much fantastic
    So they just start with abusing
    Ironically blame me of bashing
    Actually from all of them I am very different
    So we all should be away for each other’s betterment

    • Mayuri

      Hii muku … I m not going anywhere dear πŸ™‚
      And happy trip πŸ™‚
      And dear forget about her .. Actually some people r there who have a lot of of pride in their vocab which make them cocky so can’t say a word … And miss Kushagra I appreciate your efforts of learning vocab .. Like reading novels at such small age it’s so good but isn’t it too much like u know meanings of some words which even your teachers don’t …
      And Sheena dear I support u dear …
      And yes dhruv u r very very correct and u really act like a hero when u saved that girl .. It’s very appreciatable …

      And mukti dear (muku) it’s so so good that your mom is discharged and now u r with your family so enjoy your trip dear πŸ™‚

      • Yeah it is my mother was a topper of this language so from childhood she always made me use heavy words it’s like in front of me she loves to uses hard words so that she could burn flame of curiosity in me for words .and even I have habbit to learn better words instead of what people use normally .and I have habbit of going through dictionary daily to learn more and more and novels me and my mom have huge collection of them

      • Mayuri

        Kushagra it’s good that u r well literate in a good environment but don’t u think u r boasting it a lot … U have skills it’s good we don’t have any jealousy but here there is no vocab competition is going … And if we want to use vocab we too can use those words u might not know the meaning of it …
        And tell u really your mother really is good but don’t boast about it …

        And I really hope u r not eccentric .. R u ???
        And it’s good u have good knowledge regarding vocabs but they come to an end where u know how to deal with the situation u should know where to back out and where to say sorry .. U should k ow if all r saying u to apologize … Then there sure a reason …
        And please forget about it and don’t bash here because u still r kid … And they r elder so please better understand it miss K …

      • Mayuri I have no negativity in my mind about you but don’t address me as a kid as am a grown up teenager and I even like your views but I don’t like her as she hates me .mayuri I am not strange but I am just straight forward and I even dislike being part of groups etc or making unknown friends but I am bit bold which irks those who think they have monopoly on the site and even topic came when one of her friend said that I have worst vocab so boasted but now mayuri don’t take my name in relation to hers now end this bye hope you’ll try to understand my pov but if not then atleast don’t bash me as I don’t expect that from you

  37. yogiraj

    Oh o kushagra u calling mukti impure..v.bad..u need to learn hw to talk n hw much..u thinking ur self smart Dan others,u r nt friendly too,u always try to teach everyone nt gud dis u crossed limits….improve urself..
    n my frnds r too sweet n friendly open minded..dnt u try to hurt them by using such words..dis is last..

  38. Aryan was supporting for good cause he never took any law in hand whatever he has done for the country is recommendable….

  39. sam

    It is nt necessary tht 1 st love is always good sometimes it happens ur second love is rght and u think tht person is rght 4 u.. rd never loved sanyu if he would had loved sanyu then wo pehle hi soory bol deta he has so much ego but aryan always loved sanyu.. he always supported her..aryan is real hero u won everyone’s heart..

    • mishti

      yeah sam your perspective is right but dil to dil hota h wo dimag ki nhi sunta.. Aryan is really perfect guy and i want ki sanyukta Aryan ko hi mile but in my personal life mera dil opposite hi kr rha h..

  40. Hii everyone……..

    Im bak….oppsssss I think this was not the crect time…….

    Humari family ko kisi ki nazar lag gayi he yaar…kii utaaro…..

    N how r u all….
    Missed u soooo much….

    I thought id give u surprise but im myself surprised yaar………………

    Plzzzzzzz forget everything nah ive just recovered n dis kind of things. .

    A lot has happened im my absence…….
    Rit dhruv sheena shivu muku aalu karu sanyu mayuuuuu aishu ii yaar where were u…..

    N where r missing friends nishuuuuu karuuuuuuuu nd all

    Luv u all

    • shivani

      hi sheenu richu alu mukti sharon vrushika princess richa dhruv bhai aishu vishal maddy mayu sanyu nishu karu rochell astha shreya di apu raj and mukti just ignore kushagra

    • Sheena

      Hiiiii richuu!!!! How r u dear??? I was so worried…anu told us that u had an accident…how r u now?? Discharged from hospital? N pls dhyan rkha kro!! I missed u sssoooo much dear!! I’m so glad to see u back!
      N yaa a lot of drama happened in ur absence!!

      But now, just ignore such attention seekers…n take care of urself ok? πŸ˜‰

    • Mayuri

      Richuuu dear missed u a lot and tell me how r u now dear love u …
      And what happened like accident how ???
      And dear a very very welcome to u … Welcome back dear … I can’t express myself that how much I missed u dear … I m happy for your recovery πŸ™‚

  41. dhruv

    richuuuuuuuuuu howrruuuuuuuuuu dear now u come n iam i will be back on mondy nittt.mised u sweeti take careeee….lvuuu behna..
    n ya guys let tht person tlk..aftr sometime he will stop cz mad people alwz tlk to chill guys frgt.n lvuuu alltc…n beware frm fakersss

  42. Guyssss plzz stop this nah…
    We all kno how pure muku is so y giving attention to this attention seeker…

    By the way I hav mor doubts to clear I u all r ready

  43. muku dear you just not need to give explanation to some people about purity bcoz there are some who consider themselve as superior .ignore those people

  44. Sia

    Guys what is this pure and impure and yaa I m also mukti….. No one has right to say her impure in which world u live….that time has gone….so mind your tongue…..

    And coming to episode Aryan is good but sanyu still love Rd so no point now and at the end sandhir is going to be there

  45. Sanahki

    Hi guys! Hello Marino, how are u I hope all is well with you. Nisha, Princess!

    What happened to this group my God everything is messed up even SaddaHaq
    Thursday episode was really good. Sandhir are so madly inlove I don’t understand why they ant together anyways
    Can’t wait for Sandhir to reunite and have romantic scenes before the show ends.
    Will miss them so much

  46. Rochelle

    Happy SH family. I am just a lot scared of those people here who r accusing others of hacking. So I don’t wish to comment any longer here. Regional partiality is also becoming a part.

    • Mayuri

      Rochelle dear … There is no hacking TU r very strict with these things and no body intentionally do any partiality regarding region … It was out of tension nothing much and if u like u can comment and be a part of our family if u don’t want to we won’t force u .. U can choose what u want πŸ™‚

  47. MUKTI dr n DHRUV bro.. Have a happy trip,tc
    SHEENA dr i am fi9 n i am with u.
    welcome 2 our family DIVYA..
    RICHU dr,i am happy that u r back…n wht was happented??
    n MISHTI dr wht a luv story, real wale luv triangle.. Wow
    sorry i am busy now..c u soon

    • mishti

      Aishu serials and movies ki stories jb real life me hone lge to smjh nhi ata kya kre kya na…because we can see each and every person in serials and movies what are they thinking, what are they doing in a each single second but in our life we cant see each other in every single mnt.. so i’m thinking about my love story… why this is happening with me πŸ™

  48. Egde Black

    BADA WALA CONFUSION……whats happening in this show…… CV please unite Sandhir soon and let us enjoy this few days….

  49. hey guys !
    how r u all ?
    liyuu, nishu,sheenu,karu,titli,richu……….. helllloooo ! ? ?
    everything is soo messed up in sadda haq !

  50. hamda

    i just wanted to say i really like watching indian shows even thought i don’t really understand what they are saying sometimes. channel v shows are fun

    • Sheena

      Hey hamda!! Its so nice to know that ppl from other countries also love indian shows…a warm welcome to u hamda πŸ™‚ which country do u belong to?

  51. Ena

    my one word created this mess.but U should’ve read that comment carefully. whn u were being told not use bad language u said teenage is for all these things. now u r changing it just bcz m a Aryan fan.U can do anything, if i do it’s a like a crime.actually there is no point of talk to u.bcz u r soo….
    Do u even know the meaning of Impure?
    disgusting. it’s a big word for a girl.but still u can change a girl’s life. and u r not feeling sorry on top of stop being proud on ur name n’s foolishness and it shows how much immature and kiddos u r.plz say sorry to that girl carefully. at least show a little manner. after that u can show of ur teenage giri.Just remember, ur family background depends on ur behavior. u know what i mean

    • Don’t go on family back ground be in your limits as belong to family of highly qualified people and I didn’t called her impure I just asked her to not to take my name simply stay away from me she just sensationalizing the issue to gain sympathy when I didn’t did anything wrong then my should I bow in front of her .moreover if you all are taking all this in wrong way then what can I do .and that girl should join jouralism as she perfectly knows how to manipulate others and prove them wrong not all journalists do this but some attention hungry media persons do this
      I in my whole life had never seen such person and wish never ever even see her name after this month
      God save from such people who just love to harass others

      • Ena

        don’t get hyper.. if u felt bad with any of my behaviour, thn tell me.i will say sry 100 times.but at least u can also try!
        though u r from a big family, but still narrow minded.she is also hurt.why don’t u try to understand. moreover, itni big family ki hona ka keya fayda when u r ruining all these by your saying. you have so much negativity. try for once,be sweet.everyone will love u.Agar tumhe sry bhi boldu,still u will show ur attitudes.In a little age it’s not good to have soo much hatred, bitterness, negativity…i haven’t said anything wrong anyone. i Just threw my views related to the show n u made a bat ka patangar.n according to me Mukti sis is a good girl.she doesn’t know me still supported me.i have never seen such a beautiful group ever.try to be good. everybody will love u
        (n plz don’t reply in a bitterness. use some sweet words)

        A big big Thnk u guys for supporting me.Especially mukti sis,druv vai,sheena sis,n all..u guys r damn sweet???

    • Sheena

      Chill ena!! No need to talk to such cheap ppl….she will never ever realize her mistake…arrreeee!!! She’s just a little kid naa…n kids do such mistakes…if she has such type of mentality then what can we do?? Uski aadat hai to divert the topic to another tangent….n miss k, we dont wanna tlk to u yr…atleast have some shame…n who r u to tell mukti about her career options???? R u her guide? R u her gusdian angel?? First u concentrate on ur career n ur life. Mukti can make a far better career than u…n let me tell u, u r very boastfull…i mean ur vocab is ok…even i’ve won many awards for writing essays, n giving speeches…i’m a state level iimun champion….n dude, u r such a kiddo…so boastful of ur achievements haha…
      Bye now…stop bothering us

      • Ena

        hey sis(sheena) thnk u for supporting me.u don’t know me still supported without conditions. u hve a big heart.And trust me,i haven’t said anything wrong to anyone. i just shared my views related to the show.n i was doing this only since long time…
        GOD BLESS U…

      • Ena I have no negativity in my mind about you but that girl and her friends are actually against me .I replied replied with hatred to them because they also have same feeling towards me .no one till today has insulted me like this and I can’t pretend what I am not I am like this only and its my life she is no one to correct me .I 16 still they address me as a kid which is very much annoying I have no grudges against anyone except her so you people please leave all this and enjoy your lives and don’t curseme as she and her friend had already tried it a lot .from this chat everything between you and me is sorted you no need to worry or apologize you or anyone else is not wrong and you have full right to keep your pov and I will never ever again bother you aa you actually talked in a nice way ena and if you will say then I’ll even apologize to you but please don’t talk about her to me

    • Mayuri

      Ena dear … We do support u because u r correct and u have your rights to express yourself and u can say what u want and about vocab dear u haven’t said wrong and there is no competition going so u can express your views to ur friend means us dear… We will happily accept u as a SH family.. Welcome dear πŸ™‚

    • Sheena

      Hey ena dear !! No need to say thnk u…u called me sis na?? Then why r u saying thnk u?? πŸ™‚ mention not dear πŸ™‚
      Stay happy….n yaa, u r very sensible n sweet!!

  52. Chillax sheenu mayuuu im fyn now just couldnt reply u all particularly coz my hand is paining still…….
    Sooooo dhruv bhai im coming n u go haaan…..not fair. ….

    Karu nishuuuuu sanyuu aalu bk where r u guysssss want to say u somthing very special…plzzz cum all……

    By the way hows the feeling of luveeeee…………
    Iys sumthing very magical riytt……

    Sombody experienced it here….

    • Sheena

      Ok dear πŸ™‚ take care of urself…
      N lovee????? Hmm…i don’t know much about love n all….i mean, when someone proposes me, i say thank u n i refuse to accept the proposal coz i wanna concentrate on studies….but i’m sure our other frnds here will help u…
      Stay happy dear πŸ™‚ tc

  53. yogiraj

    Hello guys g.e it is last month guys n Our fav show is ending.n wt r u dng…?? common start smtng new…im n I think everyone is bored by today’s matter…guys leave it all…lets hv sum ..where r my most enrgetic frnds…Karina,Nisha,Dhruv,mukti,Dr.dhruv,Sheena,liya,sannyukta,Vishal,bk,alu,aishu,ena,mayu,rits ,princess sry if i forgotten sum1…dis days u all r changed dis is last here as much as possible commonguhs.

  54. Sia

    Welcome to family who are new here my self sia heartily welcome u…..and yaa misthi agree with u di ke pas dimag nai hota…?…they are like made for each other… Guys I miss u all

  55. Mayuri

    Okkkk guys !!!
    It’s Saturday and Sunday and Monday special …
    I totally agree with Raj ..
    Let’s start a new topic …

    Cmon .. OK I m starting something new …

    Guys we all k ow that we desire to go somewhere , someplace , some country , some city … So guys let’s tell where we want to go and what we like about that place …
    OK guys and like if u already visited one place which u like the most u can share your favorite moments … With family , friends or alone …

    Guys is it fine … πŸ™‚

  56. Aastha

    jab mai comment karne aati hu pta chaleta koi do log yeha per fight ker rhe h…sab k alag views h respect karni chaiye ..and everyone have a potential to became your best freind it requires only trust..
    bht bak bak ki na
    misti di aapne sahi ka 1st love ko bhulna aasan nhi hota …mujhe jyada tu nhi pta bt tv serials m bht deka h ..thora idea h mujhe……. mujhe nhi pta yha per kis baat ki fight huyi bt ek baat bolo un baato pe dyaan nhi dete jo aapko hurt kare…am i right mukti didi…
    enjoy guyz bye
    Anyone knows meaning of bye.

  57. Mayuri

    me start it first ….

    I wanna visit somewhere abroad …
    Actually there is no specific country …
    I wanna visit France for its aroma , it’s style , it’s awesomeness
    I too wanna visit Japan also because I love cherry blossom , I m a huge huge fan of animes , and I just wanna know how it really goes , wanna read manga also , to tell u truth when I was child I loved doraemon and shin chan … I love it now also so at that time I was very curious to meet shinchan and doraemon and wanna know how they made and other things

    And guysy fav moment is in India only in Mumbai …
    Recently only when I have gone there … At that time the weather was of continuaslly raining .. And my father has some work so I just tag along with him and after finishing his work .. Actually we were finding where the office is and we were just walking and walking and rain is going on so how much can we safe us so we gone all wet and after being wet we decided to go Juhu … At that time it was certainly the night and when we arrive there we get to know that high tide is going on and the weather was so so good .. The breeze was blowing and rain is the topping of all and we were there in beach there me and my papa in the beach at that mausam everything was awesome …
    Really that moment is unforgettable πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    Guys I told u now u tell me yours and Raj u sure have some fav moments .. I know if not then make yours … Actually at childhood everybody have so u should be having … πŸ™‚

    • shivani

      I am fan of mountains so I wanna visit switzerland and also venice bcoz it is very beautiful

    • shivani

      dear my favourite moment when I have visited manali and I went for river rafting I have never experienced such a thrill

      • Mayuri

        Ohhh !!! Wowowowowow !!!
        Yaar it’s very good river rafting is very awesome and thrilling .. I wanna do it when I visited there but I was quite small for that but lucky u dear…. It really is awesome ..

  58. Mayuri

    OK kushagra … I understand that u don’t like being addressed as a kid as u have almost being grown up and as u wish I won’t bash u either …and kushagra m not irking or anything … Dear I understand your condition but please try to understand others also … U r good but please try to be soft also … And else it’s fine … Enjoy and yes forget about this and dear one advice for u that the thing happened already happened now can’t be changed but we can learn from past … Kushagra it’s not only for u it’s for me and for everybody to deal the situation … So don’t think that I specially highlighted u .. U understand n …

    And one thing … U used to come here daily so why don’t u give us a couple of positive words which we normally don’t use … And as a dare we will play and have to use the word so it would be interesting as well as knowledgable and it’s fine if u used it once … It’s fine .. So give us a vocab daily in that way we can understand u and I can understand u …
    I don’t believe in fight but yeah for defense I can be extremely good so just let start it from starting and if somebody don’t wanna take it as dare it’s OK I actually specifically interested in it because I wanna know about it …
    Hoe u get me and please don’t say no dear πŸ™‚

    • Mayuri

      Kushagra I wanna know one thing …
      Why u became so annoyed when somebody call u kid .. Isn’t it nice …

      Actually I don’t care how much I became I always liked if somebody call me kid … Because they too see us with love and respect .. So it’s always fine with me …
      Dear try to understand others also πŸ™‚

      • Because kids are dependent on others but I want to be independent .people misuse innonce of kids and I am not weak am a young and mature and bold .I actually hate to be addressed as kid and about the dare from monday am in

    • And honestly speaking using soft and positive words will actually a hard task for me as I am used to my rude behaviour and people always misuse people with sweet nature in real life

      • Mayuri

        Kushagra u r right and shivu is also right and tell u truth I experienced things like betrayal and sadness caused by friend but there r ups and downs in life can’t deny this fact … And it is true today’s world is cruel but there r people who r soft , kind , give u pleasure when u will talk to them , friendly and in this SH family everybody and everyone is awesome πŸ™‚

        And Kushagra it might be hard for u but if it was easy then it won’t be a dare anymore … So let’s give it a try πŸ™‚

  59. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Hi Misti and divya….. Wlcme dear……

    SANYU DI AND RICHU….. Where were u guys!!!!!!! RICHU,,,,, tell wht u wntd to…… And di,,, aapko miss Na karu to kisko kru!!!!!!

    Hi ENA ,,,, we support every of our frnds dear…. Though I didn’t see yesterday’s comnts,,,,, still dear i m telling we frds r always wit u..

    Hi shenu mayu shivu mukti rocchelle Vai aastha karu nishu apu sia yogi hamda aishu sanahki shreya and all…..

    Hey hamda,, which country u belong to?????

  60. Aastha

    Its better to be rude rather than being sweet and deceiving other.
    u r rude bt u r also honest …frndz like u r blessings bcauz ppl like u show us our faults and give us a chance to correct it.
    I am really impressed by ur words .
    I consider u as my frnd and i knw u are not interested in making frndz so its ok for me.
    U r determined .. u can take stand and i think u consider urself at fault only when there is proof.
    One of my classmate is like u..few year back we used to fight daily bt now she is one of my closet frnd and she taught me that rude people have potential to become a true frnd.
    Enough of my bak bak dear.
    Good n8.
    After 1 month i will miss u ..perhaps when in future i will come in contact with a prsn whose name will be same as urs then i will say i knw sm1 of dis name and she is my frnd.

    • Thanks for understanding by pov and I just wanna say in your life never bow down to anyone as self respect comes above everything and their is matter of right or wrong age ,gender,experience never matters .I you think you are right then even if whole world says to backout don’t do it because crowd easily get influenced but leaders always have their own stand .every great leader in his life was once wrecked by whole society but his determination to not to give up made him rule again .

      • And friends are not those who chit chat all the time but those who understand each others pov .so we are already friends I think .

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Mee tooo yr missing REVU…..

      Of course AASTHA…. We r frnds…. ??????

      Good mrng guys……????????

      Good morning ARYAN my swtht…..?????????????????????

      • Aastha

        Gud mrng di…just imagine if aryan will come in front if ur eyes then what will u do?
        And 1 more Q u love aryan or ashwini?
        Sheena di gud mrng ..happy Sunday.. ☺

    • Mayuri

      Hiii sheenu dear …
      I too missing revu , sanyu , karu , and everyone else …

      But revuu come soon dear …

      Aastha dear good question … πŸ˜‰

  61. tusi na javo, tusi na javo… Aryan…
    plz stay in ISRC. i never mind wht the ending whould be, even i am 99 % sure that its sandir. But dont take my hope of 1 %. No pro with Single,single ma aryan best ha…. but i want him till the end. my kaliya…

  62. I jus said this coz these days I feel the same magic in the air I really like him….really I think im in luveeeeeeeee…

    Ohhhhh goddddd…..
    I dont kno he does the same or not but…………….
    U understand rittt….he was a therapist and he cured me…..

  63. Aastha

    r8 dear self respect is imp. in life without this we become puppet of other person hand’s .
    Bt i think that at some point of time circumstances make our self respect to bow down.
    Leave it.
    Have a nice day.

  64. dia

    A mother gives all types of knowledge to her child but does not teach him how to behave then there is no use of that knowledge…..

    This comment is not for anyone but a general thinking of mine

    sadda haq rocks

  65. Aastha

    u guyz listened ankit tiwari new sng ” mai badtameez meri aadat kerab h ” …i luved dat sng

      • Aastha

        dear plz tell ur fav novel name if u want to… and aishu di same request 4 u also ..tell ur fav novel name.

    • so sorry aastha dr… But i dont have a habit of reading novels. I read only 1 n that is Madagascer (alex,marty,gloria,melman) movie novel ka book.. Thats it..
      what is ur fav novel dr?

      • Aastha

        no prblm di …mine fav ….its a complicated Q for me ..i hadn’t read many but i liked the novel ” a thing beyond forever “.

  66. mishti

    Hey Aastha my fev novel is rabindranath tagore’s chokher bali and i also like that song
    Yun besharam ho gaya
    Aansu bhi garam ho gaya
    Apne lahu ko jalaane ki taiyari hai

    Teri baaton ka seedha jawab hai
    Main badtamiz meri aadat kharab hai…… Rocking attitude

    • Aastha

      thnks misti di… i will try to read it also.
      And u said r8 rocking attitude and rocking sng also.?

  67. oh anjali dr trissur pooram kantitundo??
    i luv 2 watch it , but i watch it only in tv,not in real. I luv 2 see it from close.

  68. Sheena

    Hmm…aastha, my favourite novel is THE FAULT IN OUR STARS…..n i love the movie too….i cry soo badly when they come to the eulogy part….
    N my other favourites are –
    HARMUL INTENT…all 3 by Robin Cook
    PAPER TOWNS by John Green

      • Aastha

        thnks di .i will try to read them as i love reading novels bt i was not getting idea that which novel i should read so i thought to ask from u guyz.

      • Sheena

        Even i love reading novels…n i think u shld start with coma if u like medical based novels…its damn good..n robik cook writes medical based novels only…n if medical based novels don’t interest u, u can try paper towns or TFIOS…thats just my suggestion dear πŸ™‚

    • Aastha

      thnks di u told me that robin cook write medical based novel as i like romantic novel lol
      robin cook ke novel padh k fash jati.

  69. yogiraj

    Hii guys..wt’s upp?
    Hey aishu,ARV,Anjali sukhamaano…?
    Hii Shivani,aaahtha,Sheena,mishthi,
    Missing guys u all come’s feeling empty empty in group..:-)

    • oh nooo… Yogiraj bro. Dont say u r also a malayali…..!!_
      oh no maa pagal hogayee…
      yaa tho malayali club banga…. its party time…

      • yogiraj

        Sry ashtha I dnt hv habit of reading mritinjay abt karna..I want to read I’ll read it soon..

    • yogiraj

      No aishu,arv I’m nt malyali I’m u want u teach me Malayalam I’ll join u…:-):-) other Dan Marathi 1 more Kannada I knw dr..

  70. karina

    hello my lovely friends h r u all ??? missed me ? πŸ˜€
    a big welcome to all the new comers πŸ™‚
    Aashta sweety i like ur Q about novels so here is my answer…my favourit novel is from one of the great writter in my country and the name of the novel is something like this “Last day of love…first day of war” i try to translate the name in english….and my second fav novel is Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin πŸ™‚
    Love u guys…take care…see u soon coz i got some work to do πŸ˜‰

  71. U r rit aishu im in…………..
    Suchhhhhhhhhh a strong feelingggggg called luveeeeeeeeeee…….

    I cant express it evn though im in pain im sooooo happieeeeeeee…….

    Ty god I got so caring family frm whom I can share my feelings. ……

    Sheeenu mayu dhruv bhai sanyu aalu muku raj karu nishuuu aishu shivu n all my sweet deareess for being in my life……
    Ty anu for making me realize whats luv

    Luveee u all
    Luveeeeeeeee u anu n rishi

    • Mayuri

      Richu dear it’s my pleasure sweetie to know u dear πŸ™‚
      It’s good that u can express yourself here dear … We will always support u …
      Love u and take care πŸ™‚

    • Sheena

      Hey richu!!! U r in love huh?? I’m so happy for u dear… πŸ˜€ stay blessed…n may ur soulmate “love u like a love song” ;)❀

    • Aastha

      richu di i will consider ur suggestion..di i had read all chetan bhagat novel so now i will read sudha murthy novel

    • Mayuri

      Hey aastha dear … It’s good to read novels but I don’t read them much because I m still kinda small and I have course to complete and I have one novel in our course also …
      But I think … Three men in a boat is quite humorous and pride and prejudice by Jane Austin is also very good and yes sudha murty’s novels r also awesome … I have first chapter of it , ‘ how I taught my grandmother to read ‘, … It’s good .. U must see πŸ˜‰

      • Aastha

        oh no prblm dear… three mens in a boat is in ur syllabus this year ..i didn’t read that novel bcauz when i was in class 9…Gulliver travels was in my syllabus.

      • Sheena

        Haha piku…u know? Three men in a boat was in our syllabus too…but i never likred it…i felt it was sooooo dull n boring….n we have educomp installed in our classes so our teachers used to make us watch the movie which was based on the novel n we all just kept on chatting….we didn’t pay any attention to the movie..or the novel?

  72. tara

    hey guys thnks for that warm welcome..yes richu m a krpkab fan… aastha dear thnks… i guess till now karina didnt see me..
    i had one question.. what does this nirman wants??

    • karina

      hey dear…glad to see u here πŸ™‚ sorry for late reply…im happy u joind us here πŸ™‚

    • hi tara dr… Welcome 2 our sh family…
      oh!! dr dont ask abt that nirman.. He is mad.. He want sanyu alone, n wants 2 kick out rd n aryan…

      i think nirman sanyu pa chance maar raha ha, another luv story… Just kidding dr…
      tara, nice name dr…

    • Sheena

      Hi tara!! Welcome to our sweet sh family…some of our frnds r missing but they’ll soon comeback…hope u enjoy our company πŸ™‚

  73. Ena

    wo wo.i guess everything is fine now…nd first time i found a good side,sweet talk from Kush.that’s great..see i told u,this is the best group.u won’t find it anywhere.they don’t know us,still loves us so much…
    And Kush,since u have takn a step,m also taking.i won’t say anything bad about U’r crush πŸ˜‰ β™‘β™‘β™‘

  74. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Hi guysssss …..?

    hey AASTHA ,,,, I think u asked a question,,,,, whether I like aru(Aryan ??) …. yessss dear I likeeeeeee him tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mch…… and yaa I love Aryan than ashwini….. ???????????

    Aru’s character is superrrrbbbbb…… If I come across him,,,,, I may get faint…… And yaa surely,,,, I shall huuuggg himm….?????

    Hey RICHA,,,,, r u in contact with ur doc still now????? ????

    • hi aalu… Same pinch dr…
      me 2 like aryan more than ashwini…
      if i meet a guy like aryan ….omg !! ma tho usi moment uss sa shadi karugi… πŸ˜‰

      • Mayuri

        Aishu control dear … SHAADI karne SE pehle ham logo ko invite kar lena …
        Just kidding dear πŸ˜‰
        And yes I too like aryan more than ashwini….

    • Aastha

      aap jab usse milogi tu mujhe saath leke chalena kyuki aap faint hoge tu aapko pakerne wala v tu koi hona chaiye na?

      • Aaliya (Aalu)

        Sure yarr….. Dono saath chalenge…… ????
        And if u r an aryuktan,,,, to Rd aur sanaya ko pit kr ayenge …. ??????

    • Aastha

      i am sandhirian.
      aap pitna mai rd k pitne k baad usking dressing kar dongi . ( i am just joking don’t take it serious)

  75. RICHU dr…. I am happy 4 u dr..take care…. anyways i never fall in luv…no idea abt it…
    through u, now i think that luv brings happy in real life too as we saw in movies n serials…

  76. Himanshi

    Hi guys remember me?
    Haah ya I know I m here a very long time but what to do 12th h n.a. yr.
    Hey welcome to all new comers and how r u all? Karina di nishu di dhruv bhai aaliya mayuri Liya richu sanyukta where r u. I think things are changed.☺☺☺??
    Whenever I’ll get some free time I’ll come here.
    It’s more than 3 weeks I have not seen sdhq??

  77. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Mukku nd dhruv Vai…. Where r u??????? Sanyu di,,,, av v Thik nhi hui kya!!!!!! Jaldi aawo Na!!!!! Missing u yr!!!

  78. guyzz dont miss 2day’s epi. Bcoz i think its last epi of our aryan…
    sandirans ghar pa diwale manayaga..
    aur aryuktas tissues sa holi manayaga…

  79. Mayuri

    Sheenuuuuu…. I totally agree Three Men In A Boat is very very boring n dull and only first chapter is humorous where the author think that he have all diseases part and except that whole book is maha boring …. Dear in our class mam is very busy because we have to complete syllabus in given time so rushing used to be there … So almost no time for educomp ….
    Anyway looks like your 9th goes well with enjoyment … Awesome dear πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  80. tara

    lol is that true.. aishu?? actually i missed quite a few epis.. so idk.. bt um really unable to understand his motive….
    anyways aastha i guess i have answered ur questions in fb….
    oopss see i forgot to give my intro…
    hey this is tara.. (thnx aishu bt its not my real ur name is very uncommon i love it)
    ok m from kolkata nd studying in 11th std..

  81. Mayuri

    Welcome !! Welcome dhruv , muku , and revu ..
    How was your trip dear πŸ™‚
    We were missing u … Come soon here πŸ˜‰

  82. mishti

    Hello my lovely sh family… i was working on Egypt history and A question clicked on my mind who was most beautiful Eqyptian queen cleopatra or nefertiti????

    i am desperately waiting for your own opinion guys.. πŸ˜€

    • karina

      in my opinion Cleopatra is more beautiful then Nefertiti…at least from pictures thats what i see…

      • mishti

        thanks karina for share your own opinion but if you will deeply read about it then you should find actually Nefertiti was real beauty… πŸ˜€ but yeah many of us think that Cleopatra has a such beauty (its because of Elizabeth taylor :P) lol

    • Sanyukta Rathor

      Hey missti very cute name dear

      Dear they both are beautiful

      But agar ek ke bat h to i think nefertiti !!!


      • mishti

        Hey thanks for your reply Sanyukta… haha Mishti means very sweet lol πŸ˜‰ and yeah you and me can be twins (for me nefertiti is beautiful) lol πŸ˜€

      • mishti

        Thanks Sheena for your perspective.. you and Karina can be twins πŸ˜› haha (evil laugh)

  83. mukti

    hey u kushagra or whtever CHEAP GIRL…dnt u dare to tlk abt me others…shame on u..n intelligent??????ru serious?????u dnt even hv commonsense idiot girll..faltu ladki sharam nai ati.jada bakwas kar rhi hai kuch bola nahi to…manipulating???????carrer options de rahi hai kya..teri to etni bhi aukat nahi hai ki direct mujse bat karegi…dusro ko bata rahi hai..aise log to duniya mai ate hi kyu hai aisa bola tune pgl ladki…ata to kuch nahi sirf bakwas karti hai…

  84. mukti

    tere mom dd ke bare nikal mat pgl.wo to tere bat krne se samaj ta hai…apni vocab n smrtnes apne pass rkhne idiot kid

    • I could never imagine that you or any girl will use this language .I was rude but bever said anything like this I even don’t know you r truely mukti or just someone provoking me .please don’t use this language and all is over now you go your way and I’ll go mine .this is actually shocking I never expected this reply

  85. Sanyukta Rathor

    Hey guys aalu, nishu,karu , richu, sheenu,shivu,muku,mayu,apu,and all bro and sis

    Hw r u all

    I am f9 now

    Sanyu i will kill u just hate u !!!!

  86. Sanyukta Rathor

    ye sanyu kasi ladki h yr kabhi rd kabhi aryan

    Or agar rd se pyar krti h to aryan ko ummed kyu di

    Ye show me kya ho raha h ?????????????

  87. mukti

    i have reported u miss/mr kushagra and if u write a single word about me tu will block your account.

  88. dhruv

    ya kushagra if u talk about mukti with others like this we will report u we think u have a fake account…we have contacted tu about the same..if u again rit abt mukti we will report u in tu office or in online users report stop this badmouthing about mukti…..u have no rit to write abt her calling impure n all othr things which uhv written.because this is a public site and u cant abuse others…we have read ur reply to ena about her..journalsim n…..
    so now be in limits on a public site u cant write this things about anyone…
    n still if u dnt listen then we will report u dircetly to the sites report dnt talk abt mukti..if u thnk ur smart we ae far way smarter thn u…n we do wht we say…
    rit mukti how we contacted tu and found tht aryan randhir fans were the same person..
    we dnt even talk with u kushagra still u write such thngs on a public site….u dnt even know writing such thngs abt others on public site means wht…so plz stop ths now or we will take action against u

  89. hi karu nishu liyu princess mukti sheenu mayu aishu astha richu sharon vrushika dhruv bhai vrushi sanyu rochelle sia rits himanshi raj aparna aliya (alu)revu

  90. dhruv

    sory if u guys dnt like this fights cz its cz of us tht u all have to face when someone writs such thngs abt u tht to on a public site we need to take precautions..n moreover if the person is inrested in only one person thers smthng fishy n this virtual world is not safe…so u undrstand wht we r saying…
    n guys if u r thinking we r overreacting then go to clauses of public sites…n yasory for this..
    n kushagra if u thnk we r doing this deliberatly then let m clear tht dear we are not intrested in teasing u dea..only the way u tlk abt mukti is realy very bad.u cnt write this on public sites..n if say now tht u will not talk abt mukti thn we will do if u keep comntig here bashing her thn we have no choice…we will report u to the online reports..but dear i advice u not to bicker abt mukti n end this mater and now also dnt strt arguing cz u know wht u hv wrote abt mukti..

  91. dhruv

    see kushagra i know ur independent n everythng n thts now u tlk with others properly n u bash only mukti..who knows who u are?wht u want??n if u r realy 16 thn let me tell u thtif u writ such thngs abt people u will get in legal trouble not now but plz dnt comnt harshly abt a single person…if u keep comnting n writing abt mukti even after our advice thn we will definitly do smthng abt this…cz thn we know ur fake n deliberatly doing this n we will go to the bottom of this i thnk u are a goood girl frm reputed family and u are doing this in an impulsive way..but if u keep doing this thn consequences will be the same..

    • She was the one who first insulted me just because I am young then I don’t have the right to have self respect you tell me if someone unone scolds you you will hear it or reply .no has the right to scold anyone except his parents or relatives .but still she mocked me by calling me a kid which I am not and instead I just asked to not to take my name and stay away now you explain me what I did wrong

  92. mukti

    hey kushagra dear if u realy wanna stop this be my frnd n end it..i m not tht bad as u are thhnking n i dont hate u….so be my frnd n we will end this matter here..but if u again reply harshly n commnet anythng abt me then we need to do somethng n it will prove ur behind me n ur a fake user…n we will tke help frm the online sites user complaint or frm tu..
    but i thnk ur a good girl and u dnt want this…i also dnt want this but u are forcing me with ur just be frnds n everythng will be fine..but if u utter a single word abt me thn we will do smthng..
    so kushagra dear choice is urs…lets see wht u choose

    • Sheena

      Yup mukti n dhruv bro…i totally agree with u guys….kushagra, u shld understand that if u pass any cheap comments on any of us, we’ll react in in a bold manner only naa….we’ll ofcourse scold u…u wrote some very cheap n bad comments aboit mukti n it was not the first time. U’ve done this several times….n u were also targetting me only bcoz i stood for mukti n scolded u….dear look, we dont have any personel enemity with coz we dont even know u….but tyhe problem is u dont talk to us properly…infact, if u have such a nice vocab(as u keep on boasting) , u shld use it in a positive direction….u shldn’t use it to bash or abuse someone….n dude look, mukti is 7 yrs elder to u….so next time, do not target anyone here ok?…. N now end thisnmatter n move on everyone…good day

      • I still doesn’t understand what was cheap in saying that stay away or don’t bpther me as I just wanted to conbey that to her and you all

    • I am not fake and I don’t wanna be your friend so please stay away is it necessary to be your sycophant to write in this site I want to be independent from any group just that

  93. Hey karu sanyu glad u r bak dear….
    Yup im in luv guysss….ill need ur supprt…..

    Karu sheenu mayu sanyu aalu aishu muku arv mishti tara aashta……ull help me nah…

    Nishuuu dhruv bhai revu liyu where r u…..

  94. Survi :)

    Mukti … Firstly your ID is changed and everything is sorted out why r u again bashing … And I definitely know that old mukti will never talk in this language … She know her limit and she also know that she is just 16 .. So u fake mukti beware ….
    And u better mind your own language first …
    And mukti dear … Sheena already have given her answer that mukti is a way better than miss K and a way capable …. So dear muktii is very good …

    • Sheena

      No survi, its not any fake mukti…its our mukti….n maybe she read kushagra’s comments today only as she was on a short trip…n when she was not here, K passed those comments…n she has the right to stand up for her respect’s stake….n K is 16, not muku…mukti is way elder n way mature than kushagra…
      N don’t worry, its not a fake mukti

    • Survi :)

      Ohhh!!! I m extremely sorry muti , dhruv and Sheena … I didn’t mean that .. And yes u agree with all of u .. And I mean miss K is of 16 … I m sorry once again … I didn’t mean any harm …and Sheena dear I know that K passed those comments actually what I have seen in mukti that she is bold , friendly , and helpful so I was just quite stunned when I read her comment .. So I just reacted … Nothing much …
      I m again so so so sorry ?????

    • Survi :)

      I m extremely sorry … Sorry .. Sorry … I didn’t mean any harm …
      Actually the logo of mukti’s ID is changed so I thought it is somebody else…. And as I have notice her that she is bold as well as kind hearted , sometimes short temper also but she realizes her mistake also … That is why I was quite stunned because mukti will never be like such to somebody who is just 16 .. So just quite shocked … Nothing much .. And yes I agree with u mukti dear and dhruv and Sheena ….
      I again say sorry and I agree that miss k dobe totally wrong to pass those comments … I m extremely sorry once again mukti πŸ™‚
      Hope u will forgive me πŸ™‚

    • Mayuri

      Yeah!! Richu me too missing them …
      Liyu , karu , nishuuuuu and all
      When karu answer ever comment very sweetly
      And nishu never ever forget to mention anyone and equally love everyone .. Missing her a lot
      And liyu … No words to describe her …
      Shreya also …. When dhruv and shreya used to have teacher discussion … I m missing it
      And sanyu remember Bhai ki shaadhi … Really it was a lot of fun ..
      And the discussion the princess of Rajasthan πŸ˜‰
      Gosh !! I m missing it … Looks like everyone is changed even dhruv bhai tooo….
      And our revu whre r u dear … Come soon missing u …
      At least I m happy that sheenu , richu … U r not changed love u dearies πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
      I m missing u all … Please come back n …

      • i totally agree with u guyz…
        they r not hr..something is missing.. empty empty… kaaly,kaaly
        i jointed hr lately…But i am missing them.
        so i know how much u all missing them. Richu dr n mayuri dr lets call them 2gether.They all will came.

  95. SANYU dr u forgot my name… πŸ™ Ur bro ko boola…
    Thotu dugi,
    photu dugi,
    bas iss baar kaaliya,
    chotu dugi. πŸ˜‰ How r u dr?

    RICHU dr. I am with u,n i will help u. how can i help u dr?

    AALU dr, plz roovo mat. Muja bhi rulaavugi kya ?? πŸ™ πŸ˜‰

    • Sanyukta Rathor

      My sweet bro first of all me tumhe kabhi nhi bhulte

      And dusre bat I love your dp soooooooooooo much kabhi change mt krna ok pls

      And i am f9 hw r u lovely brother ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  96. SHIVU dr hi .. Whts up??

    TARA dr, thank u 4 ur compliment. Yaa dr, this is a uncommon name. Its my pet name/short name… My frnds call me so…

    DHRUV bro n MUKTI dr,welcome back… wht abt ur trip?? enjoyed?? any spl thing 2 share??

  97. karina

    hey Mayu thank u for ur lovely words…u remember that i used to reply everyone πŸ™‚ actually im so sad i cant do it anymore now coz im busy with my master thesis but i ll be back soon πŸ™‚

    Shivu Sanyu Aishu Richu Aashta Tara Shenu Dhruv Mukti Aalu and all my friends here a big hug for u all…see u guys in a while i got to go now πŸ™‚

  98. hello SURVI dr, chill dr..
    sometimes iu happens… Its just a missunderstanding…
    ohfoo.. How many times u told sorry..??!! 8 times.!! omg… thats so sweet of u dr. Now no need 2 say sorry dear..
    chill dr,take care…

  99. greeya

    i just don’t understand that is this a written updates site or one more social networking sites to chit chat with huge number of people.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.