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Sadda Haq 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Sanyukta and Randhir sneaks into Ranawat’s home and found him lying unconscious… Sanyukta tries to pull him but failed while Randhir keeps watching her antics… Sanyukta asks help from Randhir and he helped her at last…
Parth finds Vidushi in FITE campus and things he should tell Vidushi everything about his past before she comes to know from someone else… Parth goes to Vidushi and she become worried seeing Parth upset… Parth says her that he wants to tell something important to her but at last leaves without saying anything… Parth felt that his past be better kept secret…
Randhir and Sanyukta was heading back to Roorkee with Ranawat when Sanyukta asks their cab driver to stop the car as she was thirsty and she needed water…

Randhir asked her to wait in the cab and he would go and get water from the nearest shop… They make excuses before the cab driver that Ranawat was their elder brother and they are taking him to Roorkee for medical check-up… Randhir leaves and Sanyukta waited in the cab with Ranawat who was still unconscious…
Vidushi was worried about Parth when someone grabs her by her arm and pulled her in the classroom… It was Namit and Vidushi was furious on him for misbehaving with her… Namit asked her to be his dance partner in the competition but Vidushi refused… She was about to leave when Namit said the prize amount for the wining couple would be 5 lakhs and they can share the money… Vidushi seems a bit confused…
Sanyukta waited in the cab while the cab driver started interrogating her… Sanyukta asked the cab driver o take care of Ranawat and left the cab to look for Randhir… She reached the shop and found Randhir having an ice-cream… Sanyukta shouts on him and pulled him away from there… They reached the cab and found Ranawat was missing and the cab driver was unconscious… They searched but couldn’t found Ranawat anywhere… Randhir’s eyes caught hold of Ranawat’s wallet in the cab… They found an old newspaper cutting inside it which had the death news of a brilliant student of FITE named Sudeep Ranawat… Sanyukta said it must be related to Ranawat’s past… Randhir said they shouldn’t involve in his past life because the pasts are always more painful than future…
Parth gets a text from Namit which says Vidushi has agreed to be Namit’s dance partner in the competition… Parth goes to Vidushi and vent out his anger on her before she could speak… Vidushi gets upset and informs Parth that she had refused Namit and his proposal… But now that Parth was blaming her for something she hadn’t done so she would better take the blame after doing whatever she is blamed for… Vidushi leaves saying that now she would agree to Namit’s proposal and Parth understands Namit had lied to him earlier…
Randhir and Sanyukta returned to FITE fighting and blaming each other for losing Ranawat when they found Ranawat standing in the corridor… He warns them for their stupid behaviour and threats them to complain in police for kidnapping him… Ranawat leaves from there saying he would leave FITE next morning… Randhir too leaves from there asking Sanyukta to stop her stupid activities after all that happened…
Sanyukta was in her room when Vidushi wake up and gets shocked to see Sanyukta in the room… She asks Sanyukta about her whereabouts and yells at her for being so irresponsible to leave without informing anyone… Sanyukta tells her that she has been to Ranawat’s village to bring him back to which Vidushi says Sanyukta had completely lost it and goes back to sleep…
Sanyukta reached canteen where Randhir was having Maggie noodles… Randhir informs her that it was the last packet of noodles left in the canteen… Sanyukta sits before him and kept staring at him and Randhir passed the noodles to her and they shared the noodles together… Episode ends when Randhir and Sanyukta were about to share a kiss…

Precap: Sanyukta was working on a machine when Ranawat comes to help her and there was a blast in the lab…

Update Credit to: Isabella

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  19. N dat sanyu deliberately did the blast to blackmail abhay sir to stay in fite .

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