Sadda Haq 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu is on her way back and she finds the trophy in her bag. She is so bewildered. She finds a note that says the next drea team task is to start with in fifteen days and I expect you to be there. She recalls her best moments in the college. When her mom said Sanyu always thought about family. Then Vardhan saying the one who thinks about all she is sanyu she is the captain of our team. She recalls finding her name in the list and showing Randhir that she is second. She recalls Vardhan praising her. She recalls her mom saying that you will realize one day that we can’t only think about own self. She thinks when she did the last task and won annual tech fest for her college.

Scene 2
Vidushi and everyone is at the station.
Vidushi says what we got after such a long

competiton. Not even trophy and we had to face too much embarrassment because of SAnyu. A guy says ah after so long i will go and rest at home. Vidushi says who rests in sucha small house I fee;l better at collge. A girl asks Kaustuki how long will it take for you to reach home ? She says 36 hours. Yo yo come there. Kaustuki asks what are you doing here alone ? Yo yo says I am here to drop you home. sHe says this station where will you drop me ? he says to your home dargling. She says you don’t even have a ticket I got registered 3 months ago. He says I have got the first class ticket and have upgraded yours too. If you get bored dro me at the station we will be. She says okay I will.

Scene 3
SAnyu enters her house and see her dada talking on the phone, he is scolding at someone sending worst flowers. He sees her and say when did you come. Why are you quite ? I am so happy for all this. You are here you will be the queen here. Sanyu recalls when he said that you made me proud you showed that nothings worth than family. The trophy falls from her bad. he says I love you so much don’t know how will I live with out you. Sanyu says I love you more. SHe says in heart that I will do anything that will make you happy I will forget my dreams as well. He says you have been away from me for two years and now I won’t let you go anywhere. Sanyu tries to pick up the trophy her dad say servant will pick it up. Come meet your mom she will be so happy to see you. Sanyu goes in the room. She sees that mom is busy with wedding arrangements. She hugs sanyu and says why you look upset ? You know that its your engagement. You have to look the most beautiful. WHy are you so weak ? She says I told you there was a competition at college. We won it. Servant comes and asks where to place it ? Ankit takes it. SANyu says please give it to me Bhai. He says so you can show it off everywhere This trophy can’t live in this house. He goes out with the trophy.

Scene 4
Vardhan is placing books in his shelf. Maya comes there and says trophy won’t have gone missed if you kept it safe like this.
Maya says it looks like FITE doesn’t worth that trophy. That’s why it has been vanished. I will show next year that it belongs to us. Vardhan says I have to meet you again for that. You know what’s common between us we have passion to win. sHe says will get to meet your dean too. Vardhan says he is still in hospital but recovering soon. She sees photo of professor rao. sHe asks how you know him. He says he is my idol. Maya says he is my idol too. He says how is that possible ? A practical girl like you who just believe in a job and money, how can your idol be professor Rao. Maya says yeah I am different from him but I realize how great he is. I wish who ever murdered him goes behind bars soon. He asks how you know who killed him ? SHe says I am practical woman I believe in facts rather than philosophy. He says don’t beat about the bush tell me what you know ? She says I even know that who killed him is from top authority staff of this college. Vardhan is shocked he says from top authority staff ? Maya leaves. He tries to stop her but she is gone already.

Scene 5
SAnyu is in her room. she is a lot upset. Her mom comes with the trophy. She takes it and smiles and hugs her. Maa says sanyu you look happy now. Now it looks like it belongs to you. You have always made me proud. Congratulations daughter. I am so proud of you but you can’t take it with you. Sanyu says it will live here and I will compromise. maa says how much more will you ? You are one in a million. Who cares for parents this much. Who abandons their dreams for parents. She says do some rest I will bring you something to eat.

Scene 6
Randhir is at the workshop. He meets the guy there and the kid too. He gives him the toy. Chacha says he waits for you. Randhir says I see happiness on his face. chacha ask why you look upset ? He says nothing just tired. He sasy Rahim chacha do you have an old tarspitor ? He asks what would you do with it ? He says I need it. Chacha says let me look for it.

Randhir is working on something. HE says in heart go wherever you want but I will never let you go away from me. He recalls when he said to sanyu that when your name is being announced you are fleeing. She asked the drives to place her luggage in the car. He took it up and places it in the car and put a tracker with it. He says I still know your address.

Precap-Sanyu’s dad says I have a surprise planned for you. Door bell rings Ankit opens it. Vidushi comes in. Sanyu wonders what is she doing there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  7. I also think tht vidushi will blame sanyu fr stealing trophy by the way why vidushi in sanyu’s house?? :/ I just hope tht she or randhir will stop dis engagement 😀 SAMEER is number 1 MCP :@

  8. nic epi. sanyu pehle mene sicha ki tum fighter ho bt now i think tum best daughter bhi ho ..rd good job …secrt plan ke liye.vidushi free me rahne ke liye hi aai h nd plzz ab sanyu ka look change kr do

  9. end of 1st year, it was the same garage where R met Samir n was hell bent on getting Sanyu married… now… ha ha!!!

  10. Yeah good episode

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  12. sanyu just say once that u don’t want to get engaged….wow randhir such a huge change in 1 year..same garage, so different emotions

  13. Randheer jaldi kuch kr dude… Just position track krne se kuch nahi se pehle k wo kauwa teri maina ko uda lejaye tu use us k ghar se uda leja…

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  16. U know…..
    Sanyu doesn’t deserve that horrible MCP sameer. I think sammeer shouldarry vidushi.u know,birds of a feather flock together? Exactly that. And sanyu , u deserve to be with randhir at FITE, not in the kitchen.Pls understand ,randhir loves u.
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