Sadda Haq 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says to Aryan I was doing it well, I don’t know what happened. When atmosphre pressure increased temperature decreased. I have to check. There is something wrong.
Sanaya says ew there is so much garbage. She starts cleaning it.
sanyu says i was suffocating. It is impossible to work in that condition. I have to talk to Arman sir.
She goes to Nirman’s room. He says Becky. sanyu says she is not there. Sanyu says there is something wrong. Nirman says you should be out gate. Sanyu says there is a problem with simulator. He says your mean ISRC has faulty equipments. SAnyu says it is faulty. He says we have best scientists here. Get out. Sanyu says I can prove it to you. He says don’t tell me what should I do. You are here by fluke. He says you are out

of ISRC, you can leave.

Ankit and Vid are seeing a guy for sanyu. Agarwal comes in. vid says we are choosing guy for sanyu. Agarwal says she is on mission and we wont talk about her wedding unless she is back. He says this is important for her.
Sanyyu is walking out of ISRC, she is sad.

Sanyu comes home. Agarwal says you are back? sanyu says I failed it. I dont know if I tried or not.
Sanaya comes to becky and says Nirman is looking for you. Becky says oh Thank you for telling me. She runs in. Sanaya pours something on the floor.

Nirman explains next task. He says you have to do it. Sanaya says in heart your surprise cake is waiting for you in cabin. Nirman says you have two attempts only. Oxygen level will drop and there will be no oxygen at a point. Sanaya says he is scaring us? Don’t tell me you are all scared? Lets go.
Everyone is on the task. Kritika says we cant breathe after 3 minutes. It is so serious. Ariforce guy says you guys should thank me because I will save you. He starts pouring acid in beaker. Everyone says stop it. What are you doing.

Aryan discusses with Agarwal. Aryan says she wont talk to anyone but you. She needs you.
Arjun says we don’t have time. Sanaya says we have to think before attempting.
We need 4.061 liters. Arjun says I dont care, he puts in it on. They fail. Kritika says I told you, use your brain you brainless.

A bike stops outside ISRC. Someone walks in.
Sanyu hugs Anju’s photo. Agarwal comes to her. He takes anju’s photo and says life became lonely when she left. I feel for her. I never had to worry when she was here. He says I cant be like her but I understand you. I know that you can never lose. I am with you. Sanyu hugs him.
Becky cals Nirman and says a guy is breaching security and he is coming in. Randhir walks in, he pushes away all the security guards.
Agarwal says you have to win this war, you have to fulfill dreams for all the women. You have to do something for you dad. Sanyu says I failed in test. Nirman says I was there by fluke.

Precap-Agarwal says I am with you. Sanyu says I got what I wanted. Don’t worry I wont give up. Randhir walks in ISRC. Arjun says this is our dream task stay out of it. Randhir hits him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Randhir iz back bt sanyu is nt dr..I thnk they will meet on monday.

  2. So finally our Rd will be back in action…im glad 🙂
    I will miss Parth a lot and Vidarth too 🙁

  3. SURANJANA dear can u pls post the link where u read about Parth’s exit here ? I wanna read it too…thanks

  4. smriti gohil

    Why rd is doing all these nonsense…nd is he in relationship wid sanaya or what…????completely confusing yaar..

  5. Finally randhir’s entry

  6. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Karina….dear..there is nothing mentioned about his exit from sadda haq…but it was said that he is in talks for the role

  7. Guys i found the news about Ankit (Parth) exit…i ll post the link…but guys its nothing finalised or confirmed yet…so its a chance that Ankit will still be seen in SH Season 2

    I hope if Ankit stays in SH the CV will apreciate his talent more and will give him and Nisha (Vids) more screen space…lets see 🙂

    1. Parth exit ? so we’ll not see him in sh2 ?
      Atleat we want to see him well settle in his life. If it’s true then no vidarth hope bcz its just starting of season 2 . So cvs will not unite them .
      Thanks karina for sharing news.

    2. I think parth should do youth show only. Bcz name itself suggests it will be supernatural drama like naagin. I don’t want any good actor approach for this typ of supernatural drama. Bcz these type of show give no msg to society.
      What say karina ?

    3. Deepika dear i totally agree with u…u just took the words out of my mouth…Ankit should not do this supernatural shows…it doesnt suit him…but like i said dear its nothing confirmed yet it can be only a fake news coz Ankit didnt mention anythink on his profile…i hope he wont leave…

      1. I hope its fake news

  8. Thank god my randheer is in hurrah feeling so happy tat dabba aryan i hate him i dnt knw y did they take him idiot he is dnt knw acting my randheer is best:**

  9. No pls pls pls Parth should not go from Sadda Haq…i love VidArth a lot and i was hoping for their reunion.

  10. Wow sprb our hero will be back………ankit plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t quit our show…….

  11. Sanyu’s exit from isrc ?
    Parth’s exit from show ?
    Rd’s entry ?

    Mixed feelings

  12. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Yeah…vidarth is not.possible anymore…
    I m just upset with the fact that why thn they showd awkward romantic scenes between.vidarth??False hopes..
    Anyways guys…goodbye…i will never watch sadda haq from now on…
    I had a great time here…miss you guys…love u karina n nisha..bye

    1. No dear dont u dare to leave us alone…me and Nishu will miss u badly pls come back…its nothing confirmed yet. .it can be a fake news and i have a feeling that Ankit (Parth) wont leave a youth show like SH which brought him a lot of fame for some supernatural show…if it would have been another youth show or a serial drama yeah he could have chose it but in this case i dont think he will leave…and he never confirmed the news let alone sign for the role…

  13. Season 2 is awesome… Excited to see d show day by day 🙂 loved Aryan character in d show… Some1 who supports sanyu 🙂

    1. AGREE YAR.

  14. Only Randhir can change how I feel about season 2. So many entries, so annoying. Some of them can’t even act. Sanyu doesn’t need Aryan in her life she needs someone wholl motivate him and that person is only Randhir. I don’t like Aryan at all, don’t see a reason for him to be in SaddaHaq. I hope CVS don’t disappoint fans and that black shadow a Hero!

    1. Totally agree with u…i couldnt have said it better…

  15. hey suru what happened dear,

    hey karu did u see what suru says

    just saying bye and left.

    what kind of thing it is dear

    you love sadda haq because you loved it dear.

    Ok let me say something to you I hope u read it fully dear.

    hey suru may be they didn’t show us sandhir together. but the cvs doesn’t declared till now that shanaya is randhir girlfriend.

    and do you forget randhir has some past girlfriend also in past in college but what happened then also he flirt with her with having no feelings

    and write now also he have some half feelings about this shanaya

    and same as sanyu she just felt something for aryan but for sure she love only randhir

    let the cvs taking some time so that they make them together with a blast

    suru and karu don’t you see the add in the promo when they make us saw only randhir , sanyu and aryan on mission mars

    so don’t worry about the new entries.

    and baat rahi ankit ki toh let me find out

    hey dear let me tell you when I love one serial person when she choose and sign a new serial immediately posted on her profile the name of the new serial .

    Similar when I check parth profile there is no confirmation or news on any site of the news of him in another serial .

    Dear don’t loose hope . We can find something to watch whether its sandhir and they will reunite

    and whether it is parth may be he came may be if u also right then may be he go there for some episodes.

    So don’t take a quick decision just calm down and then see you will find lots of thing which you will like

    or tell us one thing you choose telly update just for sadda haq

    don’t you love to came here dear , and meet us suru you didn’t think about me and karu and you said goodbye

    ok then , I am here with karu waiting for u dear , and if u didn’t came then me and karu will be very much angry on u

    and u have to bear all the anger also.

    check this link there is no news on profile of ankit of the new serial as confirmed by you dear.

    may be he offered to do new serial but he rejected it

    luv u sd friend karu and suru

    keep smiling

    once a friend always a friend

    1. Nisha u r ryt dear.. ut usnt confirmed by Parth so it could be only a fake news.. i agree with u…
      SURANJANA dear dont u dare to leave us alone ok…u better come back coz me and Nisha will be very angry on u
      Love u both dears…

      1. it isnt*

  16. ye randhir humesha se hi esa badtamiz tha or aaj b esa hi hai :/ ese dusro ko marte pit te ISRC me enter ho rha tha :/ or ye ISRC na ho gya koi college ka canteen ho gya :/ jiske mann me jo aya jese marji ghus gya, 😀 hadd hai

    1. Very true nirmaan told sanyu that isrc equipment are really strong but anyone can break it

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