Sadda Haq 3rd February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
yoyo goes to the girl again. She says you came here again. Yoyo says listen to me once. Jiggy is repenting, he will be calm if you forgive him. She says leave me alone i beg you, stop haunting me. Parth sees them and says yoyo has not forgotten jiggy. I should talk to him. Vidushi comes and says hi parth, he says wow you turned into gf mode again from fighter? She says if you will be with me i will be happy. Parth says i have to talk to yoyo. She says yea sure but yoyo is gone.

Ishika and her friend come to college with faces hidden. Her friends see them and laugh. Ishika says sanyu and vidushi i will ruin your lives.

sanyu collides with randhir. raghu says we have completed it in 14 minutes. Kunal says soon we will do it in 13 minutes.sanyu says this is called team, they

work with such a coordination. Randhir says why don’t you join their team. Kunal says thank God Raghu i came in your team. raghu says its going to be a one sided competition. Randhir says are you ready to lose? Kunal says we assembled it in 14 minutes. Randhir says i can do that in 12 minutes 30 seconds. kunal says in that time you can only run from here. sanyu says lets see who runs. they leave. sanyu says couldn’t you stay quite. this attitude wont work when you get insulted in task. he says you will ge insulted. Sanyu goes to car and starts working, randhir doesn’t let her take the panel. He starts shaking the car, sanyu says please don’t you are disturbing me. Sanyu touches him with wire and he falls down. all the workers come. sanyu says please take him to sick room, we was working with wrong wires. They take him, sanyu starts working again.

Yoyo says how will i use this gun? He does shooting action, suddenly he fires a shot and gets shocked. some guys say what happened here? It was some shoot. yoyo says how can someone use gun in FITE. They find bullet in the wall. Rana comes and says whats going on here? They say look sir bullet. Rana says i will investigate it, go now. He takes yoyo in and says have you gone mad? this is not your toy. yoyo says i was just tying it. Rana says i said don’t load the gun. yoyo says i pulled the trigger. rana says what if you shot someone? yoyo says i told you i don’t need it. Rana says don’t scare like women, be a man and start using it. i will teach you how to use it.

Kabir comes to vardhan’s office and says i have solved one mystery. He throws a file, kabir says you said i am wasting my time. Niharika vardhan. How she died, what her medical and police records said. What if this story is shared with team and students. they will all know you are a murderer. Give me files or i will break this news.

Ankit is talking on video call with her gf. she says do i look good? He says of course, i gave you this dress. she says i love you. He says lets meet up tonight, she says okay, someone outside is working on laptop again.

Worker says to bablo we have got entertainment since they four have come here. She has power. bablo says what will she do in task? She doesn’t have a partner. Kunal comes and asks sanyu what time? sanyu says i am assembling whole car not engine. Kunal says so you will take a week? Vikram comes and tells them your task will start in 30 minutes. sanyu says i will need randhir to complete it in time, but he wont listen i have to motivate him for this task. SAnyu goes to kunal and says you are right your timing and coordination is so perfect that i can’t compete with you. He says thank God you got it, sanyu says yeah but randhir wont listen, he was saying i will beat them. i said raghu has so much experience and you are such a genius. He said so much about you. kunal says what did he say? SAnyu says he said you are mistake of your parents. kunal goes in anger and says i wont leave him.

Randhir is going to sanyu for the shock. Kunal goes to randhir and says what did you say? you are the mistake if you were something you would have been CEO of SAniyal foundation, you made mistake and rehan is facing it still he is handling your family. she loves him more than you. Randhir punches him and says i will tell you your worth. kunal hits him back. vikram comes and says stop it. whats happening here. i saw you fighting first time, i thought its because of competition but now i know all you care about is personal issues. if you have so much anger use it on the floor. I want you both there in five minutes.

Kunal comes in on the floor, sanyu says in heart i should chill now. randhir will win this task for me.

Parth goes to the same girl and says i wanna talk to you. she says i dont wanna talk to anyone. Parth says i am sorry on behalf of jiggy. yoyo is just depressed, she says so you came here on his behalf? Parth says yoyo considers himself responsible for jiggy’s death. he tells her everything, he says he just wants to ease his pain by your pardon. She says what about my pain? parth says i know you are strong. she says yeah i am but why is he haunting me and making me recall that incident. parth says i can’t force you. she leaves.

Scene 2
The teams are on the floor for task, ankit and agarwal come as well. Vikram says raghu and kunal you are team 1, your time starts now. they start working on the car. they complete in 12 minutes and 10 seconds. Vikram asks raju and bablu to get the car ready for next team. He says randhir and sanyu you are next. Kunal says to randhir you think yourself as a genius then break my record. sanyu says in heart i will make you proud papa. Vikram says team 2 your time starts now. Sanyu starts working, randhir moves slowly towards the car and stands there. kunal says i think you can’t keep any woman happy. you got insulted and you want her to be insulted now. Randhir goes to sanyu adn says i will do it sanyu says we will do it together they start working on it. They complete it in 11 minutes 30 seconds, vikram says congratulations. sanyu jumps and gives randhir and high five. Agarwal says sanyu and randhir have won this task, sanyu is glad. agarwal says congratulations, you have qualified for next round. randhir says in heart what i did. raju says to sanyu you did so well. if you can work with him si good, why you keep fighting, sanyu goes to randhir but he steps backwards and leaves.

Scene 3
Sanyu comes to company. Kunal says i will prove who is the best. sanyu says i came here to win to not beat you. kunal says randhir used this cheap trick but i will become best intern, sanyu leaves. Kunal stops randhir and says you played mind games with me? So you can eliminate me. randhir says don’t ever touch me again. you came to manipulate me and said so much about my personal life. you are mad because your plan failed? randhir says why you came to talk without reason? Kunal says you planned with sanyu to beat me. SAnyu told me that. randhir gets the game sanyu played. He says she made you and me fool. She got what she wanted and we’re fighting here. Peon comes and says randhir agarwal has called you.

ankit says yes i am kid, i don’t get anything. I told you i dont trust randhir. He and sanyu made us fool. randhir comes in, ankit says why have you come here? whats your plan? you came here to kick her out right? you can’t fool us with her. randhir says i will answer the person who hired me. agarwal says what was it that you did? ANkit says he has no answer. he is double crossing us. randhir says i have a long term plan. you still couldn’t kick sanyu out because you are not thinking for long. you thought you will fear her in one day and she will leave. you know how stubborn she is. I made her win because i wanted her to trust me. when she will be convinced i will teach her. she needs a shock that will shatter her self image. Ankit says what plan is it? this is not your college. stop playing stupid games. Agarwal asks ankit to be quite and nods at randhir. ankit says get lost now. randhir leaves.

Randhir comes in his room and screams in anger. he says you blo*dy manipulator. i had to give a fake excuse because of you. he says you came to what you are. Randhir goes to sanyu’s room and grasp her. He says you thought you will play mind game and i wont know. you are nothing without me. sanyu says you know that you have never won because of. He says if you do this again, i will never let you reach cabin. He throttles her a little and leaves.

ishika’s friend asks where did you go after parlour. She takes some medicines. Her friend says what is it for? She says i have gotten depression, i will not forgive and forget. All three of them will be in problem. i will get back to them. Her friend says what will you do. Dont get in all this mess. ishika says first i have to seek revenge from that vidushi.

Vidushi gets up to get ready for presentation. When she opens her closet all her clothes are cut. She gets a note, this will make your clothes stylish. Vidushi screams in anger. Vidushi says i will kill her. sanyu says stay calm, you have presentation today. Vidushi says what will i wear? Sanyu says wear my clothes. vidushi says it will be weak. sanyu says wear anything from here and then go to shop buy something and change there. vidushi says i a not going to leave you. All the guys make fun of vidushi’s clothes in corridor. parth says what is this vidushi? She says she tore all my clothes, parth says i like this outfit. he says you will always be my beautiful princess not matter what you wear. Lets go buy something for your presentation.

sanyu is looking for a cab. she sits in one. Rehan has disguised as driver of the cab. Kabir gets a call. He says vardhan will give up soon. the man says tell me how long will it take?kabir says i will have those files soon. peon comes and asks do we have to distribute the copies in students? kabir says no.

Vikram says there is no task today, you will all work on engine calibration. where is sanyu? Randhir says she must be making hair somewhere. vikram says you could say that i proper way that you dont know. sanyu says to driver what way are you going from? She is shocked to find its rehan.

Precap-rehan faints sanyu. He says 90% of death is confirm. Rehan calls randhir and says she is with me, Randhir goes to rehan and says leave her. sanyu is screaming in the car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  22. u know dat its just for show discussion ……. responses per chat kr rahe ho voh bhi personal ….. agar pata nahi hai toh bata deti hu ki aur log bhi hai jine response dena hota hai… 🙁

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