Sadda Haq 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randir iis in dean’s cabin looking for something with a torch. He says you can fool rest of the students dean but not me. I will find what is rumor and what isn’t. Sanyu comes to anju’s room and says i should study in other room maa is sleeping here. She sits in the other room and locks it. After a while she tries to open the door but it has auto locked. She calls anju but anju doesn’t listen. Sanyu calls randhir and tells him that she is in trouble. Sanyu says the door is auto locked. He says ask your mom. sanyu say she is sleeping. Randhir says keep sitting here. why you disturb me when i am doing something important. sanyu says please i can’t sit here all the time. please come and open the door. randhir says don’t irritate me. Sanyu says are you coming?

He says okay coming. Randhir comes and opens the lock. sanyu says now go. He says this is my house and you are shoving. Go and make me coffee and sandwich. sanyu says please go from here. Anju wakes up. sanyu hides randhir in the room. Anju says whom were you talking to? sanyu says i was talking to natasha on loud speaker. Aju says did you thank her? sanyu says yes. Anju goes back to her room. sanyu goes in, anju comes again. Anju says did you say something? Sanyu says no i just came to turn off the light. sanyu goes in and says go. randhir says you hit me with the door. sanyu says i am sorry. She says let me check.

Scene 2
next morning randhir comes to college and says i have to complete last night’s task.He sees pkc coming with trustees. randhir tires to listen through call whats going in the meeting. PKC picks the call and says i am in meeting i will talk to you later. randir says can listen their conversations. Dean says its not easy to convince students. PKC says students are facing everything here. Trustee says we have to transfer them to other colleges in 10 days. FITE will be closed we have to do this. Randhir is shocked. he says this means dean has been fooling us. sanyu comes and says i wanted to thank you for coming. THank God maa didn’t see you. Everything will be okay after college. The job and everything will be so tough. maa has made a dream life that i will get a job from campus and we will have a good life. Randhir goes to his room. He is tensed. Parth comes in and says whats wrong with you? I wish i could be mad like you. vidushi has teased me. she wants me to change the college like FITE is shutting down. I am telling her it will all get better. Randhir says in heart there is only one way to help sanyu, transfer her to other college.

Randhir sees sanyu talking to sahil that she will fulfill maa’s dream and get a good job. He says i knew FITE has been your house and dream but I have to transfer you somewhere else.

Yoyo says this match is between girls and boys. Girls are batting first. Parth bowls and sanyu hits a sixer. sanyu says very happy. SAnyu hits multiple boundaries. Girls win the match. yoyo says we let you win. sanyu says randir why didn’t you play? you knew you will lose. PKC announces come to auditorium 4th year students. Yoyo says it must be about placements. They gather in hall. Dean says i lied you about the endurance test. FITE will shut down in 10 days govt has denied to recognize FITE. Its a permanent decision. all the students are shocked. Trustee says we tried a lot but nothing worked. after 10 days there will be no FITE. parth says how can you say this. pkc says we know you are shocked but this is difficult for us as well. You have to get yourself transfered in other colleges. Dean says hurry up because there are less seats. sanyu is in tears. trustees and teachers leave. sanyu and randhir are the only one left in hall.

Precap-Parth says randhir has filled the form? Parth says to vidushi everyone is filling the form. i think is should do it too. vidushi says i have filled the form. Sign it. sanyu says why did you fill my form i wont leave fite. she tears the form.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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