Sadda Haq 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu and randhir are awkwardly looking at each other. Randhir says we should stay like we used to. Nothing has changed between us. Yoyo says I thought we will watch a romantic movie. Its an art movie going on here. Sanyu tells randhir there is some problem in boiler room that is causing the smell. She says 10 minutes are over I don’t think this class will be conducted. I am going to library. Randhir stops her and says meet me at lunch time in cantee.

Yoyo’s pal syas there is a lot of smell. Jiggy says use your mind. Use this soap to get rid of smell. Parth says guys relax college will do something to resolve the issue. Yoyo says they are not doing anything. They are so slow. vidushi says what can we do. jiggy says management can’t even solve a minor problem like

this. Yoyo says till when do we have to endure this torture. Vidushi gets a text and goes out. Parth wonders what happened to her.

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Scene 2
SAnyu is working in the lab. she says I have to cover all my loss. Randhor comes to her and says you promised to meet me at lunch time. sanyu checks her phone she has 13 missed calls from randhir. sanyu says I am really sorry. I was busy in work. Randhir says you have no importance of me and leaves. SAnyu says in heart he arranged a lunch date and I did this to him. Randhir has left. SAnyu packs her stuff and goes to randhir with the lunch. Sanyu says I am sorry, I know you are angry. please eat this, I promise this won’t happen again. he says I a not hungry now. sanyu says if anger could kill hunger people won’t die due to hunger. She says I know you are hungry I will make you eat. Okay don’t eat I will eat I wont force you. please take one bite. Sanyu takes out the pizza and eats it. Randhir is is about to say something she makes her eat. They both smile. randhir says don’t be this careless next time. Sanyu says okay don’t be angry next time. sanyu says why did you spent so much on lunch. Randhir says in our relationship only I will care about the money not in you.

Vidushi reads the text we know you are the same vidushi kumar. why are you hiding your identity. Why are you concealing your past. we wanna meet you we will come to FTITE. please reply is urgent. She deletes the thread and swipes her tears. Parth comes there. She smiles and says I will atlk to you later I have to go to library. Parth says in heart I will figure out why you are worried.

Scene 3

Late at night, randhir is busy in watching their photos and so is sanyu. Vidushi wakes up due to the smell. She goes out and so does everyone else. Yoyo says I will die of this smell.

Everyone s the corridor sick of the smell. They want to go in the lab. THe guard says where are going no one is in there ? Yoyo says lets go out and think what we have to do next. Parth says yeah that’s right. Everyone has covered their noses with poece of clothes. There is garbage there. jiggy says where is the management of FITE? Vardhan says you have so many complains? Jiggy says what else should we do. yoyo says at least FITE should provide us with masks. vardhan says why FITE should? You all deserve this. Vardhan sasy I never saw dedication in any of you. You all have complains. None of you came up to me with solution of this problem. you all have no time for silutions you just know how to complain. You can’t complain about each problem. Your situation will change only if you do. Only after that you will have right to complain. Its upto you how to dispose of this crap. A student says are we here to become sweepers? We don’t pay them to do all this. sanyu says what vardhan said is not wrong. A student says its not out responsibility. SAnyu says but we have to dispose our garbage. Vidushi says we won’t collect all this garbage. sanyu says we can stay around with it? yoyo says management has to do it. Randhir says you cant force them. Its definitely not our responsibility. Yoyo says we have to protest against the management. randhir says you are not here to clean this college. Sanyu says but we can clen the place we study at. Parth says he is right. randhir says why didn’t you become the politician. You have to support the majority in mass bunk. sanyu says I don’t support the idea of mass bunk. Randhir says okay then do what you want.

At night no one can sleep due to the smell. Randhir recalls sanyu saying I don’t support the mass bunk. Its my final decision. Sanyu calls him. They are both quite after the hello. sanyu says I just wanted to say I don’t like to fight. He says the don’t. she says there are something that I belive and some that I don’t. Sanyu says mass bunk is not the solution. He says is cleaing the college is? sanyu says why are you fighting. I don’t like to fight. He says neither do I. he says I can’t let you clean the college. I will give you a lt of servants. Sanyu says I felt so good to listen this. he says still you won’t do mass bunk. We can go on dates when the rest of college is bunking. He says we will go for a movie on 12. Sanyu couldn’t hear it due to bad coverage. She says hello? ranhdir says now don’t ruin the plan tomorrow.

precap-randhri asks parth have you seen sanyu. They see smoke coming from the lab. They break in. parth sees sanyukta fainting in there. He tells randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. [email protected] changer

    Arre hamare TOM&JERRY to sweet se LOVE BIRDS ban gaye….. And thier MILLION DOLLARS smile aww chooo cute……

  2. Meera

    seriously y does sanyu alone has to come up ideas??? i know it is a woman oriented show still….. precap – date pe jaayegi kyaa sanyu??? her phones battery goes off (!) when RD asks her out.. lolz… i do not want another misunderstanding between sandhir….

    • [email protected] changer

      i told u na sanyu ka IQ 170 hai…isi liye us ka light jaldi lagta hai….date pr kya rd k sath kahi bhi jayegii….

  3. [email protected] changer

    i think hum ko aage vids ki past se rltd bhi kuch dekhne milega…may be it will be rltd to hr family…..waise hamre cvs rd,maya,,sanyu sab ki famls ka ‘SWAHA’ kr chuke hai ab is ki family ka kya karege pata nahi!!!!

    • [email protected] changer

      achcha…meri frnd ka naam bhi meera hi hai

      • [email protected] changer

        wat its nt ur real name??????????mujhe laga tha real hoga….aur meri kisi aur frnd ka naam meera nahi hai mai to aap ki hi baat kr rahi thi… haha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • [email protected] changer

        waise wats ur real name????agr aap na batana chaho to bhi koi problem nahi………bus aise hi pooch rahi hu

  4. jyoti

    Nice one…..lekin bus inke bich misunderstanding na ho….lekin definitely misunderstanding hone hi wali ha

  5. Natasha

    Guys hope u all r aware about HALLOWEEN SPECIAL EPISODE!
    Watch it at 2pm n 8pm!
    Sanyu n yoyo r there in this epi!
    Watch it guys!

  6. Sdhqthotz

    Heyy guyzz..Can anyone temme whethr we have a special episode tomrw..
    Em haviinn offiz.n.. I watch SDHQ at 5:00 am & they dont show any promo advertisements at that time ;( ..

  7. sashi

    Really what a chemistry what a chemistry really superb sandhir are always beautiful i mean there couple

  8. [email protected] changer

    yar mujhe na south ka ek movie actor bahot achcha lagta hai aur us ki acting bhi bahot achchi hai bt yar mujhe uska naam nahi pata hai…..

  9. Dhriti Agarwal

    Randir & sanyu are nice couple they made for each other. I really like this programne. I watch daily..

  10. [email protected] changer

    wahi to nahi pata na yar….wo movies hindi me hoti hai…aur un k name bhi hindi me hote hai to samjh nahi aate hai… aisa lagta hai wo south movs ka suprstar hai bahot sari movs hai uski

  11. Hello all d newbies…
    WELCUM 2 TU….lemme introduce mesself, me is d official welcomer of TU…i cud intriduce d others too, but every1 had pribs with d intro whn i tried it yest…….so let thm do it themselves
    Achu, u cn call me basanti no probs πŸ˜‰
    Have 2 wait till tom. 2 see d epi….w/u looks intresting…very intresting….luv u parsh u r doung a fab job as sandhir!

  12. anamika

    meine abhi abhi kal kaa epi kaa rpt dekha. bechara RD, woh toh sanyukta ko movie dekhne ke liye – dating pe bulaa rahaa thaa aur sanyu kaa phone off ho gaya! monday kyaa hogaa?? RD zaroor naaraaz hoga.

    • Meera

      yes anamika,,what i feel is – it wl again b a disaster for Randhir if sanyu does not compromise for his small expectations, He was deprived of his childhood happiness…. he still feels dejected whenever he recalls his past – his mom not taking time off to wish him or celebrate his bday… these small things does matter a lot to him… so this way, Randhir wl feel hurt when sanyu does not give in coz she is e/thing to him… Hope there is no fight between them. Hope sanyu does not get into trouble! pathaa nahi next epi me kyaa hogaa… all she is bothered abt is how to dispose off the waste.

      • NIDA

        how is it possible 4 sanyu to be wid rd evrytime????cuz she also luv engineering….i think rd should give hr some space so that she can give time to both there rltnship and hr drm

  13. saddahaqrox

    sabse pehle toh achu, sun ko koi spl epi nhi hain…..aaj hain, sat ko, 2pm n 8pm halloween spl.
    and anamika di, even i feel d same……sanyu ke wajah se ho na ho, rd naaraaaaaaz honewaala hain!!!
    lekin he might also melt seeing sany faint….agar aisa kuch hua toh he will b more concerned thn angry na…….lets c, wht happens!!!

  14. NIDA

    how is it possible 4 sanyu to be wid rd evrytime????cuz she also luv engineering….i think rd should give hr some space so that she can give time to both their rltnship and hr drm

  15. shraddha

    Epi boring tha but rd aur sanyu acche dikh rhe the. Unka dance bhi accha tha. And ray,sharon aur swayam ka dance to mindblowing.

  16. Mdh


    Can anyboday share me the repeat show time for SH today as I couldn’t watch last 2 days episod due to my project.


  17. @MDH,
    Repeat fr friday epi – mon 11am, 3pm
    Repeat fr halloween spl- today ie sunday, 8pm
    Repeat fr thursday epi- mon 11 am , thursday 11am(not sure)
    Or repeat fr thurs epi- YOUTUBE!!!

  18. AN

    hi guys !!! i’m back after my looooooooooong 1 whole week of exams !!!! missede all the epi’s of my fav. show πŸ™

  19. Meera

    thank u ahana fr the spoiler link πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    After reading the same, i hd a sudden doubt.. Now sanyu paid fr Randhir’s fees right? He cld not arrange fr bail money fr his dad right? How come he alone pays fr hostel fees & is still staying there? He sold his bike to get a diamond ring fr sanyu and lost the ring later on… so what is left with him?? can s/one pls clarify?

    when myself and a few others like Amit say CVs gives more importance to sanyu, it is matters like the abv that irritates us! there hs to b some logic, some genuine reason to degrade RDs character.. at times i feel v r being made fools indirectly by Randhir being portrayed like one!! no offence to a/one here… this is just my POV… hope u get it!!!

    • Meera

      Oops…another doubt!!! silly me ;( ;( ;( now Vardhan is always in the habit of giving 10 or 15 mins fr the DT members to assemble in the lab or campus or elsewhere… how wl sanyu arrive at such short notice if she leaves the hostel and stay in an apartment????

    • Meera

      what i mean is if sanyu can imm get the idea of working part time, y did not the CVs show RANDHIR doing the same much much earlier – when he comes to know that his bank a/c has bn blocked when his mom applied for divorce?? I hate to see RD dependant on sanyu all the time… i hate it!!! see this is what i mean….

  20. AN

    hi noopur kya kya dhamakedar plans(nov 25) banaya hai cool !!! mein toh def. is competition mein aana chahthi hu count me IN !!! mein late toh nahi ho gayi ?! πŸ˜‰

  21. [email protected] changer

    @AN welcum back dear….missed you sooooo much…….

  22. [email protected] changer

    @meera jii… kitna sochte ho aap….itne sare doubts!!!!

  23. [email protected] changer

    haha…nice joke meera jiii…me and intlgnt ….only in my drmz…..

  24. [email protected] changer

    bt no doubt ….u r intlgnt meera jiiii……

  25. Sabse pehle toh all d newbies,
    WELCUM 2 TU!!!
    2) meera di, itna mat soch. I m sure spoiler galat hoga
    3) welcum back, AN!!!! Missed u chooooo much!
    U better catch up d epi of past few dayz, propose is worth it!

  26. [email protected] changer

    nupoor spoilers correct bhi ho sakte cuz…tumhe yad hai na wo ankit aur us k frnds wala scene…..may be ankit sanyu ko hostl se nikalwane ki koshish karega….

  27. rummi

    ey guys TU z really rockin… sinc i won get channel v in our cable i hv t depend on dz… thnx a lot yaar fo yo updates… can i join yu ppl???

  28. shraddha

    Hi rummi, i am also depend on TU,i am in hostel. But now my holidays are there so i can watch these nice epi for some days.

  29. shraddha

    Yes rummi,i also watch SH on youtube, vidios uploded by smruti shah. I like to be your friend. What is your age.

    • [email protected] changer

      πŸ™‚ happy
      πŸ™ sad
      πŸ˜‰ winking
      :'( crying
      B-) cool
      :-\ undecided
      o_O confused
      :O yelling
      πŸ˜€ laughing

    • [email protected] changer

      B-)……. cool
      o_O……. confused
      :O……. yelling

  30. Meera

    NIDA – to your comment “how is it possible 4 sanyu to be wid rd evrytime????……..”
    what i meant was – sanyu used to run (literally!) everytime, to meet samir outside FITE even though she did not like it… once she did handcuff Randir to avoid any trouble from him during her date with samir…. mera matlab, agar woh samir ke liye time nikaal sakthi thee, class khatam hothe hee baagh sakthi thee, lunch ke liye kyaa order karoon – aisaa soch sakthi thee (i very well remember her dialogue… continental order karoon yaa … s/thing of that sort) ab to woh Randhir ko dill aur dimaag se pyaar karthi hai, to uss ke liye bhi……

  31. Meera

    he, y no comments on halloween party epi??? mi ne nahi dekha… kisine dekhaa kyaa???? how were sandhir??? πŸ˜›

  32. Arrey meera di, halloween spl pe cmmnts isliye nhi hain coz woh bohoth boring tha. Sirf yeh jawaani ka jyada dikhaya….lekkn sandhir jitna bhi dikhaya na, ie dance n thoda sa aur, acha tha
    Sanyu: Randhir main jaa rahi hun yaha se
    Randhir:Arrey ruko na, mujhe toh bas yeh pta lagana hain ke yeh party arrange kisne ki hain
    Randhir: lekin agar tumhe maza nhi aa raha hain toh chaalo lets go
    Sanyu: smiles
    Anwww….how caring!!!

  33. Mdh

    Hi Friends , GdMorng

    All of u might hv seen the ” Halloween Night” yesterday specially our Sandhirs performance. Its very nice

    I hv come across all of your comments just now n hv seen some doubts regarding RD which rightly raised by Meera.

    Friends we can not say exactly what CV is thinking or supposed to do but we may cn share our views regarding

    I don’t think RD will depends on Sayukta financially if it is not a “fully Woman centric program the way it is going on nowadays (which I doubt) ” or If Sayukta not force him anyhow to depend.

    And If the Monday spoiler is correct or something is going to happen like this then We may can think below possible ways where frm RD could arrange his money rather to depends on Sayukta.

    1. We forges about ” Chacha ” who may can help him out financially nd For accommodation he is always open for him.

    2.Randhir may can arrange a part-time job at FITE as “Parth” is doing .

    3. We should not forget about Vardhan Sir who always stands for DT specially for RD n Sayukta in their difficult situation not financially yet we hv seen but this time he may can advise for or help him to arrange his fees .

    4. He may can work with Sayukta at the same Coaching institute n collectively arrange their fees.

    5.finally if I m not sure he may can force his Mom for fees or go to her with some innovative proposal as we know he is very intelligent and his Renuka stll loves her son .

    Finally I m not sure that Randhir lost that Ring

  34. @MDH,
    Yeah…u may b right….but one thing is there that i m not so sure pf the spoiler this time….. I mean, that goes ttly against d current track, right?!
    But a/wayz, one doubt-
    The fees that sanyu paid, were frm her own money, right? I mean, she earned the mny by winning ysa. So, how cn any1, b it her bro, withdraw tht money? And why wid he do that? She is no longer part of their famly, wasnt tht enough?
    And this shud happen during hols…like, she wud hv no plce 2 go if it wud hv been hols. But in d middle of the term?
    So considering it is hols in FITE,
    Randhir wud go 2 his chacha’s garage
    He cud
    1) take sanyu also with him
    2) if he thinks that it wud b a burden on chacha, he will arrange her sum place 2 stay n may b he will also stay with her coz remember his chacja said sumthing abt going on haj?
    3) if possible, stay back in cllge
    So…..wht do u hv 2 say on this? Cn u clear this confusion or will i have 2 stay tumed 2 chanel v fr it! πŸ˜‰

  35. shraddha

    Ankit ne sanyu ke hostel ka deposit withdrawn kiya he, uski fees nahi. And rd ka deposit kisine withdrawn nahi kiya so he can stay in hostel na.

  36. Arrey, lekin woh deposit phirse bhar sakti hain na, with ysa mney????
    And why wud ankit do that, i mean she isnt even part of d family anymore… why bother?
    Guys, plz frgive me if i go wrong, i do not know ANYTHING abt colleges…theres still 5 more yrs fr me to attend one!

  37. [email protected] changer

    arre jab ankit k frnds us k ghar ate hai aur use sanyu ki wajah se embarass hona padta hai….tabhi wo bolta hai k sanyu ka kuch na kuch to krna padega… abhi kuch din pehle k epi me hi tha…….and guyz we all know its a serial to twist to banta hi hai….so ab cvs konsa twist lane wale hai ye to wahi jante hai…… stay tuned to channel v(nupoor style)

  38. [email protected] changer

    aur waise bhi hamari hindi serials k twists ko samjh pana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai…….. πŸ˜‰

  39. shraddha

    Han 5 lakh meinse 3 lakh dono ke fees ke liye diye to 2 lakh baki,rhete he. But u know what shayd ye producer hme ullu samzte he.

  40. [email protected] changer

    bt u know wat sadda haq is far better than other hindi serials…….seriously ab tak ki sab se bakwas serial mujhe jo lagi aur jis me retionships ka noodles ban chuka hai wo hai Qubool hai…zee tv…..starting me to ye bahot achchi bt baad me bahot bakwas hogayi….

  41. Gc di, u have a point there. Lekin she CAN pay it again with her money!!!
    But these serials n their twists na..uff! Samajh me hi nahi aate, spoilers milne se toh aur bhi
    confusing ho jatey hain!

  42. Mdh


    I already said the same in my first point .thnx fr agreeing with .
    And here dont I don’t think to make any more comnts on it because out of my above possibilities its totally upto CV.

    Waiting for Monday .

  43. Hamara SH hi sabse better he, but kya kare parents ke samne dekh hi nahi sakte. 10th main mera class 6am ko hoya tha to main SH 5am ko dekhti thi.

  44. Samairaa

    yahaa par kisi ney kahaa taa ki aaj ek spl episode honey walaa hai is that true as i think the spl was holloween epi ….. ( confused )

  45. shraddha

    Yes,saddahaqrox mera favourite serial, SH. And favourite couple sandhir hi he forever. And you know what our sandhir got 48 percent votes for fav

  46. Waaaw……thats gr8!!!and @samaira, theres no spl epi today.
    @shraddha, is d blue n black both YOUR usrnames? Bcoz tht hapens 2 me too thts why i ask…

  47. Hello guyzzz
    No, i m not here 2 bore u again, but with a reminder fr d newbies
    Guyz, as u all know, 25th November ko hamaare fav serial, ie shq ki 1st yr annivarsary hain. And shq is the one factor due to which ham sab aaj yahaan hain, frndz banaye, and itna enjoy kiya ek dusre ke saath. Toh dont u ppl think it deserves a BIG tribute?
    So thats why, ppl, this annivarsary of shq, we r gonna have a target of 1000 comments, the largest EVER. And to do that:
    1) Absolutely NO comments on w/u of 24th nov. Save em fr d nxt day
    2) start commenting asa the w/u fr 25th nov comes up ie, 6:30
    3) continue till 26th nov 6:30 pm…..till the next update comes up
    And, lets accept ki without any topic, making 1000 cmmnts in 1 day is impossible. So, lets hv sum competitions, both 2 inc cmmnts n as a tribute 2 sandhir’s competitive nature!!!!!!!
    Here r d categories:
    A) Golden commentator- first
    B) Star commentator-second
    C) Excellent commentator-third.
    A)OS competition
    -This competition is 2 find the best one shot. There r 2 categories fr this also
    a) Writers- Write ur own os!
    b)detectives-Find and post one shots tht u like!
    B) The video-mixes award
    -This one, 2 find the vms!
    The categories fr this
    a) The Jiggy Jignesh award- If u r a computer savvy person like our jiggy, make ur own vm or post one u hv made!
    b) The youtube surfer award- All of us r not so talented na! So this one is fr u! Go surf youtube n find us a really nice vm!
    1)Noopur Rahane aka saddahaqrox
    – Yep! Me! If i m d mentor of the TU dream team, itna haq toh banta hai boss! Aur woh kehte hain na, haq cheenne se milta hain, maangne se nahi!
    Plzzzz guyz, if u hv ANY probs with me being a judge, tell me plzzz! I donot wanna force this upon u ppl!
    And incase u ppl think i will cheat,
    2) Sonia Pandey aka Sandhir Fan!
    – Hi guys! This is sonia here. It is better to have 2 judges na, and we both because we live extremely near each other so it will b easy fr us 2 b at one place! And that makwles judging easier na?
    Agar kisiko probs hain to noopur ko bolo!
    Hey! Not me! Sonia ko hi bolna! Yes this is me again( as sonia has given d task of typing this all out to ME )
    Say me is the vm- youtube surfer award,
    The creative award
    Youtube surfers
    And post it in d CS!
    Simple! Anf haan, most of u shud participate ok? And d rest, comment on d os,n vms! For d vms, u needa upload them on utube n post d link. For d utube surfers, skip the uploading bit.
    Thnx a lot fr reading!

  48. [email protected] changer

    Yeah y not @aisha….axept me call evryone di here…..@shrox di,AN di,akshara di,……..

  49. [email protected] changer

    Yeah y not @aisha….axept me
    call evryone di here…..@shrox
    di,AN di,akshara di,…….. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  50. [email protected] changer

    wo kya hai na aisha mai tum se bhi chhoti hu i m just 11 yr old that y i m saying u nt to call me di

  51. [email protected] changer

    achcha,belive to mujhe bhi nahi horaha……. πŸ˜‰

  52. Gc di, PUH-LEASE……u r MY di na…..u cant b youngr thn me!
    @aisha, u cn call ever1 di here except me n AN…coz v r as old as u! N every1 is OUR di….

  53. Mdh

    Sorry to interfere;

    U know all that its an open forum,numbers of commenters r here.

    Every 1 can not be ur “Di” as here might hv some” Da ” or “<" .

    Gc thanks fr specifying some of ur frnds.

    Nupoor e Aisha ko samjao yr .

  54. [email protected] changer

    @mdh mujhe aisa q lag raha hai its nt ur comment…..and if its ur commnt u r absolutely right…… log samajhte hi nahi hai yar..

  55. Arrey @mdh n gc di,
    Just chill yaar! Di toh bas izzat ke liye bola…humaari bharatiya sanskriti ki bhi toh maan ralhni chahiye!
    And rahi baat ‘Da’ ki, ko any1 who is a ‘da’ shud specify it since any1 who comes here is by default a di πŸ˜‰
    (And that is coz most of d shq watchers r girls.. U know, woman centred program! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  56. [email protected] changer

    all Indian girlz r my sisters and all indians boys like param singh bhatia are ur brothers…. haha…..

    • [email protected] changer

      i was just kidding……no doubt All indians r my brothers and sisters……

  57. [email protected] changer

    sorry i did nt get wat u want to say @mdh

  58. [email protected] changer

    if u dnt wanna give any explnation then let it be…

  59. Gc di, explanation is simple- amit is not here coz he is ‘da’ not di….mdh feels tht amit is afraid we wil make him ‘di’ too!!!
    Hehe just kidding….

  60. Samairaa

    good morning to all sandhirians
    @ saddahaqrox thank for clearing my doubts πŸ™‚ so a spl good morning to u

  61. shraddha

    GM everyone, i just completed reading sandhir ff, you are mine forever. Its so nice, i crying when i read that.

  62. shraddha

    Another ff that make cry everyone is : a dream or nightmare, but it is not completed yet. I wish it has been also happy ending.

  63. saddahaqrox

    @ shraddha,
    yep….me too read YMF……its really beautifully written….missing a prologue, though !!

  64. shraddha

    Hi saddahaqrox, i read more than 30 sandhir cute story is Angel and devil ki lovestory. In this our rd is big gangster and he kidnapped sanyu.

  65. saddahaqrox

    Is there any1 who has sent gifts and wishes to parsh???
    Me n my frnd want 2 send, but v r worried as to how??? we have 2 do this WITHOUT our parents knowing….plazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help us

  66. Meera

    i wl not b able 2 comment fr a few weeks.. shall try to do so whenever possible.. wl b missing u all a lot!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ a/ways, have fun….

  67. shraddha

    There is 1 ff name horrer mystery, in this ff sandhir are married, vidushi is ghost(bhoot) . Imagin vidushi as bhoot.

  68. [email protected] changer

    few weeks!!!!!!!thode zyada ho gaye na?????exams????????ok ok………try to come back soon…………we will be missing u too dear… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • [email protected] changer

      few weeks!!!!!!!thode zyada ho
      gaye na?????exams????????ok
      ok………try to come back
      soon…………we will be missing u
      too dear… @meera jiiii…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.