Sadda Haq 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is lost in thoughts, Aryan comes there and asks where were you? Sanyu says i was in lab, Aryan says you could have called me, Sanyu says let it be. Lets assume that we have a fight then will you forgive me only when i say sorry to you? will you wait till my sorry? Aryan says even if you hurt me, you would not have to say sorry to me, we accept people with their flaws so there is no point of expecting sorry, Sanyu says why you have so simple answer for everything? what are you birthday plans? Aryan says i never had anyone special who would plan anything for me, i didnt have parent, friends, girlfriend to plan anything for me, Sanyu says i will plan your birthday this time, Aryan says tell everyone that birthday boy is boring, Sanyu says all know how sweet you are, i am planning big party

for you, Aryan thinks that she is planning to give surprise to me and that day also she wanted to say something to me, on my birthday i will confess to her.
Joy asks Kritika how was it? Kritika says Arjun was in Becky’s arms when i went there, Joy says so sorry, Kritika says i tried to talk to him but he ignored me, i was wrong, he hated me and i am stupid to like him, Joy sits beside her and says its not your problem, intelligent girls like you fail in love test, Kritika says you called me intelligent? Joy says you are most intelligent i met in my life, Kritika says you are sweet, she lies her head on his shoulder, Joy says i promise i will keep you happy, i wont let you cry, Kritika says i never thought that i will get a friend like you, Joy whispers that i want to me more than friend for you, she asks if he said anything? Joy says nothing.
Sanaya sees audio files in Randhir’s laptop and thinks whats this? she plays one file, its Randhir’s recording, Randhir says in recording that i really love you Sanyunkta, i dial your number every morning but never press call button, i have dne bad with you thats why you have no feelings for me, as our separation are coming close, i am realizing my mistake more, i wish i could back in time and rectify mistakes, its too late, i wish to google you but i stop myself, i have realized that nothing is going to change, we will be away but you know what? you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you did any mistake, you bear my ego, i never saw love from childhood thats why i took your love for-granted and i became too greedy, i thought i could impose my decisions on you, i thought people control in love and i tried to control you but i realized i was wrong but it was too late, i am super genius Randhir for world but i failed love exam, its been 3months since dream team accident, what if nothing had happened to Parth? where we would have been, i have no one around and the one who wants to make me hers, i am sending her away from me, i dont know if i will send this voice note to you but i wanted to say this, i am feeling suffocated without you, i dont know about you but i can never fall in love again, for me love meant you and will always be you, nobody can take your place, i have taken decision to separate from you as i knew i would do something wrong with you in my madness of love and its better if i separate from you as soon as possible, i thought it would pain less but i was wrong, pain doesnt get less with time but it lessens with emotions and we can hide our love by listening sad songs, taking alcohol or herbs but we cant finish it, this pain is my friend for life, atleast there is someone with me now, i wish all the best to you Sanyu, i wish i get strength one day to look in your and apologize to you, i love you, voice note ends. Sanaya thinks that if Sanyu listens this voice note then maybe she will change her mind about Randhir, go on Sanaya, this is your golden chance to get them together.
Sanaya comes to Sanyu and asks if she is finding something? Sanyu i have lost my cd, Sanaya says i took it and i have transferred its software in pendrive, Sanyu says i thought i lost it, Sanaya says you never lost anything, you only need to open your eyes, Sanyu asks what she means? Sanaya says nothing, Sanaya says i have listened that you are planning party for Aryan, Sanyu says yes, Sanaya asks her to check pendrive and leaves.
Sanaya comes to Kritika and sees her smiling, she says you seem happy, let me guess, Arjun accepted your proposal right? Kritika says i didnt propose him, i realized that i never loved him, Sananya says you became blank? Kritika says when i saw Becky and Arjun i realized that he doesnt deserve my love, Sanaya says you are are confused, she says i am not. Sanaya says so if Arjun is out of equation then Joy can propose you, Kritika says are you mad? Sanaya says he really loves you, Kritika says it must be crush like i had on Arjun, Sanaya says if it was just crush then he wouldnt have helped you in Arjun’s case, Kritka says you are right but i never thought about joy in that way, he is my friend, why are you pushing me towards Joy? you were the one who asked me to go out for Arjun, Sanaya says i wanted you to realize that Arjun is just your crush and you used to be so irritating, Kritika says how mean, Sanaya says i am joking, i did it to make you realize that its just crush, Joy really loves you, give him one chance, everyone can see that he loves you, Kritika says no way, this love is so confusing.
Sumit comes to Joy and asks when he is confessing his love to Kritika? its confirmed that Arjun was just passing crush for her, joy says i want to tell her but reality is that i am afraid, what if she takes me wrong way? Sumit says why you are thinking this much? just propose her, go simran go to Raj, he says who is Simran? sumit says leave it, this is best time to propose her, Sumit says we should party that Kritika didnt propose Arjun, he buys coffee for joy.
Nrimal calls his manager and asks if its so difficult to find out if Randhir or Aryan did any mistake in past, manager says their records are clean but there is many things about Sanyunkta which may help you, Nirmal says shut up, you are talking about lead astronaut, even if Sanyu did something, i wont let it come out, find everything about Randhir, manager says his parents separated in childhood, his childhood was painful, Nirmal says do anything to find things against him, i want to separate him from Sanyu, manager says his records are clean but i have sent some information about Sanyu, Nirmal says i dont need to know about her, he opens file and sees Sanyu and Randhir’s old pictures, he says there is true love between them, i finally found something against you Randhir, i have to test what i saw in this file, either Randhir should go away from Sanyu’s life and i should get to know to if Sanyu is eligible to lead this mission.
Sanyu comes in office and opens her laptop. she puts pendrive and sees Randhir’s voice note, she plays it, she imagines Randhir saying all this to her sitting infront of her. Randhir says we are separated officially, i dont know why Sanyu did this with Parth? bye Sanyu.. Sanyu says Randhir’s voice note after our separation? Sanyu plays his voice note and imagines Randhir saying it, Randhir says its been 22days since we separated, i dont know what to do, i am taking breaths but i am not living as Sanyu is my life, i called her from private number, she knew it was my number so she didnt pick my call, i can give up anything to listen to her voice, i cant stop myself from talking to her but its all my fault, i wish i could tell Sanyu its all my fault, i wish i could tell Sanyu that how much i miss her, i wish i could tell you Sanyu how much i love you, Sanyu is in tears listening all this.

PRECAP- Randhir says in voice recording that i really wish to call you Sanyu and say sorry, i am not able to say sorry, i wish to call you and say to forgive me, i love you. Sanyu imagines him infront of her, he holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hiee guys….after a long time

    how r u all….vrushi, mukti, revati, sheena, dhruv, mayuri and all others (so sorry for not mentioning all names)

    arre o nishwa….kaisenva…..hum soche rahe hi apka challengva life turnout oar lagoo kar lein par u kare ki khatir life turnouts ka bhi toh updateva ho chahi na…….

    Richu di…..whr r u??….not on fb n on LT……?????…..

    Devu di… r u??……

    1. Hi dia!! How r u? Seeing after a long time

    2. Hii dia dear … Long time no see so a a very warm welcome to u dear πŸ™‚

  2. Kill that nirman for going against rd and lovely sandhir moments this month really gonna interesting but cv’s soon end aryans track please please he is hell irritating

  3. Ohhh yessss!!!! Yiiipppeeeeee!!!! Yr i love sandhir!! Nice episode..

    Heyy frnds!! Revu, dhruv bro, mukti, maddy, piku, karu, shivu, aastha, sanyu, new dhruv, aishu, appu, bk, raj, vishal, rochelle, anu, princess.

    Hey mukti!! How r u? N how is ur mom now? I hope she is recovering fast…take care πŸ™‚

    Hiiiii nishhuu!!! So glad to see u back!!! How r u? I’ve enquired about u of times…where were u these days?

    Hey aastha! How r u now? N how was ur exam?
    Anu, how is richu now? Is she better?? Pls reply. N do convey my good wishes to her..

    Revu dear…!! Where have u vanished?? Comeback naa…pls pls pls!!

    1. mom is fine..n me also sweeti just my life is messedup.thtsit..

    2. hey sheenu gud mrng

  4. Wow Randhir could be so romantic

  5. Hey mayuri I m sorry u were talking about your game. Piz continue it. Don’t stop becoz of me
    Sorry ramya u r so nice

    1. Ohh!!! Dear no problem … I was only talking about u dear …
      Ans about the game actually everybody was in a bad mood so for a change in just said but I genuinely wanna help u both dear … And be happy and safe πŸ™‚

  6. And also Richa titli I m really sorry I said very bad to u. Please don’t be angry with me

  7. ohhhhh goshh so now u wanna fight for the word kid????????dont u hv any work?i said u sory..n u again wanna fight..u strted this multiple acc gmes..n sucide n blabla..n now u wanna fight again?????n u dnt evn told who were those fakers for which u crated hungama…n now u knew my mom nt well still u wanna fight now????n saying others good girls u thnk i dnt understand???????comeone yr find someone else to fight..dnt bothr me..n now dnt replyyy to i m in no mood to fight with i girl i dnt even know…stop it now…n dnt brng shivu n mayu here..who thy r to explain me??????u trying to gain only sympathy whtevr u want.dnt atrt fighting with me noww..n not abt kid word….sory to except karti nai hai n baki jada bolti hai…
    guysss its so messed uppp….here i m alone…dad n my brothr r not in india n cnt come due to visa prblm n i need to handle evythng alone..n ppl fighting with mehere….yrr leave me alonee..i m so stressed..n more ovr dhruvv u say smthng naaaa…y u r so tight liped..i need uuu…..
    guys all messedup..dnt kno wht to do…i cnt tell anyone in real i cnttt…n here u all r so clse to me n this girl spoilt everythng…
    guys one help plz……aliya richu n raj u kno abt tell him to stop tlking to tht f**king girlllll….plzzzzz i dntkno wht to do..ikno dhruv i m soryy i said ds here bt plz undrstnd i m gonacry now..u hlp me alwz n now also u hlping me for eveythng bt plzz i cant tell our frnds bt here u all r like true frnds so i poured my heart without thnking….n i dnt cre wht u thnk..just whoever r my true frnds nisha shena mayu raj bro shivu richu alu sanyu hlp mee n tll princess to not fight with me more plzzzz n tll r bro gn lvu

    1. iits me.yr i wrote con in place of com

    2. yes dear relax everything will be alryt .don’t take stress

  8. Omg omg omg ????
    Randhir kitna Accha hai……????
    At least ab sanyu ko sab kuch samajhme aayega…….thank u sooo much sanaya…

  9. I guess,the person wanted to tell nirmaan the truth of the accident of parth, but he didn’t listen. May be in making d away from sanyu, he proves tht accident’s truth to rd and this will clear all misunderstandings in between sandhir.

  10. gn guys sweet dreams

  11. Hii sheenu … Where is my dare .. I have given to u and dhruv now mine turn .. I want it πŸ™‚

    1. Yup piku sure..i will give u…hmm…let me think..i’ll be back

  12. guys i msory i didnt post..sory bt an unxepected test is strted in our clg..n i hv 30 patients histories to lots of work to do..i mso sory..i dnt thnk i will get time till 30 aftr tht i will post..n if u want here i will post short epis very short…..its ur i cnt post new articles no time guyss….sory

    nisha i m new the way hii dear nice to meet u…
    hi sheana mayuri dhruv raj mukti princess aliya aishu sanyukt howru all????

    mukti n princess dears chil dnt only worsenas mental health dears…
    guy gn lvu all bye…n sory for not writing..sory.

    1. Ur ff is so unique and amazing !!!! I hope uhh will post it soonn ???n best of luck for urr projects???

  13. Hey guys this Meher. I just wanted 2 ask
    Why do u guys want Sandhir to reconcile ? Saryan is better dan Sandhir, after all Randhir had almost killed Sanyu once.

    1. Its just an accident!!! He did not do anything intentionally and he alwYss loves her soo much???

    2. And after all he saved her many many timess

    3. Hey dear dont get me wrong but u are taking this couple thing too seriouse…its just a show…its not like we sandhir fans are approving in REAL life what Rd did to Sanyu in some points of life…but like i said many times befor if all Aryan fans would have watched SH from the beginning u all would have understand why we love sandhir so much…the chemistry between Param and Harshita is mindblowing…when these two share the screen i cant see anyone else in the epi…let alone Aryan with who i just couldnt connect as a character in the show…its just my opinion but i couldnt feel anything about Ashwini’s acting in the role…im sure he is a great actor but in this particular role he couldnt grab my attention…like i said sandhir’s chemistry is out of this world and thats why we love the so much…and yes Rd has his faults but who hasnt?? Noone is perfect…Sanyu and Aryan as well…they also have their faults…and u can clearly see it in the story…but like i said this is just a show…its not real life…this is only for entertaining purpose…sorry if my comments seems harsh but this is my opinion…i am a sandhir fan and i ll always support them in the SHOW…if u ask me in REAL life if this kind of situation would have been happening and if i would have been in place of Sanyu i wouldnt have chose nor Aryan nor Rd…Sanyu doesnt love Aryan so if she commits to him only for base of respect trust me on long therms they ll both would be unhappy coz Aryan wont get the love that he wants and Sanyu will feel guilty about it (trust me on this coz im talking from personal experience )…and i would not chose Rd either coz even if i would love him as much as Sanyu does i still wont go back to him till he changes himself and give me the respect i need….respect can be gain and learnt but love its either there or not…i hope u understand what im trying to say and sorry for the long comment.

    4. Because no one can be a better lead than param .his face has a different charm because no one can possess except him and in truth ashwini lacks versatility in acting his looks are so mechanical that he looks odd like a expressionless vampire or robot .according to the story rd’s dominating nature can be changed in future .sanyu can make him understand her pov and vanish misunderstanding by clearing thing except these to things he what a ideal lead should be but aryan even as a character is just a puppet without any pov of his own he just follow sanyu .no one in his or her real life will prefer just a follower who just follow your command without thinking write or wrong afterall sometime clashes of thinking are required for betterment of the partners .similarly nature and character can be changed but not crimes and if cv’s show a unethical hacker and a murderer as a lead then this won’t be a good example for youth watching this show instead they should show aryan landing in jail because of sanyu .This my pov not necessary that it match with others but hope you try to understand it

  14. Muku muku dear !!!!
    Just chill … I k ow u r extremely stressed and visa problem and u r alone to take care of your mom and yourself … Suddenly so much of load u might get too much stressed … Dear relax everything will go fine and princess dear now don’t reply her … Please try to understand her … She is even elder than u so u should respect her decision …
    And muku dear chill we r with u … U can come anytime we will be there for u …
    Dear please calm down if u r too stressed which won’t be good neither for nor for your health … U must atleat take care of yourself … Ur mother is ill she have thyroid right … So please also take care of her but don’t forget yourself … And in this mess …

    For now u just chill and a very good night / good morning πŸ™‚

  15. Sandhir rockzzz man! After all sadda haq is all about randhir n sanyukta…love u both.

  16. M fyn sheena n mayuri……nd thanq for ur welcm… r u???

    Nd plz cn sm1 tell me are richa (titli) di, devga di and nisha still on this page???

    I was not able to comment as my school has started……

    1. Yup, nishu was missing from past few days but she came tmrw πŸ™‚ n richa also comes here…but donno about devga..

  17. Karina di wow I’m just bowled over by ur explanation and I completely agree for its absolutely true respect can v earned but love has to be felt di ur amazing…

    1. awww so sweet of u dear…thank u for appreciating my comment πŸ™‚

  18. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Hi guys….. It’s okay dhruva….. Get free nd post the ff’s…..

    Good mrng…..

    I wish ki Nirman ab sandhir ko alag kr de!!!!! Feeling vrrryyyy sad fr Aryan….??????? uski kya galti hay yr!!!!!

    1. hi aalu. Ya u r ri8 now nirman is our dosth n sanya is our dushman.

  19. hello my babyzz, whts up??
    i am a mood 2 talk abt the show. Mere moods bena??!!
    its like RD.TO UNDERSTAND OUR RD IS NOT AT ALL DIFFICULT, IT JUST IMPOSSIBLE. no intention 2 hurt RD/SANDIR fans. Just chil n enjoy the show. dont give kan 2 my bla bla πŸ˜‰

  20. SH is and will be the most amazing show for us. Though we still talk about Sandhir and Aryukta but the fact is, I much more like the theme of the show. A girl, an aspirant in mechanical engineering, from a highly conservative family striving her way to achieve her mission, goal !

  21. oh yes..i cnt thismess the one who i thought will be dr ffore mine vanished…ur so called dhruv bhaii…he is busy with anothr girl whn i nedd him most yr..this is so bad…wht shd i do..plz someone explain him na..mayu raj karu nishu shenu alu shivu rits vrushiits so badddd…

    1. ohh gosh we to him dear

    2. Hi mukti hw is ur mother?? T.c dr..

    3. Mukti dear im really sorry to hear about ur mom…i hope she is feeling better…and about Dhruv, dear i think u should go and talk to him and sprt things out…im sure he will support u coz he is a good friend…try and sort things out…

  22. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world it’s above everything respect , dreams and even god every mistake is forgived when it comes to love but one sided love is the most dangerous thing when it becomes obsession as it snatches the power of differentiating between right or wrong .it makes the person blind he just follows the other person which goes against the entire idea of love as love is walking together , falling together but making each other get up together but obsession makes just follow from behind because of which he has to ultimately suffer like Aryan gonna do and this will be a better moral for many obsessive lovers those who think that a person belongs to them just because they love him

  23. aryukta fan, ghar pa tissues ha kya?? ma bijvaathu kya?
    i had a strong feeling that my aryan’s heart gone break into pecs. Cv dont give him juti hopes on his bday. Mere aryan ko chot doo.

    1. Hii aishu sry I forgot to write ur name hw r u

      1. ok , dont say sorry, i know sometime it happens. I am fi9 … Wht abt u??
        busy ha kya??

    2. Sanyukta Rathor

      Hey aishu are u aryukta fan

      Show me kya chal raha h muzee kuch nhi PTA or aaj update padne ka man nhi h mera pls tum bataoge kya ho RHA h

      Hey guys HW r u all

      Hey aalu,nishu,karu,richu,shivu,sheenu, muku,mayu,dhruv bhai,new dhruv bhai ,BK,rits,richa,Raj bro,vishal,Kush,new aaliya,missti,Sid bhai where r u ,jyotika u too,Rochelle,ramya,dia,moni,kristyy,meher,opsara,sheryu di,princee. And all of you

      Muzee bahut pain ho raha h hand me

      Aalu left hand dear me kuch din baad milti hu

      Byee guys pry kro ki me jaldi them ho jau Rona aa reha hh muzee

      Love you all

      1. Hey sanyu!! Get well soon dear…take care of urself πŸ™‚

      2. hey sanyu get well soon

      3. hey my sweety sanyu πŸ™‚

      4. Hey sweetie !! Get well soon dear and plz update your condition time to time after all u r so close to me dear πŸ™‚
        Sahi ho ke jaldi jaldi aao πŸ™‚

      5. Aaliya (Aalu)

        Okay di…. Ab aap jaldi se Thik ho jaao…..??? aur mere se batein koro…..

  24. Hey guys g.m..epi was osm epi we got to see 1 another side if R.D everyone blaming Rd bt who knws wt his feelings…he jst can’t express dats least nw sanyu hav to realize dat…
    mukti n princess u both plz stop dis..u both going wrong..jst forget all dis..
    hey both dhruvs where r u come soon..
    Hiii Karina after long tym..hw r u? U remember me?
    Wt’s upp Sheena,mayu,richu,aalu,dis,kushagra,sanyuka(missing)..n all?

    1. oh ho!!! u forgot me ha??? thotu dugi, photu dugi , bas es bar kaleya chotu dugi …. Hee hee
      i am fi9, masth ha… Wht abt u??

    2. hey raj…of course i remember fine and h r u ? πŸ™‚

  25. oh my mukti baby. Dont worry. I know u r facing so many problems n i can understand it. I am with u.
    oh really..!!! dhruv was busy with other girls. hum usa aana do… Jab kan keechaaga tho akal tikana aayaga.
    ab mukti dr kush hana tho ek achi smile do.

  26. hello my SANYU….. Happy 2 see u…. Actually i am a combo of parsh n aryuktha… I luv both of them, confuse…
    aapka haath kisa ha ? kisna aapka haath thota ?? ma usahe thotu duga.. πŸ˜‰
    show pa tho ab sandir hee sandir chal rahaha. Luu u too sanyu.

  27. Hello frnds!!! Good morning!!

    Mukti dear, dont worry everything will be fine…i know that u r in that situation so it must be very difficult for u to handle everything alone…..
    Princess dear, now everything is clear n mukti apologized to u like…hundreds of times so drop that matter now…no need to drag it…just talk about something else…look dear, u need to understand that muku is already stressed out as her mom is not well n she is alone there, handling her mom…So pls, now no one will talk about it…n actually, there is nothing left to discuss as everything is clear n u both have exchanged apologies…
    Mukti dear, u r such a brave girl so no problem has the guts to scare u right? So just hold ur head high, bring a smile on ur face n take care of ur mom n urself…coz ur pretty smile can deal with any situation πŸ™‚
    N dhruv bro, i know i shldn’t interfere n i’m really sorry to do so but pls, i think right now muku needs u so u shld help her…

    Ok guys!! Have a nice day everyone! May god bless u all n solve all ur problems!

    1. hello sheena…. Whts up…? busy ha kya??

      1. Hi aishu!! No dear, i’m free now… πŸ™‚

      2. Just took a break from studies for half an hr πŸ˜‰

    2. hey my sweety Sheenu have a nice day πŸ™‚

      1. Hi karu πŸ™‚

  28. Where there is love there will be care, trust, jealousy, obsession, passion and much more… Some people don’t know how to express their love at some point in their life… Like Randhir.. He didn’t realize that he have to be with sanyu after the accident.. Even though he regret about that he can’t express that in front of sanyu… That’s not his fault… The way he lived his life didn’t teach him that… And it is clear in that voice notes.. One thing is for sure love after a big fight is something special…

    1. i totally agree with u dear…ur right…Rd’s whole life was upside down…the only time he was trully happy in his life was when him and Sanyu were together…

  29. #sandhir….finallyyyyyy…..waiting fr sanyukta’s love confession to rd

  30. hi Dr. Dhruv, i am fine. Oh i see, u r busy, ha na? no problem we can understand. I think no need 2 post short epi. My veiw is that post epi after 30 june, that is the ri8 time. @ that time u r free n the show will end. Then we all will came 2 ur ff page.

    1. Yup! I agree with aishu…! It will be better if u post ur ff after 30th june coz then, u will also b free na…n good luck!


    i stopped watching the show when i come to know that radhir and sanyukta will seprate, but after long tym i saw promo of sanyukta listening to all this and i thought they are back together, but after reading today i think it will sanyukta’s dream only…. but i hope they both unite soon…….

    1. no, no. its not a dream (i think…). It really happens. Sanyu hr all voice notes bcoz of sanya. I think u should watch the show bcoz it ends with sandir. n i came 2 know that this month is full of sandir as it is going 2 end soon…

  32. Yr revu!! Where r u? I’m missing u sooo much…r u upset with me? Pls come naa…

    N i have a dare for u n piku.. Ok…u both need to make a song for all of us..i mean, it shld include our names with minimum one characteristic of each person…try to include max ppl..

    1. nice dare sheena. Well down. Revu n mayuri came back n complete the dare… waiting…..

    2. Sheeennnnaaa that’s not fair … Itna bada dare … Hush!! I m gonna die …
      Give me another option … I too have given u πŸ˜‰
      I will try this one too but till that time gimme another πŸ™‚

      1. Ok piku…
        Ok so revu n piku, u have another option…u both have to name us after famous car models…eg.- revu – volkswagen beetle (coz its cute πŸ˜‰ ) ; piku- honda brio ( small n sweet:) )…. Ok? So go for it it sweeties!!! πŸ˜‰

  33. Guys good news to sandhir fans they will unite at the end so don’t worry….. Me personally like Rd and sanyu more…Karina true Rd is happy with sanyu only…. I know Aryan has not done anything but sandhir is like made for each other

    1. yes dear sandhir r made for each other πŸ™‚

    2. Oh wow!! Thnx for the news sia…

  34. karu dr…. Oh i am so sorry that i forgot 2 say hi 2 u…. Missed u alot… how r u dr….???

    1. hey Aishu dear no need of sorry…i missed u too a lot…h r u ? im fine just a little busy now so thats why i wasnt here πŸ™‚

  35. Hey dear, don’t get me wrong bt i h’ve been watching sh frm s 1. Earlier i used 2 b a sandhir fan bt now after seeing Randhir committing such artcotries on sanyu i don’t thnk that he deserves her. If v talk abt acting i find Ashwini doing a gr8 job as his acting made me 2 accept Aryan & Sanyukta as a pair, unlike parsh whose chemistry was ridiculed in the beginning.

    1. well dear everybody has their own opinion…like u are saying that sandhir chemistry is ridicoulos my opinion is that aryukta chemistry isnt even there…for me the character of aryan lacks the capacity to keep me glued to it…if u are saying that u watched SH from the bennining them i guess u didnt get the essance of the show…coz the show is about how a girl survives in a world of men….and thats why Rd was portrait like a mcp…in S2 Aryan was so into helping Sanyu that she became completly dependent on him and thus they practicaly destroied for a moment the theme of the show…but im glad the CV got their brains together and made sanyu’s character strong as befor…like i said u dont have to agree with me coz everybody is entitled to have their own opinion…in ur first comment u asked why we support sandhir so i tried to give my pov…and sorry to say but ParSh chemistry is unbeatable onscreen and offscreen as well…and this is coming from a person that has nothing to do with hindi language or culture…i dont even understand hindi i just know some words (mostly coz of my friends here i was able to start understanding hindi) but this is the first hindi show that grab my attention and keep me glue to it till the end…and also ParSh are so awesome together that i watch their IVs without understanding what they are saying but still laught like a mad person…so dear this is the magic of ParSh…to make even a foreigner like me to love a couple so much on and off screes says a lot about those actors πŸ™‚ have a nice day…

  36. hi frnds howruall

    1. hey my crazy friend…after a long time πŸ™‚ h r u ? im fine just a little busy with university…

      1. m fine dear..u?

      2. also fine

      3. ohkk focus on ur wrk n come as soon as posible

    2. Hi bhai! I’m good.. πŸ™‚ what about u?
      N where is revu? Is she fine?

    3. hi bhai after.long tym you came .

  37. mukti dear
    there will always be room for your hand in minee sweetheart….so chill

    1. Aaliya (Aalu)

      Vai,,,, bas aap bolne se nhi hoga!!!!! Mukku ko v bolna hoga ki aap sach me ab uske sath hoo!!!!…… Mukku,,,,, is it true ki Vai is with u now??????? We r wit u dear….??

    2. hello… Dhruv bhai… I am fi9. I am so sorry if i hurt u. I didnt mean it… r u angry with me?? 1s again
      i am sorry …

  38. mukti now be happy .bhai told u he will be wid you in every situation

    1. hi shivani, yes, mukti dr plz be happy n came back..

  39. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Where r my comments???????

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