Sadda Haq 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 31st March 2014 Written Update

Randhir tells Sahil in his style that he will completely change him. He came with low confidence, but he will leave the college on top.

Sanyukta is searching for someone and she bumps into Randhir. Randhir asks her why she is physically assaulting him every so often. Sanyukta says it’s better to bang her head on her wall than clashing with him. She then asks him to shout at her. Randhir is confused and he leaves. Sanyukta was actually trying to get his voice sample, so she can change her voice into his and talk to Ankit. She uses a previous voice sample and calls Ankit. She tricks him with Randhir’s voice and finds out about a loss in her dad’s new factory. She’s hurt as no one told her anything and decides to make her dad’s company profitable.

She’s in cafe and wondering

how she will solve this problem as her dad won’t allow her. Just then Parth comes. Parth tells her not to be upset as Sahil is fine now and no authority will know what he did. Sanyukta says she is irritated with education system. The boys get forced so much to study that they even come to suicide on their failure, and on other hand, no one even cares if girls finish their studies or no. Parth says there are many more things that need to be changed. He says Sankyuta is a fighter and she has already started changing the system. He asks her not to give up. Sanyukta is still upset and tells him about her dad’s factory. He says a company can go in loss due to problem in production, marketing, or competition. Sanyukta says there is no question about marketing and competition as her dad’s company is already a developed company. Parth says they would need blueprints to study the machines. Sanyukta says her dad and her bro won’t give that to her. Parth asks her what about her mum?

Randhir is working on a handy-cam. Sahil keeps looking at it. Randhir scolds him to study. Sahil tells him to scold him as it’s his right, and Parth, Sanyukta’s as well. He then says he has been looking for them to thank, but don’t know where they are. One of his friends saw them together in cafe. Randhir gets mad and tells him to leave from his room, if he wants to gossip. Sahil says sorry. Randhir leaves. Sahil wonders what equation is this between Randhir and Sanyukta, they perform best when they are together, and on the other hand they can’t even bear each other.

Sanyukta calls her mum and tells her that she’s upset with her. Her mum says they didn’t tell her anything because they didn’t want to bother her. She asks her to forgive her. Sanyukta says fine, but she will have to help her out so she can help her dad. She asks her to go to his dad’s office and get blueprints file. Sanyukta mum is afraid, but Sanyukta forces her to go.

Her mum reaches the office and she is talking with Sanyukta on the phone. Parth is also with Sanyukta and phone is on speaker. Her mum is very scared, but Sanyukta tells her nothing will happen. Parth laughs hearing their conversation. Her mum goes in and is stopped by Ankit. Ankit asks her what she’s doing in the office and who is she talking to? Sanyu and her mum both get worried.

Precap: Sanyukta is at her home and she’s hiding in the closet. Her mum screams. Ankit comes and asks what’s the matter. Sanyukta’s mum is clueless and she says, in the close… that Sanyu….

Update Credit to: Tina

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