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Sadda Haq 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes closer to Sanyu. Sanyu says speak up, speak up. He says just shgut up we’re so drunk. sanyu gets up and laughs and says I am drunk and you are acting so weird. but you look so cute while complaining. He says look at you are drunk. you look so stupid, look at your hair, you lips everything. She says hey why are you looking at my lips and my hair and my eyes. He comes closer.
She says stay away don’t come closer you kissed me last time this way. He says that was by mistake I used to brush 4 times a day after that. SAnyu says you robot.

They go in.
he says I told you that engineering is not your cup of tea. She says what you mean by that. I will beat you in results of third year.
he says remember you solved the question of 2 minutes in 15 minutes

of 1st day. Sanyu says lets go and solve the question now.

Vidushi walk pasts the juice and says parth made me fool. What did I give him that did not effect him. She drinks it.

Sanyu says you walk so slow. he says you are seeing everything slow. They sit, sanyu says why are we here Randhir. He says to check who is more intelligent. are you afraid ? Sanyu says not really. Lets play a game w will ask questions to each other and who answers all the question will win. He says okay. SAnyu asks okay tell me which is the room you can’t enter. She says Radnhri can’t think of it. He says I don’t know it. Sanyu says so you lose. He says yeah okay whatever. He says there are a lot of things. This question is invalid. She says no its not. Ask yours now. he says I don’t wanna ask. SAnyu looks at the board and says we came to solve the question here. Randhir says yeah we always forget in your talks. they go to the board and say there is no question here. Randhir says it must me and order of maya. SAnyu says how mean, dayan dean.

parth says they should have come by now. Kaustuki says sanyu isn’t receiving her phone. SAhil says are they in some trouble ? Parth says is it something by vidushi. I must go and check.

Vidushi is drunk and sit on the bench. /she says where are you parth you have to save me, SHe is reapeting his name again. SAnyu says she came and didssolved our team. This is not fair. Randhir says everything is fair in war. I know what do with her. He says I will pee in her room. SAnyu says how can you say that in front of a girl. Randhir says where is the girl ? you consider yourself a girl. he laughs. Sanyu says she is a woman and we have tokeep the basic respect. Randhir says yeeah lets think something else.

Vidushi looks at a plant and says here you are parth. Whenever I am upset I look up to you. you look at me like I am the only bad girl in the world but what can I do. Maya will suspend me. Tell me what am I supposed to do. You should go to your room.Some guys come and laugh at her and start making video. Don’t stay here. Parth comes there. The guys says why don ‘t you go to her parth. Vidushi says parth don’t make me angry go to your room. Parth comes at her back and says vidushi. He says what are you saying. She laughs and says you have a twin brother too. He says what did you mix in this drink. She says why would I give you some drink am I a bartender. he says shut up and lets go. She says wait at least say by to your brother he is so patient. he didn’t even said a word.

Randhir and sanyu paint on wall we hate you maya. Sanyu says you are so bad at it. He says yeh you are girls are good at it you mark the whole book with different colors. ANd when the exams come you forget everything, SAnyu says I am not like that. he says yeah whatever. She says If I was like I wouldn’t have been in third year with you I would have been home with my fiancé. he says I am sorry to say but he is a joker. Sanyu laughs and says lets go. He asks where? Sanyu says I don’t know but lets go. He asks where ? SAnyu says anywhere.

Parth take vidushi to the girls’ hostel attendant. He says the vapour of patrol was too much. I guess she is not well. Please take her to the room. Vidushi is still speaking rubbish. The lady takes her to the room.

Scene 3
Sahil and kaustuki come in a room. Sahil says are they palnning to get us stuck with maya ? She says shut up sahil, SAnyu and randhir see sahil and kaustuki and say what are they doing here ? Randhir says lets go to the lecture. They go in the empty class. SAnyu says is there going to be a lecture here ? He says aren’t you feeling weird ? She says I guess we are in second years class. He says not that silly. I am talking about
She says I saved you and got all the balme on me. He says I have done so much for you. I saved you from those thugs that night. He says I saved you from falling in techfest. Sanyu says yeah. He says If I didn’t save you would have fallen on floor and would have gone by a poof. She say yeah you were so arrogant by then but you cared about me. You are not that bad from inside. He says you said no more history why are you talking all this now. SAnyu says remember in livbrary.. She goes and stands on the table and says lets exercise trust one more time. You saved me once from falling. She says I trust you sanyu falls, randhir comes running and catches her in his arms. She says look I told you I trust you. Randhir says I love you sanyu. I love you. Sanyu laughs and says I love you too randhir.

parth meets sahil and kasutuki and asks what are you both doing here ? Sahil says we were working first they were gone and now you. Are they in trap of vidushi and maya. Parth says vidushi is drunk she is unable to control herself. Kaustuki ays where are they ? Parth says lets go to work.

Randhir and sanyu are in class. Sanyu says where is my phone. he says lets do it with mine. They take a selfie. SAnyu aks to turn the video mode on. He say I love you sanyu. Sanyu says I love you too. he keeps repeating I love you sanyu. She says lets go sir must be coming anytime.

Precap- Randhir asks sanyu how did you engagement get canclled ? Sanyu says don’t talk about the past. Sameer calls sanyu. Radnhir asks why is he calling you now ? I am asking you something sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg,8 pm,1 hour passed,waiting so desperately plz yr make it fast..
    Koi sun bhi rha h hamari 🙁

    1. Thank you 🙂

  2. The epi started with parth,kaustiki and sahil meeting in the corridor n discussing about sandhere suddenly PKC comes n tells them to go to the class meanwhile he catches a boy thinking he is the peon n ask him to get his specticals from his drawer.
    In the class,PKC is taking attendence without his specs,parth answers present for randhere and kaustiki answers present for sanyu.
    On the other side vidhushi gets up from bed with a bad headache n i shocked to know that its 9am.she rushes out n bumps in Maya.
    Maya takes a gud class of vidhushi telling her that she is aware about what happened the previous day.
    She tells her that she will resticate her but vidhushi asks for 1 last chance n tells her to check the classroom to ensure that sandhere r attending the class or not.
    Meanwhile kaustiki discovers that sandhere r sleeping under her bench.she tries waking her up but there is no response.
    Maya comes n ask about sandher,but get to know that they r not there,suddenly sandher comes out of the bench n wishes her gud morning n makes n excuse that they were searching for a pen!!
    I was able to watch this much only!

  3. Tnqq so much meera and natasha bt der is no precap in this link meera.

    1. No there is na !!!

    2. same precap as y/day…. pathaa nahi ye log hame kyuu tension karthe hai!!! Rd asks sanyu y is samir still calling u???

  4. @Nathasha ..and then kausthuki asks what happend last ni8 sanyu tells she was running away frm vidhu and rd says the sm thing to parth kausthu tells sanyu to freshen up after that sanyu is drying her hair with a towel and she recalls the time when she was drunk rd comming closer,sanyu and rd on bed and sitting tgthr
    except the i l u part she asks to hrslf “why cant i remember what happened next ???” 🙁
    rd,sahil and parth are in the canteen and is smiling he also recalls the drunken state ..
    and parth says we hv to get back 2 wrk sahil asks why r u smiling rd ???
    rd says that the prototype will finish fastly that’s why and he goes parth asks to sahil rd is acting wierd …
    DT is in the lab and rd and sanyu see each other and recall that time and sanyu goes near him and says “hum class mein kese aa gaye hum toh bahar tha ”
    then parth asks u told u were running away frm vidhu right but she was also drunk … rd says smthing and parth beleives it !!
    i watched only this much !!!

  5. Atiba aaj ka update kaha he plz update fast

  6. arre lagtha hai atiba busy hai toh koi aur WU likho na plz plz plz
    8:30 bhi ho gaye dekho !!!

  7. @ FAIZI to add smileys go to the older comments section and check my comments 🙂


  9. mujhe lagtha hai ki aaj hum 200 cross kar lenge atiba ke wajah se !!!

  10. meera didi i also want 2 knw the spoilers i too dnt want their frnd ship to end !!! agar kisi ne spoilers pada ho toh plz yaha par post kijiyega !!!

  11. 112 comments ho gaye !!!

  12. ha guys toh mein jaa rahi hoon !!! bye !!! 🙂

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