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Sadda Haq 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vid tries to get a rose from yoyo but he gives it to tania. Tania takes the rose by teeth. Yoyo dances. Vid says yoyo how long do we know each other? He says 4 years. she says then you should have given me. He says you are not as sweet as her. She is always sweet. Vid is mad. Tania says i can lend you some. Vid says shut up. Tania says so angry?

Randhir overhears guys saying i want to give sanyu a rose. Randhir says if i see you near sanyu i will kill you. He says i was just joking. he says no one from our batch will give her rose. Randhir says how will she become rose queen then? Randhir says you wanted to give her rose? go give it to her. Randhir says in heart sanyu i have planned something special for you.

Parth comes to vidushi and gives her roses. Randhir sees them.

Sanyu gets another one from someone.
Vid says just five roses? They wont work. Parth says love has nothing to do with counts. She hugs him and says thanks. she takes out his wallet. She says i feel so tired. Bring me a chair. He says yes sure. she orders 1000 roses to be delivered in her name and gives parth’s credit card. It says insufficient.

Rishap comes to tania. She says dont tell me you are going to propose me. they kiss. sanyu comes in and says i am sorry. Rishap says why doesn’t she go to her bf. Tania says mind your language she is my friend.
Randhir takes sanyu’s hand and takes her to a room. He has decorated it with roses. sanyu says wow. He knees down and gives her a rose. randhir says this is our commitment. he gives her a pink and says this for our happy moment. A yellow for my best friend. sanyu hugs him. Tania comes and shakes sanyu. She says you are dreaming even today? He should have done something special.

Randhir takes out the pen. he recalls stealing it from adda’s cabin. He says except sanyu everyone freezes. Everyone freezes. Sanyu is dazed. Randhir holds her hand and sits down. He gives a rose and says i love you. he gives her a pink and yellow. sanyu hugs him. sanyu says all these people? he says leave it. do you like it? she says this is my best moment. Randhir comes closer they dance together. sanyu says i will never forget this moment. he kisses her forehead. Sanyu says release them now. Randhir is about to, sanyu hugs him again. She says no one can part us. He says i wish this never ends. she says this moment is frozen is my memory.

its about time for declarance of rose queen. Tania says you will be slave after you lose. Vid says i haven’t lost. some men come an says where is sanyyu? We have brought flowers for her. We have been sent by her rose. They give sanyu flowers. PKC says last moment sixer. Vid says i am so happy sanyu that you are my bestie. You deserve this. The host says the rose queen title goes to sanyu. Sanyu says thank you randhir in heart.

Precap-Adda stops randhir. Randhir wonders how adda figures out when he and sanyu meet.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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