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Scene 1
Randhir and sanyu come out. Randhir says let her go, if you touch her i will cut you down in pieces. They start hitting randhir. Parth and yoyo start hitting the thugs. Randhir hits them too. They grasps the head and ask him who asked you to kidnap sanyu? Randhir hits him and says speak up. He says I am telling. someone shoots him from back. Its harsh. Everyone is dazed. randhir says why you did this, we were so close to solve it. Harsh says I got scared. we were so worried for you. Renuka hugs sanyu and says I am glad you are okay. Lets go home.

On the way, Parth says why would someone kidnap sanyu? Randhir says I wont let this go. Parth says FTWauto left without hiring geniuses. Renuka says friendships and relationships are more important. Yoyo says if any of us don’t

get a job, renuka ma’am is here. She will hire us. Renuka laughs.

Doctor checks renuka. He says sanyu should stay here tongiht. Sanyu says i want to go to my room. randhir says no you will stay here. Renuka says i think rest of you should rest too. Randhir says to sanyu call me if there is any problem.
Doctor gives randhir a sedative.

Renuka says randhir an sanyu would know who the kidnappers were. Harsh says they didn’t find out. Just stop worrying. Renuka says i hope they dont investigate. harsh says they can’t find anything against us. Renuka says she is so smart. Harsh says dont worry about it.

Sanyu wakes up at night scared. Randhr says what happened? She says there were thugs. Randhir says no one was here. Lets go walk out you will feel fresh. Randhri and sanyu come to canteen. Randhir brings food and makes her eat. She says i really worried you? He says you did that for four years. snyu says i am sorry. He says you called me so many times. sayu says for a moment i felt like my life would end. I was so scared. Rndhir says i am with you nothing would happnen. Police will find the kidnappers. I wont let them go.

Scene 2
Next morning, Parth comes to canteen and sees randhir and sanyu asleep in canteen. Vid comes in as well. PKC is coming in. Vid distract him and parth hides sanyu and randhir. Vid says sir you are genius please come with me. sanyu and randhir wake up, they see pkc and PKC screams. Sanyu says surprise. PKC says what is this? sanyu says i thought you would be happy to see me.
Vid comes to canteen she recalls her good time with parth. She places her head on parth’s shoulder. Parth says what is this? Why did you sit next to me? Dont come near me again.
Sanyu says we have to patch them up. Randhir says you dont have to indugle in this. sanyu goes to vid and says parth is as disturbed as you are. Vid says I dont want your opinion. Don’t interfere in my opinion. Randhir says done sanyu? Lets go eat. sanyu says i will sort it out. I cant see them fighting.

Randhir goes to parth, she laughs with him. She says my and randhir’s first meeting was a world war. I would never believe he would become my bf. Things change with time. I never thought he would propose me. If i and randhir can stay together, anyone can. You and vid too. Parth says she is so selfish. sanyu says everyone has shortcomings. Randhir is always worried for me. I dont like a lot about him too but i love him and that makes us special like you and vid. Parth says she doesn’t love me. She has no principal in life. Its not possible to sort out. sanyu says think with a calm mind, He says i am tired sanyu. I am glad you are concerned. Just let it go.

Precap-SAnyu says you were ill sanyu? Vid says you went for private party. Sanyu says to randhir go spend time with your family. Renuka says to harsh you got sanyu kidnapped and wanted to kill her. He says i wasn’t alone you were involved too. Randhir overhears it. He is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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