Sadda Haq 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yoyo throws a cloak at parth. Parth says stop it vidushi. yoyo says I did that. why you think everything that happens to you is done by vidushi.

Parth is studying. sanyu comes in. He says vidushi whats with you now? snyu says I am sanyu. you all guys are same. When she is afetre you, you run away. When she leaves you miss her. He says my problems are not because of you sanyu. she says but you are a guy. You are all. He is not doing what he should. parth says does in matter who propose? Its same. When did you start giving up like this.

Vardhan is writing the equation. maya says vardhan listen to me. He says just a minutes. maya says are you listening what I am saying. Maya takes the chalk from him and completes it. He says wow I never expected this. She says don’t

you think I can complete your thinking. He says you did what you stopped me from doing. I am impressed. SHe says none of the machines are working. And you know our management is so slow. Vardhan says students will solve it. Its not just a college. Its a home for all of them and they should solve problems of their home.

Randhir recalls sanyu saying do you dare to propose? He is studying as well. A guy says look at this man. He can’t even propose a girl. SHe said I love you in front of everyone. Sanyu calls Randhir and says Randhir please help me I am in lab.
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Scene 2
Randhir goes running to the lab. her hand is bleeding. He holds sanyu. sanyu opens his eyes. He says I thought.. she says you thought I won’t open my eyes. He throws her on the floor. He is about to go sanyu makes him trip and says you know you love me. He says how can you reject me when I won’t give you chance. she says I give you chance to reject me. I know you love me and I love you randhir. Speak it randhir. Reject me if you don’t love me. He is over him. SAnyu says look I am proposing you. Randhr says are you proposing me or threatening him. They recall all their moments. Sanyu kisses him. He says can’t you do anything calmly. what was the purpose of this drama. He says I love sayunkta. She says I love you too randhir. SHe hugs him while they are both on floor. They stand up. Parth and yoyo come in. yoyo sas what is on your lips randhir. A teacher comes in and asks whats happening here. Yoyo says nothing. Teacher says sanyukta you have to submit all the assignments and tests. SAnyu says yes sir I will.

Scene 3
Sanyu is in her room. The song ‘zehnaseeb’ plays in background. Randhir can’t sleep as well. He sees their selfie. sanyu recalls the bike ride. Randhir is watching their video. Randhir sees the gift she gave him. They are both smiling. Sanyu makes and heart and writes randhir sanyu on it.

Scene 4
Sanyu wakes up and dresses like a girl in the morning. She wears all the jewelry and make-up. She leaves her hair open. Vidushi comes in. She is shocked to look at snyu. Vidushi says there is so much smell in this room. Sanyu says I can’t smell anything. Vidushi says there must be fields and roses in your dream. Sanyu says its not dramatic but its a good feelings. Vidushi says he ruined your relationship with your family. I have left the past behind you see no good in people. Vidushi says yeah my life is better than yours. Sanyu says rnadhir is not what he looks like. He is extremely loving and only people who deserve it can see it.

There is some problem in the boiler room that has created smell in whole room.

SAnyu is in class. Everyone is shocked to see her new look. Randhir stares at her for a while. Yoyo says so here is the main character of love story. Kaustuki texts sanyu wow sanyu I am so happy you are in a relationship with randhir. SAnyu and randhir try to hug each other but stop.

Precap-randhir is angry at sanyu for not picking up his calls. Sanyu says I am sorry. Sanyu says okay let me starts the lunch. He is about to says something sanyu puts the pizza in his mouth.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. nid

    Omg!!!Am i dreaming πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ bestest epi ever
    finally sanyu ne hi initiative liya,haye barso se tadap rhe the aese epi ke liye πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Awwww it was amazing episode !! I totally luvd it ! N vidhushi..:/ kya hoga iska ? Ek darr hai ki randhir bas ovr possesive na hojaye..sanyun ke liye… πŸ™ whch i can c in precap..i mean he was bit dominating !! Bt it ohkk.precap was good πŸ™‚ rd sanyun ko ring kab dega πŸ™

  3. ambar

    finally sandhir ‘s scenes are back it is awesome epi i just love it and game changer where are you i like your comments

  4. saddahaqrox

    the w/u doesnt describe the kiss……well, d ppl who only read d epi must b thinking tht it was on d lips, but,sorry to crash ur hopes, she only kissed him on d cheeks……w/u only sayz she kissed him na so thought 2 clear this up
    about epi……wht 2 say?
    well, i cn only say ki this was the weirdest proposal i hv seen till date….to say nothing of the weirdest couple too!! but kya karein…..woh toh sandhir hain na!!!
    aur proposal ke baad kya ham aise ho jaatein hain? all fashionable n stuff? doesnt really sound gud 2 me……. i m a perfect tom boy…..if so, I never wanna b
    in a relationship!
    okie…now im off 2 sandhirland! ever since i came out of the bedroom after watching d epi(coz the drawing room tv is booked by my bro since 1 hr n fr 2 hrs more……he is watching a movie n every1 is taking his side coz they all wanna watch it…but fr me, shq comes 1st!) i hv been smiling like a fool n every1 is looking at me like i hv gone nuts! especially my bro n im fuming on him!
    ok now really off 2 sandhirland…..bye!

  5. jyoti

    Muze sandhir ke pehele ke din ke seane dekhne hai…I mean when they were best friends I just luv tht episode s

  6. Tom

    Aare mere dil mein guitar baj raha hai…….in dono ke liye……I’m dying ….and ur look sanyu is stabbing my heart each and every moment………SADDA HAQ ne aaj khush kar diya….i hope every episode would be like this one……sanyu sanyu sanyu……..

  7. saddahaqrox

    and guyz, cross ur fingerz n hope tht rd doesnt go all possesive on her…..precap looked scary!! and what wud b better thn the fact tht he doesnt? both of thm going possesive on each other!

  8. Tom

    And saddahaqrox…..u’r “tomboy”….i.e. U’r my boy coz I’m tom…….hehe….got to be kidding

  9. [email protected] changer

    i just hate cvs..jab akele dekho tab to koi romantic scene nahi aata…aur ye sanyukta kisi bhi time rd pr gir jati hai…
    itni mushkil se tv dekhne mila…actually wen i was watching it my dadi was there she was also watching it…aur phir achanak se wo girne padne wala scene aagaya…aur mujhe tv band krna pada…..

      • [email protected] changer

        or nahi to kya apni dadi k samne kissing scene dekh kr mujhe kya apna band bajwana tha

  10. [email protected] changer

    sandhir to gaye kaam se!!!!

  11. I just loved the epi but even if sanyukta kissed rd on cheek but it was like only their cheeks touched ! It was not like a kiss but finally randhir said i love u ….. !!!

  12. [email protected] changer

    wow…finally they proposed each other……i m dying to watch it…bt i will have to wait till tommorow….

    • [email protected] changer


  13. [email protected] changer

    yar ye sanyukta badi shameless hai rd ko kiss krte rehti hai…hamare bechare rd ko dekho kitna shy hai…….

  14. saddahaqrox

    aur aapko main chodungi nhi….sanyu is not shameless….jaise meera di is possesive abt rd na, waise i m possesive abt my sanyu!

    • [email protected] changer

      achcha mujhe ek baat batao first kiss aur second kiss dono bhi bar rd did it lightly but sanyu sanyu changed it into a passnt kiss… haha… waise meera likes param….du u like harshi????!!!!

      • [email protected] changer

        i m sorry. buddies…lagta hai mai ne exitmnt me kuch zyada hi bakwas kr di…..

  15. [email protected] changer

    oho @meera come on yar…..hum log us din mazak kr rahe the … ab nahi karege we know our limits … just chiill dear…

  16. Daksh

    Wow superb epi… πŸ™‚
    Bt I don’t knw who commntd yesterday’s epi by my name a vry long 1, cv type. :@
    Can any1 tell me hw many misscall sanyu got in precap of tomorrow??? Plz frnds

    • [email protected] changer

      ok ok….@meera i m sorryyyyy….phir kabhi aisa nahi hoga……

  17. [email protected] changer

    aree sorry meera mai ne apna cmnt post krne se pehle page refresh nahi ki thi…well to aap bina sorry k hi maan gayi….ye hui na frnds wali baat…

  18. Todays episode is just awesome … Really randhir and sanyukta together … Great … Bt someone tell me that if Der was no lip lock den unke lips par kya laga huwa tha … Jo b ho bt i was just looking forward for wht happended today … Bt agar randhir kiss karta toh baat alag hoti really …. Loved todays episode …. Awesome it is

  19. [email protected] changer

    dear @nupoor waise to tum bahot chhoti ho bt phir b let me clear ur confusion regarding relationship…..
    agr aap kisi k sath rlshnship me ho and the guy u r in rltnship wid if he truely luvs u….to wo aapko waise hi accept karega jaise aap ho he will nvr try to change u… in sadda haq rd didnt tell sanyu to change bt she is doing all this by hrself 4 rd…….

  20. [email protected] changer

    bt ha agar ladki vids jaisi ho baat aur hai!!!!!!!

  21. saddahaqrox

    oh…..ok then….main toh dar gyi thi…..
    waise bhi I don’t wanna enter any relationship etc etc so doesn’t really matter…
    but thnxxxx

  22. [email protected] changer

    ha @meera bt yar hr bar mistake bhi to mai hi krti hu na…..
    waise howz DS’ mom now????mai ne kl bhi poochi thi bt shayad aap ne last ki cmnt padhe nahi the…

    • Meera

      i don’t consider it as a mistake.., i always take ur comments on the lighter note.. & yep i did not read ur last comment sorry πŸ™ and yes her mom is convalescing.. tks dear.

  23. [email protected] changer

    @meera ji y blank commnt??!
    kahi network aap k commnt k words kha to nahi gaya…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.