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Sadda Haq 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vid says my intention wasn’t wrong. When I met you first I thought sanyu has such good dad and brother. I wish I had someone like that. I was jealous of sanyu. She doesn’t value it. More than I expected ankit loves and respects me. I always wished to be part of such family. i couldn’t stop myself when I got that love from him. i really love him.

sanyu says no tasks or anything from ranaawat.
Ankit calls sanyu and says papa has called you for dinner tonight. Sanyu says okay I will come. she tells randhir. She says I’m sure its the sign that everything will be okay. sanyu says come with me randhir, this is the best time.

Sanyu comes home and meets Ankit. She says is there something special? Sanyu sees vid and says what are you doing here? Vid

says will you tell her? sanyu says what is she saying? Ankit says my engagement is fixed. sanyu says who is the bhabhi? Sanyu says tell me who is it. Ankit says its vidushi. Sanyu is dazed. Agarwal comes as well. Sanyu hugs ankit and vid in shock. Sanyu says but.. Agarwal says bhabhi. Vid says papa your tea is getting cold. Vid says sanyu come in. She says sit here I will bring tea. Aagrwal says ankit will be settled in his life what can be better.
Sanyu goes to kitchen. Vid says its ready why you came. Sanyu says I thought I should help you. Vid says i have to get used to of this kitchen. sanyu says btw you and ankit since when? sanyu says you people were dating? Vid says i know you are concerned for him. Sanyu says this is a surprise. Vid says I know. When I broke up with parth I felt like everything has fallen apart. Ankit made me feel so comfortable. Then I realized parth is just my past. Then I met ankit. Sanyu says yes ankit is so caring.
sanyu says in heart i hope there is nothing else going on in your mind.
sanyu calls randhir and says thank God you didn’t come. She says I will talk to you later. Parth asks what happened? He says ankti’s engagement is fixed. Parth says with whom? randhir says with vidushi. Parth is dazed. He laughs. He says I pity for sanyu’s life.

Ankit drops sanyu and vid to college. She hugs ankit. Yoyo sees it and is dazed. Yoyo says vid is placed. Randhir says what ? Yoyo says vid is placed in agarwal industries. At least you should give us a party.
Vid treats her friends. She says i dont eat all this. Ankit said from now on only eat five star. He is so caring. He gives me everything before even asking.

Vid comes to room and says he thinks I have done all this to seek revenge? I can move on as well. She checks her gifts. Its a phone. She says I will take all of sanyu’s love. Now see what I do.
Sanyu and randhir are lying outside. Randhir says isn’t it beautiful. I wish we grow old together. Sanyu says I am worried. vid was involved with ankit and I didn’t even know. Randhri says why does it matter. Sanyu says it does. How will I tell papa about it. Rnahdir says he will always be mad at you anyway. Randhir says it is difficult your dad will never be ready. sanyu says i know. I wish i could delete past. We could start anew. Randhir says its equally important for me. We will find a way out.

Sanyu says to parth I want randhir to meet papa. How will take him there. Parth says yeah its tough. sanyu says i need to learn it from vidushi. she planned her whole wedding. I am sorry parth. Parth says I have moved on. Parth says I got an idea. Sanyu smiles.

Precap-Sanyu says to randhir i think this will look perfect. He comes close and hugs her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. No no no i want vidarth together…pls tell me vids isnt going to marry ankit…i want my vidarth together…hope for the best…sandhir scene was so cute…

  2. Vidhushiiiii??????

  3. Vid is so blo*dy selfish!! How can she marry ankit just for money. :-* :-* :-(. Stupid fellow 🙁 🙁

  4. writingqueen

    Vid is foolish. Don’t give a damn to her. Plus in the greed of money she is forgetting that women in the agarwal family are treated like crap and she is getting nowhere with all the money and all. It’s just a matter of time to tell what will happen about vidharth

  5. I agree with Karina. Vidarth should get back together asap. Sadda haq without vidarth isnt the same for me. I agree that Vids is selfish and greedy but she had a hard life i think if she had the support of family and friends she will change…i know sanyu hâd a tough life as well but lets not forget she had her mother with her unlike Vids. I dont want to justify Vids doings but i think if parth will let his ego aside and try to support Vids more she ll change….anyways this is just a show and we should just enjoy it but again pls CVs bring vidarth together again. I miss their chemistry.

  6. I dont get it why every1 is blaming only Vids for this fiasco…yeah she is the main culprit but she isnt the only one. Parth was the one that started all this when he lied to Vids that he has a new gf presented by Sanyu. If he wouldnt had lied to Vids now she wouldnt try to take revange from sanyu and her family. He is as guilty as Vids but i guess no1 is seeing it…every1 is blaming only Vids coz its easier this way but they never tried to be in her place. If they were vids friends for real they would try to change her not going against her everytime and if parth really loves her he should show it to her befor its to late.

  7. SH is the best its my fav show. Sandhir is just awesome but i really miss vidarth 🙁 i want them to be together coz i love vidarth as much as i live sandhir. For me sadda haq is sandhir AND vidarth.

  8. No why the CVs always try to make Vids look like a villain ?? I think Nisha is a great actress and she can do a lot of characters then why not making her a more positive caracter coz i think we had enough of this egoistic Vids and i also think that without vidarth there is no spice in the show coz sandhir is the sweet, romantic and caring couple and vidarth is the passionet, strong and full of fire couple. Without them SH isnt the same. Hope they get together soon.

  9. I also like vidarth a lot so the Cvs better change this track and make vidarth as a couple again. At least we have sandhir together.

  10. I can’t believe the writers of SH has done such a terrible thing!
    The took Vidharth away from us.
    They are the fiesty and good to look at couple.
    Now they do this.
    It’s terrible!
    SH will not be the same again.
    And I don’t think I will watch SH if Vidhushi gets married to Ankit.
    First Kaustuki, then Jiggy, then Vardhan Sir.
    I could handle that.
    But not this…

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