Sadda Haq 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says to randhir I am very serious about aryan. He respects me. You have not moved on that is why you stooped so low. Randhir says what you mean? Sanyu gives him bill. Sanyu says aryan doesn’t hurt and lie to me. That car incident was all lie and that wasn’t even poison. you have no trick to stop me from committing to Aryan. I will commit him on his birthday. Randhir says you won’t do that. sanyu says I will and you can’t stop me. Randhir says i wont let you do that. Sanyu says what will you do?Randhir says you can’t commit to someone else. Sanyu says can’t see me happy? Who are you stop me? What is your problem. Rnadhir says dont mess with me. Sanyu says why can’t I? Randhir says because I still love you. Sanyu is dazed. Randhir says I love you

a lot, I will always love you. He comes close to her. Sanyu recalls their old times. And the accident too and how randhir left her. He is about to kiss her.. Sanyu shoves him away. Sanyu says you are lying. This is your game. You want to stop me from committing to Aryan. You will leave me again. You are a liar Randhir. You can just hurt me. Thats it. sanyu leaves. Randhir says please.. She leaves.

Sanyu comes to her room. Kritika is sitting there. Sanyu asks what happened? Kritika says nothing. She says sanyu.. please keep it to yourself. I can’t hide it anymore. Sanyu says what happened? Kritika says I wanted to confess Arjun but somehow I can’t. sanyu says just go and tell him. Kritika says its not that easy. I like him but that joy.. He keeps distracting me. Joy said he is not a nice guy. You should date someone who likes you.. I am so confused. I don’t know. What a girl expects.. love respect and commitment. What are you thinking sanyu? Sanyu says about the Mr. Right. Kritika says thats aryan? He is very nice much better than randhir. He is so sorted. Sanyu says its Aryan’s birthday in two days. kritika says so? sanyu says nothing.

Randhir hits the couch. Sanaya comes in. Shesays what happened? Randhir says go from here. Sanaya says I won’t. I lost you almost. What has happened. Randhir says sanyyu.. she has decided that she will commit to Aryan on his birthday, I have told her that I love her. Sanaya says is that true? He says I don’t know but I can’t see her with someone else. I just want to kill him. sanaya says what will you do? Randhir says I won’t let her go to someone else. Sanaya says you still love her. Randhir says I don’t love her.
Sumit comes to joy. Joy says she will confess arjun today. Sumit says but he is happy with becky. Give her your shoulder when she is hurt. Sumit says I know you love her don’t blush now. Joy says what if arjun accepts her proposal. Sumit says then you have to make sure that when kritika proposes him arjun is not in a situation that he won’t ever say yes. Joy says how will that happen? Sumit says do it yourself. Kritika comes.. Joy says whats up? You should go and propose arjun today. Its high time. Kritika says seriously? Joy says yes. I should support you. I will check how is arjun’s mood today.. then I will tell you. She hugs him and says you are a genius. Thank you so much.

Sanyu is working Randhir comes in. Sanyu says if you are here to create problem for me then I will leave. Randhir says I just want to work. Rnadhir starts working. Sanyu says you can’t change my decision this time. Rnadhir says I don’t want to. You are right. We are not meant to be together. We are parallel lines. Its all my mistake I was forcing my decision on you. Love is not forced. Sanyu randhir.. I wasn’t expecting this from you after so many years. You never gave me space in a relationship. You didn’t even want me in engineering. See I am lead of ISRC today. Btw you remember your friend Karan? I got kicked out because you wanted Kaustuki out. I am sorry. Randhir says its okay. What can I expect from you? How many times have you called kaustuki? Rnadhir says you stalker. Randhir says I saw your facebook by mistake. Sanyu says how many times did you call jiggy’s family? did you ever call yoyo? Rnadhir says what about parth? You almost killed him.. I am sorry. Its not okay. I am sorry for what happened. I assure you I won’t come between you and Aryan. You can trust me this time. What I said I didn’t mean it. Sanyu says of course I know. As far as misunderstandings are concerned I never wanted them. We always fight. Randhir says I promise you will see a different side of randhir. I will try to be a good team member too. He extends his hand sanyu doesn’t shake it. Randhir says i always wanted to ask you one thing what happened between us.. what I did to you.. If i had apologized you we would have been together. Would you have forgiven me?
Sanyu says two people make effort to sustain a relationship. When I needed you the most you broke my heart and left. I came back to life and now.. She gets a call from Aryan. Randhir leaves.

Precap-Sanyu says to Aryan you have birthday in two days. Any plans? He says it was never special to me. Sanyu says I will celebrate your birthday this time. Aryan says in heart I know you will say me something that day. Sanaya listens to rnahdir’s voice note and says sanyu will change her decision if she listens to this.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Im not understanding that whether randhir is faking his love to win the bet or he is really sorry for his deeds nd still love her a lot. Can anybody please tell me that all those things he was saying to sanyukta is true or he is faking

  2. I just dn’t blve ds!randhir is a crap.and sanyu is blvng him,again!dsgstng!morver,sanaya is on a wrng trac again!
    Mammmy,randhir dng wrng again!;-(

  3. Oh God,what is this?Koi to rok lo churel sanaya aur becara Randhir ko!Sanyu-Aryan ko baksh do yarrr!randhir fazil,toke dhore achar dibo!upore tule jooore fele dibo!osovvo ekta

    • Aaliya (Aalu)

      Ayana….. Amaro same iccha hocche j randhir k dhore drain e dubiye dustbin e fele Debo!!!!!!! ????? goru kothakar….. Tumi kothay thako ayana?????

  4. Richa

    heyyyy yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    firstlyyyyy aaj 30 haiii kisi ko kuchh 29 …….
    29……………….. se yaad aaya……………………………………………………………..
    \anywaysss dr porincesss nd alll bcchas thissss world isss of fakers nd will b fakeee
    i’ll tell u an incident with proooooof,………………….
    if u r an old commenter so u might know that the pattern DP system wasnt there
    so pplk usedto make frnd and somee non peace loverts diistrupted and it continuess,………..
    but there no mail chNGE soooo nowww wen pattern appeared on thoseee pages we can clearly see those @#$%^ fakers /gameplayers etc………..
    sooo i say no1 is to be believedd.
    some of thosee idiots still roam here though some changed name nd dp still i knw rootsss sooo can telll maximum but dontshow 4 the sake of peace……………….

    • Richa

      AISHUUU LIKE I GOT A SHOCKKKK U NWILL TOOO ND U TOOOOOO MAD FUSS Mnyy tymess on NAU… pagee :p i hav seen alllll
      LOOL u did was littlee but u knw someeee jerks reaLLYYYYY triked usss on face sweet
      on backk…
      hope u r\emember john…………….

    • Why r u doing this. Why r saying people to be alert from me.
      I will leave this page forever after proving myself true.
      I Swear with the name of God that oif I m hacker and if I m lying I will surely die at that time.
      I ever don’t imagine that my honour will be at risk.
      I said only that one person from different acc is same. But I don’t say that that is fake.
      I don’t want to disclose someone privacy I want to prove my self with ts king his/her name and for this only tu team can help me. I contact to tu but they r not replying me. But I will still try.
      And also mukti. U r saying that I m a Pakistani so I am a hacker and I m lier. Rite. I can also say that. But I don’t. Becoz not only some Pakistani and Indians r good. All of them r good. Just their bad deeds r bad. After reading comments against me I wish I can suicide. I wish I will die.
      I can never see people pointing finger at my self.
      I wish tu team will help me

  5. Sana Choudhary

    today is the best episode of sadda haq S2…omg randhir was looking so cute…

  6. mukti

    mayu i know.forgt tht pakistan thng.sory princess…bt who told u thre r fakers..tu ????plz tell us howtu replied then..n y u brought ds thng now???cz we allwere happy n u brought ds fke drama..i dnt care abt i mnth remained n we wanted to be u brought can we feel safe now????????if u know here is a singl persn frm diff acs..dt means u kno his prsnl info..or how else do u kno?/u my evn track us??how cn we trust u..who knws u r telling truth??n y shd we care if some r fakee.i m not afriad of i m afraid of hacker…cz i m a girl..n privacy is guysi will nt cme here..nor u dhruvv.i dnt wnt u to mis with fakers..okby ..dnt call me bck..n as ur my frnds my advice sty away frm ds place.bye..

    • Before going answer to my this question please. That when when when I say that there r fakers. I only say that I know who had used multiple acc just then.
      And ya I m Golding u how I contact tu. below
      Me:I want to know that if dash dash and dash r same or not
      Tu : give the name of page and date
      Me: I think it’s between 10 to 15 June
      Tu:we need exact date page and timing to else we r not able to find

      Then I found the exact date,trimming and page. And give info about only 1st two
      Tu:they r different
      Me: ok them piz check these two ( I gave name and time ) etc
      Tu:they r seem to be same and in previous case they might same too. Their thus info thus not match
      Me: thanks
      And that’s it

    • And he’s u don’t have to go I m going. Female haker Is going just kidding. Be happy now
      I will miss u all. I will never forgot these days. With u guys.
      Thanks for supporting me sheena,mayuri and ayshu
      Love u karina,Nishu and liya. Stay bless
      And sheena lol. Don’t Rory no on from p can harm u. I also can think that but see I’m commenting in I tu site becoz I love every one.
      Miss u all and I will try to comment in last ep of sh
      And dhruv when I involve u.sorry guys. For teasing u.
      And please maaf kardena sub

  7. Sheena

    Gosh!! Episode is so …..ufff….confusing…donno what rd wants…but precap looks good..i think sanaya found something that will force sanyu to accept rd again…

    Hey guys!! A lot of confusion is going on here also right?
    Princess, i know that u r not a hacker…But pls tell those names…i think everyone here wants to know those those names…so pls just straightaway tell us who is using multiple ids….dont question anymore n just tell those names..

    Hello ppl! Whats up? Revu dear, dhruv bro, mukti, mayuri, new dhruv, maddy, sanyu, anu, shivu, aastha, aishu, appu, rochelle, rits, bk, raj, vishal, shahid, sharon n all sh fans!

    Mukti, i can totally understand u but its not good to directly accuse someone…n that country thing, look, there a lot of issues b/w I n P…n i definitely support India….but if we comment anything which is againt the Ps in open, then they may harm us…pls dear, try to understand, its the matter of everyone’s safety…n ur safety.. Ok? Chill yr πŸ˜‰

    • mukti

      sory shena dear..gusse mai bol.i m sory..muje kisiiki frndshp nai todni..i will nt cm here again..sory princess.

  8. I wish aryan n sanyu final couple ho he is so true . He gives full respect n love to sanyu . I wish aryan n sanyu he final couple ho

  9. BK

    hiii guyzzzz gd evng….. i just loved 2days epi…………
    the best part of 2days epi z……
    S almost gave into the kiss? She believed RD after all of that &the only fear in her head remains “Tum Mujhe firse chodoge?… O its killing me…
    and 2nd the cute part is
    Sanyukta: Tumhari Problem Kya Hai Randhir : Democracy Hai Main Jise Chahun use Dekh Sakta Hoon…..
    best epi…… bttt i dont understamd why sanyu so desperate to commit Aryan????
    may b she afraid that if she not commit Aryan fast thnn she’ll again fall in love with RD…..??? help me guyzz… i’m confused….

  10. after watching today’s episode…I m cnfusd abt d behaviour of rd? he said sanyukta det he luvs her n will do…n after det he says sanaya…he doesn’t luv her…wht z dis crap?? wht kind of trick he z using just 2 stop to danyukta to make commtmnt …can anybody tell me wht cvs r trying to show abt rd’s behavior….?? can ny1 ?? BT still hope for SanDhir… coz I luv sanDHir

  11. mukti

    ohh ya abt pakistan thing i am sory. i was scared dear..n verry angry..princess sory so sory dear plz maf kr do yr..pakistan frgt it.i lv uu.i lv shoaib malik n he is frm dr..hehe.sory dearr. abt june..dear y r utalking abt last year?frgt it na…n once again intention was nt like tht guys beleive me..i dnt wanna hurt cz of countrys cz we all r soryy.mistke ho gayi mujse…sory princess.maf karogi na?

  12. mukti

    n guys i lvu i trust u princess bt i dnt feel like cmnting..just i thnk its safe or nt now..i kno princess u r just i dnt wanna come by frnds.lvu..princess maf kr do..i didnt mean..maine jada bol diya.sory.gusse mai bola tha..sory

  13. Sheena

    Oh gosh!!! Stop it now….princess, u r overreacting. This suicide thing n all!!! Theres no need to say such things. Dont u value ur life?? This is just bizarre! I mean how??? How can someone just react in such a way?? …n why aren’t u telling the names??? Just tell the names n end the matter right here!! No need to react so immaturely ok? Many of us r saying that u r not a hacker still u r disrespecting all of us here…

    N mukti, no need to leave tu…neither u will nor dhruv bro or anyone else here…Istead of leaving, just try to resolve this matter….i know u r saying all that for our safety only…so pls, resolve the matter….let the things get clear…..look mukti, u r elder than me, n i respect u n ur opinion n i can toatally understand…but pls dear dont leave. So far, there r no complaints against tu….i’m not only talking about sh pg, but all pgs of tu… there r no safety issues…but still, we shld not share our personnel info here…n princess, its a general concern…i’m not targetting anyone…
    Mukti:- instead of leaving this matter in b/w, just rsolve it..
    N princess :- no need to overreact. N tell those names now…right now…don’t be stubborn n tell the names

  14. revu

    guysssss hiiiiiiiiii……..n byeee guys whts ds fake game?????u all kno i m scared of ds…my bhai will nt allow me to cme here now.shenu di whts ds???????
    n y ds subjct is strted at 1st plce??guys only 1 month was remaining.anwz by..i hnk its nt safe here.lvu mayu shivu besties..

    • Now why u r leaving how many times I tell u guys that I m leaving. Never come here again. It’s safe now. U can chat here. Why u guys think me bad.
      U guys r thinking that I will go to army and will say that these people tease me. And he will arrest u. Is that the prob. just kidding
      I hope u will not leave now

    • hey revu no need to.go would be same until you reveal your personal detail .so realx and keep commenting

    • Mayuri

      Revu revu dear …
      U too r my bestie dear …
      Please don’t leave nor anybody else including muku , dhruv Bhai and princess …
      Dear ur brother won’t stop u from coming here right dhruv …

      And dear please just forget about this hacking matter it was a past and there r many people who use multiple account but we shouldn’t involved in it dear …
      Chill and dear sorry yesterday I couldn’t comment much dear … Miss u πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  15. dhruv

    ohhkkk princess .now i undrstand the matter…..on older tu pages u saw people commenting from different names but same dp.right?? so u asked tlly updates abt here u can see all have diff dps so all r different people…cz 15 june is very old..we r in 2016..anwz guys u all seem to leave..shall i post the intros or not

  16. mukti

    oh i m is not well so i m tensed..n i m rwacting like a u rit..we need to be lets resolv matter…
    princess dear 1st of all.i msory i targetud n ur cntry..i m so sory..dear my mom is not well so i tensed n tum pe gussa kiya..
    now abt multiple acs..i really dnt care..i kno der r such people even in fb n all odr sits dr we shd nt get involved in ths thngs..we shd nt care who r fake n who r not..we shd talk to people we thnk r good..ok..n u hv asked tu abt june..i mean 1 yr before i was nt here nor our frnds so y shd we care abt thm frnds?
    so i thnk now princess dear i m not raiising fingers against u.i trust u..n i msory for eveythng..dear my mom has thyroid n had operation so i mtensed n thts y i acted in tht way..i dnt want to hurt u..i lvu u my frnd..ok so frgt.
    n i m not leaving nor dhruv or anyone else.i m really tensed for mom so i m just overreacting..k sory guys see u soon..princes sory for eveythng dear..lvu

  17. dhruv

    princyy chil..n whn did i say i mleaving.i said i not gona involve in ds fight..guys gn..i m sleeping..u all fight n create mahabharat.hehehe
    n princess sucide?i mean realy?u mean it?growup girl..this is life we all lvuu n sleep tight dear.gntc frndssss create mahabharat..hahaha

  18. yogiraj

    Hey guys wt’s wrong with u…we r here for jst month..wt r u dng???
    Hey is it really matter d person is real or fake boy or grl?? We r js frnds dat too on dis page nly..den whatever it be..
    N Princess u r really over succide n all?? Wt rubbish…
    n mukti I never expect frm u..abt country n al…

    leave guys..try to be frndly n happily in dis month…later u hv ur lyf..dnt leave plz…

    • Me aisy hi hu. When my heart broke I cried so much. I had try for suicide 2 times. 1st I take the dupatta over my neck and pull it tightly. But fortune I don’t die and 2nd I hurt my harm with knife only some scratches appear.
      I m sorry I should not use this word here

      • Radhika

        You should see a therapist. See suicide is not cool OK? You can’t punish the person you are mad at by finish your own life. Your life is precious. Your life is not just yours, it’s also your parent’s your friend’s and you can’t take (your life) what belongs to others. You are so young you don’t know how sweet life tastes even with problems. It is life dear yaha pe khushi ke sath dukh v mitla hai. Just visit a therapist live your life and later in life you will realise how worth it to live. We are with you and if you are doing all this for attention then stop this nonsense.

      • yogiraj

        hey princess change ur thinking style…suicide Is NT solution for lyf u’ll face too mny prblms try to solve Dem face Dem dnt give up..u r having only 1 lyf make it large n purposeful…1 of my frnd. Was lyk u..he is no more bt u can’t imagine hw is his family suffering….think abt parents n. Family…be positive…

  19. Sheena

    Okay, first of all, my dearest revu, there’s nothing to worry now so dont worry its for u to comment here…actually princess told us that some ppl used multiple ids to comment n then some misunderstanding happened b/w muku n princess…but now everything is clear…so dont leave me ok? Luv u….gn…sleep well… i’ve gotta study for some more time so see u tmrw…

    N mukti, first of all, sorry if u didn’t like my comment…n mukti dear, u said sorry to me? Look, u r elder to me so u dont need to say sorry…n ur mom will be fine soon. Dont worry, i’ll pray that ur mom gets well soon…n i can understand ur situation…u were tensed for ur mom thats why u reacted …its ok…take care of urslf n ur mom…i hope she gets well soon πŸ™‚

    N princy, sorry for scolding u yr….actually i don’t like it when someone says that they wanna end thair life…coz for me, human birth is the best blessing anyone cld get…we must learn to fight in difficult situations rather than ending our lives…n u attempted to commit suicide twice??!!?????? Gosh yr, u r so young….n nothing is more valuable than ur own life…if u’ll value ur life, u’ll find happiness even in small things. So never try to end ur life EVER no matter what happens, but u have to fight n win ok dear? N now everything is clear so need to leave tu…dont go.
    Dhruv bro…! Haha gn! Sleep tight…but i must say that u know how make someone smile even in tensed situations…

    Gn guys!!! Sweet dreams

  20. dhruv

    this song is dedicated to my dearest mukti,
    Yaron tum iske pass na jana
    kam hai iska sabka bheja pakana
    super pakau bhi ise jate hai darr
    sab kehte hai BAKWAS BAND KAR
    hahahaha whtsay madison??hehehr
    rit guys?hahaha

    • Sheena

      Haha….no no she’s not like that….infact i admire her personality…but bro u r really funny?

    • Mayuri

      Bhai u r really funny … She is not like that but u know the very correct timing of saying anything especially joke ???????

  21. Aaliya (Aalu)

    Sanyu plsssssss commit to Aryan as fast u can…… Man kr raha hay ki us sanaya ki kan k niche do Lagau!!!!! ????? bar bar interface krti hay!!!!!!!!

    Plsssssss ARYUKTA!!!!!!!! Kritika was right….. We should b with him who loves us not with him whom we lve but he doesn’t!!!!!

    Aryan is correct choice fr u sanyu…..

    Aur meri sanyu di!!!!! Aap kha hooo???????

  22. Param you were looking very very cute when you were confessing to sanyu .your face is the most innocent face I had ever seen .you are my terrible crush or I may admit this story and your character is my mad obsession .I wish to meet you in future at set of another show or film of yours .you are the most appealing personality on tv watching you is a true delight .and sanya’s character is what a true friend’S should be but cv’s please end aryans track soon and gift this month to sandhir fans only .love to whole team of sadda haq one and two except that dark shadow sorry but I could never like a character competitor to my crush

  23. Rochelle

    Guys please stop all this.. Hacking and all. First thing, tu never reveals personal info like ur email id too that could lead to hacking. Tu does not even ask for any personal info. Just u guys make sure that u don’t reveal much of ur personal info on tu comments. And pls pls pls stop this regional partiality. Why? Do only Ps commit crime? There r many among Indians itself who does so. So pls lets get back to SH, Sandhir or Aryukta? What is the spoiler for this week? Any1?

    • Ofcorse sandhir?? !!!!! And today’s epi was amazing…..awwww randhir …uhh are looking too cute and adorable in every confession scene???? I justttt luv the epiii and SANDHIR….I WISH SOME MIRACLE HAPPENS AND STOP THE ENDING OF SADDA HAQ ….✌✌✌✌FANFICTION ON AIIIMS SADDA HAQ IS AWESOME….I APPRECIATE WHO WROTE SUCH AMAZING FF’S ON SADDA HAQ??????

  24. mukti

    i m not doing any regional partiality..i said sory to princess..ok..n u princess i didnt knew i would be in so much prblm cz of this f**king tu..sucide n dupata n all.i dnt wna getn involve…i m reporting tu abt this sucidde thng….tlking n tellling publicly abt doing sucide is nt acceptecd on sites..n aftrall for such thngs u gonna do such thngs…i dnt wanna be reason of someones death..thts it..princess sory for everythng..n dnt involve me now in all this..i hv my real life to deal…plz n sory once again..bye

    dhruv to tum itne pass kyu hehehehe lvu

    • Mayuri

      Hey muku … Dear .. Don’t leave … Leave that I m here , dhruv too us here, revu , sheenu , sanyu , aalu and everyone else dear … Please don’t leave and even I didn’t expect such sort of things like really a person could be affected so much … Really !!!
      Dear don’t leave … Just forget about it and princess now really u r effecting others also dear … Please don’t say anything which frightened us to talk even dear … U understand n what actually I m trying to explain u …

      And mukti I wish to ur mother to get well soon … Dear u too take care don’t take much Stress dear πŸ™‚

  25. mukti

    n those who r thnking i m bringing regional partiality n thy dnt except such thngs n there safety is at stake dnt wory..i m not coming here for disturbing ur integrity n everythng….live in peace..bye

    • Mayuri

      Hey hey muku muku dear … We don’t mean about any such things … U already apologize n … Now no need to go and dear … It’s fine because u said so in tension cause your mother was ill .. So it’s fine dear … And just don’t go πŸ™‚

    • Sheena

      Ohho mukti why r u leaving??? I totally understand what u said n i know that u did not try to bring regional partiality….i only said that if u say anything about someone’s nation, then it may hamper ur security…i did not say that u r disturbing our integrity i just said everything for the sake of your own security…u read my comment once more then u’ll understand… N dear, pls don’t leave… U r a part of our family…infact a very beautiful part…so promise me u wont leave..ok? Pls pls pls dont leave naa …. ( puppy face )?
      N take care of ur mom n urself too…i hope she gets well soon πŸ™‚

  26. Sheena

    Goooood morning everyone!!! N have a great day!

    Nishu, liya, karu….where r u all?? What happened ??

    N REVUUU dear don’t leave ha pls….tu is safe…

  27. waiting 4 aryan’s bday party….
    mere nana muna sa acha bacha…. Oh lalaa dont cry … Deko sanyu is going 2 commit u,

  28. la laa… Phir sa i am i am in a mood 2 sing a song
    4 aryan : tuga deka tho ma jana sanam … pyaar hota ha dewana sanam…

  29. Mayuri

    Princess dear …. Don’t leave n… Even muku said sorry for what she said dear when u face tough situation u don’t realize it but words come out itself but we should understand why they r saying anything to us dear ….

    And dear cut the rubbish of suicide and all as I have said earlier that suicide is not the answer of any problem and our life is the biggest bless by God …
    Dear really it’s too much … U tried to do that 2 times .. Gosh !! Dear what is this if u have any problem then consult doc , parents … And if still then face the problem and be the fighter u won’t get a thing by running away or killing yourself from problem ….
    Even if u do such suicide what u will get do u have any idea how much your parents have to suffer …. How much they were happy at your birth and if u do this filthy thing u can’t have any idea … U should understand this dear . I agree at teen ages some problems we face in which we don’t have any idea what to do but at that time we should consult it by doc and any problem then friend but suicide is not at all a solution….

    And again I request to MUKU & PRINCESS to not leave … Yaarrr… Solve the matter I know u solved it but then there is no choice of leaving dear …

    And we r sorry to ask such question we really never meant to say u hacker or something else…. We purely believe u dear … So for us don’t leave πŸ™‚

  30. Egde Black

    Loved Randhir’s confession, his expressions, his eyes everything showed his real concern for Sanyukta but he is confused….today we also saw that Sanyu loves her Sadu but she is scared that he might leave her once again so she is also confused…..they are meant for each other….Hopefully both of them will be together sonn so that we can enjoy them for this last month….

  31. karina

    My lovely friends h r u all ? Missed u all so much…sorry guys im really busy with my thesis right now thats why i couldnt come…i ll be back here in about a week or so…love u all…stay safe…

    Nishuuuuu where r u my cutiepie ???

  32. Guys again misunderstanding. Mukti I say that I had tried suicide not now but very long ago.
    U think that I try it becoz of u. Not at all
    Guys I m sod when I comment here always happen bad to me. And I m commenting here just to clear all think
    And how can u say that I m doing this to grab intention,and publicity. Seriously hurt. I m not like that. Inebriated won’t intention. I share this becoz I think that uweremy friends
    My nature is sensitive I do it when I was so much angry but its a past

  33. Mayuri

    Hey guys !! For the change of mood …

    U give me a dare actually after dhruv and Sheena it was my turn … So guys be ready and give me dare and at least please gimme 2 options …

    Waiting πŸ™‚

  34. Shivu and mayuri please u r the only one here who can understand me please tell mukti that what I m trying to say. She completely take it wrong. I was not talking about her but my past. Now what should I do

    • Mayuri

      Princess dear I understand u and her …
      Dear actually by saying about these sucude type things … She somehow frightened that because of her something wrong not happened … Actually the way u reacted and the way the matter goes so she just became concern … Because some people r very soft hearted so she just got afraid that if because of her u don’t do anything bad …
      That’s all dear …Dear if it’s ur past then it’s fine but for your parents and for ur own sake promise us that u won’t do anything like this ever again …. In your whole life dear … And about Muku dear she will come again just for now she needs some time she will come dear if she won’t then she we will kill her ( just kidding)
      But I m gonna miss her dear she will come … And I have a strong belive that she can’t leave us like this ….

  35. tara

    hi karina i saw u cmntng so i came here.. i guess u can resume to TEI as it will be twiraj!!

    • karina

      hey tara h r u dear ? long time no see…i missed u….yeah i heard that now its gonna be twinraj coz kunj is leaving the show…i know ur probably sad coz u were a twinj fan πŸ™ i know how u feel coz its the same way i felt when they split twinraj…are u still gonna watch TEI ? maybe we can meet on that page too coz unfortunatelly my Sadda Haq will end by the end of june πŸ™ i ll still be here on Sadda Haq page after the ending of the show…i ll be on the pages of the ffs of SH…so when u feel like talking just leave a msg here and i ll reply πŸ˜‰

      • karina

        actually Sadda Haq is my all time favourit show so i wont leave this page πŸ˜€ u can find me here when u feel like talking πŸ˜‰

      • tara

        thats so sweet of u dear.. i would surely talk to u.. here.. SH is my fav too bt i dont get time to watch it everyday.. i mostly watch it dont comment here..
        nd yes i wont watch tei as i cant see twinkle without kunj moreover hate that rafi as kunj.. miss sid a lot!! bt i will be there on the page so if u wish u can leave a msg there… i will surely reply even if i dont read or see.. nd u can also talk to me in zai’s ff as i do read that!!

      • karina

        ok dear that sounds nice…we can meet here on SH page or on the pages of the ffs of SH and talk…actually im kind of busy right now so i dont get time to watch other shows…i only see Sadda Haq and read the ffs of SH πŸ™‚ so we can meet here…love u πŸ™‚ stay safe πŸ˜‰

  36. Aaliya (Aalu)

    MUKKU!!!!!! Dear ,,,, mayu ne sahi kha….. Sb yaha hay only fr 1month….. Why r leaving dear?????? Cme bk….. And PRINCY,,,,, u also…
    Jo hua vul jao yr!!!! Gussa thuk Do….. Come on….. B sporting yr…… ????

    Aur yee dekho,,,, SANYU DI ki kand!!!!! Man kar raha hay,,,, unko kha jau tiffin pe!!!!! Where r u diii!!!!????????????????????

    • Mayuri

      Yah !!! Sanyu sanyu dear where r u … Loo ab tho jaldi AA jao warni khayi jaogi … Just kidding missing u dear and u too aaalu πŸ™‚

  37. nisha

    hey friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    how ru all.

    hey friendessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    my sweetheartsssssssssssssssssssssss

    this is the time to make memories

    make it friendssssssssssssssssssssss

    I know I have faith in u princuuuuuuuuu and mukti love u both make memories which is lovable and cherish for a longer time and you will smile in future when u remember it

    meethi si muskaan dur bethe dilo ko chunee ke liyee kaafee haii

    love u both my sweetheratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    my sweetheratttttttttttttttttttttttttttttpoky richu after a long time kaiseen baaa

    kaa kehat eee bereham duniyaa waale humkaaa kaam kaam kaam mein fasa det rahee

    bhaag ke aayee ee nisa gundo seee bas naa pucho jara unkeee lasee mein julaab ki golee mila ke aat rahee

    busy rahet oooo logan bhainseeyaa bhi smiling and uska bhi hankee det rahee

    bahut esmell failaa rahet re gundeee

    2 no. lag gayaaa naaa tanek samjhooo julab ki goleee only 2 rupeeyaa

    loveuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu richu its been time dear talking to u but soon came getting the hell busy here such as bhaag ke aayee hun love u richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    hey dhruv buddy whats up . how r u , hey vishu mady , raj, rits missing,

    how r u all friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey sheenu richaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, mayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,

    hey bicky jai jagannath sirji tusi great ho I read all the current news thanksssssssssssssssssssss
    hey aaluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    hey aishuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love u sweetheartssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey sumooo howr u dear I love ur name too

    hey revuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu howr u little sweetheart sweety missing u so much keep smiling

    hey kushagra edge shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu howr u dear love u

    love u all my sweethearts

    missing u all so much

    so yeah everyweak gonna find new topic niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    and yeah who is this new dhruv I just check randomly

    is the same dhruv or 2 dhruv confusedddddddddddddddddddddd

    love u all friends

    will try to come back soon with lots of love for u all

    keep smilinggggggggggggggg muskurate raho aur give each other smilessstoo

    it ,makes the life easier and joyish for all.

    love u

    hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    my sweetheart jaanemann

    where were u last tme when I was there u are missing at that time too.

    I wish u finish ur thesis get good marks and then came here soon love u karu

    and yeah don’t miss any part of sh . its marvelous these days

    but little dragging coz we all want sandhir confession

    love u karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    sweetheart cutieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    just keep smilinglove u uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa devga diaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    all my 3 titleeeeeeeeeeeeees love u all so much where were u all

    i just saw richwaa and also read richwaaa comment full bhainseeyaa missing she is very naaraj richwaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    love u richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    kheep esmilinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg re

    • karina

      love u too my cutie Nisu…missed u…and i ll be back soon…in about a week or a week and a half i ll be free…love uuuu

      • Mayuri

        Karu it’s awesome complete your thesis and come soon dear …. I will be there to welcome u dear … Love u πŸ™‚
        And a big big big good luck to my cutie pie karu πŸ™‚

    • Mayuri

      Hey nishu dear ….
      Finnnnallllllllyyyyyyyyy!!! U came ….
      Seriously I wanna kill u dear … Itne time SE kaha lapata thi … I was so tensed and believe me dear when I read your comment I was so happy and that our cutie , sweetie pie commentor with full of heart came back …

      Dear please don’t be angry with richu .. It’s not at all her fault she is in hospital last time when anu updated she was in ICU but out of danger so it’s fine she had an accident …
      So it’s not at all fault … Dear I m really angry with u … Where was u and more important how r u … Just missed u dear …

      Finnalalayy u came πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I m jumping πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ????☺????????

  38. mukti

    I didnt knew u r in school..or else i had nt said ds to u..i m nt intrested in fighting with kids like u little girl..i felt bad abt it now…bt dear act like a kid then…n dnt tlk abt sucides..i m 21 n i got scared abt it..n u sml kid tlking ds..dnt watch advice to u…

    • How u know I m a school girl. Yes I M. But why r u not understand that it was past I was not talking about present. And also piz don’t report to tu.
      And ya I m a teenage not a kid. Love u

      • mukti

        ohhh if u know ppl are same n diff i know ur scl going girl..just kidding..dhruv told me.he is my he told me tht ur a scl going girl…i m not reporting tu cz i dnt like to pareshan kids…n theres nthng abt reporting..
        n i knew u were tlking abt past for duppata n hand in reply to richa u siad i fel like suicide n die n bla bla..
        n for ur information u didnt get right meaning of wht tu siad..n u told all of us diff..anywz

      • This is so unfair guys mukti please I already said u and I m saying u last time don’t say me kid. This irritate me. I don’t like it piz. I already said I m not a kid I m a teen girl.

  39. Mayuri

    It’s really good princess that u understood and muku just sort out nn… And I suppose everything is sorted out sobleys start a new beginning and be friend with princy …
    Dear muku I understand that u just got afraid that she might not do anything wrong and I absolutely agree but she won’t do such … She is a good girl and be past be past … So come on … Now come back … Love u πŸ™‚

  40. Ramya

    Hi ppl sorry to interrupt but I’m new to ur family though I have commented before it’s rare but guys any idea on the update of 31 may I know tgere is a lil debate going in in btwn mukti Di and princess di and i hope it gets resolved but Karina di can u pls tell the 31 may epi

    • karina

      hey dear welcome back…i ve seen u commenting here befor…if i remember correctly we also talked right ? πŸ™‚ TU posted the WU for today’s epi dear do check it πŸ™‚

  41. Nasimun

    Good ! Sanyukta this time you choose respect instead of love because respect always gives a birth to a pure love but love may be or may not be . So please always do and depend on your situation .does not depend on your past because in past you never got respect from any one whether its your family or partner or surroundings . Girls need respect they deserve this and don’t forget you are a girl .

    • karina

      I agree that respect is important but u can not be happy in a relationship that is based only on respect…without love no relationship will ever work…so i think is the other way around coz respect can be teach but love its either felt or not…u can not make someone love u the way u love him or her but the respect can be learned…u are probably a fan of Aryan and thats why ur saying that Sanyu should chose Aryan…but trust me on long terms a relationship based on other thing then love will be a big problem for both of the partners…im not saying that Sanyu should chose Rd in this conditions but its wrong to chose Aryan as well…Sanyu isnt chosing Aryan for the right motives and in the end they both will suffer…especially Aryan coz he will not be loved the way he wants…sorry if i hurted u…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.