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Sadda Haq 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is asleep, Aryan wakes her up. He gives her juice and says you will feel better. Sanyu says why you saved me? you asked me to stay away from me. Why are you here then? Let that happen to me. What difference does it make? He says no difference. Sanyu says why you do this. You put effort in hurting me? you have succeeded. I am not hurt with this fake rude behavior. You think I can’t even take care of myself. You were scared? You thought I will not be safe without you? Lets be rude. This will hurt her and will go away from me and stay safe. Sanyu says I thought you are not like rest of guys. He says I am not. You wanna see? He throws away all the pistols from his cabnit and says this is real me. I don’t hurt people I kill them. I don’t know how many people I have killed.

I was never scared. but I am scared today and this is because you are a girl. Sanyu says you think I am your weakness? He says why don’t you understand you have to stay away from me. Sanyu gets up from bed. She takes gun from his hand. Sanyu says I was not safe in that chamber, you were not there. Who said I will be safe without you? What has to happen will happen. You are dark shadow not God. I can meet an accident, fall from stairs. He says quite. Sanyu holds his hand and says it doesn’t end our way but we can live it our way. And I want to. No one can take this right from me not even you. Aryan says in heart I can’t let anything happen to you. I was scared. I am sorry for hurting you. He says I am sorry. Sanyu says its okay.

Sumit gives a white rose to Kritika. He says sorry I had to do the task. This is sorry rose. Kritiak takes it, its just stem. Arjun says it feels like we are in school. Sumit says it killed our task stress. Joy says yes we shouldn’t think about it. Arjun says yeah we should let it go. And I am not randhir. I don’t overreact on small things. Kritika says that was not small. Joy says she could reveal other things. sumit says it was not sanyyu’s fault. Kritika says it was. Sumit says we would all have done the same.

Sanyu says to aryan I feel peaceful we are having coffee after so long. I can hope you understand randhir’s state of mind about what he said and did. Randhir comes there. Sanyu says lets go Aryan. He grasps her arm and says I am not done with you yet. Aryan shoves her. Randhir says she saved you. I will see who saved you sanyu. Sanyu says please aryan let go. She takes him from there. Sanyu says Aryan I was telling you just ignore him. Aryan says I can’t take it. SAnyu says please calm down. He cant understand. Anyone would have done the same. My apology wont mean anything. I know you are mature enough to understand.

Randhir says nothing happened to you sanyu because I didn’t. Just wait and watch. He lifts weights. Nirman comes and says 10 KGS only? Does it kill anger? Rest of the weights are all show pieces. You think why I kept you? Rnadhir says because you think I am good. Nirman says I need a team, you are all equal to me. You attitude and fire makes you better than others. This is what I need in my team leader. When a tiger is mad, he spots target and attacks it. Control your anger and then strike at right time. Make it your strength and not weakness. You want revenge, you can seek it while smiling.
Niramn gets a text. He comes in his cabin and sees menka. SHe says I know you wont disappoint me. He says I can kill you. He says where is that secret? She says I wont tell you I will show you. she shows him a drive. she says remember this? Ideally you should have given it to govt but you didn’t. You had some intentions behind it. I like you being mysterious but I am not sure if govt will like it or not. you might get kicked out of this mission. She sits down. Nirman opens drawer and sees his pistol.

Sanyu comes in room. Sanaya goes out. sanyu says sanaya listen you were right. My career is my priority. But I cant use randhir’s problem to misuse it. Sanaya says I am not that important that you would want me in your good books? I have never seen him that angry before. sanyu says i know what he feels, I never put in that slide. Sanaya says only people who are close to us can hurt us this way. She leaves.

Nirman closes the drawer. He sits with menka and says fine. what you want? She says no no. Not this time. You can’t fool me. Or you tell everyone. What was your role in failure of previous mission? He says you think this will get you your job back? You disappointed me. I thought you were genius. She says you are the same selfish man. I manipulated whole world because of you. You made me do all that. How many people do you wanna kill? She says you have 24 hours do what I asked or next surprise is ready for you. He says game has just begun.
Aryan sees menka going out.
Aryan does something on his computer.
He says no way I can’t be wrong I am going on right track.

Precap-Aryan says to sanyu come outside I wanna talk. Sumit says come join us we are having fun. sanyu says stay here. Aryan says in heart should I tell them all?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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