Sadda Haq 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sumit reads Yoyo’s message.
Joy reads Kaustuki: Sanyu I am so happy that you are good with Randhir. Why don’t you call me? Rnadhir I still remember how you scared me in college. Randhir recalls when he scared Kaustuki and asked her to change the field. Randhir said if you agree to leave engineering, then its okay. but If you don’t leave Karan can’t get admission. I will forget everything.
Kaustuki says all the best. Stay happy.
Sanyu says you were so creepy. Randhir says you kicked Karan out.
Arjun reads Vidushi’s: Thank God sanyu you have decided something. I was pissed seeing your see saw. Thank God you are leaving this house. Your room is now mine. Randhir all the best, to bear sanyu. Sanyu says she can’t take my room.

says thanks a lot guys. Sanyu says yes thank you so much.

In the evening, the guys come to machine room. Kritika says this was my idea but are you sure this is right? Joy says yes we need to clean it. Arjun says this is way much. SAnaya is about to slip. Sumit says where were you? Sanaya says I was arranging everything. The program will happen here. But this is very dirty. Joy says their story revolves around machines. Arjun says no one lives here. Sanaya says my sheikhu will grow here. Joy says shut up.
They clean and place a bed there with other decorations. Joy falls on Kritika. Everyone sings. They get shy.

Sanaya comes crying to sanyu and says Sheikhu in the machine.. I don’t know what happened to him. Sanyu runs out. SAnaya says I should become an actor.
Joy comes to Randhir and says Randhir.. Sanyu.. Randhir says what happened? He says the machine on her.. Randhir says what happened? Joy says she is injured. Randihr runs out. Joy calls them and says he is coming there. Randhir comes in room and says sanyu? I can’t see anything? Sanyu says I can’t find you. Sanyu says sanaya said you are injured. Randhir says joy said you are hurt. The lights turn on, they sees the bed.
Everyone outside smiles. Sanaya says at least there is action in someone’s life. Sumit is about to kiss her. SAnaya slaps him and says don’t even think. Dirty boy. lets go. Sanyu says the gate is locked from outside. Sanyu says open the door. sumit sanaya joy.. sanyu says Randhir come here and help me. He says why? Sanyu says what you mean? Randhir says we are legally married. Sanyu says this is not a joke. Randhir says I am not joking.

Randhir slides her hair and kisses her shoulder. Sanyu says Randhir but.. Randhir says sh.. This is my right. Randhir kisses her and picks her up. Randhir lays her on bed. Randhir lits all the candles. He comes close to sanyu. Sanyu and Randhir are in bed. Randhir kisses her from back. They make love.
Sanyu wakes up. Randhir is asleep next to her in sheets. Sanyu recalls their moments together. Randhir wakes up. He says what were you thinking staring at me? Sanyu says nothing. He says I know you were thinking we will never fight again. Randhir says promise. SAnyu says lets go they will tease us. Randhir says why would they. I am with my wife. He says you will go like this? Randhir kisses her.
Sanyu and Randhir get dressed. Sanyu says the door is still not open. Randhir says you are a master at it. Go find some magnets. Sanyu tries to open the door. Randhir says you can’t even open a door. Sanyu says i can. He says let me do this. SAnyu says I will. He snatches the magnet it breaks. Randhir says you don’t listen to me. Sanyu says you broke it. He says no you did. Now don’t argue like this. Sanyu says I am like this. Randhir says bring me coffee. Sanyu says you expect me to make coffee for you everyday. Randhir says yes breakfast too. SAnyu says you.. He hugs her. SAnyu says we can never stop fighting. Randhir says what is love without fighting?

The end.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. and yeah suru and karu

    I too remember

    sadda haq forever trend on the last day at no 1 position

    not only in India but in the whole world

    and too lots of female in this men’s are less in trend

    girl power haha

    and yeah

    on the very next day

    they trend sadda haq lives

    which trend no 7 position in india at last

    coz harshita self choose sadda haq lives for her they wish to trend

    and now param yesterday chat with all

    it is very interesting

    he said harshi is a lovely girl

    and he visit her home too he met her 2 days before

    he miss her a lot

    and too when someone ask her to be together coz they want parsh

    then he said ok he will ask her for that

    it is so intersting

    lets see what harshi choose for her upcoming project yet to watch out for

    love u friends love u karu

    keep smiling

    and yeah where are my 3 muskeeters

    richa the devil, masakali devga and dia

    miss u a lot three

    where are you all

    nowhere I can find you

    miss u a lot guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    at least tell me where u visit daily keep smiling love u and miss u

    I am sur

  2. Mayurii

    Hiii guys I m back …

    Wow !!! OMG !!! Everyone … I m so happy .. And even liyu is here …. Nishu .. Yes dear I totally agree with u 100% …
    Sanyu , aalu , sheenu dear I was missing u guys badly …
    Dhruv bhai , kushagra dear , muku where r u ?? …

    And karu I m so happy to see u and u r really replying to everyone … I really love your style …
    Ohh!! Rits dear u too r here … I m really happy …

    And shivu dear don’t take tension about saas bahu sagas .. We all know everything happened for good .. So just chill dear … And how r u sweetie … πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. hey mayu dear πŸ™‚ thank u for ur compliment πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey my cutie Nishu i too love u so much and the name u chose for the 3 of us its amazing…SUKANI πŸ™‚
    Nishu if u ever wanna chat i ll be here dear…like i said befor i ll be here on ffs pages waiting for my cutie Nishu…and Suru dear u too if u wanna chat u can find me here…
    And all of u my lovely friends love u all and where are u all ? like Richu said pls come guys and help us get to 1k comments…

  4. Sheena

    Helllo everyone!!!
    Sry guys…i’m very very busy with my studies ryt now…just wanted to say good night!! πŸ™‚
    I’ll try to b here asap….till then, tc everyone πŸ™‚ luv u all

    1. Study well dear and come soon…love u…

  5. Mukti

    hey nishuu dear love u too dear…keep smiling..n all the best for ur future..
    hey mayu shenu karu aishu sanyu alu richu shivu howru al?

    1. Mukti

      its good to see that u all are commenting here even after SH is over..keep commenting guys SH deserves it…
      frankly i am not that much attached to sadda haq as u all are so i was not that much sad for the show but i am really sad that we wont be able to chat with our everyone knows after the show ends we rarely visit the site after week or so..
      still guys u all will be very close to my heart…lvu tc…all the best for ur future.n sory frnds i wont come on ffs sory….

      1. hey mukti all the best for ur future too dear and like Nishu says keep smiling always πŸ˜‰

      2. Mayurii

        Muku dear … Exactly I too m not pretty much sad because I was not so connected to it but I m extremely sad by the thought that I won’t be talk to u all everyday … Miss u guys .. Love u πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ ??

  6. Is it the end of Sadda Haq?

  7. Richu

    Achaa he tum teeno ko SUKANI bulaungi



    SHEENA DR tc

    Ds yes its the end.
    But we hope fr season3

    1. Mayurii

      Arree … Apni cutie richu ko koi bhool sakta h πŸ˜‰
      Never a is a kabhi nhi ho sakta naa hi mein hone doongi πŸ™‚

      How r u ?? It’s been 4days since SH ended …
      I m feeling very bad I m not able to talk to u guys regularly missing u all … Cone on guys …

  8. Richu

    Hello dhruv bhai

  9. Richu


  10. Radhika

    I always wanted to thank SH, especially sanyukta’s character. Thankyou for making such a great serial. I know this is just a story but it helped me a lot in my life. I’m very grateful to you.Sanyukta you gave me strength at that turning point of my life to move forward. Thankyou so much πŸ™‚

  11. Mayurii

    Guys that’s not expected its not even 200 …
    Comments r very less … Let’s all come here on Sunday and we will talk whole day like before … What say guys !! πŸ™‚

    1. Richu

      Yupp mayuuuu 1 k

  12. hey richu mayu shenu kushu sanyu sheenu karina kushu radhika richa shivu dhruv muku plz red my ff WILL YOU BE MINE?[SADDA HAQ EPI2] n do comment …

    1. Mayurii

      Yeah !! We will πŸ˜‰

    2. Richu

      Yuppp hows u

    3. Richu


  13. Richa

    find me in hell nd diaa in xam hall devga scolding me theree

  14. Richa

    welll they started of!!! all the channel ? VVVVVVV shows again from staart SH s2 mastaangi D4 etc……………………….. ??????? hah!!!! missed it watch again nd may be sh s3 that lift guy mystryyy i didnt watch episodes but last few updates sm1 entrs frm lift soo mysteryyy and nimbu’s watch ??? i thot that was 4 sanyu ???

    1. hey my crazy Richa h r u ? and i didnt get u ? whats with channel v ? wasnt suppose to start as a music channel after july 1st ? so they are telecasting SH S2 and D4 again ? maybe it is a chance for SH S3 to happen after all…i so hope for it coz im missing sandhir vidarth and all SH cast…

  15. Sheena

    Hi guys!! Dhruv bro, muku, piku, richu, dr.dhruv, karuuu, nishu, richa, aatha, shivu, kushagra, ….how r u all??

    1. hey dear im fine and h r u ? how are studies going ? u still busy ?

    2. Mayurii

      Hii sheenu dear πŸ™‚

  16. Richu

    Hiii sheena

  17. Anyone know what is going on v channel
    All serial r staring from beginning.

  18. Richu

    Hllo is anyone there

  19. Miss this serial a lot
    I want season 3 and miss u sanyu and randhir

  20. Sheena

    Hey guys!!! How r u all?? πŸ™‚
    Miss u all soooo much

  21. hii friends..i have posted my new ff SOMETIMES FRIENDS BECOME TOO GOOD TO SHARE..plz read it guys..n yep my next epi of WILL YOU BE MINE is also posted but its not moderated yet read and comment…
    n by the way howr u sheena mayuri shivu muku karu n everyone

    1. Sheena

      I’m r u?

  22. What the hall in going on in Channel V…when they were not going to revamp the channel from 3rd July…they could have run the shows for one more week na…..atleast we could have watch 5 more episodes….the incompleteness will not remain in the story.

  23. I m a big fan of channel V n sadda haq.all shows of channel V r finished and it is a very shocking news for me.plZ..plz..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz restart sadda haq plz in new season not old episode

  24. Plz restart sadda haq plz..plz…plzzzzzzzzz

  25. I suspect that channel V is going off air because all shows had gone…plz don’t do that I m a big fan of channel v plz restart sadda haq in a new season n plz start new shows

  26. Richa

    karuuu m not fyn nnnn xam pressure lol cu soon but vvv dissapointed 1k comments v faar

  27. I m missing sadda haq very badly plz come back sadda haq.
    It was an incomplete end of sh .Aryan ka kya hua? Sanyukta ke dad ne kya react kya? There r lot of ques.

    I wish sadda haq ki puri cast ko ek sath dekh paun in a serial again .specially sanyukta randhir Aryan and parth yoyo
    Plz who can restart it plz restart sadda haq with new season chahe vo kisi or channel par ho.
    I. Love channel v but if it will changed in a music channel I will hate it

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