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Sadda Haq 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat asks sanyu to come in his cabin. He says sit down. he says now tell me, sanyu says what sir? he says you are not so stupid to be stressed for no reason. Sanyu its because of sponsorship. they don’t understand its not that easy. Sanyu says it depends on board member approvals. Ranawat says what about your approval? For the benefit of team you can’t harm yourself. Remember you can not keep everyone happy. Now go i am little busy, sanyu leaves.
In canteen parth says finally the problem solved. Vid says here is the savior of dream team Ms. sanyu. Yoyo says eat samosay, and enjoy. sanyu says make sure we are prepared for the presentation for tomorrow. parth says you will be there with us, no worries. Vid says now eat this. randhir looks at them from a distance. he says

can i join you guys in? Yoyo says always brother. Randhir takes a samosa, parth holds his hand and takes it from him, he makes randhir eat from his hand. They all smiles.

Ankit says the production plan is ready, have a look at it papa. We should shift it to china. Agarwal says we need board members’ approval and sanyu is part of it too. We have to think practically as well. Ankit says what if we prove that this will is fake, she was so ill that she couldn’t write properly. Agarwal says are you out of your mind? sanyu says i wanted to talk to you papa. Ankit says we are busy, agarwal says let her speak ankit.

Sanyu calls randhir and says i am really worried for tomorrow, randhir says don’t be so tensed everyone else will be demotivated as well. randhir gets another car and says i am independently working on a car model i would love to show you. I will meet you at 1100 hours. He says in heart i am alone enough to make the best car.
Next morning, sanyu meets randhir, she says thanks. He says am i sponsoring you? She says for coming. He says did you talk to your dad? I am sure he must be angry. randhir says you still have the option to give him your share, sanyu says i am more worried for the team. All the team members come. parth says lets practice before we go in, randhir leaves.

Sanyu starts the presentation, she says the copy of design is in front of you, have a look. Ankit says sanyu should be here, she is a board member as well. Another member says yes sanyu, be the judge. sanyu says i am the team captain as well. I have to represent my team. the member says you are board member first you have to come and sit with us as a judge. sanyu comes and sits, parth sahil and others answer all the questions very well. sanyu smiles. The member says do you know about the engine, Sahil says sanyu can answer it because she has been handling engine. ankit says your team can’t do anything without you. they dont know about engine. The other member says the only important part of team is you? They cant run the engine without you. Answer us sanyu? is this team nothing without you? The member says for some reason if you couldn’t participate in competition they wont win it, we wish you good luck but we can’t take a risk to sponsor you. parth says thank you and leaves.

The team is really mad, vid says she wanted to prove we cant do anything without her. Yoyo says i thought everything would be okay. parth says can’t believe sanyu would do this, why she did this when she never wanted to sponsor us. Vid says she didn’t even say a word, her mind is on seventh sky after she has become captain, sanyu comes in. vid says come we couldn’t do anything without you. sanyu says trust me.. Parth says dont talk about trust. sanyu says what could i do? vid says you are a board member, how could you be so selfish. They leave, sanyu sits there in tears. randhir comes in. He swipes her tears and says dont blame yourself. sanyu says they think i did this deliberately. Why would i harm them. randhir hugs her and says forget it everything will be fine.

Randhir goes to parth and grabs his collar, he says how could you say this to sanyu? this is your team spirit? parth says you better not talk about team spirit when you are not ever part of it. they start hitting each other. randhir says dream team is here because of me. parth says you are throwing out your frustration when you couldn’t save your position in the team. they hit each other badly. sahil comes and stop them. yoy comes in as well. yoyo takes parth out. Radhir cleans his would, sanyu comes in. she says are you mad? And why are you doing this? you didn’t have to fight. She dresses his wound. sanyu says promise me you wouldn’t do anything that would effect the team and its members.

Precap-vid says the duty of captain is to save the team while she was enjoying our insult. Ranawat says i will decide who will be the captain not you all.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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