Sadda Haq 30th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan says you’re going in wrong direction. Sanyu says what you men sir ? Vardhan says locking up vidushi ? Is that right ? Sanyu says why are you saying that sir ? why would we do that ?

There maya asks vidushi what was you doing in canteen ? Vidushi says I was spying on them. Maya says I have asked you to keep an eye on them not to divert your intention.

Vardhan says I know very well what’s going on. Randhir says why would we do that to her. he says I know she is spying on all of you. Who else could it be ? Sanyu says its really not us. Kaustuki says she has left the team why would we lock her up. Vardhan says I have left the team too but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know whats going on.

Maya says tell me whom are you trying to save. Vidushi

says no one. I was just locked there. maya says don’t try to act smart in front of me,.

Vardhan says dream team has always beaten by talent not by using force. If I figure out that one of you who did tis to vidushi, I will treat you what you deserve. he leaves.
sanyu turns at parth and says is that you ? He nods. sahil says parth you are done. He says anything for dream team. Randhri says yeah we will see whatever happens.

Maya throws a paper to vidushi. She asks what is that ? Maya says read it for yourself. Its suspension letter. Vidushi says why suspension. Vidushi says madam I haven’t done anything. Maya says that’s what I am saying show me the proof that dream team is still functioning or I will sign this.

Vidushi says in heart I have to do something. She sees parth in the corridor. parth says I am sorry I shouldn’t have done that. You know I didn’t have any other option. Vidushi says I will only accept your sorry if you give me treat in your room. Hr says okay why my room ? I can give you treat in canteen ? She says maya will see me there with you and think that I am with you it will be a trouble for you all as well. He agrees.

Scene 2
Vardhan is watching a video on phone and laughing. Maya says this is niot a theatre. He says I didn’t know cartoons paly in cinema too. He says I have nothing to do, you’ve dissolved the team. She says stop pretending like you your team is not working. Maya says I know your dream team is still active and the day they make mistake it will be your last day. He says I thought you have a lot of work to do but you think about team more than me. He says sign these papers I am leaving this college and I have applied somewhere else. They need you to sign it. And I am going to attend the lecture.

Scene 3
Parth is in his room. Vidushi comes and brings juices she says I thought your treat will be as boring as you so I bought them. She had mixed something in the drink. She said I can’t get him spelled. She says I asked treat for myself not for whole college. Why so much food ? He says just enjoy it I have to go for lecture as well. She gives him the juice.

There randhir, sanyu and sahil are on work. Randhir says where are kaustuki and aprth ? They just went for one lecture. Sanyu says we should check if they are in any trouble. Sanyu and randhir leave to look for them. Randhir says to sanyu you were saying a lot to vardhan. SAnyu says I was about to tell him your idea. They see kaustuki coming. Randhir asks where is parth ? She says I don’t know he didn’t even come for lecture. Sanyu says where can he go ?

Vidushi says to parth you still think the same about me ? Parth says I have to go. Vidushi says you still think I am selfish. He says try to understand I have to go for lecture. You should leave for lecture. She says drnk the juice. He says I will drink it on the way. Maya calls vidushii, she says to parth you were right I will talk to you later. He takes vidushi’s juice and leaves. Vidushi says to maya madam this time I will come with proofs. She sees parth going.

Sanyu and randhir are looking for parth in the room. radnhir says was there some party going on here ? Sanyu says he must be hungry. he must have gone to the secret workshop. Sanyu says let’s eat I am so hungry. SAnyu takes the burger. he says I am hungry too. He tries to snatch from her. SAnyu says I will give you later. She runs with the burger and says take it if you can. She asks him to open the juice bottle. Its the same one spoiled by vidushi. He opens and drinks it. Sanyu drinks after him.
Randhir says give me the juice. Sanyu says did you forget how you forcefully asked me to drink at the freshers party. He says you challenged me. Sanyu says I can accept any challenge. Don’t think I am scared of you.

Parth is going in the corridor. He sees that vidushi is following him. Vidushi says why is he not drinking the juice. Path hides behind a wall. and say I will show you how smart you are. He leaves the juice there. Vidushi comes and says where is he ? Parth goes back to the workshop ? Kaustuki asks where are randhir and sanyu ? He says how would I know. Sahil says they went to look for you. He says they will come when they want to lets start the work.

There sanyu and randhir are drunk. Sanyu is about to fall from the bed but randhir saved her. She gives him the juice and sits with him. Sanyu is laughing uncontrollably. He says what now ? This is so tasty. Randhir says lets go. Sanyu asks where ? He says wherever. they go out in the corridor. Sanyu says I can’t move my head is numb. He says you have to move from feet. Lets go. He places the drink beside parth’s. Sanyu says I don’t wanna go my head hurts. He takes her in his arms and starts going out.

At night sanyu and randhir are out ? SAnyu says walk properly. He says I am carryuing you. SHe says you wanted to go. He falls with sanyu on the ground. Sanyu says you always make me fall He says I save you as well. SAnyu says we are friends now we will fall and rise together. Lets get up why are you mute ? He says may I say something. Sanyu says yeah. He comes closer to her.

Precap-Sanyu says to randhir why are seeing my eyes, lips and hair. SAnyu falls and says I truts you randhir. He catches her, sanyu says I told you I trust you randhir. he says I love you sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. randhir love u till moon n beyond dat…

  2. its soooooo nice epi…randhir looks chooo chweet :-*

  3. randhir n sanyu ar totally drunk tmrrw randhir confess his love I also eager to see it πŸ˜€

  4. thanx atiba fr the quick update πŸ™‚ I think sanyu will also tell tht she also loves him well I guess it guys don’t knw it will happen or not πŸ˜€ anyway 2days epi ws awesome randhir’s smile ws so nice πŸ˜€

  5. Aaj bhi same precap!!!!!!!!
    But guyz,gud news toh ye hai ki tomorrow,finally,that scene is gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And if it does,then the target is 700. Please goyz, 700 toh karo yaar!!!!

    1. I agree with u saddahaqrox….I will surely contribute

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  7. Channel walo itna vao mat khao yr abto cnfsn wala scene dkha do…pichle hafte se wahi prcp dkh dkh ke pak gaye hai..i knw its all ur stratergy to gain d trp but plz beleive us we will see d shw without dat scene also yr as we lv d show a lot..!!!!

  8. Awww…..I am so happy today after reading the update as there is ban on watching TV in my house

    1. ban on watching tv n u r happy????

      1. ok ok, i u/stood ur comment a lil’ lately.. tubelight jo hoon…

      2. πŸ™‚ thank god u understood;-)

  9. Wow,awsme epi….
    randhir i’m shamelesly in luv wid u,o god,rd kitna cute h..
    n atiba dear plzz its a request plzz upload pics plzzz plzzzz plzzzz

  10. I just read next days spoiler tht randhir is going to record his n sanyu’s confession on his phone n next morning someone will spotted them unconscious in the classroom πŸ˜€ I just hope tht this spoiler is true πŸ˜€

  11. I also wish the same but it was also written tht whn Randhir gets to know that prank done was for Parth he gets upset……. hope no further misunderstanding doesn’t takes place especially b/w Sanyu and Randhir

    1. nila – u had said that if spoilers r out, u wl write down, and type the same here… what happened???

      1. U know what my mom was around me everytime around me and I am using net by telling her that I have some home work so I need to net that’s why she gave me mob n I have opened 2 tabs one related to school work and other u know……..since when came in 10 class she is behind me everytime

      2. u/stand ur problem. mai bhi maa se chup chupke comments deti hoon…same pinch… roz toh, mujhse nahi hogaa…

  12. Awsome epi…..nd tmrrw’s epi is gone b suprb. Eagerly waitng for tmrrw……

  13. Pls excuse me for the late reply. i had network problems, hence i cld not reply earlier..

    @ AN – i know mine kuch zyaada hi bol diyaa, sorry!!! cool from my side… tumhari taraf se – ???
    lekin mujhe bilkul accha nahi lagaa… i did not mean to hurt u. i do not want any of u to comment or reply to any
    indecent persons.. tumhe ek baat boloon – if a new person comments here, pls decheck his / her comments from the start n then reply….. isme to koi problem nahi hai naa???

    @ GC – meine AN ko issliye daantaa, ussne @TellyUpdates k 1st comment ko bina dekhe uss gadhe k 2nd comment par iss tarah reply ki — wow really can’t wait!!!..
    all i want for anyone is to go thro the earlier comments also n then reply… bass!!! i was genuinely concerned!!! faltu me kuch nahi kahaa…..

  14. Omg omg I can’t wait for tmmorw randhir. Bol dal

  15. —— spoilers ——-
    Wednesday-Sanyukta and Randhir get drunk when Vidhushi plays a prank.However, when Randhir realises that the prank was
    meant for Parth,he gets upset
    Thursday-Sanyukta and Randhir record their love confession on his phone.Later in the morning,someone finds them unconscious
    in the classroom.

    1. 1st time I cld see Vardhan lol!!! interesting, very interesting…

  16. tdys episode – 1 word AWESOME!!!

  17. No anamika didi,u r wrong.
    The epi in one word would be:

  18. ek hi precap ko dekh dekh kar bore ho rahi hoon……. please bring that scene on and today along with tomorrow’s episode the scenes of the show was fantastic……can’t wait for tomorrow…….khub bhalo

  19. Thx atiba epi was 2 good I just love it

  20. waited a lot for it….. I just loved it

  21. read in fb on 24th abt DD tweet – neck kisses – every girl’s weakness —- when is this going to take place????

    & thanks vidushi, tumhaari wajah se, hamme SanDhir scenes milte hai….

  22. Hi anamika,jini n every1 plz talk with me m new here o.k. Plz plz:-D

    1. yahaan ka * commentator aur Head of the…………….. now…………… kaunsaa department??? SHROX ki taraf se aur sab ki taraf se, a warm welcome to their group….

  23. tdys REPEAT TELECAST – Sanyu to RD – iss class me mi tumhaari partner hoon..
    Rd says – be my guest…
    both have come a long way..

    1. Old Rds another dialogue – respect is commanded, not demanded..
      and sanyus – hak cheene se miltha hai..

  24. Sry not jini its jeena

  25. @Meerea,
    Ya, seriously. Even i was thinkin the same thing. When will they show the hate kiss scwne! I did not see it and im getting impatient! But acc. To my calculations,it will take place exactly after 28 days.
    @abcd,tumi ki bangali??

  26. Hi elina!
    Welcome to the grp!!!!

    1. Hi,gud ngt sleep tight

  27. randhir&sayu.great actors..2days epi was cute.lots of lv 2 param & harshita.

  28. Guys aaj ka din hi bahut accha h,u know aaj mere results bhi declared ho gye,n meri expectation se jyada khi jyada marks aaye h,n i’m soooo soooo so happy,jumping in bed;-):-)
    meri family me sb meri SH dekhne ki aadat se parshan the n mujhe kasam di gyi thi ki agar marks 60% se km hue to me SH kabhi nhi dekhugi,bt ab to mujhe SH ke liye full prmission mil gyi h,i got 73% marks,finally maza aa gya
    gud night all sandhirians sweet dream to all!
    n i think i’ve not written any prsonl matters,to plz daantna mat;-)

  29. lol sanyu saying ” y r u looking my eyes, lips and hair “

    haha,u must be really happy!

  31. Congrats and all the best for your future…[email protected]

  32. REPEAT TELECAST OF SADDA HAQ-“Well it looks like the show had started just a few days back…..WATCHING THE SHOW AGAIN AND RELIVING THOSE MOMENTS AGAIN it’s rightly said that there have been evolution in their relation and infact why their its the evolution of SADDA HAQ…
    @saddahaqrox, I am not a bengali rather i am living in Kolkata since childhood…

  33. Uff!!!!! Bakhi saare serials meinntoh ek din mein 10 mahine ho jaathi lekin iss mein to thien 3 din mein bhi ek din katam nahi hua. Jab be hame kuch dekna ho tho ye aatha kya nahi hai jaldi.writers do something

    1. — lekin issi SH serial me 3 yaa 4 mahine me 1 saal beeth jaathi hai…. november end me show shuru hua, aur ab Rd aur sanyu 3rd year students hai…
      — mujhe bhi ek doubt hai… kaustuki 299th rank, sanyukta 300th…
      fir, aaj tak kaustuki kyuun koi fine ideas nahi de paayi…. DT k kaam ho, yaa baaki practical classes…

      1. Becoz ….Sanyu is the star of the show , she is passionate for m e and after allshe is the best friend of Rank 1 Randhir

  34. Atiba pls add pics in today’s updates pls

    1. tum fb aur if par pics dekh sakthi ho…. atleast a few… koi naa koi wahaan upload karthaa hai… u dont hv tl b a regd. member n login to see them… tum aur SHrox ek jaise ho!! woh to ab hate kiss scene bhi dekhne ko tadap rahi hai.. retelecast me.. pichli baar miss kar di thi naa.. ha ha!!!

      1. But still jab updates ke sath hota hai tho zaada maja ataa hai

  35. 6:30 kyu nahi ho rahi hai

  36. Finally the wait is over..Cnfession time omg,meri to smile hi nhi ruk rhi h,so much excited!!!

  37. thanks god precap to change hua ye precap recap to bana

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