Sadda Haq 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAnyu stops ankit and agarwal going, she says i was missing you a lot, can i come home for today? Ankit says you insulted us and left our home. Now go to your hostel. Agarwal asks anit to be quite and nods at sanyu.

Kabir says i have no interest in your personal life vardhan but this dream team car is a great part of your life i will get a part of my answers here. He starts rummaging in the car. vardhan comes in and says I am not surprised to see a dean like thieves in this own college. what you thought you will spy me and i wont know? try something new i used to do in college. you will never reach those files. Kabir says finally you accepted you have them you must have encrypted them. vardhan says why don’t you try something new. Kabir says when i can reach your college

as a dean I can do anything. Why you forget that we were together in college its easy for me to find anything related to you. This psychotic behavior of yours doesn’t matter. like you have destructed those files i will destruct your FITE and dream. give me those files or i will destroy everything.

A worker comes to randhir and says who roped you life this? He opens reandhir. Randhr asks where is snayu? Worker says she has left, she gave a tour to the sponsors. She looked happy.

Sanyu comes home and hugs anju. Sanyu says papa thank you. Anju is in tears. anju says how are you? sanyu says i missed you a lot. Anju says without this house doesn’t look home. Thank God you came. Ankit gets a call and says i asked you not to call. Anju asks sanyu to sit. anju says did you miss me, my food? Sanyu says i missed your food so much. Anju says i will make food of your choice. Sanyu says i will make it. anjiu says you must be tired. SAnyu says this is my home, anju says okay i will make you tea first.

Scene 2
Agarwal says anju the food is too good today. Anju says I didn’t make it, sanyu did. sanyu comes and serves agarwal and ankit. sanyu says papa you need more vegetables? he nods. She asks ankit bhai bread? He says yes one. Sanyu says in heart papa give me a cabin beside yours and i will make a kitchen in it and cook food for you every day.
Sanyu goes to her room and is glad to see her old photos. She sleeps, randhir clambers in from window. He says sleeping? Wake up. He says because of you all workers laughed at me and you are sleeping, get up. sanyu is shocked to see him. sanyu says what are you doing here? Randhir says to chill. sanyu says get lost. He says i wont go before revenge. She says you roped me and i roped you. He says i will never let you patch up with your dad. you saved the woman i wanted to destroy. you broke my dream. sanyu says you ruined your relationship with your family. you said you will destroy them and you are destroyed themselves. now get lost. randhir says or what you will call your dad? sanyu says yes it. he shuts her mouth and says scream now. sanyu shoves him. He says i will never love you again. Sanyu kick him he says i will only hate you sany8 says so will i. now go from here. she shoves him, he faints on the floor. sanyu say are you okay? go from here. she tries to wake him up with water but he doesn’t. sanyu says now he will sleep here in my room whole night? Sanyu sleeps on the couch. Randhir gets up.He stares at sanyu and leaves.

Scene 3
sanyu wakes up and finds randhir isn’t there. She says he is gone? She finds his watch on the floor.

Yoyo gives packet to a customer and takes money. The customer says why didn’t you give me before? He says its not a general store. Parth comes and asks what is this money for? Yoyo says took some money from me. sahil says you gave him money? yoyo says yes he wanted for fees. Sahil says in heart there is something wrong.

Randhir comes to changing room and starts changing in front of sanyu. sanyu says leave this room. He says i wont. He start fighting with him. Sanyu bites him, He shoves sanyu and fights with her. Sanyu hits him and says if you ever be seen around my house i will be worst. She throws his watch and says wear it. sanyu comes to floor and finds all the workers idle. Vikram comes and says go and work. A worker says we wont work until our problems are solved. you have made our schedule so tight, we have to work for 48 hours and we will charge more They start chanting. vikram says we will sit and talk. Worker says we will talk about agarwal he is thief sanyu says you can’t call him thief he did so much for you. worker says why wont you praise him he is your dad. you said so much about your dad in front of investors. Randhir says you are right this is injust with you. Raghu says yes we should solve their problems. Randhir says they will work and leave worker will face the problems. All the worker start chanting vikram says shut up. Worker says you are thug here who give us tight schedule. sanyu says you will fight here. this factory is like your home. i am not saying that there is no problem. We can solve it on table. We have to find a mutual solution, we need you and you need us. vikram says be calm i will talk to agarwal sir and bring him here.

Ankit says to agarwal and says look she is ruining mind of our workers. Couldn’t you handle it vikram? Vikram says i was handling it but sanyu came in between. Agarwal says to workers tell me your problems. They tell him. Agarwal says i will solve the problems, keep working. Vikram says no sir they will keep demanding, i will handle them. If we fire them they we starve agarwal says where will we go then ? he says to workers i will solve all your problems. Workers get back to work.

Sanyu is looking something, kunal says are you looking for it? He has a pannel in his hand. He says you must be in politics, you manipulated workers. you became hero in both parties’ eyes. sanyu says why you have such problem? He says i am deserving, if you think you will this way, you wont. i will win the trophy of best intern. sanyu says if you are best i want you to win. if i really considered myself daughter of owner i would have kicked you out long ago.

Rana is looking for a student Siddarth Gupta. he is not in lab and either class. he asks a boy, he says he must be in his room. rana goes to sid’s room and starts hitting him He says you will double cross me? you stole from me? dealer called me and said 3 grams are missing, he says i didn’t steal anything. Rana says stop this drama in front of me. parth is talking to vidushi on phone. He hears the boy crying. parth goes to the room and says why are you hitting him? rana says he broke rules, parth says you are no more than a watchman, you can’t hit anyone. He asks sid tell what has he done? Sid says i stole a book from library. Rana says i will kick you from this college, rana says if i find you with girl again i will.. parth says don’t talk about my girl. Parth says when does you shift ends? He says at 5 pm. Parth says come to open area then.

sanyu is working, she collides with raghu. She says i am sorry. He says no it was my mistake i am sorry, sanyu smiles. He says why are you smiling? She says i am not used to of hearing such humble words from men. sanyu touches some wire, raghu comes nad stops her. he says look there wire have no insulation you could get harmed. sanyu finds randhir’s card there and says i will see how much you will go down to hurt me randhir. sanyu gets a cut on hand, raghu says what are you doing? He holds her hand and says go get first aid, or it will septic. Randhir sees her.
Ankit comes to randhir and says this bolt will be at back? radhir says is you nose at back of your head? Randhir says thats how it is. ankit says how dare you to talk like that i am your boss, i will kick you out if you don’t do as i say. Randhir says go and sit in your cabin. Don’t mess with something you know nothing about. Randhir grasps his collar, vikram asks him to leave. He checks the bolt and says it is placed fine. Ankit leave, vikram asks randhir to continue.

Ankit goes to his cabin, he says that vikram will tell me what is right and what is wrong? i want to slap him right now but i wont. papa will get me wrong, i will wait for right time. Ankit starts his laptop and starts talking to someone. He says for next two hours just you and me? Someone is watching his cabin’s video.

Rana and parth are in front of each other. Parth says you couldn’t wait to get beaten up? Ran says yes i couldn’t wait. They start hitting each other. Vidushi comes and says stop it parth what are you doing? will you kill him. He says yes i will. vidushi says please lets go. rana says you are hiding behind a girl? Parth attacks him again, vidushi says let him say what he wants. Lets go. Vidushi dresses parth’s wounds. she says you would have killed him. parth says he said something about you. vidushi says you can’t fight for everyone. he says i don’t want this bandage. Vidushi says i am not scared of your anger all right. Don’t ever do this again.

Sanyu is is library. She slips randhir holds her. ishika comes there. She says you still can’t move on randhir.

Precap-vikram says you will have a really good opportunity. you will work in teams of two. the winners will proceed. Randhir asks kunal to team up with raghu. He says i will not let sanyu win. Sanyu says raghu we will make a good team. radhu says i will team up with kunal,

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Me

    what the hell is going on in sadda haq now a days . what producer want to prove here by degreding randhir every time .

    its very bad yer .

    by today onword i woudnt watch sadda haq any more as long as s+r againg fall i love
    . just will go through written update .

  2. samprikta

    plz dont bring out d villain version of randhir….. plz add some romantic scenes of sandhir….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂

  3. SS

    last scene of sandhir is nice but isika beech me hamesha ki tarah aa gayi thodi der baad nahi aasakti thi kya chudail kahi ki

  4. Kasturi

    Haas hai sandhir kau etna alag mat karo itne dushmani achi nahi plz sandhir romantic sceans fiir se dikhao

  5. Kasturi

    Yaar ab ayega sandhir scean vapas paar ye ishika baas nahi aaye gi
    I wish ki mai iss ishika ko goli se uda du
    I hate her ye sandhir keep beech hamesh aati hai

  6. Kasturi

    Vaisa ye raghu kuch syada acha nahi hai sanyu ke sath haad hai I wish ki ab iska aur sanyu ki koi story na bana dae

  7. Kasturi

    Ye rd kuch syada insecure hau raha hai itna bura laag raha hai isa sanyu kau kau kisi aur ke sath dekh kai

  8. Kasturi

    Aur is ishika kau samagh nahi aa raha ki rd nai usa choarr diya Haad hai ab bhi rd kau moveon hauna kai liya kaha rahi hai

  9. shree

    mon- rd convinces other interns not to partner with sanyu
    tue-sanyu uses kunal to foil rd’s plan
    wed- rehan kidnaps sanyu to take revenge from rd
    thur- sanyu tries to save hrself frm rehaan

  10. ghostml

    what the f**k……..hate this saddah haq… n all u f**king kp on posting such typ of logicls things …

  11. Aisha

    Hi noopur di n akira !!!!!!!!! Gosh i missed u both soooo much ! N u both r coming so very late ! Huh i m angry on u both ! Ok bye i m going to school …. Will chat after 1:30 pm …!!! Bye…

  12. knight

    Hello everyone…came here to say good bye for 2 months….due to board exams…till then good bye and yaa I will be back after 2 months….don’t forget me u all…

  13. Sorry aishu actually m having my bharatanatyam arangetram tomorrow…incase u dont know, it is a solo dance performance…15 items. N i had practice. Sorry
    M sure u rocked. And didnt get nervous also. Congratulations 4 d award!!
    M damn happy 4 u
    Ok now i gotta sleep coz kal subah uthke i gotta go…m hell nervous aishu
    Ok bye

  14. ?////////////

    today no epi…to koi nahi haiiiiiiii………gud job guys….aiseee hi maan laga ke padho…bahut tarraki karoge..bye….gud n8…

  15. anamika

    hey guyzz i know iam late but plzz can some1 just tell whats going in sadda haq iam dying 2 c it but my v channel is nt coming from last ‘1 WEEK’ 🙁

  16. Parsh

    This is not that sadda haq which i loved so much 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  17. Kasturi

    Hi guys pasta hai ek bad news sanyu got kiddnaped by rehan for taking revenge from rd.
    Vasa abb rd sanyu kau bachaye ga aur shayad sandhir vapas ek hau jaye ya aur paas aa jaye

  18. Aisha

    Pasta !!!! Lol a/w hi shraddha di !!!! Yay i m glad that u r back !! N sanyu di ! U know i just missed u soo very much ! N at last noopur di ! I m sure u also rocked in ur bharatnatyam performance … I m glad for u that u did ur solo dance performance … Bye gotta go …n in case u four don’t know *noopur di , shraddha di , sanyu di and akira* i luv u four and never vanish like this … I feel bored without u all ..

  19. Anwww
    Aishu v all luv u 2!!!!
    Lekin woh pichle kuch dino se koi nhi tha toh maine socha sab chle gaye….toh main bhi sochi i will leave
    Now i wont!!
    Coz u all oldies r der!!
    Yep im done….it was gr8…
    Thnx 4 d wishes…i saw it earlier but didnt have time 2 cmmnt
    Ok guyz c u later

  20. ?////////////

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    Well, the theme for this special stand-alone episode will be that the boys who simply enjoy playing Holi will invite the girls to loosen up, let their hair down and enjoy the festival of colors. The interesting aspect of the episode will be a fun take on Boys V/s Girls wherein the boys would believe that they are better than the girls, but the interesting twist in store will turn the tables resulting in the girls proving that they are the best.
    Wow, excited are you, folks?
    Here are few more details coming your way.
    The Holi episode will have the entire Dil Dostii Dance team as well the Sadda Haq– My Life My Choice team joining together. Sanyukta (Harshita Gaur) and Randhir (Param Singh) will be at their best, while the loyal fans of Swayam-Sharon will get a special treat this Holi.
    Yes, the favourite Jodi Swayam (Shantanu Maheshwari) and Sharon (Vrushika Mehta) will have a great romantic dance which will mesmerise the audiences.
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  21. :'(

    fake ..sab fake hai..yaha k ki dosti sb fake….ye sb srf use krte hai jab ye akele hote hai..timepass krte hai….baad me jb aapko in ki aadat hojati aapko chhod kr chale jate hai………:'(:'(:'(:'(

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    ye TU,IF..yaha sb yaha frndship jaisi koi cheez nhi hoti hai..sab time pass krte hai….or ye kahu to b galat nhi hai k yaha log just fun k liye frndship krte hai……nibhane k liye nhi

  23. @Riya,
    Welcum 2 TU!!!!(gosh m doing this aftr soo long)
    Myself-official welcomer
    And u dont need 2 ask to join us!! Bas ghus jaao!!!
    @shree ke baad riya k pehle jo 2 comments hain,
    What is the problem guyz, aap log yese kyun bol rhe ho?? Hamne kab todi frndshp aapse? As far as i know, aap log toh yahaan pe new ho??

  24. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Wt?? 2day naina [email protected]

  25. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Bt y didnt u cum hre 4 so many days. wen al askin questns abt u nd daksh whr wre u????

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    hato me tera jo hat nhi hai
    ishq ka hai nam bada
    maine kiya kam bada
    karke mgr aadha chodu na
    tera rukh se ye chehra moduna
    tera rasta me chodu na

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    bt naina tld she doesnt luv u. hr frnd jst playd a prank nd she ws just maintaning tat.

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    if i click both of ur names it leads to FB login page k.
    Nd i knw wit dis we cannot doubt a person. Bt i nvr saw any other person name leadin To FB page other than u both. so no [email protected]

  30. Ok bt wt can i do if tht leads to same page
    Nd nw dnt talk abt tht things
    naina uska khudka username nhi use karegi agr uske jaisa koi lage to batana
    queen ati hai kya wo naina ki achi frnd thi

  31. @naina
    tumko b hai khabr mujhko b hai pata
    ho rha hai juda dono ka rasta
    door jake b mujse tum meri yaado me rehna kabi alvida na kehna

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    no lucifer sum 3 days before u c. commnts wre more. nw sum of our frnds havin board xmas.

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    S lucifer. bt she didnt go becaus of max. bt he is d reason. sinc max ws irritatin hr so mch. do u remembr chinky??? tat idiot ws sayin queen nd max is same. nd queen is jst an attentin seeker, so she felt bad nd went 4m [email protected]

  35. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    S lucifer. hw cheap she is?? nt only tat she als tld queen nd me r also same. i dont knw wts hr prblem? so queen felt vry bad nd went away.

  36. @ naina
    Kabi gardisho ka mara
    kabi khwaisho se hara
    ruthe chandra ka chakor
    zarase bhi samjhote se
    ye pal hai zirakhta hai Q
    mane na kabi koi zor
    duniya jaha ki bandisho ki
    ye kaha parva kare
    jb kiche teri dor kiche teri dor
    manchala manchala teru aur
    khamoshiyo ki surato main dundhe tera shor

  37. anamika

    hey iam anamika and want 2 say dat u have 2 discuss about d show only…….. personal karni hai toh whats app ya fb per karo

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