Sadda Haq 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kunwar welcomes everyone. Kunwar says welcome back guys. Last time we talked about fights. Today we are talking about love story of sanyu and randhir. Sanyu says I thought they are talking about hate story. Param says she is too sleepy. Kunwar says on screen you were a cute couple. Kunwar says did you fall in love off screen while working two years together. Harshita says I don’t believe in love. Kunwar says doesn’t look like from face. Param says you are our friend and you know everything. Kunwar says I am asking on behalf of fans. Harshita says there is too much. Param says we act on screen that we are friends but we have been seeing each other for three years. Harshita says two and a half years. Kunwar says thank me. You all know today. Param says this was a joke. Kunwar

says you broke their heart. Harshita says Kunwar asked me to say yes before the show. Harshita says don’t dream Param. Kunawar says tell your fans what you liked about each other? Harshita says for sanyu this wasn’t coming. then she felt for the guys she hated. And then suddenly he started caring for Sanyu. The male dominance in a good way, she started liking it.

Scene: Sanyu drove the car and it burnt. Randhir asked sanyu in medical room are you okay? I asked you lower the speed. Can’t you listen in one time? sanyu said I asked you not to come. Randhir said i saw how much can you take care of yourself. Randhir said now shut up.
Another scene: Sanyu got a bruise on her foot. Randhir dressed her wound.

Param says she has solution for everything. Everyone is stuck and she says guys, I have an idea. I like that part. Harshita says I was the only girl to give him competition. He knew only sanyu can compete him. Kunwar says lets watch some love moment.

Scene: sanyu made randhir fall and come on top. She says can’t you understand a simple thing. You know, I know you love me. Then why this hesitation. What are you scared of? I love you randhir. And I know you love me too. Will you be my bf? Randhir says oh God what is wrong with you. sanyu said you wont so I am proposing you. Randhir said I love you.
Another scene: Sanyu said I am sorry. Please eat. Randhir said I am not hungry. Sanyu said okay dont eat at least let me eat. She eats the pizza. She stuffs it in his mouth.
Another scene: sanyu and randhir dance. Sanyu said you always said i dont do anything passionately for you. i have done something. She showed him the tattoo.
Another scene: Sanyu and randhir come close in farewell and dance together.

Kunwar says tell me some action. Harshita says I used to do a lot of action. He left college and I went after him.

Scene: Kabir shot Vardhan but randhir came in front and he shot randhir. Sanyu dressed randhir’s bullet. Sanyu said I can’t do this. Vardhan said his heart it sinking. Do as I say. Sanyu said I can’t do this. vardhan said he will die. Do something.

Kunwar says there is a surprise for you. We have some fans and they are all named sanyukta. All the girls come in and meet randhir and sanyyu. Harshita says 4 sanyuktas param what will happen to you. Kunwar says when today you and your fav start have same name. One says I am famous in my college since sadda haq broadcasted. Harshita says is there any randhir is your life? They say no. Harshita says they are scared of mummy papa. Kunwar says its time to take a selfie. They leave.

Sanyu says check the size of memory card on your laptop and run the command of cleandisc. reimburse the data and scan it.
Kunwar says I will see you all again tomorrow.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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