Sadda Haq 30th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says to parth ranhdir doesn’t know about his mom’s wedding. Parth says he will know someday. She says I will ask her to tel him herself. Make sure he doesn’t meet anyone. parth says I will try. Sanyu says I am going and calling her just handle randhir. Parth says yeah just hurry up.

Sanyu collides with PKC. He says sanyyu I am going to take fourth year’s class and I guess you are in 4th year as well. Come to the lab. Randhir is going to lab. Parth says lab has been cancelled. Randhir says no one texted me. Parth says I didn’t get text either. Randhir is leaving. Parth says where are you going? randhir says why are you spying at me? Parth says I wanted to talk to you about internship can you tell me where to apply?

SAnyu comes to lab.

PKC says you are late again. You will ruin my image. And put this phone in your bag. Vidushi asks sahil did you read today’s newspaper? he says yes. Jiggy says internship companies have sanial foundation as well. Randhir will lose his mind. Sahil says does he know about his mom’s wedding. Jiggy says I don’t think so. PKC says where are randhir and parth?

Randhir says to parth whats so confusing? Apply in all the companies. Choose the best among the ones you are selected. Parth says you and sanyu will join together? Radhir says yes. parth says where will you apply? randhir says I told you I am applying in all of them. Parth says wait its something else. I am worried if they reject me due to my past. Randhir says don’t worry they wont know. can I go now? parth says no I have same more questions. randhir says write those questions on a paper and I will solve them. He leaves. Sanyu says in heart God please handle randhir. PKC gets a call he says I am coming back in 15 minutes. SAnyu goes out as well. She calls Renuka. Sanyu says ma’am I am Sanyukta from FITE. Renuka says I am busy can you talk later? Sanyu says no please don’t hang up. You know when randhir is emotionally disturbed he is angry and disturbed he is very dangerous. Before he gets to know from some newspaper or other source please tell him yourself. Renuka says no you will take decisions of my personal life? You will advise me? sanyu says no ma’am. Renuka says I should show concern randhir? he burnt my house. He is just like harsh. SAnyu says how can you be so insensitive. Your moral responsibilities have not ended. cant you just call him and tell him that you have married again. randhir over hears her and sees the newspaper as well. Renuka hungs up. sanuyu sees randhir. He crumples the paper. Sanyu says please randhir listen to me. She hugs him. randhir says what you wanted to do? you knew everything. You and parth knew it all except me, everyone knew that my mom has married again. Sanyu says what will you do? randhir says you will read that in tomorrow’s newspaper. He says f you try to stop me I wont see your face again. Randhir leaves.

Scene 2
Randhir is outside renuka’s house with a rod. Watchman stops him, randhir hits him and goes in. Roshan says forget in darling don’t take sanyu seriously who is she to interfere in our life. People talk it cant effect you. Randhir comes in. renuka syas what is it? Randhir says shut up you have no right to name me. Roshan says I tld you not to interfere in my life. Randhir says I don’t need your permission to come here. Randhir is about to hit him but a guy comes and withholds him. He says so you are randhir? My step brother. I am rehan Bajaj. Now we are family I should welcome you you. He hugs him and says welcome to the family. randhir says just get lost. I never accepted my family why would I accept you. He says I would bear that you wont accept me but I wont bear if someone attacks my dad. you have no idea what I am capable of. If I hit our mom what you would feel like? Randhir grasps his collar. Renuka syas please leave him. Rehan says its new relation that is why I am leaving you. renuka says why you came here? you can’t see me happy like your dad? I did so much for you and this is what I get in return? What you want? you want to control my life and take my remaining happiness as well. you can come her whenever you want. Randhir says you are dead for me from now. Randhir says I wont let you and your new family live happily. Randhir leaves.

Scene 3
Sanyu says he burnt the house, what will he do now? She gets a call from anju. Anju says you sound worried? is anything wrong? did ankit and papa meet you? sanyu says what? Anju says I am kidding. Sanyu says papa and ankit are coming here to meet me? Anju says yes they are coming. Sanyu says did you tell them about randhir? Anju says no. sanyu says why are they coming then?
Ankit is in car, he says we came out of this financial crisis why you took this risk? Agarwal says I needed to hire interns from FITE. Ankit says the college that ruined our lives you are recruiting from there? agrwal says I am doing this because of sanyu. Agarwal says your uncle called me and told me about her coming on TV. sanyu says wow papa is coming here to recruit interns. I will be happy to work in his company. Agarwal says once she comes in our company we will let her know that girls are not for engineering. Anju says to sanyu I cant stop you and neither your dad. Agarwal says this time I will take this engineering ghost from her.

Sanyu says to parth are you sure you didn’t see randhir? he says no I didn’t. Path says but I saw your dad. Sanyu says yeah he came to recruit engineers. parth says then your job is secure. sanyu says he doesn’t even wanna see my face. Peon comes and says sanyu your dad has called you in maya’s room. Agarwal says to maya we need 5 interns to work in our company. He comes out of cabin and sees sanu. Sanyu says papa you didn’t tell me. Agarwal says we came for work. We are here to recruit interns, you can apply as well. maya says you still have to give entry test. We want to recruit all our interns by fair means. sanyu says papa lets go and have tea in canteen. He says I am not here for tea.

Sanyu says in heart I will work in papa’s company wow. She says but how will randhir work there?

Precap-randhir says we are going to renuka’s company and we will destroy her. Sanyu says papa came today. Randhir says youb can either come with me and join renuka’s company or you can go to your dad and forget me.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. JB

    Woww !!
    Randhir Singh Shekhawat is back. I love this randhir.. rude type, specially when he dominate sanyukta. I wish sandhir brake their relationship. Then sadda haq will rock. Just waiting for big twist.

  2. O my god bechaari…
    Ab papa ko choose kare ya rd??
    Lekin yeh achanak se rd ITNA rude kyese ban gaya?
    Anyways, its psychological,i guess…he is going through so much right now…mom n all. I think agar sanyu ko thodi v akkal hogi toh woh rd ko choose karegi. He needs her right now…

  3. Harshita

    Randhir has become blind in his fury! He may want to take revenge now but when he comes back to his senses he is going to repent and regret it. He is spoiling his own life and career, as his focus will be on revenge and not on polishing his skills. Sanyukta should not spoil her career in this revenge ka chakkar. Happy that she’s not supporting him in his revenge, according to spoilers. I’m afraid that this revenge may lead to Randhir’s downfall. πŸ™

  4. {[(β™₯)]}

    Thoda sa pyar hua hain thoda hain baaaki
    hum to dil de hi chuke bas teri haa hain baaki thoda sa pyar hua hain thoda hain baaki

  5. blazing fire

    love is waste of time..
    posting here prsnl cmnt is a crime..
    love is a waste of time..
    leave this site by the time.

  6. {[(β™₯)]}

    Jaanu me to jaanu teri baatei meethi meethi par karu kaise karu me bharosa
    badi mushkil hain ye darta ye dil hain ho na jaaye kahi koi dhoka

  7. {[(β™₯)]}

    Mujhko hui na khabar chori chori chup chup kar
    kab pyar ki pehli nazar haaye
    le gayi le gayi dil le gayi….. πŸ˜‰

  8. {[(β™₯)]}

    Sona kitna sona hain sone jaisa tera tan
    sun zara sun kya kehti hain deewane dil ki dhadkan
    tu mera tu mera tu mera tu mera tu mera HERO NO. 1 πŸ˜‰

  9. {[(β™₯)]}

    Gustakh dil tere liye betaab hain
    aye jaanejaan
    dardejigar kaise.bayaan tujhse kare
    Dil bezubaan
    Ye diiiiiiillllll!!!!

  10. {[(β™₯)]}

    Chu ke dil ko choo ho jaana
    Aadat hain teri buri ye
    Haaye chup ke dikhna dikh ke chupna
    aafat hain dekho badi… πŸ˜‰

  11. {[(β™₯)]}

    Aakhein khuli ho ya ho band didaar unka hota hain
    kaise kahu mein oh yaara ye pyaar kaise hota hain

  12. {[(β™₯)]}

    In aakhon ki masti ke mastaane hazaaron hain
    mastaane hazaaron hain
    in aakhon se wabasta afsaane hazaaron hain
    in aakhon ki masti ke
    ^_^ *_* Β°_Β° πŸ˜‰

  13. {[(β™₯)]}

    Tee naina bade quatil maar hi daalnge
    quatilana adaaao se ek din iss dil ko hasaayenge πŸ™‚ rulayenge :'( maar hi dalenge…

  14. rebecca

    Wat NVGA
    Y all of a sudden ??? Bt wen r u goin??
    N pops aaye , mtlb mere chocolates bhi gye πŸ™
    Accha galaxy toh bacha k rakh or else courier hi krr de

  15. steffie

    U hve lost it
    Chocolates ka saambhaar ban jayega πŸ˜›
    N timepass mat Kr bht kaam h
    N galaxy sirf mera h. Tum koi aur chocolate lelo

  16. steffie

    No. I read d updates πŸ™
    Bt abhi interesting Ho gya h
    A/w bye n happy new year advance me
    N ha blue row jeet gya as always πŸ˜›

  17. rebecca

    Ok bye n wish u d same πŸ™‚
    And woh to jitega hi. Cheater chocks Jo the tum log abhi bhi cheating hi kiya hoga πŸ˜›

  18. well wisher

    guys wat r u doing………see kyy is the new craze…..4r a sandhir fan lyk me its unbearable…………….

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