Sadda Haq 30th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The boys are on their knees and elbows, girls take them forward. They are tryong hard to cross as their elbows are on skate boards. sanyu leads. Ranawt says only 2 minutes are left. sanyu randhir get up you don’t have to do this. randhir says dont’ worry about me, focus on your task. He says i have an idea. He ties his shoes to the skates, and says hurry up. Ranawat says only 30 seconds are left. The time is up. Ranawt ask them hungry? he puts biscuits in from of them. Parth says this is too much their is a difference between commanding and insulting. Ranawt slaps him on the face and says dont be audacious to me. Radhir says you are being audacious, we trying to get the respect back to this college but your ruined everything. Ranawt leaves.

Dean says to ranwat what are you trying to do? Ranwat puts wine in a glass, and drinks it. He says pkc why you keeping saying the same old things to me? i am not like others. don’t impose rules on me. he goes out.

karan calls randhir and says my gf’s brothers are after me, we are from a differnt cast, they will kill me. randhir says come here. He hangs up.

Parth says to vidushi we have lost because of you. sanyu says dont fight, now think who will do this task? Sanyu says of course you all boys. randhir says we have lost because of you. sanyu and vid sleep after a while, all the boys get up and cook. randhir says keep eating they are seeing us. sanyu and vid are coking theirs. Randhir opens the gate for sanyu. She leaves. yoyo says ask her to bring something to eat.

Precap-The girls are ruining parth and randhir’s room. ranawt shows them the video. sanyu says to randhir i thought you wont ever do. randhir says i took revenge. he says you are same old selfish girl.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  3. Sry alia I can’t cum to tu for some days bcoz of my own reasons but I will comment sometimes dr

  4. N karthik d show is going fab plz don’t pass such comments

  5. Ok now gud n8 guys n sweet dreams Gugu missing u dr

  6. off y did he slap parth! so sad!

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  8. omg this sadda haq….i cant umderstand….ki ho kya raha hai….pechle episodes dekh ke laga….sadda haq intersting ho raha hai…..but phir se vohi faltu ladai jhakda….samaj nahi aata yeh serial ghum phir ke aek hi track pe kyu ata hai….ladai jhagda.?????randhir and sanyukta bina ladai jhakde ke nahi reh sakte kya….and yeh pagal ranawat….his tasks for the dream team totally bullshit….cant understand what he is up 2…sadda haq is again getting borring…jaise pehle hua tha…fighting and alll

  9. Don’t wrorry nandhini I know agar ye f8ing wala track jaada din tak khicha gaya tho v will b bored of dis n agar sandhir scene ko zaada dere khicha jaata hai den also some fans get bored but in all situations v luv r show r8 anyways tum logo ko jaaldi FITE k dream team compitions dekne ko millege n I m tho very much excited for it I don’t know wheater u guys remember FITE n LITS ka compition in dat dere was a guy named vineet who was trying to flirt with vids he is back n now v will see him in dat compition so r u guys excited now wt say????

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