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Scene 1
That video calls Vid and says I need video of HD quality. Vid says you wont have any complain. Parth comes to her. He says where were you? She says i was dating myself because there is nothing between us. He says are you mad? she says tell me when was our last passionate date? Maybe we should do something like that.

Randhir is working adda calls him he doesn’t pick. she says how dare you? Pick up the phone. Adda comes to randhir says don’t dare not to pick my call. Randhir says i was doing an assignment. She says you were not answering my calls for an assignment? he says this is important. he checks mine first. She says you can’t ignore me. You dont have to do any assignment. PKC wont check yours anymore. He says you can’t convince him. Adda says you think

i try convincing him? I can control his brain. He says should I try? She says yes sure. You need this information to control someone’s brain through their DNA. We have all staff’s info so we can control it directly we don’t need his blood sample.
Randhir tries, PKC moves as he orders him.Adda says i was calling to ask what bomb are you using? We dont have much time decide it soon.

Randhir is in his room. Parth says this Vid is freaking me out. she is behaving weird. Randhir slaps him and says there was a spider on your back. Randhir starts working. He orders parth to stop moving. Parth does.
Sanyu comes parth holds her hand and says i love you sanyu. She says i dont like these jokes. He says i really love you. Vid comes there. Parth says vid is just a time pass. Randhir is not the right guy for you. Vid leaves in anger. Parth calls randhir. Parth says randhir wants to talk to you. Randhir tells sanyu I am making him do this. I need dna of the person i am controlling blood of. Randhir says i need adda’s DNA sample to control her. Sanyu says leave that upto me.

Everyone is working. Adda comes in the lab. Parth comes to vid she doesn’t talk to him. He wonders what is wrong with her. he says why are you behaving this way? She says are you mad? Randhir these girls are like this. Sanyu says why you boys come after us then? Randhir says you keep your mouth shut. Vid says all of you MCP. Randhir and sanyu start fighting for the machine. Adda comes says leave it both of you. The machine cuts adda’s hand. There are drops of her blood on the machine. she says you both are suspended. Randhir and sanyu smile at each other.

Sanyu says wont she no? He says no she wont. They see adda going to her cabin. Randhir commands her she does as randhir asks. Sanyu says her mind is under out control now. randir and sanyu hear some people. They go out and see that tania is faint and her eyes are open. sanyu says what happened to her? They says she was walking like a robot. Randhir says you go with her i am going to room and handle the command. None of commands are working. Randhir says what happened to this? He gets a call. its sanyu. Sanyu says tania is not respondin at all. Randhir says the battery of my latpop is dead. Tania wakes up and says whats going on here? Why is everyone staring at me? A guy says you jumped from the staircase. She says why would i do this. Sanyu says to randhir did adda do this? Randhir says i will talk to her.

Randhir goes to adda and says i applied that mind controllin this on parth. This is really interesting. Can we control a secret group member’s mind too? She says no. We take some injections so our DNA can’t be controlled. Are you trying to control me?

Precap-Randhir says lets see where adda goes tonight. They follow her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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