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Sadda Haq 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and randhir are in corridor. Sanyu says why you get mad, i ask you to stay calm. Randhir says and i ask you to not behave like my mom. How did you complete the task so fast? she says there was a short cut, when the weight was falling on your head my mind started working fast, so you were a motivation. Sanyu says now please be happy does it matter who is driver and who is co-driver. She holds his hand. He says what are you doing. she says holding your hand.

The woman calls Parth and says we cant forget your magic. Parth says what you want? She says you have to give a special performance in front of us. Parth says are you out of your mind. She uploads half of the video. She says i will upload complete one. Parth says you blackmail me. She says then do what i want. Parth says

text me the time. He throws away the phone in anger. Randhr says whats wrong with you, tell me what is it. Parth punches him. Randhir says if you wanna spill out your frustration by fighting i am in.
Parth says never trust these girls. Randhir says yes always selfish. Parth says they only think about themselves. Parth tells randhir everything. Randhir says this is unbelievable. Parth says i have no choice. Randhir says we have to stop it. Parth says i cant let the video be uploaded. Randhir says it has to stop somewhere.
Randhir tries to find out details of those women, he says will blackmail them and make them confess. Lets find their weakness. Parth says they are rich women. Randhir says they fear defamation.

Sanyu and randhir come to canteen. Rishab says this is our dream team’s drive sanyu and the other one is driver in dreams. You both deserve a treat. I decided to throw a party in honor of our champ sanyu and the lucky co-driver randhir. Sanyu says so kind that she chose randhir as his co-driver. What an amazing gesture. Sanyu says thanks rishab you are so generous. If you had a good memory you would have seen that I reached the end because of randhir. I am luckier than randhir because i have a partner like him. Rishab says you are too modest. Lets began the party. Randhir drinks people taunt at him. sanyu tries to control him. She says i am glad we are together in this race. Yoyo says sanyu and randhir lets go dance.
Sanyu and randhir dance. Randhir says i am drunk you can’t force me to dance. Sanyu says you can. Randhir is falling, sanyu helps him. Rishab plays randhir’s video wearing bow shirt. Randhir starts hitting. Sanyu says he is a loser that is why he provokes you. Randhir leaves. Parth holds randhir and asks are you okay? Randhir says yes i dont need help. Parth says why are you mad that was just a competition. Randhir says i was the most deserving and i became co-driver. I should have been driver. Sanyu studied some short cut and won. I will drive the car in the end. And i wont leave that rishab. Parth says you will be there to protect sanyu. Randhir says that is what i am for? Why she has to be something always. Its embarrassing for me. i will be the only guy with whom a girl will be driving.

Scene 2
Everyone is in lab. Parth asks randhir where is sanyyu? she comes in. Randhir says where were you? sanyu says why? Do you have some special comment or opinion about me. He says i didn’t mean it. Ranawat comes in and says our work has not ended. We have to start like never before. I want to see you like an engine well oiled and parts beautifully fitted together. Engine is in front of you and you have to upgrade it. Parth says it is already in best condition. Ranawat says nothing is best. You will upgrade it by tomorrow. Captain will tell who will do what. Sanyu says rishab will do paper work. Ranawat says no it should be someone who has been around for long. sanyu says then randhir can do paper work.

Precap-Sanyu asks Parth where is randhir? Parth says he is asleep. Ranawat comes and asks where is randhir? Sanyu says he is asleep because he was making report all night. Parth says i will teach him later. Ranawat says this is not a movie. Sanyu goes and wakes randhir up with water.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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