Sadda Haq 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is sitting with aryan and everyone.She asks what happened kritika? Kritika says everything is perfect. She says life is so unfair. Joy says you are right. Sumit says the world is unfair. Aryan caresses sanyu’s face and holds her. He says my world is so beautiful. I don’t know if I will ever say that or not. Sanyu stands up and says I am coming.

Sanyu comes near pool and sees randhir. He says sanaya you like being in pool? I will give you company. He takes off his shirt and jumps in the pool.Sanaya feels uncomfortable. Randhir says you look so gorgeous today. You are the best thing ever happened to me. He tucks strand of hair behind her ear and hugs her. He is about to kiss her. sanaya shoves him and says what are you doing? Come out of pool.
She says what the

hell was that? You were doing that to make sanyu jealous. Randhir says its not like that. She says you never behaved that way with me before. You were using me. Is she that important? Rnahdir says I don’t care about her. Sanaya says okay fine but you are so possessive. You think sanyu is your territory. I don’t think we have a future. You will always be special for me. But thats about it. Take care of yourself.
Sanyu recalls randhir close to sanaya. Randhir recalls sanyu dancing with aryan.
sanyu falls asleep. Randhir recalls dream team competition.
Aryan sees sanyu and picks her up. He takes sanyu to her room. Sanyu says you care so much for me. He says I will always be there for you. She falls asleep. Aryan kisses her cheek and says, not without telling her. He leaves. After a while sanyu wakes up. She goes out and sees randhir.
Sanyu says why so depressed? You were kicking me out of ISRC but I became lead. He says go and sleep. Sanyu says why? You are mad. You will always be. Randhir says I don’t wanna hear a word. Sanyyu says mad mad mad. You drank too much today. She falls asleep on bench. Randhir leaves her there but then comes back. He picks her up and takes her to her room. he takes off her shoes and covers her with sheet.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanyu wakes up. She feels tired. She recalls last night with randhir. Sanyu washes her face.
Randhir is working in lab. sanyu comes and says thank for taking me to room last night. He says it was my pleasure, in fact duty. Can’t leave lead on bench, who would lead the bench. And I protected you to help myself. I want to defeat you. Sanyu says all misconceptions are clear. I forgot how selfish you are.
Nirman says calm down sanyu. Lead can’t be vulnerable. Slowly all your emotions will fade away.

Precap-Sanyu says to kritika I didn’t tell papa. I am calling him but he is not picking up. Agarwal comes and says because I had to surprise you.Sanyu hugs him and says I am lead astronaut. She takes him to cafe.Randhir texts sanyu did papa like the cafe? He comes in. Sanyu is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi everyone

    The epi was very nice
    But why is Aryan behaving so creepy with Sanyukta, he’s not showing the write message. I know he cares about her and all but he shouldn’t have done that even think of kissing her. He knows that Sanyu likes her as a friend

    I hope they don’t turn him a villain when he finds out Sanyukta still love his khado Randhir madly
    SanDhir are still so madly inlove with each other but their ego is hunting them

    I use to hate Sanaya but now I have tons of respect for her. To me that’s women emporwement. I hope her and SanDhir remains friends. I have a feeling she’s our next Parth
    I loved SanDhir scenes, Randhir is such a caring hubby!!

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    Anyways yaha to sabko western clothes ache lagte hai…

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        I hope she like it

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      1. Yup sanyu dear… I also like western as well as Indian dress 🙂

  5. Umm…i like to wear shorts or playsuits…i prefer playsuits more…
    Or whenever i’m tired, i wear trackpants n a sweatshirt..or shorts n sweatshirt…
    Or when its a party, i usually wear nice dresses that are not too gaudy bt are classy.. n i dont wear heals very often coz i’m sometimes i wear them to get that perfect attitude..

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    I feel very uncomfortable in those short dresses…..i always prefer long dresses tht are atlst till my toes…
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    A very big happy bday to my sanyu dear. … Our rajasthani queen…. And jahan take gift Dene ko bast hai wo taiyaar hai bus pack Karna baaki hai 😉

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      Love u dear

  10. Today sada haq nai tha kya

  11. Whre u all went??
    Hey raj bro kuthe ahes????
    Exam chalu aheka?

  12. No update of today 🙁

  13. Haha even I m wondering…….I didn’t see today’s epic….but don’t worry I can see it on fb….Sandhir parsh fc…….

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  16. aaj written update kaha he?? today’s episode was good…nirman’s bla bla opinions…randhir decide a plan to destroy sanyu…also aryan… really excited …. gudni8 frnds ….swt drmz…tc 🙂 🙂

  17. Pls post 3rd may written episode

  18. Aryan didn’t kissed sanyu, he was about to kiss her but stops nd thinks he can’t kiss her without her permission….even though i don’t like aryan but i like his respect and love for sanyu

  19. Hey…. 3th may best line spoken by randir

    My beloved sanyu and after it what a emotion of randhir …. What a. Expression his smile just like a kid….

    Now… I think nirman became a good person ….

    And in fb the update is there but why don’t they update it till now ….

    And liya sweet best of luck for your exam 🙂 😉

    And I forgot yo say … Hii everyone … All the sweet hearts 😉

    1. Thnk u mayu!!??

  20. Here is the sadda haq 3rd may 2016 written update:-

    An annoyed Sanyukta was continuously dialing his father’s number as she forgot to inform her regarding her win. Somehow she couldn’t connect to him and was even more pissed. She was shocked when Mr Agarwal came to surprise her. She ran and hugged him like a daughter would do, seeing her father after months. Her smile was so genuine and both the faces glowed when she broke the news of her becoming the lead astronaut. As soon as they settled in the restrobar, she received a message from Randhir. The moment she read the text she sensed the danger. She saw him standing right behind her father, smirking and waving while coming close. She got up immediately and rushed to drag him out. She tried everything, convincing, warning, arguing, commanding, fighting just to stop him. But when Randhir had set up a mind to do something, nothing can stop him. Ignoring all her attempts,he came back only to witness Aryan sitting in place of Mr. Agarwal. Sanyukta had drop a message to him so that he could handle her father. The war of words began between Aryan and Randhir while She stood there silent, watching him with absolute anger. Randhir promised Aryan to snatch away all the happiness left, to torture her and make her life a hell. Little if he knew, in the process of destroying her, he is losing his soul. The team was busy completing their respective work in the lab. One man was busy focussing on someone else, rather than his work. She being his biggest distraction. He went up to her to see the wrong coding she has been feeding the supercomputer. Within seconds the system began heating up, and the warning alarm played. She panicked while he smirked. In the end, he came to her rescue by correcting the code and proving his genius mind. Randhir is restless. He did not know what to do with her. All his attempts are going in vain because either she outsmart him or he end up hurting himself. He went to Nirman only to get more manipulated. Nirman made him realise that it’s Aryan behind Sanyukta’s victory, thus giving him another motive. He made sure that Randhir is convinced to break Aryan and Sanyukta’s bond. At the same time I agree to one thing he said. ” Sanyukta bhale hi baar baar giregi but she never gives up. She’ll fall everytime to rise up higher the next time. She is determined.” Nirman’s motive is to make Sanyukta independent and free from every emotional attachment. Being their mentor, he would have known by now, that Maybe by breaking the bond, she will be self dependent. But the man he is using to do so, will be self ruined. Every day Randhir is burning in the fire of revenge and hatred. With every plan backfiring him, his hatred increased crushing him from within. “As much as I hate you, I love you too” Remember? Randhir sat in the room thinking and making strategy to destroy her. Finally, Nirman was successful in putting the thought in his mind. “I know where to hit you right. My Beloved Sanyu.” Realising the last few words he just spoke, the expression changed from a villainous smile to the Sad low face. More than Sanyukta, he is fighting a fierce battle within. On one hand, the revenge killed his feelings for her, while on the other, the discomfort is clearly visible when he sees her with somebody else. Not even for a second his mind stops thinking about her. Good or evil, Adore or revenge, care or hatred, itis all about her. He found himself standing in front of her room while Aryan was knocking at her door. He played every possible trick to make him loose his mind. He spoke and revealed some very special Sandhir moments without even realising that it was meant only for them to know. By doing so, He is not destroying her, but them all together.

    Precap : Again, Randhir appeared right in front of her while going through her plan. She tried to snatch it away but he was reluctant. He told him to check on the stars through the telescope as she missed two of them while drawing the design. As soon as she checked again, she witnessed a smiley in the sky by connecting the missed star in a certain pattern. Though he swore to never look back and ruin all the happiness left in her life. But one look at her smile, made his lips curve in the same way. SaddaHaq​ And he was back in a nanosecond, from heartless being to her bae.

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