Sadda Haq 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir meets parth. Randhir says you were leaving in evening. Parth says yeah but I am leaving now. Parth says I just want both of you to be happy. Sanaya says him bye as well. Sanyu hugs parth and says I will miss you. He says take care. Aryan says good luck and hugs him. Parth says in heart they both look happy in their lives and I guess that is destiny for now. But life is so unpredictable. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?
The intern says to sanyu this is crew computer. Sanyu says yes all the research is specified with this. Randhir comes in. He says i didn’t know there is a separate mission for interns? Its better to do your work. If you don’t mind.. the intern leaves. Randhir sits on super computer. Sanyu sees him working. Sanyu sees email from her own ID. She

says aryan.. randhir looks at her. Sanaya sees them and leaves.

Joy says to Kritika says you must be insured? She says is arjun coming with us? he says yes but he got an important call. Joy says we should go. Kritika says I am coming in 2 minutes. She sees arjkun saying on call please trust me its not what you think it is.
Sanaya is working. she cuts her hand a bit. She says am I overreacting. I hope there is nothing like that.
Nirman can’t access his documents. He checks everything. he asks becky where is enevelop? The password change and everything is in that. Becky says calm down. He says just go.
Arjuna says on call please listen to me, give me one chance. He sees kritika. he grasps her hand and says how dare? She says calm down I was just passing form here. She says please calm down. I can help you. He says what you think of yourself. she says you are hurting my hand.

Sanyu sees aryan and says he looks busy. Aryan says you are at right place why are you going back? she says I thought you are busy. You mailed me. He says what mail? Sanyu says okay and is about to leave. He holds her hand and I can focus better in yoru company. Sanyu recalls their good moments together. She reads note I don’t want this smile to ever fade. sanyu places her head on his shoulder.

Nirman says to minka you have stolen that file. She says you undertsand me so well. He says I like hurting you and you know that. she says I will expose you. I will tell everyone what can you do to get your selfish motives done. he says I dont care you better shouldn’t be seen here.

SAnaya comes to randhir and says sheikho come with me. They eat out together, randhir makes her eat. She says I was really hungry. She says I texted you but you didn’t come. he says we both won. Its working. he says I was tired your draama refreshes me. She says why is sanyu being so desparate? She says I mean nirman tortures her but she isnt giivng up. She can get a job anywhere. She says I am going to sleep. He says whats wrong? She says are you coming or should i go alone?

Sanyu hears a meow and drops all her files. Joy comes and laugsh. He says this was my phone sorry. SAnyu laughs and says stupid. Sanyu laughs. sanaya comes in and sees her laughing.

Precap-Randhir comes to sanaya and says i have been looking for you. She says the person who is so special to me has feelings for his ex still.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    So Parth today officially bid goodbye..Parth got his frndz got a job..only vidushi is in a mess..I will miss nishank aka vidarth a only reason to watch SaddaHaq

  2. Uff
    now ds rd is overacting
    He has gotten such a sweet girl
    still he needs sanyu while he doesn’t trust her nd cannot understand her dreams ..

  3. I hate sanaya××××××××××××××
    she said she is friend to randhir.Then what is her problem,if randhir have a feelings\no feelings for sanyu.I know Aryan is cute and perfect. But my heart didn’t accept Aryan+sanyu.
    Just waiting for sandhir and especially ¶RANDI KI JEALOUSY √√√√√√√√√√√√√ GUYS

    • Priya

      I guess Aryan and Sanyukta are best couple . Aryan understands her dreams and he is so caring whereas Randhir is upto taunt Sanyukta and demotivate her. I don’t want to see sandhir again.

      • Nikkii

        but i think that’s their love Randhir brings out the best in sanyukta BY challenging her.

  4. titli

    Juz hate dat bimboo sanaya who is juz an attention by day SH2 getting bored.i miss vidhart n yoyo..

  5. Nikki

    So parths entry finally proved to be of no use in breaking randhirs misconceptions. Anyhow parth did give us a hint while leaving thtlyf is unpredictable n anything can happen. Tht anything means randhir will be together soon. I really didn’t like sanaya and I didn’t like the way randhir said that he’ll prove tht he doesn’t feel for sanyukta. I’m sure he’s gonna do sumthng stupid which will hurt sanyukta. I’m just waiting for d day when he sees sanyukta wid Aryan. And I really don’t want the writers to turn Aryans character negative. He’s the only newbie who has managed to impress the audience. I just want him to be in the show as a positive character who helps sanyukta. also plss focus on the mars mission as well and when is sanyukta gonna enter the team?

  6. nasimun

    There will be a love fight in the future between Aryan and Randhir. That’s the actual and spicy scene we should watch to whom sanyukta will get attached?

  7. Sanyukta rathor

    Aryan is so cute and sweet , sanyu and aryan cute together , love u my sweet aryan , u r the only one reason that i was like this show , love youuuuuuuuuu

  8. Abbz

    no offence guys ……. i think tat sanyu n aryan make a better couple ……:):):)
    aryan supports her lik hellllll any grl shld get a guy who supports her in all times

  9. Ena

    what a pair Aryan Sanyu
    Both of u r damn damn damn damn sweet
    And Aryan is d only one who got attached with audience within some days …
    Love u love u Aryan
    And dat hug scene ..uff…amazing ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  10. Tanya

    Maybe in future the stofy may turn like eclipse of the twilight saga…….aryan is really nice. I like him, and sanyu clear the misconseption of rd that u r selfish. Just make it clear shy do u hear such taunts frim him…….

  11. Sanyukta rathor

    Yes aryan and sanyu are good couple, and every girl want a life partner like aryan, he is a nice guy , so sweet of him

  12. Ananya

    Totally agreeing Sanyukta and Aryan are infinity times better couple. Randhir is just growing worse day be day. It’s not working out. A way too boring. And sanaya she was fun before but now her obsession wala drama. That’s so disgusting…

  13. Sanyukta rathor

    Aryan and sanyu love to see you both together ever ,, and aryan really love u yar u r so sweet 🙂

  14. pari

    If Parth and Vidushi wont be in the show then i will stop watching it coz they were the only actors that could keep the show alive besides SanDhir. Now coz of this psyco Aryan and this overreacting Shanaya the story is boring and its losing its charm.

  15. aliyah

    Nothing can compare to Sandhir chemistry. They will always be the best. Aryan and Shanaya are nowhere around.

  16. lorena

    Sandhir & Vidarth are the life and soul of SH. Without them the show is boring.
    I saw that someone here said that Nisha aka Vids will be back in the show. Im really happy coz of that i missed Vids and i hope PaHope the Cv will think about something to bring Parth as well in ISRC.
    Aryan and Shanaya are nice ppl but i cant connect with them at all they really dont impress me like Sandhir & Vidarth and even Yoyo do.

  17. sofia

    I think Aryan and Shanaya will make a nice couple coz they both are like psyco and obsessed with Sanyu and Rd. No offens but Aryan and Shanaya are way to despo.
    Sandhir and Vidarth are the best. They keep the show alive and that is even proved coz without them the show got low trp and even the CV noticed that and they brought Vidarth back and they put some Sandhir scenes.

  18. naina

    SanDhir was…is….and will always be the best.
    Vidarth as well they are an amazing couple.
    We can clearly see that Aryan, Sanaya and all this new entries couldnt keep the viewers interest alive…not even the new mentor. Its proved that without Sandhir and Vidarth the show is nothing. I hope the CV will realise this soon and will get Vidarth back and Sandhir together as well.

  19. elly

    Sandhir is the best couple ever.
    I also love Vidarth and i hope they will be back in the show for good.

  20. kajol

    Im with u guys…i also love SANDHIR a lot.
    And im also a big fan of VIDARTH.
    I dont like Aryan and Shanaya…they are psycos. And all this new entries are really boring.

  21. belle

    First of all i wanna say that Sadda Haq is one of the best youth show ever coz it has a realyy powerfull msg.
    Now coming to the couples of the show im also a big fan of SanDhir and VidArth.
    No offence for the fans of Aryan but he will never be more then a friend to Sanyu so if u keep hoping that they ll be together u can all quit watching the show.
    I really hope the CVS will get some sens and will bring Parth and Vids in the show again if they want the trp to raise. They can make up a story and bring VidArth in ISRC too.

  22. soraya

    Sandhir is the perfect couple. I hate Aryan and Shanaya they are despo persons.
    I also like Vidarth a lot they are the best thing that could happen to Sadda Haq after Sandhir.

  23. rania

    For me SanDhir, VidArth, SaRth, VidHir, SanVi and PaRan will always be the life of Sadda Haq.
    Without them the show lost its charm thus they got low trp.

  24. Sindhu

    All the serials in the channel V are far better than serials in Star plus and See TV… What ever the story is season I’m nt gng to quit watching the show…Love all the characters in Saddahaq 2…I’m gng to miss parth a lot….

  25. yasmin

    I also support Sandhir and Vidarth.
    They are the pillars of the show and thats proved coz without them the show had low trp.

  26. masal

    Sandhir is the best. They are unreplaceble.
    And Vidarth as well they cant be replaced by other new entries.

  27. sakshi

    by seeing these episode i think cvs are showing us how to move on in our life. i mean sanyukta and randhir are under the same roof from so many days and still we have hardly any scenes of sandhir…. and after seeing randhir cold behaviour and sanyu reaction i think aryan and sanaya are only best 4 them

  28. Sanahki

    Viewers are quitting Sadda haq day by day, if they don’t show Sandhir together they show will end sonner that we think. It’ll be Expect the Unexpected.
    I really dont like Sanaya she’s so annoying my God. Can’t they fire all the newbies and bring back Parth as the second male lead and Yoyo and Vidushi, I love them so much and miss them a lot..
    The new promo is scary but I want Randhir to realise he still loves Sanyukta and then he’ll fight for her come what may our RSS will win her all over again and that psycho Aryan will remain an obsess lover.. I hope CVs hook Sanaya and Aryan up they deserve each other, desperate bimbos!!

  29. liz

    SANDHIR and VIDDARTH should be there for season 2, otherwise people will stop watching the show. We dont want any new pairings in sadda haq

  30. Sanyukta rathor

    Don’t forget that this is season 2 , agar sab kuch season 1 jesa hi rahe to season 2 ka mean hi kya h . Aryan and sanaya is show changer . Pls Aksept both them.

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      We all knw tht its season 2 bt if u cn onedy season 1 ws also new bt still it connctd wd us due to sanyukta randhir parth ths two r not able to catch up the acting level n vidarth r tht part of show which gv immense fame to the obviously thr fans r nt watching d show n results trp low..n.we r nt agnst the ignorance towards vidarth cz old is gold

  31. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys no offence to aryan n sanaya fans, bt the show is day by day losing its charm..vidarth fans hv left the show..sandhir fans are bored..
    Now toh show is evn not suitable fr a time pass..
    And yes nisha aka vidushi will be bck bt thr z still time
    nisha said in an iv tht sanyukta n parth r two mst imp people in hr if vidushi comes, will cvs give her a proper trck ,such as meet wd parth ????

  32. Sanyukta rathor

    But seriously sandhir is not possible in season 2, and we have new sandhir sanaya+randhir sandhir, Aksept it,

    • anjali

      Sorry to say…but for we sandhir fans sandhir= will be forever….and sadha haq was so inspirational for a girl like me and so many other… And the best pairs are sandhir and vidarth always… We don’t have pblm with new entries..but me personally don’t like sanyu always depending on Aryan… This not our determined sanyu… So plz better u accept the fact..

  33. Sanahki

    Suranjana I hope they don’t bring Vidushi just to spice up the boring love triangle between Arjun Kritika and Joy. CVs always uses Vidushi popularity when things don’t go well. I’m still wondering why Arjun, Joy and Kritika are in ISRC I mean they are so boring even Yoyo and his two friends were better than them. Seriously Sadda Haq has lost it charm and Aryan and Sanyukta, Randhir and Sanaya are not helping at all!!

    I always skip scenes expecially when they show those 3 newbies and Samyukta and Aryan

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Vidushi is not interested in arjun…n already entangled in a marriage like hell..I dont know whats going to happen wd her now??

  34. Sanahki

    I hope it won’t be too late when CVs realises that without Sandhir and Vidarth the show will the end!

    • Nikki

      No offence everyone but I seriously think that we and the writers should focus on the main zist of this serial. This serial started as a motivational show for girls and the young generation. It was not about sandhirr vidarth or any other couple. and quitting this show just bcoz we aren’t liking the pairs will be wrong. I mean if we really want to quit this show we can quit it for other better reasons. and pls understand that parth yoyo n vidushi can’t get into isrc. For god sake its Indian space research centre and not any other company. Sorry if I did hurt anyone’s feelings out here.

  35. I think tht parth’s entry is not temporary coz if he exits thn who will tell randhir the truth of the accident. It is shown in yesterday’s epi tht rd still has felling for sanyu…writers will 4 sure keep vidarth coz they know the trp depends on them as well…at first they will obviously create problems and confusions to make the reunion of sandhir more interesting…if they patches up sandhir so soon thn what will be remin in the show??? And I think tht now they will show sandhir’s fight so the trp gets high as sandhir’s fight always grabs the attention….so I think we should wait as every thing takes a little time to get the speed and the season 2 has been just 1& half months.

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Pritha, thy hv shown parth leavng fr a seriously many thngs r lft to be i.dnt knw whats going to happn.lost all hope

  36. anjali

    I really hope randhir’s efforts to show he doesn’t care about sanyu will eventually make him realize that he still loves her…

  37. Avni

    Sanaya is irritating.why she s behaving like this.sanyukta n randhir makes gr8 pair.but y randhir doesn’t understand sadda haq 1 der ws same story.he neva understood her.wo kitni girlfriends banayega.pehle bhi thi uski gf sanyukta ke baad.aryan understands sanyukta better n respects her.plz show ko interesting bana do.vidushi toh apne harkatose kabhi baaz nahi ayegi.I dnt knw y people wants to see vidushi wid parth.she neva loved parth.parth deserves nice girl.

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Its true that randhir n vidushi r flawes..but u cnt sat tht thy dont deserve sanyukta n parth…thn u haven’t seen all the episodes of season 1….
      Vidushi killed a goon ,steal n evn sacrificed hr own scholarship n evn ws ready to keep her life for parth
      and Randhir did uncoutable things for sanyukta
      even sanyukta n parth are also flawed
      even parth n sanyukta r fla

  38. Randhir will know the truth latter as oher thn parth only sanyu can tell him the truth bt i don’t think tht sanyu will do tht as she fele betrayed by randhir.

  39. Sanyukta rathor

    Sab ki apni apni choice h guys some one like sandhir some one like sanaryan. It’s not a big deal

  40. Nikki

    this show is soo much better than all the bakwas saas bahu serials !!!
    i ♥ Aryan sanyu soo much…. but kinda hate sanaya randhir jodi … cuz randhir has changed soo much now but towards sanyu his attitude is always same ! Hope rd gets RED with jealousy seeing aryan sanyu !

  41. Sanahki

    I’m sure many viewers are no hoping for a reunion soon they just hate seeing them with others and now that Sanyukta seem she’s falling for Aryan, fans are not liking that!!

  42. nisha

    hey friends how r u all .

    hey suru how r u dear

    hey karu where are you dear.

    Sanyukta rathor hey dear where is this Rathor inspire from. Will you share it . Heloooooooooooooooooo dear.

    I like yesterday episode , so many things predictable because they make us watch the spoiler and so many things before. But still watching the episode.

    Don’t know why But I didn’t connect much with sanaya character. difficult , because may be I like sanyukta more.

    but things are not in the favour of aryan. I like his character. because ultimately except it guyz

    if sanyukta see randhir + sanaya= not a big reaction or a thanda repsonse.

    but when randhir will see sanyukta + randhir + there will be a bomb blast for sure.

    so jitnee intense chemistry aryukta ki hogee utna hi randhir ko dekhne me mazaa aayegaa

    waiting for that moment .

    and yes

    I miss vids also she is the tadka of sd

    and parth too.

    hope they come.

    But one person I miss so much that is Vardhan character. I just love his character.

    He make this character remember for so long.

    and yes in sd 1 all the characters are the pillar of sadda haq we actually like all the character.

    even kausthuki also.

    jiggy, kausthuki, yoyo, parth , vids, sanyukta randhir vardhan sir, maya, her room mate din’t remeber the name of her. she is also cool and make sandhir romance bloom,

    I miss all the fun

    now these new character doesn’t be able to make the grip strong

    God please make some exciting thing happen

    well love u all.

    hope for the best .

    love u karu where are you u suru , love u all

  43. karina

    Hey guys 🙂
    I kind of missed some epis but i ll chatch them up.
    Awww my Parth is back…but pls tell me he isnt leaving again. The CV should make up a story so that VidArth will be in ISRC as well.
    About SanDhir…im really dissapointed coz the CV dont show at least some scenes with them…its becoming a little boring…
    I agree the show is far better then others but without SanDhir and VidArth its not the same…

  44. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hi karina…how r u??missed u a lot
    karina the situation has gt bck to same situation..
    Parth has cme only fr 1 day….he hss left n no vidushi….tht same aryan n sanaya n newbies drama….

    • karina

      Hey dear im fine thanks for asking and u ? I also miss u a lot dear 🙂
      Uff im so sad coz the CV are not getting their senses back…im so dissapointed coz they dont bring Vidarth back….i donno what they wanna prove but i guess they will lose all the fans of Vidarth very soon and the fans of Sandhir also if they keep showing scenes only b/w sanyu and aryan and rd and shanaya 🙁
      Love u dear…nice seeing u…missed u all…

  45. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    I m f9 ..its jst sad fr vidarth..On twitter many r saying tht ankit aka parth hs lft the show n it ws his last just hurts a lot..i hv compltly stopped watchng SaddaHaq

    • karina

      No dear dont tell me this 🙁 i dont want Ankit to leave the show 🙁
      But dear i dont think he will leave coz Param said in an interview if i remember well…he said Parth and Vids will be a part of S2…i read it on internet…someone wrote in english what Param said in that interview and he said Vidarth will be in S2…donno if im wrong but Param also said in S2 we will get to see even VidHir friendship…im so sad i want Parth and Vids back…
      Dear if u get any news about Vidarth being in the show pls share it here coz i can only get news about the show from internet coz SH isnt aired in my country 🙁

      • Suranjana Bhattacharya

        Sure dear, if I gt any info. I wl surely post here
        Dear, cn u plz post tht IV of param..only Written update wl do…plzz

    • karina

      Yeah dear sure…i ll try to find the WU of that video again….its just i ve seen it long time ago i donno if i ll find it again but i promiss i ll do my best to find it..
      And thank u dear for keeping us posted about Nisha and Ankit tweets…love u..

  46. Suranjana, I know tht parth hs got a job,b he has to come back as only he can tell rd the truth of tht accident…and sh is very unpredictable so the writers will do something 4 sure….in sh s1 smtim we feel tht the story is dragging bt they brougt mny I still have hopes on CVs and I feel that we should give them some more time. And for now I would enjoy rd proving tht he has no feelings 4 sanyu as he will instead prove tht he still loves sanyu…he will 4 sure be jealous seeing sanyu & aryan together and create a mess as he is not calm and composed like sanyu…so try to enjoy the show and give thm some time.

  47. In the end this show will remain 4 sandhir and thn 4 vidharth..and I don’t think tht ankit will quit the show as I read in tellychakkar tht ankit will join zee tv’s viskanya bt now I hv heard tht vin rana has joined in viskanya’s cast so I think parth will remain in show…now rd will gradually come to know about his feelings 4 sanyu bt still will nt agree thinking tht sanyu did the accident thn parth will come & tell rd the truth..and I think later sanyu will help in vidarth’s patch up.

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Thr r many equations solved…such as only parth knws abt sandhir’s marriage
      if parth is gone, thn why hv thy kpt vidushi….too many confusions

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Yes…bt still in love with parth n hence a forceful.marriage…Vidarth broke up n to prove each othr tht thy have.moved on, she married ankit n parth also remained indifferent

    • karina

      Unfortunatelly she is married to Sanyu brother 🙁 but i hope she will not be for long 🙂

  48. nisha

    hey sweetheart ,

    I mean sanyukta rathor is ur real name

    Or any other reason for picking this beautiful name sanyukta+ rathor

    Well I don’t know the reason but its coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

    I like it sanyukta rathor belongs to rathor family

    Rathor belongs to royal rajasthani familes.

    Love u dear.

    love u karu , finally you came dear suru sweetheart don’t worry Trp baba again and again show their magic and then parth and vidushi will have to came again and again again and again and we get lots of prashaad of vidharth

    lets see what happened today excited so much

  49. Sanyukta rathor

    Love you too dear , i am form rajsthan , and it’s my real name , i am belong to a marwari family, love you dear

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